Big Sean - Light ft. Jeremih

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  • Watch Big Sean's official video for “Light” feat. Jeremih

    I DECIDED, Available Now

    Directed by Lawrence Lamont

    Music video by Big Sean performing Light. (C) 2017 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Phelo Arthur
    Phelo Arthur 1 hour ago

    I love the fact that the are still artists like you and J.Cole. Being an artist is not only about making money, but also about touching people's lives in a good way too. Well that's what humans should do everywhere. s/o from a fan in South Africa.

  • Nizami Huseynov
    Nizami Huseynov 3 hours ago

    Other rappers - for grammy
    Big Sean - forever

  • Dinero Gang
    Dinero Gang 1 day ago

    This almost made me cry

  • jwork1991
    jwork1991 1 day ago

    crazy big sean got me in my feelings thiz morning

  • Light
    Light 1 day ago

    That's my jam.

  • Uchenna Okeneme
    Uchenna Okeneme 1 day ago

    Drake - going in for life..ring a bell?

  • Fauzan Sadiq
    Fauzan Sadiq 4 days ago

    A loaded mind is more powerful than a loaded weapon...jheez 🔥🔥

  • K. Cole
    K. Cole 4 days ago

    Sounds like "going in for life" from drake

  • Elijah Doueu
    Elijah Doueu 4 days ago

    wow. This is a beautiful song.

  • Biggels 2403
    Biggels 2403 5 days ago

    W o k e

  • derrick white
    derrick white 5 days ago

    whats the orginal called?

  • Abdirahman Duale
    Abdirahman Duale 6 days ago

    Don't think I found a song in a while that actually made me cry
    this is why Big Sean's the GOAT

  • LSZ
    LSZ 7 days ago

    Madd respect. This is real hiphop

  • Shay Smith
    Shay Smith 8 days ago

    I feel like this song is about GOD🙏

  • Cameria White
    Cameria White 8 days ago

    I don't understand how it's only 3.2 m views when " only " has 619 m and ,big Sean is talking about real stuff

  • Welltheshaun N50ation


  • arnisha thompson
    arnisha thompson 8 days ago

    lowkey this song makes me want to cry tbh

  • zandria wells
    zandria wells 9 days ago

    I never belive the "Light" could ever change a person. I always thought that "Light" was just a stupid metaphor or something stupid that people would say...But actually it's god who taking up to heaven. 😇😇

  • Brandon smith
    Brandon smith 9 days ago

    "Spent my whole life trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel I should have realized it was inside" 🙏

  • David Antes
    David Antes 10 days ago

    I didn't even know this song existed. It was in a dream. The hook was a message from a friend of mine who isn't with us anymore. When I heard it, I legit lost it.

  • Juana Sandoval
    Juana Sandoval 10 days ago

    this makes me wanna get a girl a

  • Rosalind burton
    Rosalind burton 11 days ago

    And this is why he's my top five alive

  • Julie Marshall
    Julie Marshall 11 days ago


  • Chantel Belinda
    Chantel Belinda 12 days ago

    FuCk em haters who tryn to shade whatever reasons it might be, jealousy Will kill u em haters...but I'll be rising slowly to the goal I wanna reach peace out to those who don't believe in hard work & dedication Amen Lord I serve

  • Chantel Belinda
    Chantel Belinda 12 days ago

    Big Sean never disappoints de music plus the video is lite😀😀 best Sean

  • Jarvell Wilson
    Jarvell Wilson 12 days ago

    this is so deep

  • Mariah's YouTube Channel

    My little cousins look so cute in this video

  • Cooking with Buds
    Cooking with Buds 12 days ago


  • RismA RIS
    RismA RIS 13 days ago

    I love this video

  • xtoddamx
    xtoddamx 13 days ago

    So that's how it is... Just 3.2 million views? You deserve better bro. This shit is fucked up.

  • Berleezy thirsty ass on IG

    Anyone know where the sample from? I heard it before like it ain't original

  • KSI fan
    KSI fan 13 days ago

    5-0 take the shot young souls take the blame

  • Aderounmupaul Ronzy
    Aderounmupaul Ronzy 14 days ago

    dude you are the don. i love this song

  • alkenov albek
    alkenov albek 14 days ago

    wtf man Ice Cube????? 1:09

  • iDreamxz V
    iDreamxz V 14 days ago

    He's such an inspiration. 🔥😭

  • Bangaly Bashir
    Bangaly Bashir 15 days ago


  • ѕнσσк98
    ѕнσσк98 15 days ago

    Damn this song is heavy.

  • OmarE
    OmarE 15 days ago


    PHILANI MTHEMBU 16 days ago

    Hell no the boys that bright even if you take away my life you can't the Light

  • The Kaahthulu
    The Kaahthulu 16 days ago

    This song deserves way more credit and popularity like fuck 🔥🔥

  • Naomi Garcia Gomez
    Naomi Garcia Gomez 16 days ago

    God bless you for this Sean! You speaking true! I have mad respect for you for making this song and these lyrics! Always teaching us to put blessings before money! Lately this generation of rappers only stay talking about money, drugs and hoes. And instead of being prideful of being raised in the streets, they wanna show us that money is everything but you fr spoke true when mentioning that being humble is key💯 never sell your soul cus you will lose it all. God bless you! I gotta say that you the only rapper from now a days that I truly fw!💯

  • Dennis -Quizzes
    Dennis -Quizzes 16 days ago

    Curry and LeBron in the same verse

  • Alice the Great
    Alice the Great 17 days ago

    Making me emotional... 😢

  • Dime 20
    Dime 20 17 days ago

    This has 3 mil views while Lil yachty peek a boo song about playing with pu$$y has 36mil views. That's America for you

  • Michele Pitre
    Michele Pitre 17 days ago

    this song made me fell change in my life

  • Nitro
    Nitro 18 days ago

    You know, this sounds oddly like Can I Love, by Logic.....

  • Chantelle Menton
    Chantelle Menton 18 days ago

    This song is so inspiring and heart warming it makes me cry😘😇

  • MixedDude
    MixedDude 18 days ago

    this song makes me wanna cry with no tears.

  • Hey Zach TV
    Hey Zach TV 18 days ago

    who else thinks big Sean is depressed

  • kfranchise87
    kfranchise87 19 days ago

    Reminds me of Nabra Hassanen's murder, except this came out first I think

  • Defghijk Lmnop
    Defghijk Lmnop 19 days ago

    It's true they can't fuck with the light. One of the best songs on the album.

  • Chip MopChop
    Chip MopChop 19 days ago

    new favorite rapper

  • Chip MopChop
    Chip MopChop 19 days ago

    how you got no Grammy you will get all of dem this year

  • Israel Frederick
    Israel Frederick 19 days ago

    Who else thought at 1st the black dude was offset

  • Good645
    Good645 19 days ago

    Recently, most of his songs are actually telling stories and life lessons which I really love about him. Most rappers just rap about their money and girls. Big Sean actually puts meaning into his songs. Good job man!

  • Natedog365
    Natedog365 20 days ago

    I respect music with this meaning

  • Quik Scopes Lopez
    Quik Scopes Lopez 20 days ago

    lol lets c who catches it.. just waiting. real hip hop plz stand up 😎

  • Quik Scopes Lopez
    Quik Scopes Lopez 20 days ago


  • Ailen Mercado
    Ailen Mercado 21 day ago

    i'm shook

  • Caughty Slippen
    Caughty Slippen 21 day ago

    Big Sean - Light = Kendrick Lamar - ELEMENT.

  • imilozi phipps
    imilozi phipps 21 day ago

    Eddie Kendricks sample is nicee

  • Packer Trillz
    Packer Trillz 21 day ago

    drake- going in for life

  • catbug luver 4 life

    Ik there was a reason I love Big Sean

  • Viergenie Geneus
    Viergenie Geneus 21 day ago

    This video was beautiful and i loved it but it made me feel kinda sad cuz the world is fucked up

  • Alexia Ch
    Alexia Ch 22 days ago


  • WWE Alexa bliss rp
    WWE Alexa bliss rp 23 days ago

    where this instrumental tho

  • Nelson Kauppila
    Nelson Kauppila 23 days ago

    Is it me or does this song sound crazy similar to slow groove by oddisee?

  • Washer Yates
    Washer Yates 23 days ago

    Just so yall know the beat of this song is sampled from Drake-Going in for Life

  • Oliver Cabrera
    Oliver Cabrera 23 days ago

    CMC brought me here. Good song

  • Alexia Ch
    Alexia Ch 24 days ago

    1k people have no soul

  • Johnny Cannavo
    Johnny Cannavo 25 days ago

    Same beat as logics can I love

  • SplashXmaina 1.0
    SplashXmaina 1.0 25 days ago

    this video is moving

  • Ricky Grimez
    Ricky Grimez 25 days ago

    shitty song but sad video

  • Trey Larsen
    Trey Larsen 25 days ago

    This is a video about putting kids in a van

  • Azariyah Barnes
    Azariyah Barnes 26 days ago

    p bout to cry esspecially when them police officers killed those two boys and one of the officers was black!!! Big Sean has always been my FAVORITE these other kids like them extra corny rappers like 21 savage or kodack black (but not boogie wit da hoodie he alright lol) but big sean actually haves a message in his music if you didnt already reply the video and actually listen to what he has to say

  • ᴊɪɴx ʙᴇᴀᴛᴢ

    ''They can't take away the light'' Chills man.

  • SimplyBri 2.V
    SimplyBri 2.V 27 days ago

    This Song help me Through some Tough times 💜💜

  • Jaleel Hogue
    Jaleel Hogue 28 days ago

    Dude tbh the music video is better than the song

  • FemaleLife Bihh
    FemaleLife Bihh 28 days ago

    This song got me crying😢 especially when that girl got shot💔😢

  • Jai McLean
    Jai McLean 28 days ago

    This song got me crying😢 especially when that girl got shot💔😢

  • jaybird
    jaybird 28 days ago

    Big sean is lyrical as fuck

  • Johnnathan Is Cool
    Johnnathan Is Cool 29 days ago

    No favors music video?????? Plz....

  • _ Jacqueline _
    _ Jacqueline _ 1 month ago

    Logic- Can I love
    Big Sean- Light

    Both amazing songs!

  • TheGleezyDJ Channel
    TheGleezyDJ Channel 1 month ago

    big sean one of the few rappers making real shit

  • JadenJPlays
    JadenJPlays 1 month ago

    Where da f is the views?

  • Delgotti Miayo
    Delgotti Miayo 1 month ago

    Beautiful song.. Got chills right now.. All praise to God. Tell em Sean.. 🙏

  • LiftedGamingLoL
    LiftedGamingLoL 1 month ago

    Every time I hear the hook on this after a few days of trying to work on becoming the person I want to be, I wind up completely unable to fight back tears. Resonates with me deeply. And the sample is great.

  • 9 13
    9 13 1 month ago

    real art!

  • dislania acosta
    dislania acosta 1 month ago

    i love this

  • Mya Lee
    Mya Lee 1 month ago

    It's a shame how people listen to songs about sex and drugs and stuff but they can't listen to a song that's telling something real about life

  • Reverse Queen
    Reverse Queen 1 month ago

    whoever dislike this have no heart

  • Taona Lawrence
    Taona Lawrence 1 month ago

    i went from smiling to crying to this song this really touched my soul 👏💯✨💖

  • Yvonne Bass
    Yvonne Bass 1 month ago

    i cried watching this

  • theodore anobian
    theodore anobian 1 month ago

    this song has a message

  • Saia snes
    Saia snes 1 month ago

    Truly the most improved player #MIP

  • W0LF MTB
    W0LF MTB 1 month ago

    i knew this beat from somewhere
    now go listen to "can i love" by logic

  • Mike Masowski
    Mike Masowski 1 month ago

    So my understanding is he takes dead children in his white van that sounds like a pedophile

  • Joy Copening
    Joy Copening 1 month ago

    I know that little girl that's my friend I swear to God no joke

  • Michael Judy
    Michael Judy 1 month ago

    Been fucking with Sean since My last. Gets better every year

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