Ultimate Extreme Modern Agriculture Heavy Equipment Mega Machines

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  • Conrad Paull
    Conrad Paull Month ago

    Maker of this video, is a piece of shit, that likely supports Hillary.. The both liars, that should kill themselves

  • 11th Doctor
    11th Doctor Month ago

    "Modern Agriculture"

  • Philipp Linder
    Philipp Linder Month ago

    they really schould stop this crap

  • myearthvideoz
    myearthvideoz Month ago

    You got me

  • Fernand MILESI
    Fernand MILESI Month ago

    Et productivité obligé!!!!!!

  • NLC Rheini
    NLC Rheini Month ago

    no amazing machines .this machines is for museums

  • Ramesh Jakhar
    Ramesh Jakhar Month ago

    good night

  • William Kay
    William Kay Month ago +1

    4:00, home made, total simplicity but genius, does exactly what it's intended to do, the simple solutions are usually the best.

  • Kristaps Berzins
    Kristaps Berzins Month ago

    dont get me started on the archaic square balers and bale collectors... clickbait.

  • Kristaps Berzins
    Kristaps Berzins Month ago

    "Ultimate extreme modern"- shows off a 1976 ford tractor with an implement made at the same period of time, modern as fuck...

  • Karl Bernbro
    Karl Bernbro Month ago

    pahahahahaahha EXTREM MODERN :D Im seriously laughing my ass of hahaahahahah :D

  • Max Nuber
    Max Nuber Month ago +22

    Video ends.
    Still waiting for the modern part

  • Andy Horsfall
    Andy Horsfall Month ago

    very interesting, but I'm such a townie i couldn't even say what most of these vehicles were doing (apart from the brussel sprouts one) 😀

  • amazing cambiaso
    amazing cambiaso 2 months ago +2

    i love this channel it's amazing

  • Antonio Catalano
    Antonio Catalano 2 months ago +1

    great work man nice ti see some modern machine for the agricolture but as always good video ;-)

  • a foken guy
    a foken guy 2 months ago +4

    tractor news central

  • Crazy Harry
    Crazy Harry 2 months ago

    Have to admit I didn't see a single extreme machine in the clip :( watched some awesome single purpose agricultural attachments though....

  • Motor Planet
    Motor Planet 2 months ago


  • der addi
    der addi 2 months ago

    Thought this is a car channel

  • Magiiie
    Magiiie 2 months ago +6

    a non clicbait thumbnail wow

  • Vít Fišer
    Vít Fišer 2 months ago +5

    half human work machines the easiest and most efficient :D

  • National Dispatch LLC
    National Dispatch LLC 2 months ago +2

    Pretty amazing how massive these machines are!

  • Demondante86
    Demondante86 2 months ago

    Some of the most archaic machines iv seen in a long time lol love the click bait ;)

    SAAD KARIM 2 months ago +4

    great worck as always

  • Rewind Remix
    Rewind Remix 2 months ago +2

    great work

  • Gracek Gracek
    Gracek Gracek 2 months ago +5

    First like <3

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