Lil Uzi Vert - Do What I Want [Official Music Video]

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  • Sarah Frepong
    Sarah Frepong 12 minutes ago +1

    When you're wondering why all the comments starts with 'when'🤔

  • Drew and jake
    Drew and jake 37 minutes ago +1

    When you get traded from the nets in 2K17

  • Fan Wanfan
    Fan Wanfan 39 minutes ago

    When The Guy Hitting On Your Crush is called a faggot from ur crush

  • Fan Wanfan
    Fan Wanfan 40 minutes ago

    When Jake Paul Gets Locked Up

  • Xavier Steffen
    Xavier Steffen 1 hour ago

    1:08 this nigga flopping like lebron

  • xXxFantastiiksxX x
    xXxFantastiiksxX x 1 hour ago

    Where's that other mf at that jumped into the pool with uzi ? 🤔🤔

  • tamer bebar
    tamer bebar 1 hour ago

    this is my life and i

  • Ayo Dinero
    Ayo Dinero 1 hour ago


  • Jules King
    Jules King 1 hour ago

    Do you love Lil Uzi Vert? If so you will love "Fly" by Latique! Go check him out on soundcloud

  • emiliano Plata
    emiliano Plata 2 hours ago

    eso es una playera del América? 😂

  • Clickbait _
    Clickbait _ 5 hours ago

    Who is listening to this in 2018?

  • Winx YT
    Winx YT 6 hours ago

    When you get an rgh

    THE REAL JAMES 6 hours ago

    when you got 10000 dollars

  • N B-A
    N B-A 6 hours ago +1

    1:25 actually.

  • N B-A
    N B-A 6 hours ago +1

    1:24 how is he doing donuts while standing up on a dirt bike and he turning to how is he doing that, even I can't do that, that guy must have no weight.

  • Chris Smoove
    Chris Smoove 7 hours ago

    Anyone else remember the mansion from David Dobrik's vlog

  • Maria Tweed
    Maria Tweed 7 hours ago

    You are my favrioute singer

  • Captain Styles
    Captain Styles 10 hours ago +2

    When the teacher lets you leave 10 min Early.

  • 2K GOD
    2K GOD 11 hours ago

    This song for westbrook

    KING_ JAY 11 hours ago

    Men after a break up lol 😂😂😂

  • Sentinel_w0lf
    Sentinel_w0lf 11 hours ago

    This song makes me want to

    Check me on soundcloud fam 😂😂😂✌👌

  • Richard Tirado
    Richard Tirado 12 hours ago

    i hate how lil uzi doesnt get as much views as other ppl like migos even though lil uzi verts songs are lit assfuck
    like if you agree with me

  • Katie Curnane
    Katie Curnane 12 hours ago


  • Colin Beisler
    Colin Beisler 12 hours ago

    So much auto tune

  • OSN old chair
    OSN old chair 14 hours ago

    When AI crossed Jordan

  • Ana Quinonez
    Ana Quinonez 14 hours ago

    ☆☆☆♡♤☆☆ lil uzi vert☆☆☆☆

  • Jay Carter
    Jay Carter 14 hours ago +1

    Can I get 100 scroll u hate God

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 15 hours ago +1

    When my son makes the nba

  • edith arellano
    edith arellano 15 hours ago +1


  • Kye Hamilton
    Kye Hamilton 16 hours ago

    Leaving work 4pm on a Friday going back Monday 11am #NIDWIW

  • 2kGamer
    2kGamer 16 hours ago

    He got arrested for not wearing a helmet

  • Gestride Ngabriano
    Gestride Ngabriano 16 hours ago

    Sound like kevin lasean

  • ster rob
    ster rob 17 hours ago


  • fun vlogs
    fun vlogs 17 hours ago

    wow i love doing what i want

  • HardCoreGamer09 ____
    HardCoreGamer09 ____ 17 hours ago

    when you get 30,000$ robux

  • Leiyana Sefo
    Leiyana Sefo 17 hours ago

    lil Uzi very your song is lit

  • Nate Dog18
    Nate Dog18 18 hours ago +1

    When your mom and dad leave the house

  • Victor Machoka
    Victor Machoka 18 hours ago

    i do what i want happy to live this generation

  • Alan Penguinz
    Alan Penguinz 19 hours ago +2

    When you come out of the nether on Minecraft 0:20

  • Eriberto Valdez
    Eriberto Valdez 19 hours ago

    my nigga rocking an Amèrica jersey 💪

  • JazzyBoo Gold
    JazzyBoo Gold 19 hours ago

    your also I love your song little uzi

  • OBEY-_-Killa23
    OBEY-_-Killa23 20 hours ago

    Who else came here because this is on 2k18?

  • ashar bukhari
    ashar bukhari 20 hours ago

    Finally allowed to go outside by yourself

  • Sriracha
    Sriracha 20 hours ago

    When your teacher leaves the classroom for a few minutes

  • Hey Blitz
    Hey Blitz 21 hour ago

    When you get girls in minecraft.

  • ParkerKicksTv
    ParkerKicksTv 21 hour ago

    When mum leaves you home alone

  • Yung Stupid Gamer
    Yung Stupid Gamer 21 hour ago +1

    When I got 300k views on a Minecraft video...

    (Actually did)

  • Shawn Shelton
    Shawn Shelton 22 hours ago

    Director-Take ur clothes off when u jump into the pool
    Lil Uzi Vert-I DO WHAT I WANT 💯

  • Dall Pocket
    Dall Pocket 23 hours ago

    0 publicidad morros

  • Luis Munoz
    Luis Munoz 23 hours ago

    Everyone is talking about the brands getting blurred but it's only uzi's. The yellow shirt is actually a jersey for a mexican soccer team named C.F America

  • Peetuu
    Peetuu 1 day ago

    When you are alone at home ! :D

  • DB
    DB 1 day ago

    Nigga jumped in the pool with some yeezys on

  • humberto playzzz
    humberto playzzz 1 day ago +1

    The guy in the yellow shirt is chill he likes my favorite soccer team

  • Itζ Ph0enιX
    Itζ Ph0enιX 1 day ago

    the vid is litt

  • ads1ady
    ads1ady 1 day ago

    thunps up if you like the song of the best raper

    • ads1ady
      ads1ady 1 day ago

      savage gang thumps up

  • Sebastian Kaminski
    Sebastian Kaminski 1 day ago

    that how I feel when I loose my parents at the mall

  • Kaer One
    Kaer One 1 day ago

    esa jersey es del america?

  • Jayden Boillat
    Jayden Boillat 1 day ago

    This song is lit

  • Skullcrusher81 Smith

    When you steal from GameStop and people see

  • Pvpi.Joshua
    Pvpi.Joshua 1 day ago

    Did he have to jump with the watches?

  • Hunter Brock
    Hunter Brock 1 day ago

    Uzi dont need to die at 27

  • Nicholas Vlogs
    Nicholas Vlogs 1 day ago

    That off white tho at 2:00

    SAMURAIZZ 1 day ago

    Never gets old

  • Venner Gerrr
    Venner Gerrr 1 day ago

    When you don't have a president

  • Nya Johnson
    Nya Johnson 1 day ago

    do i

  • Cam Cloudy
    Cam Cloudy 1 day ago

    when you're 21

  • Fatand SeXyKiNg
    Fatand SeXyKiNg 1 day ago

    What type of shoes are the shoes he wore in the beginning

  • Bailey Green
    Bailey Green 1 day ago

    When Your Parents Leave The House 😂😂👍🏻👍🏻

  • Aryan Ghuman
    Aryan Ghuman 1 day ago

    when you finish all the missions in gta5

  • facebook is blue
    facebook is blue 1 day ago

    When your mom leaves to work and no one's home

  • D Starsnz
    D Starsnz 1 day ago

    Russell Westbrook's theme song

  • Mohamed Naser
    Mohamed Naser 1 day ago

    When u walk into class 30 mins early.......NOW I DO WHAT I WANT

  • omar velazquez
    omar velazquez 1 day ago

    i peep the club america jersey

  • TotoMoni808
    TotoMoni808 1 day ago

    Glad you enjoyed Hawaii bro.

  • Kelly Roblox
    Kelly Roblox 1 day ago


  • The Flash
    The Flash 1 day ago

    When there's a new bully in school

  • Shemar Carter
    Shemar Carter 1 day ago

    When you find your dad's porno collection

  • Jaden Lopez
    Jaden Lopez 1 day ago

    when your a adult this is the song

  • Jaden Lopez
    Jaden Lopez 1 day ago

    I hit that like a boss

  • NBA Youngboy's Dad #38Baby #NBAYoungGoat

    When maury says "you are not the father"

  • Richie_8181 Magana8181

    Only with people with big dicks can like this

  • Sam Poussard
    Sam Poussard 1 day ago

    When school starts: lemme get my ruger

  • Fat boi gang Gaming
    Fat boi gang Gaming 1 day ago +1

    When ur mom says u can go to bed at 10:01

  • YRN 330
    YRN 330 1 day ago

    Add me on snap chat nicklanzo

  • cash cartier
    cash cartier 1 day ago

    In this certain year, month, day and time, I partake in the activities and actions I prefer

  • TooTallDee
    TooTallDee 1 day ago

    Nba 2k18

  • Floyd G
    Floyd G 1 day ago

    The hell is this garbage!

  • Miguel Menendez
    Miguel Menendez 1 day ago

    When your parents says you can stay up till 9:31

  • Elijah Quintana
    Elijah Quintana 1 day ago

    When ur bed times 8:00 , but u go to bed at 8:01

  • Richard Sustaita
    Richard Sustaita 1 day ago

    So know he can do whatever I want Uzi to kick Donald trump as president

  • Precious Reyes
    Precious Reyes 1 day ago

    When your parents leave you home alone 😏😂.

  • that one guy
    that one guy 1 day ago +1

    when your teacher cool with u

  • Liebenly
    Liebenly 1 day ago

    when your the only one home

  • Awesome Alpha
    Awesome Alpha 1 day ago +4

    When Jake Paul's channel gets taken down

  • price bennett
    price bennett 1 day ago

    lil uzi cool best raper phone lol

  • digital audio
    digital audio 1 day ago


  • Mohammed Bazzi
    Mohammed Bazzi 1 day ago

    When your sister gets in trouble for something you did lol

  • Mitchell Windsheimer

    This will always be a banger

  • -M T P-
    -M T P- 1 day ago

    When ur spend all ur cash in shar cards in Gta V and now u lost ur soul

  • Jaymarc Del Rosario

    when you break up with your you could at any girls ass

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