Game of Thrones: A Theory About Euron Greyjoy's "Gift" - Dragons on the Wall

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  • Spoilers! Euron Greyjoy promised a "gift" for his queen, and Terri and Eric have a theory about what it might be.

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Comments: 203

  • Ciuvica Maria Emanuela

    His gift will be Yara and Ellaria who killed Myrcella...

  • omnipotentRB
    omnipotentRB 5 days ago

    The gift is the dragon horn, the instrument that 'controls' the dragons.

  • Enrique Navarrete
    Enrique Navarrete 8 days ago

    The gift is Phil heat

  • YB Negative
    YB Negative 8 days ago

    K so let's for the moment say it's a Dragonbinder.... the last person that blew one had their lungs turn to ash, yes? So what if it is Eurons plot to give her the gift (on her promise to marry) then she blows the horn and fries her lungs, and he takes the throne? whether it happens or not, couldn't that be his plan? I think she would be happy with a gift of Tyrion, but he would have to go thru Dany to make that happen...

  • Danger Lips
    Danger Lips 8 days ago

    I don't Think the show producers are smart enough to incorporate such a sophisticated object as dragonbinder in the show, I think the idea might make their heads explode

  • Danger Lips
    Danger Lips 8 days ago

    The show producers aren't that smart to incorporate dragons horn in the show

  • lil jayy
    lil jayy 9 days ago

    the gift and YOU CAN QUOTE me on this is the gift is ELLARIA SAND YARA GREYJOY AND THE SANDSNAKES hes going to ambush them at sea and defeat their fleet

  • Ustradamus Escobar
    Ustradamus Escobar 9 days ago

    That's a weird theory but it's deffo gonna be the dragonbinder

  • Rafael Checiu
    Rafael Checiu 9 days ago +1

    Playfull ? What is even funny about killing his brother ?

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 9 days ago

    This theory does not hold up. The only reason Cersei wanted Robert's bastards killed was that if someone could prove that none of her children were Robert's as well, then Robert's bastards would have a stronger claim than her own children. Her children would then lose support from the other houses. The Lannisters have already lost the support of all the houses that matter, so one of Robert's bastards would mean nothing to Cersei at this point. Leave the theorising to the pros IGN.

  • bluerhizome
    bluerhizome 9 days ago +1

    Why would cersei care about one of robert's bastards. It was joffrey who ordered the death of the bastards, at least in the show. He's not a threat to her claim at this stage and noone is going to rally behind him as pretty much ever house in westeros is either out for blood or dead.

  • LosSeintos
    LosSeintos 9 days ago

    The gift will be Tyrion's tongue.

  • AnKH
    AnKH 9 days ago

    People hype the he'll out of everything now a days. The free market loves it, this show really is not that good. I fell asleep watching it.

  • Dr Wolfenstein
    Dr Wolfenstein 9 days ago +1

    "They did a reset on Euron".

    Have you ever read about Euron Greyjoy, people? He's always different people depending on who he's talking to. Check your sources, folks.

  • fullMetalVenom
    fullMetalVenom 9 days ago

    Too bad Euron's gifts are poisoned.

  • Mitch B
    Mitch B 9 days ago

    Personally I disagree because what exactly would Cersei do with Gendry? Probably kill him and that would serve what purpose? I think Euron's gift to Cersei will be the Sandsnakes, especially Illaria Sand...

  • 1993DJC
    1993DJC 9 days ago

    In the books Euron Greyjoy is arguably worse than both Joffrey and Ramsey.

  • Freddie V
    Freddie V 9 days ago

    definitely the sand snakes/ellaria/yara. sorry bros

  • sesshomaru2005
    sesshomaru2005 9 days ago

    it bet is the dragon horn, that control the dragons

  • Noah x3
    Noah x3 9 days ago +2

    It's obviously the horn that controls the dragons

  • Toby H
    Toby H 9 days ago

    It's Tyrion, lol!!!
    So he gets his revenge on Yara and Theon

  • Cinema Gaming
    Cinema Gaming 9 days ago

    It's the horn he got that's said to control dragons

  • mike b
    mike b 9 days ago +1

    Was an eyepatch too much to add? Euron is the coolest character in the books, but is horribly portrayed in the series imo.

  • Gui Salinas
    Gui Salinas 9 days ago

    what about that magic horn that controls dragons???

  • 1231Skyguy
    1231Skyguy 9 days ago +1

    I think Euron acted the way he did in front of Cerci simply to present himself as decently trustworthy. I think he was merely acting.

  • Dishary BD
    Dishary BD 10 days ago


  • Jack Plowman
    Jack Plowman 10 days ago

    The gift is THE KRAKEN!!!!!!!

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega 10 days ago

    The gift is Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy.

  • Third Wish
    Third Wish 10 days ago +2

    I always thought it would be funny if, after the credits for the final episode airs, we saw about five seconds of Gendry still rowing.

  • Shawn Grant
    Shawn Grant 10 days ago

    What about the dragon horn called Dragonbinder?

  • Eski Boi
    Eski Boi 10 days ago


  • Citizen Dildo
    Citizen Dildo 10 days ago

    She sounds exactly like Scarlet Johanson

  • Dez Lovecraft
    Dez Lovecraft 10 days ago +1

    its ellaria sand, it is known

  • Its Dehlert
    Its Dehlert 10 days ago

    There is 0 reason they would know gendry is a baratheon.. I assume if he doesn't give yarja to cersi like shown in scene caps, it will be a dragon. Talk of a horn controlling them sounds like something a crazy sea man would try.

  • Peteto
    Peteto 10 days ago

    got written book: OK we are beyond the books, we have the creative control
    Concept:Ed sheeran camping in the woods singing a song
    #Lanister Soldiers

  • Talha Malik
    Talha Malik 10 days ago

    The ultimate gift is "Snake clowns"

  • Fenrir the Rrowdy
    Fenrir the Rrowdy 10 days ago

    He gets the magical horn that he and Victarion Greyjoy has in the books to counter Daenerys' dragons.

  • sean bolger
    sean bolger 10 days ago

    tyrion lannisters head?

  • SuperBoxyBoy
    SuperBoxyBoy 10 days ago

    his accent was terrible

  • AleGal_ _
    AleGal_ _ 10 days ago

    Tyrion is his gift in my opinion.

  • Travine Fernando
    Travine Fernando 10 days ago

    did any one else notice the pokeball??

  • Hogscraper
    Hogscraper 10 days ago +2

    Why or how would Gendry be a priceless gift? 'we don't have any source material to go on'... Didn't Euron have a horn that could supposedly control dragons in the books? Wouldn't that make more sense if he went out and stole one of the dragons as a priceless gift?

    • Danger Lips
      Danger Lips 8 days ago

      I don't Think the show producers are smart enough to incorporate such a sophisticated object as dragonbinder in the show, I think the idea might make their heads explode

    • Hogscraper
      Hogscraper 10 days ago

      Dany is becoming a tyrant in her own right so add her crying over a lost dragon and I'm doubling down on my hope for the dragon binder horn:) If nothing else I would love to see Drogon take one of the smaller ones out. I think they will be instrumental, though, in the final fight since they came back from extinction just as the white walkers came into power.

    • Matthew De Bie
      Matthew De Bie 10 days ago

      Hogscraper I think it will be dragon-binder, apparently all the people who believe the leaks think it's some minor characters no one cares about that he will deliver to Cersei.

  • Andy Benji
    Andy Benji 10 days ago

    The gift is Ellaria, the Sand Snakes and Yara. He'll ambush Dany's fleet in the next episode then take them to Cersei.

  • EggsGalore Gaming
    EggsGalore Gaming 10 days ago

    i have two ideas
    1. its the dragon horn from the books
    2.or hes just gonna go and kill theon and yara

    • EggsGalore Gaming
      EggsGalore Gaming 10 days ago

      also i dont see how they have changed his character that much he still had the savage vibe to him back in season 6.

  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan 10 days ago

    Euron Crowseye is going to steal one of Cersei's dragons, specifically, the golden one Viscerion. He's going to use a ship full of food as a trap.

  • lana_is_my_stars
    lana_is_my_stars 10 days ago

    It's tyrion. He referred to himself as "the gift" when he first met daenerys and what else does cersei want more than tyrion? Euron also mentioned tywins death when talking to cersei.

  • Renzo Pacheco
    Renzo Pacheco 10 days ago

    It's either a sand snake or Dragonbinder. The horn would even the odds because one dragon would be for the Lannisters, the White Walkers will probably take another one and Dany will keep Drogon. Daenerys is too op right now.

  • Lacey
    Lacey 10 days ago

    I was thinking he was gonna kill sansa and bring cersei the head,there were rumours of sansa dying a few months back

  • Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander 10 days ago

    Gendry doesn't make sense. Gendry is a bastard who can't prove Robert is the father, so he has little significance to that story. It is more likely that Euron has the horn.

  • Wolverine
    Wolverine 10 days ago

    A dragon egg. You've heard it first here

  • William Oliver
    William Oliver 10 days ago

    Before you say that Euron is gonna be a "playful" villain, his actor has stated that by the end of the season he would be more hated than Joffrey or Ramsay.

  • Daryll W
    Daryll W 10 days ago

    it bothers me how jon completely ignores sansa's council. if he doesnt change from ned and rob's "honorable" mindset, he'll end up just like them.

  • Femi West
    Femi West 10 days ago

    who also had goose bumps during the Arya scene..."if anyone asks you what happened here,tell them the the north remembers".

  • BretN7
    BretN7 10 days ago

    Stop splitting these videos up into several parts, just post one video and don't be greedy.

  • Heisenberg -
    Heisenberg - 10 days ago

    Sand sakes and hopefully they all die lol

  • Mizudayo
    Mizudayo 10 days ago

    Gendry is a bastard whom only 3 maybe 4 people know whom his real inheritance is.....and of those 3 or 4 people the only ones still alive are Tyrion, Cersei, Mel and probably The Spider. No one else knows who he really is or would find him worth anything to kidnap and bring to Cersei x.x stupid theory. He's obviously going to bring her a weapon to use against Dany. As he said "a most precious and priceless gift". Aka something she can use to defeat Dany her dragons. I doubt Cersei even thinks Gendry is still alive, probably figured he died ages ago.

  • irvyne
    irvyne 10 days ago

    Wait... In the books didn't Euron have like some massive horn that could control dragons...? Surely that's the gift he's talking about...

  • Ethan Bridges
    Ethan Bridges 10 days ago

    i only have one complaint about euron - his punk outfit from episode 1 last night that looked like it was from the year 2020

  • solosage
    solosage 10 days ago

    The gift will be a Dragon head.

  • RaphaeLima
    RaphaeLima 10 days ago

    would be badass if the gift was Tyrions head

  • Guru Gaming
    Guru Gaming 10 days ago

    It's her enemies he captured some

  • Bowl Banter
    Bowl Banter 10 days ago

    I think the safest bet is that the gift is Tyrion being brought dead or alive seeing as Euron put a large amount of emphasis on family betrayal

  • Alexander Wilson
    Alexander Wilson 10 days ago

    It's Elleria.

  • NotTheStatusQuo
    NotTheStatusQuo 10 days ago

    It's not gonna be Gendry, it's not gonna be the horn. It can't be something he already has otherwise he should have just given it to her then and there. It'll be something he wins/takes in battle: a prisoner or someone's head (most interesting option would be Tyrion's.)

  • YoungsterDanni
    YoungsterDanni 10 days ago

    It's Tyrion

  • MFNTwistedStreaming
    MFNTwistedStreaming 10 days ago

    Yooooo Ign we saw this conversation already. Stop making multiple videos for the same information!

  • Crazy Frog 55
    Crazy Frog 55 10 days ago +3

    Do people really care so much about Gendry he really wasn't that interesting I understand he's a Baratheon, but all this for a weak character. I'm my opinion he's just a brat blacksmith. Davos should have let him be sacrificed.

    • BretN7
      BretN7 10 days ago

      It makes the show feel richer and more complete to finish his character arc and bring him back for afew more scenes since the did just abandon him. He has potential to be important. 1) He could have learned how to forge valaryian steel. So he could have ended up on dragonstone, now Jon knows about the valyrian steel beneath dragonstone where Daenerys has landed, so Jon will meet with dany, discuss needing dragonglass/valaryian steel and thats where gendry comes into it and 2)He;'s a baratheon heir, cersei would see him as a threat. There's potential for an arya reunion as well!

    • James Allen
      James Allen 10 days ago

      TJLazer. He'll meet Sam in Old Town. Sam will learn how to make Valyrian Steel and Gendry will forge it.

    • TJLazer
      TJLazer 10 days ago

      and like what is the point of him now?

  • karina rest
    karina rest 10 days ago

    the gift is dragon binder I hope. Gendry was confirmed ages ago that he's coming back but I don't think in that way

  • Scott Hoback
    Scott Hoback 10 days ago +6

    Seriously!!? Your questions make it clear you are lost in this series.

  • vgernyc
    vgernyc 10 days ago

    It's Daenerys' head. Good luck with that Euron

  • Arun Krishnamurthy
    Arun Krishnamurthy 10 days ago +1

    I disagree. Gendry may be a Baratheon, but so was Stannis; how far did that get him? The world of Westeros has moved past the War of Five Kings. The only way to the Iron Throne now is by conquest. And Gendry can't amass an army strong enough to take King's Landing. Compared to Dany, Jon, Olenna, Sand Snakes, Gendry is not a threat in any way, shape or form. It would an empty gesture to bring him to Cersei and if she has any wits about her, she would recognize it as an empty gesture.

  • Blasted Heath
    Blasted Heath 10 days ago

    The Gift will be Tyrion.

  • Akeil Thomas
    Akeil Thomas 10 days ago

    Nice video and you guys are a we some hosts.

  • Harry Quedenfeld
    Harry Quedenfeld 10 days ago +8

    Gendry is a boring and dead meme, who cares

    • Thomas Ryan
      Thomas Ryan 10 days ago

      Harry Quedenfeld He may be the only person alive who knows how to forge/reforge Valyrian steel.

  • rollstuhlwolf
    rollstuhlwolf 10 days ago +2

    Greyjoy will bring her Tyrion's head. And then Jamie will finally kill his sister Cersei.

  • Raymond Regus
    Raymond Regus 10 days ago

    He's going to give her the dragon flute from the books.

  • Mister Pink
    Mister Pink 10 days ago +4

    It's not Gendry. He is going to be at drsgonstone. The gift is the sand snakes

  • Leonid Vishniakov
    Leonid Vishniakov 10 days ago +26

    Gendry is the least of her concerns

    • Raymond Eelst
      Raymond Eelst 9 days ago

      Leonid Vishniakov indeed.. after Robert there have been so many kings now.. that guy just doesn't matter anymore because his family is dead 💀 and he has no claim on the throne and no support. Guess he will be looking for tyrion

  • Joey Nutwell
    Joey Nutwell 10 days ago

    either the horn or tyrion.

  • Eduardo Valladares
    Eduardo Valladares 10 days ago +2

    I don't see how the episode was funny but I like that the show is telling us what's happening with Sam and what are the people at the Citadel like and the whole thing with the Grand mastres

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos 10 days ago +9

    The gift is Ellaria and teh sand snakes!

    • Koala Kev
      Koala Kev 9 days ago

      Raymond Eelst there were production scenes shot showing the Sands and Yara Greyjoy captured and paraded in Kings Landing

    • Raymond Eelst
      Raymond Eelst 9 days ago

      Sand snakes joined the dragon army. Good luck capturing them

    • Juan Carlos
      Juan Carlos 10 days ago

      So Cersei can get her revenge and kill one of the snakes with poison in front of Ellaria

    BLACKFYRE 10 days ago +48

    If you don't want the show ruined for you DONT READ THE COMMENTS. There are dweebs posting spoilers so they can feel special. DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS. Upvote this so people can see.

    • BretN7
      BretN7 9 days ago

      A white walker stabs him s7.

    • Ustradamus Escobar
      Ustradamus Escobar 9 days ago

      Ok I'm sure people are aware of that you imbecile

    • Cinema Gaming
      Cinema Gaming 9 days ago

      Are you brain dead, why would you watch a season seven video and not expect spoilers

    • Dominik Kužila
      Dominik Kužila 9 days ago

      Mugen Upvote? Is this Reddit or something?

    • lana_is_my_stars
      lana_is_my_stars 10 days ago

      Mugen clicks on a video that says they are talking about the show and expect no one to be talking about the show lol fishing for likes much? He literally asked for likes at the end 😂

  • Qusai Hassan
    Qusai Hassan 10 days ago

    its not gendry, its the dragon horn

  • Frank Matthes
    Frank Matthes 10 days ago

    I think the present is the prisoned Yara Greyjoy like we see her in the fotage taken from the GoTh Set

  • XxHarounXx
    XxHarounXx 10 days ago +10

    gendry is not important. nothing more than a bastard

    • Ustradamus Escobar
      Ustradamus Escobar 9 days ago

      Wtf Gendry is very important, he's basically heir to the throne

    • Dirty JEW
      Dirty JEW 10 days ago

      XxHarounXx he's the rightful heir to the throne

    • XxHarounXx
      XxHarounXx 10 days ago

      Mister Pink that could be interesting as long as they try to force is character too hard

    • Mister Pink
      Mister Pink 10 days ago

      XxHarounXx yes he is. He's going to meet with Sam tarly and be able to reforge valerian steel

  • 79ninzombie
    79ninzombie 10 days ago +1

    Like the t-shirt.

  • DaleyDale
    DaleyDale 10 days ago

    This is coming from someone who keeps saying last year that Bran will be the villain on next seasons. Zip it terri and stop interrupting ur co-host and let him finish speaking. U dont listen and ur too self absorb about ur own theories and brags.

  • Sonny
    Sonny 10 days ago

    wtf???? don't spoil GoT episodes on the title of a video

  • andeace23
    andeace23 10 days ago

    Nobody remembers the weapon that he recovered from old Valeria? The weapon that can kill dragons??

  • Tupacstole Mybike
    Tupacstole Mybike 10 days ago

    No ones gonna talk about how Ed sheran time traveled back to the game of thrones times?

  • Review Arena
    Review Arena 10 days ago

    dragon 👍

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 10 days ago

    Sansa's head

  • The Untapped Series
    The Untapped Series 10 days ago

    Doesn't Greyjoy have the horn? I sort of remember that in the books.

  • Bqdger
    Bqdger 10 days ago +3

    its dragonbinder

    • Danger Lips
      Danger Lips 8 days ago

      I don't Think the show producers are smart enough to incorporate such a sophisticated object as dragonbinder in the show, I think the idea might make their heads explode

  • SedgwickX4
    SedgwickX4 10 days ago

    I predict that the Dragonbinder is the gift...

  • Bill Bonnefil
    Bill Bonnefil 10 days ago

    Clearly the gift is the Dragonbinder Horn. He is not going to go attack Dany's fleet without an alliance, but if he get the horn, then he knows Cerci will do anything to have that "protection"

  • D0M1N8R1
    D0M1N8R1 10 days ago

    The iron born have no idea who Roberts bastard is and what kind of gift would he be, everything is so crazy now who cares about who was in line 2 kings ago

  • The Widow's Kiss
    The Widow's Kiss 10 days ago +3

    It will be Ellaria and her daughter Tyene. Poetic justice for Cersei

  • elevatedmind
    elevatedmind 10 days ago

    Let's cut the bullshit, EVERYONE knows what the gift is

  • xxChaos97yelxx
    xxChaos97yelxx 10 days ago

    how would euron know gendry is roberts bastard? its a good theory but it just doesnt make sense

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