Adding 140 TERABYTES to the Studio with Linus!

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  • Adding 140TB of storage to the Studio thanks to Linus and the crew.

    Video Gear I use:

    Intro Track: Italo Disco (Instrumental) by The Plain Ensemble

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  • R C
    R C 6 hours ago

    I think it's very smart.

    When 8K becomes a thing everyone will be watching this channel.

    It's like future proofing the future.

    The only problem is that you will be talking about 2017 tech in 2022 when 8K becomes mainstream.

    Maybe it's better to keep the normal 4K resolution for now and wait for loads of people to upgrade.

    8K isn't going to be mainstream until data speeds increase significantly and more people have 8K screens and better machines.

  • The Johnson
    The Johnson 13 hours ago

    Whats up niggas, it's me. Your nigga Marques.

  • EVERY thing
    EVERY thing 14 hours ago


  • Yavuz Kalkan
    Yavuz Kalkan Day ago

    I started watching videos on 1440p 60fps and now 720p looks like 144p

  • Jacob Frye
    Jacob Frye Day ago

    Cool video! Very nice!

  • Michael Ireland
    Michael Ireland 2 days ago

    Oh my gosh. Baby Marques.

  • Chris GR
    Chris GR 2 days ago

    I like the IKEA furniture next to the rack.

  • FlightSimMovie
    FlightSimMovie 2 days ago

    Look at that cable management !!!!,

  • Dustin Krejci
    Dustin Krejci 2 days ago

    Your voice.... I know a person wanting a voice actor.... Seriously.

  • Hayden Marsh
    Hayden Marsh 2 days ago

    Umm... it’s not “Xenon” it’s “Xeon”

  • The Pink Pistol
    The Pink Pistol 3 days ago

    You should look into making a movie!

  • LMCstudios
    LMCstudios 3 days ago

    would you rather have to see everything in only 4k forever but have 3 wishes, or have 30 wishes but you see everything in only 1080p?

  • Cole Christini
    Cole Christini 3 days ago

    "It has a Xenon CPU inside"-MKBHD,2017

  • Darrien Persad
    Darrien Persad 4 days ago

    Why does Linus sound like the Shamwow guy?

  • M1ndl35s
    M1ndl35s 4 days ago

    Lol imagine the day we have 8k cameras on flagships... 4k is standard and 3TB Storage on each phone with console grade graphics capability on almost all phones... And we look back at the now most powerful s8 like it was absolute bullshittery

  • Peter Thingstrup Arzrouni


  • Coffee Jack
    Coffee Jack 5 days ago

    Milo Yiannopoulos was watching this with pink puffy cheeks.

  • Glenn Müller - EDV
    Glenn Müller - EDV 5 days ago

    I remember Casey talking about a Youtuber he knows that deletes all his Footage. Now i Know who he ment :-)

  • SplintDK1976
    SplintDK1976 6 days ago

    If you want to keep you data safe, keep Linus far away from it...

  • Khimavath Hemanth
    Khimavath Hemanth 6 days ago

    Our brain can store lot more than Linus

  • anany garg
    anany garg 7 days ago +1

    2020-I bought a supercomputer xDD

  • Thankful Square
    Thankful Square 8 days ago

    Brags about shooting in 8k and the max video setting is 720p.

  • AMoreSimpleMind
    AMoreSimpleMind 8 days ago

    Saving all those files is simply organized hoarding. What are you going to do with it? If YouTube collapses, you're going to reupload all your videos? Or are u going to use these files when making a flashback? I can name a couple of cloud services that let you store unlimited data (1080p). Is it really worth it to store the raw 8K files? Just let the flashbacks be in 1080p, nobody cares imo. If it is for working ahead, other measures can be taken as well? Please tell me if I overlooked/ forgot something.

  • Mark Yates
    Mark Yates 8 days ago

    Linus you would have 1 less hater if you would just admit that a lot of your idiocy on camera is for views because yes we realize it is a business at the end of the day and you gotta keep it interesting.

    Just what are people supposed to think with some of the stuff you pull. Will you respond to me and explain why there is so much of it. I watch your tech quick videos or what have you and those are great.

    You can be so knowledgeable and likable in 1 video then I just want to punch you in another one. I am so conflicted with your channel.

    I like you a lot as a human being and I think your a good worker who knows how to have fun too which is important but you worry the piss out of me. MKHB is a true professional! Why can't you just be more like Marquis!

  • James H
    James H 8 days ago

    RED Camera 🤤

  • Martin Stanslaus
    Martin Stanslaus 8 days ago

    @MKBHD i would love to have one of that how much would it cost for 50 telabytes.....plz hit me back

  • John Zidor
    John Zidor 8 days ago

    Mkbhd living in 2050 while other tech YouTubeers living in 2017. lmao

  • Mujtaba Ibrahim
    Mujtaba Ibrahim 9 days ago

    pewdiepie who? mkbhd is the richest boi on youtube.

  • Dhiego Lucio
    Dhiego Lucio 10 days ago

    1 like just for the kid Marques

  • iDerekMC
    iDerekMC 10 days ago

    wtf is UNraid? is it Raid?

  • bitchgvng Memorial service

    Xbox is better

  • Cyberrex
    Cyberrex 13 days ago

    i dont even have a 1440p monitor

  • Justin Fābïø
    Justin Fābïø 14 days ago

    Because reuploading iphone 7 reviews in 3 years when the iphone 9 is already out is very important

  • T L S
    T L S 14 days ago

    Did you know? Marques Brownlee worked extremely hard to get his YouTube channel going from the very beginning. He uploaded 250+/- videos in his first year, 8 years ago.

  • RBearLion
    RBearLion 14 days ago

    Linus looks way too pale in this video lol

  • abreyu
    abreyu 14 days ago

    just a cs650m?! no redundant power supply?!

  • AKuM se-12
    AKuM se-12 14 days ago

    storage kept beside huge magnet(I mean speaker) ?

  • Nikon Pun
    Nikon Pun 15 days ago

    watching in 360p

  • avitha
    avitha 15 days ago +1

    640 KB is more memory than anyone will ever need.
    ~ Bill Gates

  • Paul Muresan
    Paul Muresan 15 days ago

    this is just overkill... you really don't know what to do with your money, do you? :D

  • lapamful
    lapamful 15 days ago

    Marques is right to "future proof" himself and his content. Because in 2016 things are going to be so advanced, we'll have flying cars, Nike shoes that can fasten themselves, hoverboards, who knows what the internet will look like!

  • leo spare
    leo spare 16 days ago

    10tb x 15? wait till you get a drive rebuild.

  • tim hoekstra
    tim hoekstra 16 days ago

    Just wondering; what did you mount it in?

  • TosiKivaIhminen
    TosiKivaIhminen 16 days ago


  • Mastara Arief
    Mastara Arief 16 days ago

    Firstly, why do you need to shoot tech videos in RAW 8K? Future proofing? When 8K TVs are mainstream, your current tech videos would be very outdated and by that time, more likely only a handful of people watch the videos. It's really overkill and pointless. RAW 6K is more than enough for the time being. You just wastes space for no good reason.

    Secondly, that storage server is prosumer grade at best. If back up is very important to you, then get a professional back up company to handle it. Get a co-location back up service, because if you put your storage server at the same location with your studio, then you're putting all of your businesses in one basket. You have the money after all.

  • nitroxide91
    nitroxide91 16 days ago

    Baby Marques

  • psycho's HUB
    psycho's HUB 16 days ago

    I have 500 GB hard drive my phone has 16gb internal and yes I have a 32 GB pendrive that's it I am happy

  • Dylan
    Dylan 17 days ago

    RAID5 with 10TB drives? Yikes. I hope you don't care about any of the data on that thing...

    CHANNEL 6 MEDIA 17 days ago

    who is gonna want to watch any kind of non drama tech series 25 years from now?

  • Hidden
    Hidden 17 days ago

    Next time you go outside....don't wear sunglasses.

  • Peter
    Peter 17 days ago

    I don't believe this video is real if Linus doesn't break at least 1 thing.

  • dimeji faluyi
    dimeji faluyi 17 days ago

    why stop there...just buy a small server farm.

    ELVIS G 17 days ago

    every time i hear that squeaky voice of Linus i literally cringe all over and throw my headphones away

  • TG Monkey
    TG Monkey 17 days ago

    You should've used ssd's just fo the hell of it

  • watchyourst3p
    watchyourst3p 17 days ago

    Marques, you should hire this dude as your intern. He flies all the way from some place just to deliver some drives to you with you logo and face on it? Talk about some serious ass licking here. Of course hes doing it for people to reach his channel.

  • Daniel thunder
    Daniel thunder 17 days ago

    Simple... just use an AWS S3 bucket. Upload to that. Done.

    THATRANDOMGUY 18 days ago

    I'm the only who saw his T shirt and I thought "wait was this filmed in 2015?"

  • The Spitting Llama
    The Spitting Llama 18 days ago

    Multiple single failure points and a sketchy at best power supply. Really not a good build. Should be running 2 parity drives and a btrfs for the SSD Cache. Plus not a chance to risk a total system failure with the bottom of the line power supply. Great example of what not to do for long term reliable storage,

  • Jeremy96
    Jeremy96 18 days ago


  • 22Tech
    22Tech 18 days ago


  • N2O
    N2O 18 days ago

    Nigga don't lie you use that to store porn

  • Just a Normal Person
    Just a Normal Person 18 days ago

    Now MKBHD can store all the porn on the internet on his PC, in 8K!!

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man 18 days ago

    Why didn't he get the 30 drive version for future proofing, seems like that server would be in full in a year or two and maxed out for space.

  • Anton V.
    Anton V. 18 days ago

    That's a lot of storage.... !!

  • Joe Fitzgerald
    Joe Fitzgerald 18 days ago

    Why not create the master video files at native resolution? Then you wouldn't have to remaster them someday in the future.

  • A G T
    A G T 19 days ago

    English please,

  • Edward Marshall
    Edward Marshall 19 days ago

    Hold landscape picture Muslim spectrum weird commit turn response within.

  • Tyler z
    Tyler z 20 days ago

    Great setup. Although just a suggestion, this should be on a decent UPS setup, just to keep the power clean!

  • The Adventure Biker
    The Adventure Biker 20 days ago

    You forgot to tell us how much that entire setup costs....

  • Anton De Vries
    Anton De Vries 20 days ago

    Cringe intel stock cooler and nocula fans
    *super silent*

  • yxmakaze
    yxmakaze 20 days ago

    He said 15 , 10 terabyte ot suppost to be 150 not 140

  • T. Tong
    T. Tong 20 days ago

    Storage server with CS650M psu Seriously??

  • LaVoice Brandon
    LaVoice Brandon 21 day ago

    Young man you have come a long way from the first video to the dorm room and now for fillet studio keep doing it congratulations on your success

  • ViralMan
    ViralMan 21 day ago

    It's 150TB not 140TB cuz 15x10TB is 150TB

  • Tommy Victorino
    Tommy Victorino 22 days ago

    It it is beautiful 😭😭😭

  • Beefy
    Beefy 22 days ago

    No cable ties

  • Chris Kim
    Chris Kim 22 days ago

    If you're halfway full with the 48TB storage, I can only imagine how soon you'll have to expand the storinator...

  • Supremax67
    Supremax67 22 days ago

    Just call it what it is. 0.14 Petabyte!

  • raja mangubat
    raja mangubat 22 days ago

    this looks lit

  • John Briggs
    John Briggs 23 days ago

    both you guys are great but loving the clean(ish) office setup you are rocking... and you should totally re-consider the Plex idea ;)

  • GG
    GG 23 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with your hands?please don't fap

  • Riyan Raahim
    Riyan Raahim 24 days ago

    50TB SD card???🙄🙄😑😑😐😳😳🤔🤔

  • scott ashley
    scott ashley 24 days ago

    15 slots for 10TB to fit but only adding 140TB???? i must be bad at math or something.

  • Riyan Raahim
    Riyan Raahim 24 days ago

    No use of 4K,5k,6k if you don't have a TV or PC or MAC to watch it?In YouTube you can watch 1440p at max/fact! Like if you agree

  • M and C
    M and C 24 days ago +2

    Why does Linus have to sound such a n cocky dork sometimes with all that terrible jokes? Hes got good knowledge we know that but jeez

    • Dylan
      Dylan 17 days ago

      I honestly can't stand watching his videos anymore, they're so cringy.

  • Vortex Studios
    Vortex Studios 24 days ago

    lol nerd uses mac!!!!1!!!1 PCMASTERRASVCE

  • Bob Le
    Bob Le 25 days ago

    It should be 150 tb not 140tb

  • wafflehacks67
    wafflehacks67 25 days ago

    Sony and Microsoft need to put 10TB that in there consoles as standard hard drive.

  • David
    David 25 days ago

    I've never actually seen Linus talk that fast before..

  • Lammet
    Lammet 25 days ago

    why do people make vids in 4-8k wtf

  • TheNilknarf69
    TheNilknarf69 25 days ago

    Anybody that's seen the Linus video where he nearly lost all the company data on their own massive server with no working backups must snigger when they see videos like this. Great guy, very clever, but I wouldn't ever trust that man with my data!

  • Mathieu Phaneuf
    Mathieu Phaneuf 26 days ago

    With the sweet little touch of the logo and the icon of MKBHD. Nice machine it seams to killing it big time!
    BTW I guess nobody really talk about it in the comment but your branding is fucking awesome. This not the tech geek who talk this is the designer who love stunning stuff and the kind guy who really think it's important to told people they make good stuff.

  • Man g
    Man g 28 days ago


  • DigitalMannX1
    DigitalMannX1 28 days ago

    Bill Clinton had a setup like this one. He called it the "PornMaster 5000"

  • Lumpy Mushroom
    Lumpy Mushroom 29 days ago

    I don't believe in future proofing. 8k or 6k may never take off until 10 or 30 years. And if it does, cheaper much more compact and reliable hardware would already be available, making the red camera obsolete and or clunky, plus the inputs may also be unsupported as they will become obsolete aswell.

  • Schroeder M. Schulz

    a nigga and a douche..

  • Kira Yamato
    Kira Yamato Month ago

    I trust this increase in resolution is worth it. It's going to be VR compatible, right?

  • Patrick Horgan
    Patrick Horgan Month ago

    Pretty cool, but Linus as I'm sure he told you over and over and over and over and over again has a petabyte array. (That's a 1024 TB

  • Jonathan Revivo
    Jonathan Revivo Month ago

    who will need a review of Note 2 or 8 in 2025 or 2030...? i mean seriously.. it's not a legendary beatles video or Titanic ...

  • Nick DellaGrotte
    Nick DellaGrotte Month ago

    u should run all of them in raid 0 lmao

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