Wisconsin vs. Villanova: Game Highlights

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  • shorewood2
    shorewood2 20 days ago

    This game was a disgrace, this should've been a Sweet 16 or Elite 8 matchup. The committee did a terrible job with this.

  • Seth Bryant
    Seth Bryant 1 month ago

    This has to be the upset of the tournament

  • Jonathan Dogole
    Jonathan Dogole 2 months ago

    Should've been an offensive foul on Hayes for twice using his forearm and elbow to clear space. NCAA didn't want a small school like Nova winning it again. It was all set up for UNC

  • Hunter Mielke
    Hunter Mielke 3 months ago

    guys I believe that we have one of the best futures in college basketball. It's not going away. We didn't see the badgers making the final four after they were upset in the first round did we? no

  • carson king
    carson king 4 months ago

    To new york we go i guess...

  • carson king
    carson king 4 months ago

    well almost there lol.

  • carson king
    carson king 4 months ago

    Lets go wisconsin to the final four.

  • Logan woodward
    Logan woodward 4 months ago

    nova was the one seed, they lost by three, the warriors blew a 3-1 lead

  • Bacon McSugar Nuggets
    Bacon McSugar Nuggets 4 months ago

    How come it took three minutes into the second half to show a single Wisconsin highlight?

  • Cooper Bittle
    Cooper Bittle 4 months ago

    Nova is trash how do you lose to the 8 seed when your one of the best teams in the country............FAX

  • Beast Studios
    Beast Studios 4 months ago

    yes Wisconsin won plus I live in Wisconsin

  • Thunderstix
    Thunderstix 4 months ago

    They shouldve called this nova highlights

  • Carlos Mason
    Carlos Mason 4 months ago

    Welp, there goes my bracket.

  • Nate Plays Games
    Nate Plays Games 4 months ago


  • Ian Cusick
    Ian Cusick 4 months ago

    We winning this whole thing #OnWisconsin

  • Branden Bragg
    Branden Bragg 4 months ago

    vilanova best

  • Josh C
    Josh C 4 months ago


  • MarzMesas
    MarzMesas 4 months ago

    Nigel Hayes is such a beast.

  • Sam Netta
    Sam Netta 4 months ago


  • Brewer Fan
    Brewer Fan 4 months ago

    Lol Villanova loses and they still get all the highlights. I love how when each clip started, it was Villanova making a basket after wisconsin had just scored another 10 points

  • IRonit Man
    IRonit Man 4 months ago

    Well already lost the bracket challenge

  • Shocker XP
    Shocker XP 4 months ago

    Well here goes my bracket.

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright 4 months ago

    That just gave me 99.2 on my bracket

  • Harry xo
    Harry xo 4 months ago

    Wisconsin was ranked too low

  • NotToBeTrusted
    NotToBeTrusted 4 months ago

    I hope we get Duke vs. Wisconsin in Elite 8. Rematch from 2015 Championship game.

  • Graeme Alexander
    Graeme Alexander 4 months ago

    It totally messed up my bracket but at least UW won!

  • Marble League
    Marble League 4 months ago

    Good ridance, Nova

  • Madilyn Bailey
    Madilyn Bailey 4 months ago


    • Corbin Bruh
      Corbin Bruh 4 months ago

      Madilyn Bailey wow you're a popular YouTuber

  • Zimbert Bramble
    Zimbert Bramble 4 months ago


  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed 4 months ago

    Villanova blew a 7 point lead...

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 4 months ago

    Badgers come alive in tourney, this was no surprise with all our seniors and experience! Final Four Baby!

    • Samusaran
      Samusaran 4 months ago

      Salty arnt you...If you wanna know I have UNC advancing to the Final Four.

    • Samusaran
      Samusaran 4 months ago

      Woah... thats wild..

  • Matt R
    Matt R 4 months ago

    Some pretty lackluster highlights from a very exciting game. Completely left out 2 huge 3 pointers for Koenig near the end of the game. Underwhelming.

  • Sarah Pittenger
    Sarah Pittenger 4 months ago

    That's why it's called march madness

  • Craig McHugh
    Craig McHugh 4 months ago

    Seven highlights for Villanova, five for Wisconsin - the team that WON

  • Nero Banzz
    Nero Banzz 4 months ago


  • Noah C Cornelius
    Noah C Cornelius 4 months ago


  • Christopher W. Sanders

    yea so let's primarily show Villanova highlights in a LOSS video 👎

  • Edwin Rivera
    Edwin Rivera 4 months ago

    welp 50% of all brackets are destroyed

    • Max b.m.
      Max b.m. 4 months ago

      Edwin Rivera almost all of them are destroyed

  • Rashard Cooper
    Rashard Cooper 4 months ago

    villinova it's ova , Go badgers Go

  • adande lawrence
    adande lawrence 4 months ago


  • Blackjack115
    Blackjack115 4 months ago

    Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers,
    Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers,
    Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers,
    UPSET!!!!! UPSET!!!!!

  • Yasir H.
    Yasir H. 4 months ago

    up by 7 with 4 to play great win badhers

  • teachmehowtobucky23
    teachmehowtobucky23 4 months ago

    Where's the last play where Vitto rips the ball out of Harts hands??

  • Sport Perfect
    Sport Perfect 4 months ago

    Congrats on killing 99% of Amaricas brackets?

  • Van Iyke
    Van Iyke 4 months ago

    There goes half my Bracket. The Badgers just used a patient, slow, pick and roll game to throw Villanova off.

  • TheNewGuy57
    TheNewGuy57 4 months ago


  • ɔuɹlʎ Fɹiǝs
    ɔuɹlʎ Fɹiǝs 4 months ago

    There goes everybody's bracket.

  • KeyYawn
    KeyYawn 4 months ago

    When I put Wisconsin in my bracket to win the championship they laughed and told me "they won't even make it to the sweet 16 " "yea okay"

  • welshcorgi
    welshcorgi 4 months ago

    7 Villanova "highlight" baskets shown to 4 from Wisconsin, who beat the #1 seed and defending champs. #norespect

  • David Schultz
    David Schultz 4 months ago

    I will never understand how Wisconsin got an 8 seed.

    • Jaydded
      Jaydded 3 months ago

      Me neither bro

    • Slotten
      Slotten 4 months ago

      Minnesota was a legit 5 seed tho. Got beat once and decimated once by Wisco and finished below them in both season standings and the B1G tourny but THEIR RPI WAS SO GOOD GUARANTEED E8 TEAM WOOOO!!!!

    • Thomas Acker
      Thomas Acker 4 months ago

      this hurt nova so bad

    • FlipGaming
      FlipGaming 4 months ago

      David Schultz ikr

  • Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010

    You got idiots on Twitter that picked Villanova to go back-to-back.

  • bAdDA5z
    bAdDA5z 4 months ago

    where the Koenig highlights at tho ?

  • Artie Obenaer
    Artie Obenaer 4 months ago

    no highlights if the big shots by the rest that carry nigel

  • *Bitz
    *Bitz 4 months ago

    2:11 lol that face

  • Tavorris Pray
    Tavorris Pray 4 months ago

    Duke baby we winning it now

  • Toddy Ha
    Toddy Ha 4 months ago

    Game "highlights" go from Nova 50-57 to Wisconsin 62-59 @ 1:35.....not to mention most of these were Nova highlights. Get it together NCAA. You've let me down

    • Jaydded
      Jaydded 3 months ago

      Thanks bro #respect

    • neetrab
      neetrab 3 months ago

      I'm a nova fan and if it's any consulation, last yr nova beat kansas, unc and oklahoma in the tourney, and the highlights made it like nova lost by 20+ points each game. We all were wondering what was up with the highlights. This kinda makes up for last yr's bad, one sided clips lol

    • 12SammyD12
      12SammyD12 4 months ago

      I have so much respect for Nova honestly. I wish we didn't have to play them second round because I think both of these teams are Final Four teams. I think Jay Wright is the best coach in the country.

    • Bob Smith
      Bob Smith 4 months ago

      I'm a Nova fan and even I agree with you. They skipped some of the most important plays of the game

  • Keegan Helphenstine
    Keegan Helphenstine 4 months ago

    Rip all perfect brackets

    • AyoSnoow
      AyoSnoow 4 months ago

      i know people who got Wisconsin going to the final four with money on it

    • Josh C
      Josh C 4 months ago

      Keegan Helphenstine #Greatbracketdepression

    • NotToBeTrusted
      NotToBeTrusted 4 months ago

      Keegan Helphenstine there are still a few perfect brackets left out there

    • That annoying person
      That annoying person 4 months ago

      Keegan Helphenstine #GreatBracketMassacre

  • Ethan Lecker
    Ethan Lecker 4 months ago

    No Koenig highlights smh

  • Montray Brown
    Montray Brown 4 months ago

    Yes badgers!! Great team work!

  • Evan 1579
    Evan 1579 4 months ago

    Nova 4 Life and Forever #NovaNation

  • the one and only
    the one and only 4 months ago

    cant spell viLLanova without two L's

    • Josh C
      Josh C 4 months ago

      Brewer Fan no

    • Brewer Fan
      Brewer Fan 4 months ago

      Oh yeah, they still in it?

    • Umbrace Titan
      Umbrace Titan 4 months ago

      the one and only Villanova 2017 Chokers

    • BugsBunny 313
      BugsBunny 313 4 months ago

      the one and only villanova 2016 champs

  • anandguruji83
    anandguruji83 4 months ago


    • Mikaél Rence
      Mikaél Rence 4 months ago

      They were the defending champs prior to that game until they got K.O.

    • That annoying person
      That annoying person 4 months ago

      Yung Pac yes they were but he didn't say anything like "former national champions" so that implies he believed that they were the national champions because they didn't win this year so they are not the national champions.

    • Yung Pac
      Yung Pac 4 months ago

      That annoying person
      They were national champions last year

  • Bacon McSugar Nuggets
    Bacon McSugar Nuggets 4 months ago

    The name "badgers" really suits these kids well. Look out for us now!

    • Shenna
      Shenna 4 months ago

      What a great game! Maybe they'll meet Xavier down the stretch? :-)

  • EM.12 E.M.12
    EM.12 E.M.12 4 months ago


    • Drew Das
      Drew Das 4 months ago

      Korbes Wisconsin shouldn't be an 8 seed at all and if you think they are you have autism

    • Q T
      Q T 4 months ago

      Dewys Good Point

    • Dewys
      Dewys 4 months ago

      Im not even a nova fan but we both know Wisconsin isnt an 8 seed

    • Korbes
      Korbes 4 months ago

      EM.12 E.M.12 who lost to a #8 seed this year

    • Evan 1579
      Evan 1579 4 months ago

      Who won last year

  • Woskept HD
    Woskept HD 4 months ago


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