BREAKING New Satellite Images Reveal HORRIFYING Truth About North Korea - News

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  • Johnny Canuck
    Johnny Canuck Month ago

    #Doobie #Diplomacy #RODMAN #POTCOIN #Pyongyang #Amsterdam #MINDS

  • Tyler Kamphefner
    Tyler Kamphefner 2 months ago

    This is probably the type of news trump watches

  • Mary Lou Johnson
    Mary Lou Johnson 2 months ago

    I just watched 60 Minutes on Sunday the 10th of June...N Korean defector says: YES, JONG UN IS A REAL THREAT! He is still fighting the war from back in the 50's and wants desperately to be first. He is much like Trump in his thinking. FIRST OR NOTHING, IN ALL THINGS! He wants to show his power and nuclear capabilities to the U.S. So, you can't call this fake news. Fake voice, yes. But definitely not fake news.

  • Robin Wood
    Robin Wood 2 months ago

    ooooohhh!! I thought a US 'military expert' said that North Korea arms are just all fake???

  • Courage
    Courage 2 months ago

    Cause of course, islands which can have things such as soldiers and anti-air guns are horrifying, but China building islands is not. Also, because a newspaper reported it doesn't necessarily mean it's true. Someone could of Photoshopped the islands, or have found pictures of islands and claimed that they were artificial ones being built by the DPRK.

  • InsanityAndGenius
    InsanityAndGenius 2 months ago

    You can always tell before even hearing the first word half a second in a video, when it ends up being a stupid robotic voice. I was like robot voice isn't it, and it was... top top news my ass.

  • Alec Hemy
    Alec Hemy 3 months ago

    sounds like the robot from buck Rodgers in the 25th century

  • Sgt Serenity
    Sgt Serenity 3 months ago

    LOL LA Times is a joke !!!!

  • metalsteve01
    metalsteve01 3 months ago

    The voice on the newscast is Microsoft David.

  • Jack Rainbow
    Jack Rainbow 3 months ago +1

    this is FAKE NEWS

  • Jack Rainbow
    Jack Rainbow 3 months ago

    fuck off, you witless shit head. put it back where it came from, we don't want your computer shit and your pathetically stupid perceptions and most of all, fuck head, we don't want your robot.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 3 months ago

    Never trust a robot.

  • Lilyanna KASHMIR
    Lilyanna KASHMIR 3 months ago

    And our government just only just noticed this now? Rissia and China were clueless too?What planet do you live on?Certainly not Earth. 🤣😂🤣

  • JungoJerry
    JungoJerry 3 months ago +1

    Click show more and just read the article - you'll get more out of it that way. I did - and now I will avoid any more vids from TOP TOP!

  • Almity Krug
    Almity Krug 3 months ago +2

    robo fake news

  • Jonathan Wiskee
    Jonathan Wiskee 3 months ago +2

    Ok and what is so HORRIFYING about this?

    • Walter Hailey
      Walter Hailey 3 months ago

      Really it's their waters no disputes over who owns, so what's the problem? As for military use the are in their sovereign right to set it up to be a whorehouse island if they want for a sailor Recreation stop off... damn we are so righteous and it's been in production for five years, why was it not any real concern 4+years back? Maybe we should use a aircraft carrier and it's carrier group to take it hostage from the north. ..

    • Lilyanna KASHMIR
      Lilyanna KASHMIR 3 months ago

      Jonathan Wiskee

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 3 months ago +4

    There isn't ANYTHING visible from satellite in N.Korea that U.S intelligence hasn't seen long ago. And half of google earth users.

  • kenny Gr
    kenny Gr 3 months ago

    what is their motive for war..I think they just want to defend themselves..

    • J Dean
      J Dean 3 months ago

      N. Korea has been on the offensive against the US and S. Korea since the 1953 armistice. They hijacked a US intelligence ship operating in international waters in 1968. They killed 2 US soldiers on the border between N. and S. Korea in 1976. Then they wanted the US to end sanctions on them in 1994 claiming they would give up their nuclear weapons research in exchange for nuclear power stations. They violated that agreement. Meantime, the US was focused on other world situations such as the cold war, and various middle east wars. Since at least 2006 after N. Koreas first nuclear weapons test, they have been making threats to the US. Just recently they promised a super massive pre-emptive strike on the US complete with CGI clips of US cities being nuked. We hold military exercises with S. Korea because we are obligated to protect S. Korea from a N. Korean invasion. N. Korea imprisons it's own people to keep the Kim dynasty in power. Concentration camps like Yodok have been in operation since at least 1958. Generations of torture that dwarf Hitler's horrific atrocities by comparison. But since Trump became President, I'd say your argument holds credibility now because previous Presidents brushed N. Korean threats off like a person brushes off a fly. But Trump wants to play to his base and take attention off failed domestic issues and investigations. He's willing to risk nuclear war to make himself look manly. But still, the US has not taken any military action on N. Korea since 1953. N. Korea is not just looking to defend themselves. ICBM/SLBMs are offensive weapons. They want the US destroyed and S. Korea to be part of N. Korea.

    • curtismyname Heard
      curtismyname Heard 3 months ago

      kenny Gr so are they preparing for another nuclear test

  • Jack Bat
    Jack Bat 3 months ago +4

    Good intel news, but the voice of the announcer of this video sounds too robotic.

    • Lilyanna KASHMIR
      Lilyanna KASHMIR 3 months ago

      Jack Bat

    • zorin40
      zorin40 3 months ago

      that is because this is one of the many pages using computer voices. Even scammers are using these to make phone calls and trying to rob people! Absolutely horrible - I would rather watch captions than listen to computer with no idea what or how to read.

    • Jonathan Wiskee
      Jonathan Wiskee 3 months ago

      Stephen Hawking is the news anchor for TOP POP's channel.

    • TOP TOP
      TOP TOP  3 months ago

      thank you watching
      . i don't speack sorry

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