Circle Of Love | Rudy Mancuso

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  • Runtime: 3:12
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  • Rudy Mancuso
    Rudy Mancuso 4 months ago

    Thank you all for the love. Hope you enjoy.

  • Hamza Mahmod
    Hamza Mahmod 2 hours ago

    I want the name of the piano music on the video please

  • Shamoon Khan
    Shamoon Khan 3 hours ago


  • Nhu Huynh
    Nhu Huynh 4 hours ago

    This is so weird

  • Lolzcool
    Lolzcool 5 hours ago

    Is that his real girlfriend? The one he kissed..

  • King izzy
    King izzy 5 hours ago

    Does that mean u go to the movies everyday?

  • psycho_ dog
    psycho_ dog 6 hours ago

    The Musical Daily Rutine

  • Anika A
    Anika A 7 hours ago

    1:58 right hand drive in the USA?

  • Norbert Lhosar
    Norbert Lhosar 8 hours ago

    I wish you made a full piano cover of that piano part it sounded epic i just kept on replaying that part! It sounded great to my ears also thx for all the hard work you put in your videos for us!
    Btw-luv ur vids 😄😁👌

  • Ayuzawa Yu
    Ayuzawa Yu 9 hours ago

    Dat ppl who always throws fruit to him is called: TRUE LOVE 😂😂😏😏

  • ®Jack0b™
    ®Jack0b™ 10 hours ago

    song name ?

  • Z.K.A. L.O.K
    Z.K.A. L.O.K 10 hours ago

    who the lady name?

  • SusaNo-kun Hyuga
    SusaNo-kun Hyuga 11 hours ago

    Amigo Así es mi vida en el amor T-T

  • Charlotte Drozd
    Charlotte Drozd 12 hours ago


  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez 13 hours ago

    The shower part was weird

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 16 hours ago

    Dear Mikaela Hoover,

    Please marry me.

    That is all.

  • Genesis Red head
    Genesis Red head 18 hours ago

    I feel like they would be a good COUPLE

  • Shayla Bobala
    Shayla Bobala 18 hours ago

    I love this amazing video it makes love seem so never ending there is always a way to make a day even more beautiful and you literally made my day thank you for being a creator you have inspired me i make videos everyday and really hope that i can become as great a creator as you would love to collab with you but i love how genuine you are hope you have an incredible day and year

    FUCK OFF 19 hours ago

    LOVE IT!

  • Ferdaus Ahmady
    Ferdaus Ahmady 19 hours ago


  • ishi gaur
    ishi gaur 20 hours ago

    I luved his piano!

  • Alberto Mariano Aranda Escalera

    esta con madres tu musica!!!

  • Karen Baker
    Karen Baker 1 day ago

    You're handsome I like you a lot how was your real life

  • Shabbal Abbas
    Shabbal Abbas 1 day ago

    2:23 was just sad

  • Sebastian Burbano

    Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción de la parte de piano en el 2:31 del video?

  • mysha Hassan
    mysha Hassan 1 day ago

    Mornin' neighbour!

  • Cynthia Palma
    Cynthia Palma 1 day ago

    You guys make a great couple but why did the break up in the end

  • T-cup Productions

    Anyone that says mornin neighbour is obviously a fan of god

  • AdamAndHoussam
    AdamAndHoussam 1 day ago

    the thing is its real ffs

  • Malinzkia
    Malinzkia 1 day ago

    My god a viner whos talented!?!! What is this!?

  • Dalal Hamad
    Dalal Hamad 1 day ago

    Is she your real crush or fake

  • Stella Alcala
    Stella Alcala 1 day ago

    I have watched this twenty times

  • Rebecca Musick
    Rebecca Musick 1 day ago

    Well he's always cute

  • Rebecca Musick
    Rebecca Musick 1 day ago

    Who thinks Rudy is cute when he's running with the red hoodie

  • Katie M
    Katie M 1 day ago

    Her hair is GOALS AF

  • Goderdzi Adamia
    Goderdzi Adamia 1 day ago

    Wow it was gooooood

  • Goderdzi Adamia
    Goderdzi Adamia 1 day ago


  • Jack Manuel Desinor Hernández

    Nice 1 irmão

  • tEm tEm
    tEm tEm 1 day ago

    It Hannah stockings 2 time then at the end 3 different girls

  • Isabelle Isabelle

    So you like pianos,guitars,bongo and that lovely girl

  • Valeria Saucedo
    Valeria Saucedo 1 day ago

    que es lo que dice la chica?

  • Maria Sauceda
    Maria Sauceda 1 day ago

    loveeeeeeeee this VIDEO SOOOO MUCHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😘😘😚😙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤👅👅

  • 徐汉书
    徐汉书 1 day ago


  • Evelyn MB
    Evelyn MB 1 day ago

    I will not like this video for having kissed another girl who is not Maia.

  • Cesar Perez
    Cesar Perez 1 day ago

    Yo to

  • Anormalgamer202
    Anormalgamer202 1 day ago

    so he goes to the movie theater every day

  • Nuriddin
    Nuriddin 2 days ago

    This is fake

    Cuz no internet

  • salim semi
    salim semi 2 days ago

    i love you

  • Ava Rash
    Ava Rash 2 days ago

    i watch all of his videos all day everyday day and they are funny

  • feona maquinay
    feona maquinay 2 days ago

    Haha nice video 😂🤣😆

  • Big Angry Nut
    Big Angry Nut 2 days ago

    Это очень круто! Девушка красивая. Главное это непредсказуемость сюжета

  • Blake Bellamy
    Blake Bellamy 2 days ago

    my fav video ever.

    UN MUTE 2 days ago


  • Diard/Dijon Hd
    Diard/Dijon Hd 2 days ago

    This is so true

  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 2 days ago

    I love the little music sections that he adds into all of his videos

  • issa is da best
    issa is da best 2 days ago

    thats soooo my life!

  • Chair
    Chair 2 days ago

    Anyone else notice he added the clip of him trying to kiss Hannah twice instead of adding Inanna . ( I can tell because all of the girls he got rejected by kissed him in the end and inanna was one of them

  • Baby Blue
    Baby Blue 3 days ago

    Damn rudy can sing, play the guitar, piano, drums, and prob alot more instruments, make youtube vids, holy shit he talented asf not gunna lie I'm jealous asf

  • Vlogs Cyrus And Gaming

    Is that your real girlfriend in real life the girl that you kiss (i have to cover my face when you guys kiss)

  • Jeff y
    Jeff y 3 days ago

    Is it just me who feels really sad when watching this .

  • Mostafa Sapry
    Mostafa Sapry 3 days ago

    Faaaaauck,, what is that piano play at 0:38 ??

  • kaveren2 kaveren2
    kaveren2 kaveren2 3 days ago

    I love the rythm

  • Theodora Gerokosta
    Theodora Gerokosta 3 days ago

    this is such a nice video it deserves more views and likes!!!♥

  • Jade Riveroll
    Jade Riveroll 3 days ago

    Is that Gal Galdot??

  • Jade Riveroll
    Jade Riveroll 3 days ago

    Is that Gal Galdot???

  • Jade Riveroll
    Jade Riveroll 3 days ago

    Is that Gal Galdot???

  • Emma Bear
    Emma Bear 3 days ago

    I think this is one of his better videos! I loved it!

  • valentin shapoval
    valentin shapoval 3 days ago

    AWESOME! Especially the last girl- DANG- BEauitful Girl!

  • Sal Alfda
    Sal Alfda 3 days ago


  • imnotmelvin3
    imnotmelvin3 3 days ago

    best music video!!!!!

  • Tuan Vo
    Tuan Vo 3 days ago

    Did the guy throw a burrito?? XD

  • Nada a vê TV
    Nada a vê TV 3 days ago

    best video

  • Alivia ChargingWhirlwind

    This is like my 9th time watching this lol

  • TheDiablo Gamer37
    TheDiablo Gamer37 3 days ago

    (makes no expression when hit)

    KINGANOFOJ 3 days ago

    cool everything fits with the beat...

  • Mira Andasheva
    Mira Andasheva 3 days ago

    omg I love this, good idea XD

  • Bear Kononow
    Bear Kononow 4 days ago

    On the last part did anyone else notice Inanna actually kissed Rudy unlike Hannah and the other girl.😂😂 ship? Or not haha.

  • Minecraft UltimateYt


  • TheaterNerd 4825
    TheaterNerd 4825 4 days ago

    That was so cute

  • reaktywny007
    reaktywny007 4 days ago

    Meeeega 👍

  • ZReapz Reap3r
    ZReapz Reap3r 4 days ago

    Hier wird es nicht mehr bei dir und

  • Алексей Максимов

    Шикарная мелодия на синтезаторе )

  • Berkay Yıldız
    Berkay Yıldız 4 days ago

    şunu dinleyen 1 adet Türk insanı yok mu aq

  • Tevita Lufe
    Tevita Lufe 4 days ago

    hehehe amazing. This is true art.

  • Zarrine Calderon
    Zarrine Calderon 4 days ago

    Part 2 pls

  • Savage Puppy
    Savage Puppy 4 days ago

    you should really get that car fixed

  • Andrea Vazquez
    Andrea Vazquez 4 days ago

    rudy you cheated on me

  • Caro line
    Caro line 5 days ago

    la meilleure vidéo du mooonde GG mec !

  • DJ Redaman
    DJ Redaman 5 days ago

    So true!

  • Jaxon Romero
    Jaxon Romero 5 days ago

    Rudy you're one of my favorite YouTube or's

  • Gijs Kuijken
    Gijs Kuijken 5 days ago

    Nice best going on

  • Panda Gamer 101
    Panda Gamer 101 5 days ago

    They have been dating for two nights and one day ._.

  • kstarosu
    kstarosu 5 days ago

    Tbh i came from a YouTuber who said that Julien Bam copied your Video, and to be fair. Your Video didnt entertained me at all it was kinda dumb and i know Julien get a Inspiration from your Video but yours is not that entertaining. You look permanently in the camera and this is strange af.

  • Eimear Gleeson
    Eimear Gleeson 5 days ago

    I can't understand why people wouldn't want to be with him?!?!😂😂 are they blind??

  • f3rgo4- Auto
    f3rgo4- Auto 5 days ago

    The ti,e when the car works, the steering wheel is on the other side

  • faris mamnoon
    faris mamnoon 5 days ago

    Plz make a piano and guitar full version

  • Mustafa Abidi
    Mustafa Abidi 5 days ago

    0:37 to 0:44 best part of the whole fucking video!

  • Master IT
    Master IT 5 days ago

    Man I feel depressed

  • Zome_Bodyz
    Zome_Bodyz 5 days ago

    LOSER!!! on the eating part all those fruit are my fav Lol

  • London Vang
    London Vang 5 days ago

    He Lives in north Kara linea

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