Introducing DJ Khaled

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  • And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu

    I've got this smile on my face after listening to him talk.

  • DiamondDubstep
    DiamondDubstep Day ago

    He took the hinges off!

  • May J. Eithansh
    May J. Eithansh Day ago

    Sooo inspiring! ♡

  • Abdullah Al_Bukhari

    he is not normal. . crazy 😅 u know what I'm saying

  • violet efeejuku
    violet efeejuku Day ago

    I just love him💯❤️🤙🏽

  • xamar cadeey
    xamar cadeey Day ago

    Everything is secseses for him

  • mohammad haider
    mohammad haider 2 days ago

    you know what im saying

  • Benayak Gurung
    Benayak Gurung 2 days ago

    I can listen to him 24/7

  • stanlinTV.055
    stanlinTV.055 2 days ago


  • Tomas Areias
    Tomas Areias 2 days ago

    Gotta love DJ Khaled

  • kihlos
    kihlos 3 days ago

    Look at all that "julery".

  • Nikhil Mungara
    Nikhil Mungara 3 days ago

    yeah and you are a buffoon too. you know what i mean.

  • Kartik Klyde
    Kartik Klyde 3 days ago

    we are the best !!!

  • Tony Montana Orlando

    DJ Khaled😂💪👊

  • akshay jadhav
    akshay jadhav 6 days ago


  • McOrpree
    McOrpree 6 days ago

    This dude is like a singing jesus

  • nolan palmer
    nolan palmer 6 days ago

    For someone who uses the word "they" a lot..he sure has A LOT of gold!. Maybe he uses it as a distraction to blind "them" and kick "them" before they kick him!.

  • Gadeed Mofeed
    Gadeed Mofeed 8 days ago

    On what planet is this dirt bag inspirational and positive and has a good message for young people? I weep for the future of humanity.

  • tauresa ttauresa
    tauresa ttauresa 8 days ago +1

    He is too overweight, could die young and that would not be good for his fans.
    I can't deny that he reminds me of Kanye...

  • john niro yumang
    john niro yumang 8 days ago +1

    how heavy those bling on his neck . You know what im sayin? ??

    • Noor Noor
      Noor Noor 6 days ago

      john niro yumang 😂😂

  • 1103MusikGermany
    1103MusikGermany 8 days ago

    this sound is good

  • Gail Williams
    Gail Williams 9 days ago

    Hahaha oh I love u DJ khaled

  • SeeEmm
    SeeEmm 9 days ago

    the dude has been on a "diet" for like a year and has lost zero weight

  • umar younis
    umar younis 9 days ago

    The slow (my face is too fat) head turn at the end 😂

  • Shounak Mitra
    Shounak Mitra 9 days ago

    I am an eater

  • Lee Hollebon
    Lee Hollebon 10 days ago

    Nice guy but I don't get why he is famous what has he actually done he carnt sing he carnt dance am I missing sumthn what is his talent I really don't get it is he a clever guy ? Is he a great DJ ? What is this guys talent am I missing sumthn people if Iam please correct me why is this guy famous ?

  • Goran Farkas
    Goran Farkas 11 days ago

    Gangsters like this get paid and people who finish uni can't find jobs...

  • yoousef basha
    yoousef basha 11 days ago

    U know what and u know what I'm saying enough dude 😂😂

  • jamal jons
    jamal jons 11 days ago

    He is fake and a Arab because all Arabs are fakes!! he is not producer he is organiser than producers.

  • Thatsnicky
    Thatsnicky 11 days ago

    I think "you know what i'm sayin" should meet "apparently". Noah gotta meet his uncle. U know what i'm sayin?

  • akar ahmad
    akar ahmad 12 days ago

    you know what i am saying ?

  • Paras Subedi
    Paras Subedi 12 days ago

    He is a nigga.

  • Adoow Khalif
    Adoow Khalif 13 days ago

    Another one haha mama I made it

  • Black Pyramid Company
    Black Pyramid Company 13 days ago

    Can't hate on him. You may not like his behavior or the way he's talking, but at least he spreads positivity and tries to motivate people. You don't have that too often today.

  • Rudeboii21 xx
    Rudeboii21 xx 14 days ago

    childish behaviour no pun intended

  • Ivaylo Kaloyanov
    Ivaylo Kaloyanov 15 days ago

    We allways know what you're "sayin" ! ^^ You know, what i'm "sayin" ?

  • Simon Kefas
    Simon Kefas 15 days ago

    Egg white and a gallon of water is the key to success... he's so funny!

  • Rhys Woods
    Rhys Woods 16 days ago

    You can call me negative, this guy is doesn't deserve to be on platforms like Ellen and its promotion of basic and untalented people like this that is dumbing down our whole society. Ps. If you need justification for my point watch the Wild thoughts video, HE DOES NOTHING AND THEN SLAPS HIS NAME ON IT. REAL ARTIST, MY ASS.

  • ساره سعيد
    ساره سعيد 16 days ago +1

    does anyone counted how many times he said "You know what I'm saying"😂

  • khalid mohd
    khalid mohd 17 days ago

    you know what hes saying

  • ben ways
    ben ways 17 days ago

    Fuck this guy. He's a bitch if anything.

  • Samantha Chigwanda
    Samantha Chigwanda 19 days ago

    "Stay away from them"

  • Yaro Sanga
    Yaro Sanga 19 days ago

    DJ Khalid is so passionate i love it and so inspiration

  • G H
    G H 19 days ago

    T H E L I O N

  • taslima chowdhury
    taslima chowdhury 19 days ago

    You know DJ I don't know what you mean you know what I mean

  • mike heavenly star among men

    wisdom is the key of success ,we all need wisdom,I wish to see Ellen one day in my life until I die,my life on this earth stressful but watching this type of programme gives me courage.

  • Matt Jolly
    Matt Jolly 21 day ago

    DJ khaled the Ellen 😀😂🤗

  • Sarina Mahmood
    Sarina Mahmood 21 day ago

    1:50 Bling Bling

  • Abigail Castro
    Abigail Castro 21 day ago

    Ellen I want to see she khaled iam 10 u love him

  • Beni C
    Beni C 21 day ago

    "Another one"

  • Jananka Hassan Mohamed

    They are illuminate

  • Julius Christian Gonda

    i know what your saying bruh

  • MrJellies
    MrJellies 22 days ago

    his chest must be cold with all them chains...

  • salisha brizan
    salisha brizan 23 days ago

    i love this man hum

  • xNaQserF16 - نااصصر


  • christine tannous
    christine tannous 23 days ago

    I love ellen even my mom said that she loves her once

  • Umar Mirza
    Umar Mirza 24 days ago


  • Kami TV
    Kami TV 24 days ago

    By the end of the video even my chair knows "what he's sayin"

  • Hussein Kambar
    Hussein Kambar 24 days ago

    Take a shot every time he said " You know what I'm sayin"

  • Duh
    Duh 25 days ago

    Hes Literally the apparently kid lmao

  • Şener Bozacı
    Şener Bozacı 25 days ago

    what an unnecessary person

  • Shanahan Nagendran
    Shanahan Nagendran 26 days ago

    Rick Ross: I love PEARS
    DJ Khaled: I love APPLES

  • nadeem ebrahim
    nadeem ebrahim 26 days ago

    Can anyone guess how many times he said you know what i am saying 🤔

  • Abdur Raheem
    Abdur Raheem 27 days ago

    You know what im saying 😉

  • najm elyakin khobayb azzeb

    the FUUUUCK he saying !

  • iWilliefv
    iWilliefv 27 days ago

    Omg i like his outfit. What that calls?

  • Charlie Jala
    Charlie Jala 28 days ago +1

    you know what im saying?

  • Raya
    Raya 29 days ago

    How many times does he say 'you now what I'm sayin' . Like I now what ur saying, I can hear u mate.

  • Gaming With KeithZ
    Gaming With KeithZ 29 days ago


  • Matt Concannon
    Matt Concannon 29 days ago

    *Find Vietnam flashback music playlist*

  • Abid Ali
    Abid Ali Month ago +1

    fantastic Khaled
    you know what I'm sayin😂

  • ismail Ahmed Ibrahim Klass 8 Thoren Framtid Kalmar

    he make me lough couze of saying all the time you YOU KNOW WHAT AM SAYING

  • Suhail Alhatmi
    Suhail Alhatmi Month ago +1

    Comment down how many times he said "you know what am saying"

  • FGEO
    FGEO Month ago

    you know what im sayin

  • Sandesh Bhandari
    Sandesh Bhandari Month ago

    He is the real man😀

  • jean taylor
    jean taylor Month ago

    He... is... great! I love him his so positive and so funny!

    KING POOTIS Month ago

    You know what I'm sayin'

  • chando cain
    chando cain Month ago +1

    he the best

  • TheBulandKhanShow !!!!!

    Why Dj Khaled is only saying you know what iam saying

  • #bieberswag *
    #bieberswag * Month ago +1

    why give em one when you can give em Another One

  • jayson sisneros
    jayson sisneros Month ago

    lets count "you know what im saying"

  • Beebs158
    Beebs158 Month ago


  • powerpuff ranger
    powerpuff ranger Month ago +1


  • Omar Alaniz
    Omar Alaniz Month ago

    We the best

  • Aditya Dhillon
    Aditya Dhillon Month ago

    guys hit a like: u know wat I'm saying?

  • Sujith Mandody
    Sujith Mandody Month ago

    What a giant douche.

  • Sana Sajid Khan
    Sana Sajid Khan Month ago

    dat z a true my dear . I kw m saying

  • Deniz Yanik
    Deniz Yanik Month ago

    this video is a major key

  • Tanasi W.
    Tanasi W. Month ago

    At the end what he said to Ellen is what I would tell Ellen: she is simply just the best. I love this women.

  • Ahmed Adan
    Ahmed Adan Month ago

    0.57 dj khaled is a member of ......... 🔼

  • Toi H
    Toi H Month ago

    This is such a Great interview, keep up the awesome work Ellen and DJ. I'm saving it to my favorites..yay thank you for this:)

  • Rohith NA
    Rohith NA Month ago +1

    "we the breast music"

  • Bo Nkoana
    Bo Nkoana Month ago

    He just quoted CASPER NYOVEST "MAMA I MADE IT"

  • Khaled Ghanem
    Khaled Ghanem Month ago

    i love dj khaled you know what your saying

  • jijo nair
    jijo nair Month ago


  • Frogs Dance Rhapsody

    LMAO!! this guy cracks me up for days!!! Love him

  • Alphonce wayne
    Alphonce wayne Month ago


  • Maraj HNB
    Maraj HNB Month ago +1

    how many time he said ; You know what i'm saying ? !

  • Nothing But Hilarious

    at 0:36 ..this rich dude bought Red iPhone case instead of Product Red iPhone 7 .. why man can buy original red one 😂😂

  • Romyo Nazmy
    Romyo Nazmy Month ago

    You know what I'm sayin?

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