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    this went terribly wrong! 1000 mph razor blade fidget vs hand and 9999 rpm razorblade fidget vs hand! he almost cut his finger off and his hand almost cut off! he sliced it really bad and had to go to the emergency room for this crazy insane accident even tho we did it on purpose we didnt expect it to be that bad! he had to get stitches on his hand because of the razor on the fidget spinner! his finger also got cut and we almost called the ambulance! this was so stupid and i know we are idiots! this was such a dangerous idea and the worlds most dangerous fidget spinner cube! there was a lot of blood! just like lance stewert with the real life fruit ninja! the reaction was crazy! never play with 1000 mph razor blade fidgets ! because this went terribly wrong! mikey manfs and luzzi will be proud !


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  • Runtime: 14:47
  • CUT  BRUISE  FINGER  CUT FINGER  CUT OFF  GONE WRONG  PRANK GONE WRONG  GONE  WRONG  BAD  STITCHES  finger cut  cut off finger  STUPID IDEA  DONT TRY THIS  razor  blade  fidget  vs  hand  redbull  explosion  blood  terrible  emergency  hospital  1000  mph  9999  rpm  air  compressor  ambulance  slice  accident  razorblade  spinner  cube  stupid  jake  dufner  mike  manfs  luzzi  challenge  crazy  insane  fun  funny  idiot  rip  lance  stewert  reaction  idea  dangerous  worlds dangerous  fidget vs  

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  • Anton studios
    Anton studios 2 hours ago

    hand puppet

  • Crispy Roots
    Crispy Roots 5 hours ago

    It's almost like you weren't expecting it. It's almost like you didn't push him into doing it. What whatever, right? He is only gushing blood and has to get stitches thanks to his "good friends" pushing him into doing something. He was scared to do it. You can tell by his body positions. Have you ever heard safety first? Tf guys. The nurse is right. Look for new friends. Think before you act.

  • believe3607
    believe3607 9 hours ago

    love your videos i wish your intro was a real song becuse it sounds really cool if it is whats it called ?

  • Dominic Leason
    Dominic Leason 12 hours ago

    hand puppet

  • Jackson Fortson
    Jackson Fortson 12 hours ago


  • Mikey Brunton
    Mikey Brunton 23 hours ago

    9:00 thank me later

  • team epiphany roy

    Hand puppet

  • Tucker Brooks
    Tucker Brooks Day ago

    Hand puppet

  • angelina hartsock
    angelina hartsock 2 days ago

    this vid is a banger #everydaysabanger #duffies #locals #joeisapetafile #joeisstupid #hospitle #stitches #razorfidget

  • Noellie Benitez
    Noellie Benitez 2 days ago +1

    Oh goodness

  • Willow Lewis
    Willow Lewis 2 days ago

    H E H A S C H U N K S O U T

  • Tessa Paul
    Tessa Paul 2 days ago

    Hand puppet

  • Ruby Bullard
    Ruby Bullard 3 days ago

    hand puppet :)

  • Jenna F
    Jenna F 3 days ago +2

    Hand PuppetπŸ˜‚

  • W Feira
    W Feira 4 days ago +1

    meu deus

  • Bryan Ayala
    Bryan Ayala 4 days ago

    Even this video got me scared

  • Rachael Plouffe
    Rachael Plouffe 4 days ago +2

    I love you but like omfg the things people do to get viewsπŸ˜…πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Kaya Frost
    Kaya Frost 4 days ago

    you guys are so stupid but i love you so its ok and hand puppet

  • UnicxrnnnKyliee
    UnicxrnnnKyliee 4 days ago

    I can't believe he did that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜°

  • Sing_ Covers_
    Sing_ Covers_ 5 days ago

    Hand puppet

  • JessVlogs
    JessVlogs 5 days ago

    Lol if I were Joe I would've smacked you so damn hard

  • Roleplay Queen
    Roleplay Queen 5 days ago

    hand puppet bros

  • Deacon Smith
    Deacon Smith 5 days ago

    You are craaaazy

  • Ciera Kleppen
    Ciera Kleppen 5 days ago

    Hand puppet

  • Giselle Mena
    Giselle Mena 5 days ago

    Omg he is an idiot but I love you who agrees like

  • Gianna Catherine
    Gianna Catherine 6 days ago

    That nurse was to confused

    ITSTHESOURLEMON 6 days ago

    Jake: We gonna see some bone bro.
    Joe: Thats it?

  • NaCia Williams
    NaCia Williams 6 days ago

    hand puppet

  • Peyton Morris
    Peyton Morris 6 days ago +1

    Y tho

  • Mackenzie Farmer
    Mackenzie Farmer 7 days ago

    Ya'll are dumbasses

  • Eduardo Casas
    Eduardo Casas 7 days ago

    Prey for Joe the pettefile

  • Paris Barkes
    Paris Barkes 7 days ago

    Hand puppet

  • Miltsu ML
    Miltsu ML 7 days ago

    hand puppet

  • Katrina Murphy
    Katrina Murphy 7 days ago

    2:37 i watch that impractal jokers

  • Sierra Lynn Reedy
    Sierra Lynn Reedy 8 days ago

    Joe has fucking balls oml

  • Charlie Vlogs
    Charlie Vlogs 8 days ago

    Hand puppet

  • Carlos Avalos
    Carlos Avalos 8 days ago

    Hand puppet

  • TitanABQ
    TitanABQ 9 days ago

    With the hat on Jake looks like Derek Carr!

  • Matthew Hollis
    Matthew Hollis 9 days ago

    hand puppet

  • Bryanna Maher
    Bryanna Maher 9 days ago

    Hand puppet:))

  • Brady Jenkins
    Brady Jenkins 9 days ago


  • Trick Shots
    Trick Shots 9 days ago +1

    Hand puppet

  • Vanessa Reimer
    Vanessa Reimer 10 days ago

    love you πŸ’œ

  • Anastasia Secor
    Anastasia Secor 10 days ago

    Oh my gosh. Everything stop the hate! Like seriously he could really care less. And least he wants to stand out and do things that people normally wouldn't for a good time and good memories!

  • Sonicandminecraftlover34 the Bailey's

    I'm 😱

  • Al
    Al 10 days ago

    Why are there are so many stupid Jakes on youtube

  • Al
    Al 10 days ago

    **does outro trying to trick us the video is over**
    Him: I'm just kidding it's not over
    Me: No dip, the video is not even half way through yet..

  • Jason Cardilli
    Jason Cardilli 11 days ago

    Bless you

  • kimi mccloskey
    kimi mccloskey 11 days ago +1

    hand puppet

  • Duarte's channel
    Duarte's channel 11 days ago

    Your friends are straight out savages

  • Trasshhh. Potato
    Trasshhh. Potato 11 days ago

    i showed my sister, cause she cut her figure! and she was praying to thank God it wasent that bad! oml, lol lol lol

  • Ana Adam
    Ana Adam 11 days ago

    Crazyyy πŸ˜‚but funny

  • Stacie Meeks
    Stacie Meeks 11 days ago

    I think it's safe to say JOE is SAVAGE!!!!

  • Madison Heath
    Madison Heath 11 days ago

    Joe getting stitches "wait do you have a Snapchat, I was gonna say you should give it to me."πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • JonahKing926
    JonahKing926 12 days ago

    Hand puppet

  • Fabian Ruiz
    Fabian Ruiz 12 days ago

    he dope af he aint afraid

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 12 days ago

    I did this before

  • Liliana Ritter
    Liliana Ritter 13 days ago

    Hand puppet

  • Mini Voyce
    Mini Voyce 13 days ago +1


  • Emily S.
    Emily S. 13 days ago

    This is what happens in 2017

  • minitiger123
    minitiger123 13 days ago

    I hope he's ok

  • hannah border
    hannah border 13 days ago


  • Bailey Keefe
    Bailey Keefe 14 days ago

    I love how he gust laughsπŸ’•πŸ˜‚ hand puppit

  • jeremy mead
    jeremy mead 14 days ago

    These guys are dumb asses

  • happymask118
    happymask118 14 days ago

    We need to use that spinner to slit the throats of these lesser lifeforms.

  • Mark.D Murdough
    Mark.D Murdough 14 days ago

    That nasty😡😡😡

  • Cloroxtoxicality
    Cloroxtoxicality 14 days ago

    i love how when they were like OMG UNPLUG IT the guy just was holding the chair on his head

  • Purple Vainzz
    Purple Vainzz 15 days ago

    hand puppet

  • Kasidi and molly
    Kasidi and molly 15 days ago

    Me and my brother did this and i got ten stiches and my brother got 13 it doesn't actually hurt the much like it hurts but it doesn't really hurt and we are planning on doing it again

  • Amya Chan
    Amya Chan 16 days ago +1

    Going full screen

  • 505 Breezy Brat
    505 Breezy Brat 16 days ago

    Ur cute

  • Saphire Mist0271
    Saphire Mist0271 16 days ago

    Hand puppet πŸ˜‚

  • Harleycraycray45
    Harleycraycray45 16 days ago

    Ooooh blood , I'm such a weirdo

  • Bryson Bennett
    Bryson Bennett 16 days ago

    Skip to 9:04 thank me later

  • candlewax122
    candlewax122 16 days ago

    hand puppet

  • Mara Tatiana Flota Sanchez


  • Kuppa Kids
    Kuppa Kids 16 days ago

    Hand puppet

  • Kiara Connolly
    Kiara Connolly 16 days ago

    hand puppet

  • k dogg lovez you
    k dogg lovez you 16 days ago +1

    you guys aren't idiots you guys are stupid

  • GalacticFries _101
    GalacticFries _101 16 days ago

    Well that was the smartest thing ever!!

  • Isabella Albano
    Isabella Albano 16 days ago


  • sophiee vlogs
    sophiee vlogs 17 days ago

    Hand puppetsπŸ˜‚β€

  • fabulous fishes
    fabulous fishes 17 days ago


  • miguelito Canales
    miguelito Canales 17 days ago

    Jack your friend was in otter peplo chanel is famose

  • Angel Styles
    Angel Styles 17 days ago

    1 like = 1 prayer for Joe

  • Shawn C.
    Shawn C. 17 days ago

    Look up the definition of idiot and there's a picture of this lot. Spin razors at high speed and put your hand in it and are shocked when he got cut. What a bunch of idiots!
    This is the same as the girlfriend who was charged w manslaughter for shooting her boyfriend with a 50 cal dessert eagle while he held a book in front of his chest and killed him. They thought the book would stop the bullet now he's dead and she's going to prison.
    Your little note means nothing. If he were to bleed out or loose a finger you all would be responsible

  • Heather Lopez
    Heather Lopez 17 days ago

    "well that pretty dumb!""haha thank u"

  • Maggie Jane
    Maggie Jane 18 days ago

    but do not put a figet spinner in your eye becuease your eye will pop out

  • Maggie Jane
    Maggie Jane 18 days ago

    omg im a big fan of you guys you guys are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome

  • Scar bellz
    Scar bellz 18 days ago

    I had never had stitches until today as well I can feel his pain I cut my arm on a glass table not meaning to the table just broke

  • Madison Russell
    Madison Russell 18 days ago

    I'm speechless

  • adventureebound
    adventureebound 18 days ago

    Hand puppet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Zana Far
    Zana Far 18 days ago


  • Mr.ROssOme
    Mr.ROssOme 19 days ago

    even tho this was 3 months ago in my opinion u guys are F******* retarded XD

  • Wyccheer W
    Wyccheer W 19 days ago

    Feel so bad

  • Zero Fighter
    Zero Fighter 20 days ago

    Can we just stop for a second and really look at the title of this video? 1000 MPH RAZOR FIDGET VS HAND ... Gone terribly wrong.
    Razor blade versus hand...
    Gone wrong.

    Was there ever a way it could go RIGHT?

  • Totally_Not_Sophie
    Totally_Not_Sophie 20 days ago

    Hand Puppet

  • Jaden Lopez
    Jaden Lopez 20 days ago


  • Alyssa Taman
    Alyssa Taman 20 days ago

    Bro y'all are stupid but I love it πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯

  • M J
    M J 20 days ago

    Hand puppet

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