Honest Game Night

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  • #Nosubscribers
    #Nosubscribers Hour ago

    So whos branded?

  • Bree_999
    Bree_999 6 hours ago +1

    Can't relate, don't have any friends

  • kittenvixen18
    kittenvixen18 Day ago

    I am the Trapp of my game night group in that I either volunteer or am forced into the role of rules mistress and spend most of my attention re-reading or locating the book or site that helps me to prove my point. Ex once I halted a 4 person chaos game of mtg for an explanation and eventually argument on the planeswalker uniqueness rule and the definition of a subtype with my irritatingly inebriated father. Obviously I was correct, and I needed to halt the game for 20 minutes to ensure my correctness in my belief that we can't have two different Sorins in play at once.

  • Dreaming Demmy
    Dreaming Demmy 2 days ago

    I'm the chick who raids the food lol

  • Joël-Marcel Mboma
    Joël-Marcel Mboma 7 days ago

    i love Cynthia

  • S Marsh
    S Marsh 7 days ago

    Grant at the end is meeeeee

  • Bam5000000
    Bam5000000 8 days ago +1

    I'm Bob when it comes to game night.Wheres Bob? Exactly....I need friends.

  • Jury Pychowycz
    Jury Pychowycz 10 days ago

    Katie: cheese puffs

  • JackS Sole
    JackS Sole 10 days ago

    im literally Cynthia wow

  • idontloveuihateu
    idontloveuihateu 10 days ago

    I don't pay for YouTube red to be tricked into more advertising

  • idontloveuihateu
    idontloveuihateu 10 days ago

    I thought we agreed no ads?

  • Elliot DiDonato
    Elliot DiDonato 11 days ago

    Quick note; I'm Cynthia

  • Dominick Aderman
    Dominick Aderman 11 days ago


  • Julianna Riley
    Julianna Riley 12 days ago

    Didn't they make fun of branded videos?

  • dagamerguyofawesome
    dagamerguyofawesome 12 days ago

    Holy shit so accurate

  • Odin the Dank meme master

    "no" "no" "no" "CHEESE PUFFS"

  • Teressa Watts
    Teressa Watts 13 days ago

    Dude, I am buying that card game RIGHT NOW!

  • Violet Greenfield
    Violet Greenfield 15 days ago

    meeeee cheesepuffs

  • Blur Jacket
    Blur Jacket 15 days ago

    I'm definitely grant

  • Matthew St Vincent
    Matthew St Vincent 16 days ago

    Mike looks so good in this sketch.

  • Bob Utley
    Bob Utley 17 days ago

    Justify your tentacles to become a child actor? Easy, move to Japan

  • TheRadiantNarwhal
    TheRadiantNarwhal 18 days ago

    I'm totally the competitive one

  • Christine B
    Christine B 18 days ago

    Cynthia is the most relatable person in this

  • twenty one phandoms at the disco

    siobhan looks like dodie oml

  • Duncan Wiggin
    Duncan Wiggin 18 days ago

    Where is the cheater?

  • James Shidle
    James Shidle 19 days ago

    'Do you know how this game works?'
    'Cheese puffs!'

  • Sasha Yurevna
    Sasha Yurevna 19 days ago

    I love the honest series!

  • Nick River
    Nick River 20 days ago

    "I don't know it so I already hate it" this is no joke there are people like this with everything, if they've never heard of the movie you wanna watch or the game you wanna play they'll immediately shoot down your suggestion and say "have you heard of this awesome new game" and name the most popular game at the time like cards against humanity or some shit and act like they just discovered it and when you say oh yeah I've played that game before they will proceed to explain the entire rules and gameplay.

  • Andrew Richesson
    Andrew Richesson 23 days ago

    Oh yes, when 50% of the people don't know what's going on in the game since they can't put their phones down for more than five minutes.

  • brooklyn green
    brooklyn green 23 days ago

    Cheeeese pufffffffs

  • ScamBot 2000
    ScamBot 2000 23 days ago +1

    Wait: Is this video branded?

  • Pablo Rocha
    Pablo Rocha 24 days ago

    "Sorry that I'm not sorry that I'm late".
    This is pure gold.

  • ThePower RangerGamer
    ThePower RangerGamer 25 days ago +1


  • Joe Gervasi
    Joe Gervasi 26 days ago

    I want Kattie so bad, I only watch the skits she's in.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 27 days ago

    Funemployed.. isnt that Wong Fu Production's series??

  • Emi Animal
    Emi Animal 28 days ago

    cheese puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuffs

  • Hannah Risi
    Hannah Risi 29 days ago

    I'm Cynthia and Grant at the same time.

  • Urielcd Castaneda
    Urielcd Castaneda 29 days ago

    I'm the person who just eats

  • Garrett Mick
    Garrett Mick 29 days ago

    These "honest" sketches are the best

  • Justin Esdale
    Justin Esdale Month ago

    My OCD for some reason was triggered when he dealt out the cards, and I can't finish this video and I feel horrible now... For people that think its cool to have it, it isn't. It sucks a lot.

  • Audrey Vasquez
    Audrey Vasquez Month ago

    lmao I'm the food girl "I'm going to help myself to anything in the kitchen"

  • Cassidy Keech
    Cassidy Keech Month ago

    I'm such a combination of grant and Katie when it comes to games

  • Eternal Dragonoid
    Eternal Dragonoid Month ago

    You explained the rules in the end and I tuned you out just like you said I would.

  • Aquatic
    Aquatic Month ago

    "no, no, no, no, cheeeeeesepuffffsssssss"

  • Robert Bourbon
    Robert Bourbon Month ago

    You forgot the person who sulks the entire time because they think they're disadvantaged, when in reality, they're crushing everyone else. I'm not bitter.

  • Arecee
    Arecee Month ago

    Pfft, What kind of game night is this? Real game nights are... Well, Not really real but Virtual... As in we play multiplayer video games instead. And a lot of it is online.

  • Stonewall Carson
    Stonewall Carson Month ago

    I'm usually the Grant and I despise the Zack, there's always one, and usually more than one.

  • goodguynow
    goodguynow Month ago

    I would never go to a game night that is the corniest thing ever.

  • LeoYoshi54321
    LeoYoshi54321 Month ago

    Where's the guy who brings his kid, and then his kid destroys everyone in the board game he's never played before?


    why do so many people do they have crippling anxiety. It's always spineless white milenienalls with no problems.

  • Jonah Deegan
    Jonah Deegan Month ago

    Is this branded?

  • Da Boss
    Da Boss Month ago

    Y te

  • The Serpent King
    The Serpent King Month ago

    Game nights are supposed to have snacks? Well shit, that might be the reason nobody comes..

  • Jane Liu
    Jane Liu Month ago

    Grant is hot I ship him with like a really hot guy.

  • Aidan Warnock
    Aidan Warnock Month ago

    My game night the only one who gets hurt is the dragons

  • TalkingToMyself
    TalkingToMyself Month ago

    The theatre degree bit is me...

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris Month ago

    please make wayyyyyy more of these

  • Xander Martinez
    Xander Martinez Month ago

    A game to be played with friends sponsored a video about how bad it is to play with friends. Great marketing there.

  • Obvious Torch
    Obvious Torch Month ago


  • chadzter
    chadzter Month ago

    watching this reminds me of geek and sundry's tabletop hahahaha

  • AJW
    AJW 2 months ago +1

    Grant is literally me.

  • MuSiCMaNiA2104
    MuSiCMaNiA2104 2 months ago

    Wow, all the Collegehumor girls here look so beautiful hahaha awesome

  • Kenneth Flippin
    Kenneth Flippin 2 months ago

    you guys should do a honest family reunion.

  • Dianne Uerata
    Dianne Uerata 2 months ago

    College humor should just make videos like this every day

  • Gamergod 666
    Gamergod 666 2 months ago

    Katie is me

  • NaptimeGaming
    NaptimeGaming 2 months ago

    that actually sounds like a fun game. just gotta choose the right friends

  • NaptimeGaming
    NaptimeGaming 2 months ago

    man, i dont know if I have ever gone to a bad game night.

  • Micheal
    Micheal 2 months ago

    I'm the guy who eats everything. but plays to ruin others and not to win.

  • ZoomBLM
    ZoomBLM 2 months ago

    I don't get why some people dislike sponsored videos. It just helps the creators and makes a hilarious and stupid sketch.

    Keep being sponsored!

  • Meme Iselfaneye
    Meme Iselfaneye 2 months ago

    Do people actually make banners to signify they're getting together to play a game?

  • Romane Denis
    Romane Denis 2 months ago

    capability grace complicated divide ethnic evaluation beginning.

  • NeonTime
    NeonTime 2 months ago

    Mike's voice>Life

  • Draco
    Draco 2 months ago

    "Cheez paffs :3"

  • Cynical Bastard
    Cynical Bastard 2 months ago


  • Joseph Redeker
    Joseph Redeker 2 months ago

    Im totally Cynthia

  • Generic SML Fan
    Generic SML Fan 2 months ago

    Wait.. is thus video BRANDED?!?!?!?!

  • Sarah Studios
    Sarah Studios 2 months ago

    I'm Katie. Food is the best part of every social outing. Possibly the only good part.

  • Aron Septianto
    Aron Septianto 2 months ago


  • Exobyte
    Exobyte 2 months ago +1

    Wait. Is this video branded?

  • slendaria eight pages
    slendaria eight pages 2 months ago

    A. I'm Cynthia B. I actually want to play this game!

  • Sheriff K
    Sheriff K 2 months ago

    I'm mildly attracted to that Australian-sounding woman..

    Amine SALLOUNIE 2 months ago

    for self estime the girl should of had won

    XXELLIOTDUFFXX 2 months ago

    What's game night!?

  • Harry Todhunter
    Harry Todhunter 2 months ago

    Wait... is this video branded?

  • Cranberry Gaming
    Cranberry Gaming 3 months ago

    Katie is me

  • Nemo Sundry
    Nemo Sundry 3 months ago

    Wait, so funemployed is a real thing?

  • Funky
    Funky 3 months ago

    Wtf this IS the Branded video

  • Weaboo Panith The 4th Panis

    I am Trapp.

  • Jousef Race
    Jousef Race 3 months ago

    I'll explain what I will do next because people think this is how comedy works

  • Derek Rohen
    Derek Rohen 3 months ago


  • Kirk Cocaine
    Kirk Cocaine 3 months ago

    Katie saying cheese puffs made my day

  • Alex Kraus
    Alex Kraus 3 months ago

    The person who has social anxiety. that person is me

  • #fef65b
    #fef65b 3 months ago

    Does anyone know where Siobhan's jumper from

  • Starby The Axolotl
    Starby The Axolotl 3 months ago

    No! No! No! Cheeeeese puuuuuuuuffs...

  • Awesome_ GTA
    Awesome_ GTA 3 months ago

    is this video BRANDED

  • Starlight Witch
    Starlight Witch 3 months ago

    ...Am I the only one who actually likes learning new games?

  • Sir chubbles
    Sir chubbles 3 months ago

    I'm the one who just eats everything lol

    GHOST L 3 months ago


  • melodiousfarm
    melodiousfarm 3 months ago

    invention of lying did it better

  • suliman0786
    suliman0786 3 months ago

    wait a minute...


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