My TESLA battery DIED!!!

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  • Casey N.
    Casey N. 2 hours ago

    Wow there are some rich peeps in their neighborhood!

  • 橋本潤
    橋本潤 16 hours ago

    They use lithium battery for EV. As you know from your smart phones, they die faster as they age. So, you will probably need to change them every few years. Which sucks cause they arent that cheap and not eco friendly.

  • Michael Stolz
    Michael Stolz 19 hours ago

    Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible V8, nothing can beat this ride.

  • Shiranui Akatsuki
    Shiranui Akatsuki 22 hours ago

    dun like weak battery...park outside...put solar panel and never weak battery

  • Shawn Jorge
    Shawn Jorge Day ago

    You're so dumb.

  • Adam Machin
    Adam Machin Day ago

    It's actually really concerning to give access to the battery without a locked area.

  • J Clar
    J Clar Day ago

    When all that shizz is flashing it cant be good for the car.
    Also , I can understand my little car battery dying at the airport..But this whole car is a battery and it dies? Wtf. That's ridiculous and it loses 5% a day? So if I take a 20 day trip expect your car to be totally dead when you come back even if it was fully charged? These cars are just playthings then

  • Jimmy Jazz
    Jimmy Jazz Day ago

    Maybe future electric vehicles can come with a "long stay parking" button to disconnect the car from its battery, a small motherboard battery can be added to save customized configurations.

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    First world problems

  • ItsElectro ROBLOX And More

    How long did your kids go to school

  • Bono Music
    Bono Music 2 days ago


  • Aye M8
    Aye M8 3 days ago

    Just put a Energiser

  • DarkTeamSN
    DarkTeamSN 3 days ago

    Gas cars also use their battery when they're parked, not all ofc.

  • Phil Buck
    Phil Buck 4 days ago

    Any Car Will Will Consume Power Overtime, Gas,Electric,Diesel Ect Even A Regular Battery Will Loose Power Sitting (Over A Much Longer Period) Why You Think Batterys Have A Use By Date ??... These Guys Are Dumb As.. They Dont Have A Clue About Anything They Destroy... Again Posh Snob Problems

  • Tom Bowes
    Tom Bowes 4 days ago

    that's why you drive a petrol or diesel car

  • kansasthunderman1
    kansasthunderman1 4 days ago

    You own an electric car and you forgot to charge it and got stranded??? Have you ever forgot to go to the bathroom and had to pee in the bushes along the road???

  • John F.  Jr
    John F. Jr 4 days ago

    You're a mess.

  • Jerrystolk
    Jerrystolk 4 days ago

    All modern batteries drain when not used over time.
    Do not drain them and then charge them fully since that reduces the lifespan of lithium batteries.
    Keep them charged as often as you can.
    That applies to the one's in a phone and laptop as well or just about any modern device that uses them.
    And doesn't gasoline expire as well after a long time of not being used?
    Pretty sure that just leaving any car at a parking lot for 10 months might not be a great idea.

  • dosmastrify
    dosmastrify 5 days ago

    you were gone 20+ days?

  • doc morridge
    doc morridge 5 days ago

    Standardised cassettes for the batteries . Just swap cassettes at your nearest battery service centre. You need an industry standard cassette Or are you to clever to see that people will not put up with long waits for batteries to charge.

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 6 days ago

    take a taxi to the airport dude!!!

  • kaiden valiant
    kaiden valiant 6 days ago

    Bro seriously park it in the electric vehicle parking? They have chargers and it's closer to where you need to go...

  • bobs61
    bobs61 6 days ago

    what happens, your hat turns backwards?

  • Bencharif Tarik
    Bencharif Tarik 6 days ago

    i wonder why he isn´t calling tesla to know what to do to open it ?!!?!?!?!?!hahaha next time try a sledge or a hammer

    last thing: never by a used tesla ! because seeing what their owner are doing with it better go for a new one !!!

  • WaterspoutsOfTheDeep

    If they are a Tesla approved tow company shouldn't they have like a battery pack in all the trucks just to give a recharge?

  • Slamdoxicalz
    Slamdoxicalz 7 days ago

    I'd be surprised if there's no energy saving function hidden somewhere

  • Deyan Dyankov
    Deyan Dyankov 8 days ago

    Well that seemed like a good bit of fun... so welcome everybody to the future of motoring! I have to say, looking at footage like that, I can't help but think that I'd rather eat my own shoes than own a Tesla.

  • Bestchamp615 Games
    Bestchamp615 Games 8 days ago

    U should keep a bunch of Batteries for the car lol

    NOYFB NOYFB 8 days ago

    Can't just carry a gas can to the nearest station like a normal car. Battery power sucks. Go hydrogen!

  • tony blacksheep
    tony blacksheep 8 days ago


  • Milan Stankovic
    Milan Stankovic 9 days ago

    Amazing how such dumb people own these cars. Tow truck driver is the only person with any sense.

  • warak anda
    warak anda 9 days ago +1

    If you didn't show, all of us might not know about fixing problem for this car, it's really really awesome.. tq bro.

  • pinkeye00
    pinkeye00 9 days ago

    $50 -> AAA. lol

  • TBProductions
    TBProductions 9 days ago

    So this man bought a tesla..... but complains about $150 to tow?😂

  • Re Dialed
    Re Dialed 10 days ago

    U know how u bump/roll start a normal car can't u just do that and then have enough power to open the front trunk or something like that?

  • Timothy Yeung
    Timothy Yeung 10 days ago

    Just charge it more often? You can't create energy out of nothing... Same as a petrol car, just way better because you aren't destroying the planet like that tow truck is.

  • YouTubeMrGolden 2
    YouTubeMrGolden 2 10 days ago

    Bro I'm in Hawaii I did not see you????????

  • That's The Gamer1000
    That's The Gamer1000 10 days ago

    that is tow life for you

  • David Williams
    David Williams 10 days ago

    You have to pay $150 bucks because you didn't have enough common sense to not leave your car at 15% then leave it parked for days. I learned that batteries drain when I was in elementary school!

  • Silent intrudeR
    Silent intrudeR 10 days ago

    The irony! Saved by a diesel guzler...

  • Marlus Silvestre
    Marlus Silvestre 11 days ago

    Great to know how easy the grill come out. I'll make a collection of it. LOL

  • killermantiegs gaming
    killermantiegs gaming 11 days ago

    You know that if you leave a gas car for your example: 10 months the battery in the car dies and the starter will have a problem

  • Sirancha :C
    Sirancha :C 11 days ago

    Whats inside...


  • holee phuk
    holee phuk 12 days ago

    Couldn't watch longer than 2 min flat, this dude is such a wanker.

  • sixmagpies
    sixmagpies 13 days ago

    How does such a cag-handed, impractical halfwit whinger afford such a nice car?

  • Burltonal
    Burltonal 13 days ago

    I think this guy is determined to be down on electric cars.

  • BernzTech
    BernzTech 14 days ago

    whats wrong with u dude?? were u dropped on your head when u were small!!? what a meaningless and and perverted video that was. dude u make me feel sorry for even watching this vdo.

  • Matthew Topp
    Matthew Topp 14 days ago

    Just get a little generator and I'll be fine

  • charles. stewart
    charles. stewart 14 days ago

    l can't beleive it a " Tesla " approved tow Company , what happened to the Training for the driver , wow would never buy a tesla
    thanks for the "Warning" , if it had been me , l would say get me a taxi , come fix the car , or get "Sued" no if or buts or may be !

  • Teodoro Cervantes-Leon

    I am not ready for Tesla. Or maybe Tesla is not ready for me. I love tech. I love new things. But I'm waiting until the world catches up a bit more.

  • TRY to HELP you
    TRY to HELP you 15 days ago

    page 6.4 of the manual states "Battery Care
    Never allow the Battery to fully discharge. Even
    when Model S is not being driven, its Battery
    discharges very slowly to power the onboard
    electronics. On average, the Battery discharges
    at a rate of 1% per day. Situations can arise in
    which you must leave Model S unplugged for an
    extended period of time (for example, at an
    airport when traveling). In these situations,
    keep the 1% in mind to ensure that you leave the
    Battery with a sufficient charge level. For
    example, over a two week period (14 days), the
    Battery discharges by approximately 14%" Its in the manual ..... baaahhhhhh!!!!!

  • Kash
    Kash 15 days ago

    what song is it

  • JM Lifestyle
    JM Lifestyle 16 days ago

    Why don't you just bring a gas generator and charge it? C'mon...

  • Amuzic
    Amuzic 16 days ago

    Clearly you don't like this car and the car knows it. You don't deserve it.

  • AdrianCxx
    AdrianCxx 17 days ago


  • AdrianCxx
    AdrianCxx 17 days ago


  • AdrianCxx
    AdrianCxx 17 days ago


  • Harry Heller
    Harry Heller 17 days ago

    Push the two buttons on the steering wheel -- Radio button and telephone button with your foot on the break and it will come to life. Some times on a hot day the power has to to come to life.

  • s9u1dy
    s9u1dy 17 days ago

    Emm a gas cars battery will also die if you leave it so plz only say things when you know or put a disclaimer or
    Something because I'm starting to lose trust in the facts you say so stop!

  • Dopest nigga
    Dopest nigga 17 days ago

    was i the only one who laughed when he said Take it i kno u want it and Kept Putting it in and out😂😂

  • Concordski Aviation
    Concordski Aviation 17 days ago

    My father has a Cadillac Escalade and after two weeks of vacation he came back to have his battery die. The onboard computer drained the battery.

    CHARLEY 17 days ago

    The thing about gas car is that it's also got a battery to start the freaking car and it dies way more often then electric cars battery. But ik you can just use other ppl's car battery to start yours instead of towing it

  • Neuro Mancer
    Neuro Mancer 18 days ago

    wtf is this chipmunk torture music?

  • Grant97
    Grant97 18 days ago

    I used to want one.

  • nick bergakker
    nick bergakker 18 days ago

    This isn't very smart

  • csm101000
    csm101000 19 days ago

    How is this guy so dumb?

  • JackHenry Wolfe
    JackHenry Wolfe 19 days ago

    nice yeesys

  • JackHenry Wolfe
    JackHenry Wolfe 19 days ago

    nice yeesys

  • Shahid Hussain
    Shahid Hussain 20 days ago

    The part I find funny is how butt hurt electric car loving people are by this video

  • Raymundo Garcia
    Raymundo Garcia 21 day ago


  • rustyscrapper
    rustyscrapper 21 day ago

    If tesla cared about making their cars user friendly, they would install battery charging terminals that a tow truck can connect to. Tow trucks have hella powerful battery boosters and chargers, I have seen a tow truck recharge the batteries on a semi truck, 4 12 volt truck batteries, in 20 minutes and the batteries were hot after. But the main batteries I assume are not 12 volt so you would need a power inverter to convert the 12 volt current. I am sure this is possible to do. In fact, why not have tesla boost trucks that generate the right power? You call, they come in their DIESEL tow truck, boost your batteries with their DIESEL generator for 30 minutes, and you are good to go.

  • Jason Alexander
    Jason Alexander 21 day ago

    probably didn't shut down all the way. if anything on in the side was on, that would cause the 12 volt battery to drain. as a result the main battery would charge the 12 volt on a daily basis and thus depleting the main pack.

  • RYANswaze •
    RYANswaze • 22 days ago

    Y'all should do what's inside a tesla like if you agree

  • Kat You
    Kat You 22 days ago +1

    You showed us your license

  • Kuba Krzyśków
    Kuba Krzyśków 23 days ago

    you missed a phone call!!!!!!!!


  • Matthew Orviss
    Matthew Orviss 23 days ago

    Maybe if not EVERYTHING was electrical

  • Дима Лебедев


  • JJ
    JJ 23 days ago +1

    it's because there is a high tech computer inside the car that's why the screen is there and remember it updates like an iPhone so that's why it's using 5% of your battery a normal car dosnt have all of that to keep updating and checking while it's off

  • Memester
    Memester 24 days ago

    What's inside my tesla

  • Phong HO
    Phong HO 24 days ago

    it's cool to know even that i am now owning nothing but toyota

  • JA RD
    JA RD 24 days ago

    I wonder how many of these trims are getting stolen now that people found out how easy they come off.

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings 25 days ago

    Why not just charge it from a generator?

  • Sergey Pupko
    Sergey Pupko 25 days ago

    Someone give the tow truck driver a raise.

  • EPC135//Gaming
    EPC135//Gaming 25 days ago

    Get a gas car

  • Justin Ye
    Justin Ye 26 days ago

    Don't airports have car charging spots

  • Braeden Babin
    Braeden Babin 26 days ago

    Electric car problems lel.

  • M L
    M L 27 days ago

    Learn how to use your $100K vehicle ... Only keep it in garage for display ...

  • .nfrius
    .nfrius 27 days ago

    What's Inside a Tesla?

  • Bill DeFalco
    Bill DeFalco 27 days ago

    In April of 2017 I located a fully loaded 2014 Cadillac ELR in Mint Condition with only 11,400 miles in beautiful deep gloss black at a Cadillac dealer that never sold and instead, it was retained as a fleet vehicle. I was able to purchase my Dream Car for an unheard of $31,500.00 I am convinced that the EPA set the EV Range at 37 miles to accommodate the average "brick foot" drivers who drive by alternately mashing the gas and brake pedals. But when driven properly, and taking full advantage of the 4-levels of regenerative braking it is possible to get 45 to 50 miles on a full charge. That's more than enough to all me to make all of my local trips on the batter power alone. When taking longer trips, by strategically switching between power from the batteries and the on board gasoline powered electric generator, now three months into my ownership of this amazing car I've been getting an average of well over 650 miles per around 7 gallons of gasoline at each fill up (the gas tank holds a little over 9 gallons) - for an incredible average of over 92 miles per gallon!

  • Forward Plans
    Forward Plans 28 days ago

    Yes, your parked car won't use gas when it's parked for 10 months, but your battery will likely be dead because of parasitic loss. Car batteries keep many electronic components "alive" while the car is shut "off".

    AERO-MAGNUM 28 days ago

    Thanks to big oil and our govermemnt, basic/simple probelems such as seen in this video, are and will be a problem for some time now!

    • Adrian Dan
      Adrian Dan 28 days ago

      thanks to conspiracy nuts like you the average IQ on this planet is well bellow 90.

  • Benzknees
    Benzknees 28 days ago

    And this is the 'future'? Woo hoo.

  • Apres Midi
    Apres Midi 28 days ago

    I went blind when I saw how is he wearing his sneakers...

  • pinoyeh
    pinoyeh 29 days ago

    There is a term PARASITIC DRAIN.....

  • Mark Jibbs
    Mark Jibbs 29 days ago

    Please give your car away to someone who will look after it

  • ChrisFavreau
    ChrisFavreau 29 days ago

    There's this thing called an owner's should read it sometime.

  • Reinis Miks
    Reinis Miks 29 days ago

    Jeez he is straight ripping of vlog music from Casey N.

  • Pedro Alcantara
    Pedro Alcantara 29 days ago

    They should invent something like, I don't know, a starting handle

    JUAN CARLOS NUÑES 29 days ago

    Well my dad has a model x tesla and that's never happened

  • Michael Medic
    Michael Medic 29 days ago

    why didn`t you get portable petrol generator brought it there plug a charging cable in it and charge the tesla battery?

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