AMAZING: Man Renovating His House Discovers A Complete Ancient Underground City

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  • Jacqueline Payne
    Jacqueline Payne 17 days ago

    Hate the robot talking without correct phrasing, makes it harder to understand. Otherwise interesting subject.

  • Theron Nelson
    Theron Nelson 2 months ago

    ancient man did not build these there was definitely a higher technology that is responsible for this

  • Jen Hol
    Jen Hol 2 months ago

    ISIS now knows, hey probably there way of hiding from planet X

  • Jarod76
    Jarod76 3 months ago

    People say my voice is very similar to the narrator's, but that mine sounds robotic.

  • Veneil
    Veneil 3 months ago

    I will no longer try to sit through a narrative by a robot voice, thank you very much. How bloody annoying.

  • Ray Delay
    Ray Delay 3 months ago

    well that was fucking stupid

  • me heretoday
    me heretoday 3 months ago

    that would be an interesting thing to see....

  • bill Ralban
    bill Ralban 4 months ago +1

    Great tunnel system but why no artifacts? Did the elite steal them all?

  • Cinthia 9
    Cinthia 9 5 months ago

    Can imagine how haunted it is.

  • from Clark
    from Clark 5 months ago

    Hmmmmmm? Electrical wiring installed and arrows pointing directions? Yes, some underground caves alright but obviously set up for tours! Bah humbug!!!

  • Carol Rongholt
    Carol Rongholt 6 months ago

    This video isn't complete and some of the pictures are from another underground city ...

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 7 months ago

    That's one hell of a "Man Cave" he inherited.

  • Peter Fenwick
    Peter Fenwick 10 months ago


  • Dcalhoun 38581
    Dcalhoun 38581 10 months ago +2

    The audio in this upload is terrible, to say the least. The background music is louder than the announcer's voice and the announcer's voice is so strongly accented (meaning mispronounced vowels everywhere) as to be very difficult to understand, if not impossible.

    • David's Videos
      David's Videos 10 months ago

      its a robotic computer generated voice. certainly not human

  • Fractured by Nature
    Fractured by Nature 10 months ago

    The owner was supposed to keep it a secret until... Because others knew, there are other homes with same scenario.


  • Nick Bozarth
    Nick Bozarth 10 months ago +2

    not enuff information, and there's electicity so somone been down there within the century. plus if it can fit 20k ppl then there's gota be more entrances and he most certainly isn't the only one I his town that knows about the underground passages. maybe he just found another entrance but he did not find it

  • Canada
    Canada 11 months ago +1

    all i want to see is where he got in to the city in his house

  • Miles hamby
    Miles hamby 11 months ago +2

    You can clearly see wires wrapped around some of the walls which means someone has to have been down there before unless they got electrician work done before the news report

  • Gabe dah dawg Lmao

    Wonder if he was aloud to keep it?

  • Gabe dah dawg Lmao

    Oh my god that's so cool man I'd love that

  • EmeraldCity
    EmeraldCity Year ago

    Does anyone know who the people were that lived underground in these caves? Where they persecuted people? Where can I find more information on this?

    • Sally Ann
      Sally Ann 6 months ago

      EmeraldCity Centuries ago when the Muslims invaded Turkey, Christians carved out these underground cities to hide in. I have been to Cappadocia and have seen some of these. They are very interesting. You can google it and find out more.

  • Hungry 420
    Hungry 420 Year ago

    the Goonies

  • Anna Donaldson
    Anna Donaldson Year ago

    Great Cellar under that house lol

  • Gene F
    Gene F Year ago +14

    Great clip...Too short.... .and cant stand listening to a machine talk

  • r3conwoo
    r3conwoo Year ago +4

    I would use that city to grow some nice bud.

    • LOLmeGO/ AKA Dambien
      LOLmeGO/ AKA Dambien Year ago

      +r3conwoo "the city is large enough to house over 20,000 men, women, and children." more like 20,000 pounds of weed.

    • Wolfy Jade
      Wolfy Jade Year ago


  • Maggies Warburton

    this is awesome, seen a lot about this place on the net, amazing. wondering how many times you have to let people know its your homework people before you judge. would love to go visit for sure. wonder if his relative knew about it.

  • Judgment Proof
    Judgment Proof Year ago +32

    If that were my house and I found the underground city, I'd keep it quiet and keep it to myself. That would be my own personal city which would be my hideaway, my secret getaway. I'd fix it up to suit me and that would be my underground vacation

    • Judgment Proof
      Judgment Proof 4 months ago

      It makes me wish I had a secret underground city all to myself with no one else down there. Oh, the fun I could have!

    • Юрій Воротнюк
      Юрій Воротнюк 8 months ago

      And wonder where echoing voices in the night come from.

    • thunder bembo
      thunder bembo Year ago

      you're right,. that's the biggest problem when someone accidentally dig the underground city. But he don't have to worry about than as long as he own the evidence and trace that he own the entire city haha stamp his name, picture with date and make a video recording himself inside the underground city,take a picture and fill it with a load of food supplies, and others that would help as an evidence in the future,. government gonna take it from him?? nope,.if YES they should've give him a credit for that,. haha. Anyway they would probably didn't dig in that area.. at the end this man regret forever for revealing it to the authorities/ public XD. 

    • Judgment Proof
      Judgment Proof Year ago

      +thunder bembo it really does make sense if you think about it. I mean, who wouldn't want an underground city to store extra supplies? This would help and or at least slow the hoarding problem, just by having an underground city. The only thing you'll want to make sure of is to make sure you own the land above ground. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises later should someone decide to go digging or excavating

    • thunder bembo
      thunder bembo Year ago

      +Judgment Proof i 100% agreed with you buddy,. that is safe just in case an emergency or something happened around, he can hide in there for a long time with full stocks of food water,. this man have done big mistake,.the government took it all..what a wasted XD. i bet that man would be regrets for what he have done XD

  • majin
    majin Year ago

    thanks mrs robot, next up on Bullshit; robots can now think for themselves and no longer need brainless masters to input for them

  • Raquel
    Raquel Year ago

    Yeah. Don't think I believe this. Not so much.

    • David Reed
      David Reed Year ago

      +Raquel this is Cappadocia Turkey, this is a very true place you can visit

    • MrTesty01
      MrTesty01 Year ago

      +Raquel It's real.
      One of a few underground cities.

    BRICKCITY9MM Year ago +5

    Shit. I would of turned that bitch into the worlds oldest brothel .

    • inkey2
      inkey2 Year ago

      +BRICKCITY9MM I would sit down there and eat a ham sandwich

  • Noah Scerbo
    Noah Scerbo Year ago


  • Nigel Hampson
    Nigel Hampson Year ago +64

    Interesting piece - totally ruined by the ridiculous, irritating and totally unnecessary robot voice.

    • Nightcore Leigh
      Nightcore Leigh 6 months ago

      Dcalhoun 38581 personal I love all Robotic Voices lol🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖

    • Dcalhoun 38581
      Dcalhoun 38581 10 months ago


    • Nancy Campbell Gibson
      Nancy Campbell Gibson 11 months ago

      +MrAlumni72 Spelling and punctuation are dying a slow death. I refuse to give in!

    • MrAlumni72
      MrAlumni72 Year ago

      +Nigel Hampson ... and that ridiculous run-on sentence. I ran out of breath just listening to it!

  • Sean Beard
    Sean Beard 2 years ago +2

    If i found it of course id go thru the whole think stealing the goods. Then the ultimate game of hide and seek is on

  • Gavin jones
    Gavin jones 2 years ago +10

    Does he get to keep it as his own ? That would be well cool I would turn it into a massive luxury hotel, you would get people from all over the world wanting to come and visit and make yourself very very rich very quickly. You wouldn't even need to change much as that adds to the charms and the room sare already made out like shops and schools like they mentioned so all he needs to do is add beds and staff. water must be available as it was built to be sustainable. Wow I want it.

  • rfhell666er
    rfhell666er 2 years ago

    Who or what made this, when was it really made???????

    • fernsemer
      fernsemer 10 months ago

      @iTheGreek ,,,, You must be an Atheist as only atheists say things like that.

    • iTheGeek
      iTheGeek 10 months ago

      One huge hole in your theory - Noah's time never existed.

    • fernsemer
      fernsemer Year ago

      +rfhell666er My thinking is that this underground city is probably left over from the pre-flood world of Noah's time. People don't usually live underground unless they're scared of what's going on on the surface. The possibility of nuclear war would be one reason to carve out an underground city.

    • David Reed
      David Reed Year ago

      +rfhell666er this is Cappadocia Turkey, this is a very true place you can visit

    • David Reed
      David Reed Year ago

      +Jake Butcher this is Cappadocia Turkey, this is a very true place you can visit

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