2017 Tour de France: Stage 12 Recap

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  • smartolog
    smartolog 10 days ago

    ?dove Aru

  • mauro fiore
    mauro fiore 10 days ago

    Francesi!!!rosicate,non siete un cazzo

  • Starvin Marvin
    Starvin Marvin 10 days ago

    Tour de drugs

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia 10 days ago +1

    NBC sports has THE WORST audio engineering. I have the video turned up to max vol and my computer vol to max and I can still barely hear the video. "Maybe you're deaf, I can hear it just fine"... Whatever

  • barrylyndon80
    barrylyndon80 10 days ago +1

    Fabio Aru looks like the younger brother of Nibali!

  • Wun Hung Lo
    Wun Hung Lo 11 days ago

    froome needs more ghost epo

  • dynobreath
    dynobreath 11 days ago

    Bob roll new all about lances doping and yet he is still broadcasting!

  • boo hoo
    boo hoo 11 days ago +1

    aru is the man

  • Ken Oconnell
    Ken Oconnell 11 days ago

    Frenchy won Frenchy gunna win .

  • TheDionysiac
    TheDionysiac 11 days ago

    Honestly, you guys have got to be better about spoilers in these thumbnails. I just happened to open youtube for some music at 9am pst and there's Fabio Aru in yellow staring me in the face.

  • Chanh Diep
    Chanh Diep 11 days ago

    froome playing mind games now

  • Johny Bravo
    Johny Bravo 11 days ago

    An interesting issue is the Sky's domestique performance. Kwiatowsky in Omega Pharma Quik Step was a mediocre climber, dropped in the firsts Kms in a 2nd category climb; now he's a mountain goat. And what about Landa? While Quintana, Pinot (clean guys) and other Giro 2017 riders run out of gas in this Tour, in contrast Landa is thriving!... There is no doubt the Sky's TUE Program is working efficiently. When will they be caught and expelled?... Fancy Bears, we need you!

    I'm pissed about the waiting thing; when you screw it, simply it's your own fault. They should have keep going hard, full gas. This waiting stuff is killing the nature of racing and bad luck is part of life and any given sport. Nibali, we need you here!

    It seems UCI, specifically Phillipe Mariën is a rotten corrupt rat with the same values of Verbruggen or McQuaid. He punished Uran & Bennett but not Bardet for the same fault. The rule applies for everybody and not for just for some.

    • Jason Mohacey
      Jason Mohacey 11 days ago

      Agreed.. Sky spends the money to have the "super team" there to support Froome, and part of the expectation is that they look after him in the event of a mishap. If Froome has a mechanical issue, they should be there to help, whether it be give up their bike and/or get him back to the front. The other contenders needn't sit up and wait for his ass... that's racing, or any other sport for that matter... shit happens... winners capitalize.

  • Switch 123
    Switch 123 11 days ago

    They need to show the Green jersey!

  • Jordan Michalek
    Jordan Michalek 11 days ago +1

    Want froome to win but this makes it interesting

    • James T
      James T 11 days ago

      Jordan Michalek I think Landa will give a chance to get into Aru, Bardet and Uran. I think he is the best climber here now.

  • Johan P
    Johan P 11 days ago

    For the White Jersey presentation - the woman on the rider's right is almost as tall as the rider!!!
    Simon and the whole SCOTT/Orica team are riding well.
    Overall there is still a little drama in Le Tour.

  • Necromanicon Jigg
    Necromanicon Jigg 11 days ago +1

    i still feel the football vibe.

  • buckshotat
    buckshotat 11 days ago +1

    this is a terrible "recap"...just a bunch of "ooohh look what happens here"...come on; if you guys are going to buy the rights, at least do something with it...Come on BOB! I expect the others to be terrible...but you can do something? right?

  • buckshotat
    buckshotat 11 days ago +3

    hire cosmo

  • Bill Meehan
    Bill Meehan 11 days ago

    Barguil is pronounced Bar-gee, rhymes with key.

  • Patrick Hall
    Patrick Hall 11 days ago +4

    Wow the American summary and analysis is about 50 years ahead of any of the Euro media for TDF!!

    • Alex Thiebaut
      Alex Thiebaut 10 days ago

      Maybe do yourself a favour and get Eurosport, it will save you these ignorant comments.

    • Eivind Nicolay Dybdahl
      Eivind Nicolay Dybdahl 11 days ago

      one american liked your comment, congratulations

  • Ianto Cannon
    Ianto Cannon 11 days ago +11

    Great summary we but don't need the music, it's not Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Jupapi Suarez
    Jupapi Suarez 11 days ago +5

    Aru looks like borat

    • Anonymous DueToFascists
      Anonymous DueToFascists 11 days ago

      Worse yet, he races like him. He attacks on mechanicals and does pulls for the yellow jersey.

      He'll surely lose come Paris.

  • NewbArchitect
    NewbArchitect 11 days ago +15

    it's an interesting race now!

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