Danny Boy by Puddles Pity Party

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  • Chrisfragger1
    Chrisfragger1 15 hours ago

    Guns and Roses: "November Rain"!

  • Susan Henderson
    Susan Henderson Day ago

    It always makes me smile when you fiddle with your pom poms on stage. And no, that's not a metaphor for something else. wysiwyg. LOL

  • Paul sherman
    Paul sherman 5 days ago

    Bat out of Hell, Back into Hell. Meatloaf with Steinman in general.

  • Wally Palmer
    Wally Palmer 7 days ago

    I'd like to know who the 28 morons are that gave this a thumbs down!

  • Richard Ward
    Richard Ward 8 days ago

    Puddles can make any song great it seems. Puddles is the greatest thing in show biz today a real phenom. To me he is so far above AGT he really does not need it.

  • pnkldy74
    pnkldy74 13 days ago

    That was beautiful! Was one of my dad's favorite songs!

  • Kitsune 9tailsgrl
    Kitsune 9tailsgrl 14 days ago

    Puddles you should do White Squall by Stan Rodgers

  • MysticalLibra
    MysticalLibra 14 days ago


  • karen taylor
    karen taylor 14 days ago


  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper 17 days ago

    Hi, Puddles, love your voice and big fan and love your voice, Can you do Creep by radiohead, Please?

  • Øyvinn Thon
    Øyvinn Thon 20 days ago

    Totally AWESOME version! You go, Puddles!  ;-)

  • Alexander Schestag
    Alexander Schestag 20 days ago

    Puddles, you MUST come to Germany! :-D

  • Woolie B's Apiary
    Woolie B's Apiary 20 days ago +1

    Thunderstruck AC/DC

  • R D
    R D 24 days ago

    MAKE a Sad Clown Smile! Subscribe

  • Kaiser Jose
    Kaiser Jose 25 days ago

    "Greensleeves" would be awesome cover. It fits your style.

  • S C
    S C 27 days ago

    one word...genius

  • Lynea Elisabeth
    Lynea Elisabeth Month ago

    The Briar and the Rose by Tom Waits. Please.

    • Lynea Elisabeth
      Lynea Elisabeth Month ago

      And Auld Lang Syne. I mean, all the versus. It is pretty melancholy.

    • Lynea Elisabeth
      Lynea Elisabeth Month ago

      And the Green Green Grass of Home.

  • Sandy S
    Sandy S Month ago +1

    Beautiful!    This makes me cry.......Oh Danny Boy was my dads favorite song and this brings back wonderful memories of him!!    Thanks Puddles

  • Fillipe Mendel פיליפה מנדל

    Bravo!!! Bravo!!!

  • Gene Hubert
    Gene Hubert Month ago +1

    When I was 7 years old is a song I believe was made for you and your mission. Hope you consider it...

  • Fred Eroh
    Fred Eroh Month ago

    Wow you are the best Mr Puddles ! Simply the best voice ever ! Love all your videos

  • Heidi Kleiber
    Heidi Kleiber Month ago

    My Mom would have loved this! How I wish she were still around, I know she would have adored you.

  • Kimberly Hilson Hilson

    Oh Puddles I love you to bits

  • Shamrock Rancher
    Shamrock Rancher Month ago

    Outstanding job Puddles.

    I was doing a contract in Tulsa, OK, at St. Patty's day in 1998. Being the resident Irishman on the project, all looked to me to find us our St. Patty's Day watering hole. We closed early and headed to the only Irish bar in Tulsa. When we got there, the place was fairly dead with a couple of dorks on guitars playing America, John Denver, anything but Irish. This old guy comes up to them (and we're no more than 15 ft away so we hear everything). Hair is tussled. Tweed jacket he looks like he slept in. He's asking very politely if he might borrow the mic and sing this song since his friends asked him to. The 'band' was very callous and finally they said 'OK. And you're on your own'. They walked away.

    The guy proceeded to knock it out of the park. Perhaps the nicest version of this song I've ever heard. I doubt he bought a drink for the rest of the night. We were fix'n to leave about 10 o'clock when a bus came in and about 30 people flooded the bar. A nice looking young lady chatted me up and asked if anything good was going on. I told her she missed the best part of the show early on. No less than 10 mins later, same guy comes up to the band and asks to sing Danny Boy again. They were all for it this time! Until he told them they could go have a seat... he had it. He knocked it out of the park again. Most delightful surprise I can recall in my life. Totally unexpected. Just beautiful.

    Puddles, you're delightful to listen to as well. THANK YOU.

  • Loni Stewart
    Loni Stewart Month ago

    This man does not need gimmicks! His voice is amazing, just amazing.

  • larry roberts
    larry roberts Month ago

    i think broke down palace by the grateful dead would be great with his voice

  • Krautscheid
    Krautscheid Month ago

    I really love youur timbre its great

  • Walt Bells
    Walt Bells Month ago

    Caruso 2017

  • Richard See
    Richard See Month ago +2

    I am totally fascinated by the whole concept. It is absolutely brilliant. He is a master at what he does and combines it with extraordinary singing talent along with the ability of the listener to understand every lyric in the song. A bonified stylist.

  • metairieman55
    metairieman55 Month ago


  • Rem Ralte
    Rem Ralte 2 months ago

    Very nice. you should sing Britney's songs too.

  • johnmonk66
    johnmonk66 2 months ago

    You raise me up, the John Groban song, will win you AGT, easily.

  • Talons of the Raven
    Talons of the Raven 2 months ago +10

    From an Irishman born and bred, much thanks to you Puddles for such a heartfelt rendition 10/10.

    • Lee Mitchell
      Lee Mitchell 2 months ago

      Talons of the Raven it's great to hear that from a true Irishman too. where abouts are you from.

  • Dan Sweeney
    Dan Sweeney 2 months ago

    This makes me both sad and happy. My grandfather who's name I share loved this song so much and would always sing along whenever someone played it for him. He would have loved this.

  • sinbadnatas
    sinbadnatas 2 months ago +2

    Hands down the best version of this song that I've ever heard. Thank you, Puddles.

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 2 months ago

    Music to my ears Puddles. I hear those golden pipes of yours calling.

  • Nightsfire75
    Nightsfire75 2 months ago

    I bet you could sing anything by Al Jolson. I love your voice, it's the best I've heard in a long time. I'd also like to hear what you would do with Eric Clapton's no more tears in heaven. I love older fashion music and Opera and deep voices, you have it all. please continue what you do, you're brilliant

  • Snakelady
    Snakelady 2 months ago

    ❤❤❤ The only clown I would TO and not FROM! Tears streaming down my face! ❤❤❤

  • Michael Solis
    Michael Solis 2 months ago

    7 Spanish Angels

  • Jenna Milligan
    Jenna Milligan 2 months ago

    I sang this is choir. Definitely love the way you sing it. Much better than I was. 😂

  • Nine Teas
    Nine Teas 2 months ago +1

    Your voice carries something from another universe. I would love to hear you singing Keep me in your heart from Warren Zevon

  • Talons of the Raven
    Talons of the Raven 2 months ago +2

    Hey Puddles are you tryin to make us all cry? well you just did and i thank you for it! Great version my clown Brother!

  • Geoffroy Verbist
    Geoffroy Verbist 2 months ago

    Whow puddles ... You are wonderfull ! You got a fan in Belgium now :-) i hope you gonna sing " fly on the wings of lofe by the Gibson brothers " ones :-)

  • Gracey S
    Gracey S 2 months ago +12

    You should do YoUR version of Raise me up by Josh Groban

  • Vascoviejo de Otamendi
    Vascoviejo de Otamendi 2 months ago +6

    oh boy!!...pure beauty !! thanks a lot to share it with us, the mortal ones.

  • Mahatma Coat
    Mahatma Coat 3 months ago

    Come to Canada Puddles !!

  • Mumzly04
    Mumzly04 3 months ago

    I been waiting for this song. He should do Desperado by The Eagles next.

  • Gene Swagger
    Gene Swagger 3 months ago

    I'd love to hear him cover Badfinger/Harry Nielsons Without You.

  • b41kub
    b41kub 3 months ago

    Londonderry with the words from the Christian Science Hymnal 412 will give you chills.
    O dreamer leave thy dreams for joyful waking, O captive, rise and sing for thou art free... Way better than Danny Boy.

  • dan fernandez
    dan fernandez 3 months ago

    yes I to look forward to hearing some more.

  • dan fernandez
    dan fernandez 3 months ago +3

    my names danny. how could I not love that one? nice puddles.

  • Marian Paul
    Marian Paul 4 months ago +3

    How about singing some Broadway tunes.

  • Earl Cousins
    Earl Cousins 4 months ago

    Oooooooooooooooooh my Clown! You ripped it!

  • Barry Nelson
    Barry Nelson 4 months ago +2

    Good funeral tune. Need Puddles singing tot he grieved. How much would you have to pay a funeral director to play Puddles rendition?

    • Cory Gilliam
      Cory Gilliam 2 months ago

      From what I have heard and seen in my years singing solos at funerals, The funeral director would oblige the wishes of family members of any request they make in their arrangements. A local director once told me that he had to play the entire Beatles anthology for a 4 hour funeral. Longest day of his life but he definitely felt like he made the loved ones and deceased happy.

  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan 4 months ago +18

    Can we get a rally going to get you to do Wicked Game? That would end up being my favorite song.

    • Mark Walsh
      Mark Walsh 4 months ago

      Michael Sullivan hell yeah

  • joston
    joston 4 months ago +1

    Please do Lazarus by David Bowie. It would be wonderful.

  • John Becay
    John Becay 4 months ago

    Puddles wrings every drop out of a song ...and puts it in your heart....

  • Jason Hembree
    Jason Hembree 4 months ago

    El Condor Pasa. Little folk-hippie but I think it could benefit from the P3 treatment.

  • lotusfae
    lotusfae 4 months ago +13

    WICKED GAME. Who's with me?!

  • Jerry Herrmann
    Jerry Herrmann 4 months ago +1

    Awesome version of one of my favorites... I would love to hear you knock out a Type O Negative tune...

  • Friedrich Schulz
    Friedrich Schulz 4 months ago

    great version!

  • SWVirginianMarksman
    SWVirginianMarksman 4 months ago +1

    Awesome. I'd love to hear you do "Mull of Kintyre"

  • Jaime Correa
    Jaime Correa 4 months ago +1

    iron fist

  • Codemeleon
    Codemeleon 4 months ago

    Cover Bette Midler's 'The Rose'

  • Charles Perigord
    Charles Perigord 4 months ago

    It would be nice to hear/see you sing "When You Were Sweet Sixteen."  Both Al Jolson and Perry Como did it, but I don't think anyone more recent than Glen Campbell or Val Doonican, both deceased, has done it for some time.  The long graceful lyrical lines would give you plenty of time to caress the words and emote.

  • Dave Nicholson
    Dave Nicholson 4 months ago +11

    Not listened to this song in over 25 years since it was sang at my dads funeral.
    So well done. Like you where born to sing this song.

    • Dave Nicholson
      Dave Nicholson 4 months ago

      Very much so.

    • Charles Perigord
      Charles Perigord 4 months ago

      Dave -- This is also the first one where I've heard his operatic training slip out.  I liked it.

  • Ray Gray
    Ray Gray 4 months ago +1

    Puddles did this song at the House of Blues Cleveland in front of a You Tube video called 'Emotional Baby".
    I had tears of laughter before it was over.  I love this guy's slightly twisted sense of humor.

  • Zane Vest
    Zane Vest 4 months ago +1

    That whimper at the very end was a very nice touch

  • E. A.
    E. A. 4 months ago

    I am now your fan Puddles! I just recently discovered you at PMJ... You have a great talent, your voice and the uniqueness of your personality is so amazing. It is Pure Art and True Music. Thank You Puddles.

  • HelixGamer
    HelixGamer 4 months ago +1

    Puddles for President 2020

  • David Hanson
    David Hanson 4 months ago

    I have not thought about this song for years. Suddenly, I am reminded about it twice in two days. Seems to be some message there. I have read some of the posts here. Puddles, please take the good suggestions, to improve yourself (if you feel they are sincere). Otherwise, continue with the wonderful job I feel you are doing. By the way, great version of this wonderful song.

  • Andii Adamick
    Andii Adamick 4 months ago +1

    I had a dream. I was on stage in a small theatre review house, singing, dressed as a six foot 8 inch clown all in white...
    I'm Not In Love (10cc). Puddles - Only you can make dreams come true.

  • Doomster Slot
    Doomster Slot 5 months ago

    You should really try covering some Harry Nilsson. Especially some 1941, Spaceman, or You're Breaking my Heart.

  • Jennifer Tedjamulia
    Jennifer Tedjamulia 5 months ago

    Could you please do a lullaby album!

  • Opuskrokus
    Opuskrokus 5 months ago +21

    This guy should cover Tom Waits. Everything by Tom Waits. After that, all other music may become redundant.

    • Ron Ferguson
      Ron Ferguson Month ago

      Opuskrokus i don't know if you prompted him but his version of On the Nickel is beautiful.

    • Barry Nelson
      Barry Nelson Month ago

      Oh, Jeebus, yes! A drunk clown, it's a natural.

    • jhc1971
      jhc1971 Month ago

      and especially "The Piano Has Been Drinking"

    • Zman Jace
      Zman Jace 2 months ago

      wtglb That he does. I think that song works a little bit better with Tom's rasp than puddle's operatic style but some of Tom's earlier work from closing time or small changes would be perfect for his style.

    • wtglb
      wtglb 2 months ago

      He does a good rendition of "Take One Last Look", you can find it here on YT

  • foilhead1
    foilhead1 5 months ago

    I will see you Sunday 26th in Bloomington!

  • Jeff Corcelius
    Jeff Corcelius 5 months ago

    How about some classic Willie Nelson like Hello Walls? #P3RequestLine

    • Charles Perigord
      Charles Perigord 4 months ago

      Jeff -- How about "Funny How Time Slips Away"?  Willie wrote it and hundreds performed it, including Jimmy Elledge, George Jones, and Narvel Felts.

  • djteddy bear
    djteddy bear 5 months ago


  • RedWood139
    RedWood139 5 months ago

    You made my brothers day yesterday thank you :)

  • Omega Kaozz
    Omega Kaozz 5 months ago

    You know Puddles, I bet you can knock it out the park with Metallica's "Fade to Black", or maybe Aerosmith's "Ain't that a bitch"

  • Macgyrl64
    Macgyrl64 5 months ago +2

    Such a great voice

  • big bill
    big bill 5 months ago

    Great Scottish tune 👍

  • Dennis August
    Dennis August 5 months ago +1

    loved when you unexpectedly performed this song in Vancouver, really made our night :)

  • Danny
    Danny 5 months ago +1


  • michaec1
    michaec1 5 months ago

    Puddles is the real deal.
    Suggestions for future videos:
    Early morning rain
    Alone again by Dokken

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 5 months ago

    finnn, simply fin it brings me to tears . I would say tell me how you do it but you do it everytime I see you, without saying a word, thank you so much for being here, to show me some reality and humanity the old classic way, you pittyfull butyfull conception of clown you oh thank you

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 5 months ago

    finnn, simply fin it brings me to tears . I would say tell me how you do it but you do it everytime I see you, without saying a word, thank you so much for being here, to show me some reality and humanity the old classic way, you pittyfull butyfull conception of clown you oh thank you

  • Brant Blodgett
    Brant Blodgett 5 months ago

    You rock any song!!

  • zen babaloo
    zen babaloo 5 months ago

    I could use some pie.

  • Andii Adamick
    Andii Adamick 5 months ago

    once again Puddles makes me cry.
    I'm waiting to hear him sing Sunday Kind of Love
    so more tears flow.

  • Mark McElroy
    Mark McElroy 5 months ago +1

    Wow, Puddles. Amazing. Can't wait to see you again in Atlanta. Hey: give Lana Del Ray's "Love" a listen. It's an unusual choice for you, but there's such a deep sadness behind that little pop ditty. I think you're the perfect voice for it. See ya soon, pal!

  • Jonathan N. W. Hunt
    Jonathan N. W. Hunt 5 months ago +137

    The day you sing "Don't cry" By Guns 'n' Roses, will be the day my heart explodes. great work Puddles, keep it up! :D

  • TwoLeggedTriceratops
    TwoLeggedTriceratops 5 months ago

    Who is this clown

  • Connor CWC
    Connor CWC 5 months ago +1

    How is this trending with only 7k views?

  • Moctezuma
    Moctezuma 5 months ago +2

    I saw this dude in a performance...it was awesome

  • Mike Cecconi
    Mike Cecconi 5 months ago +7

    How does one request "Desperadoes Under The Eaves" by Warren Zevon, sir? I think you would nail that.

    • Kevin Atkins
      Kevin Atkins 2 months ago

      Or 'Desperado' by The Eagles. The sad tone of the song would be a good fit for Puddles.

    • Mike Maricle
      Mike Maricle 2 months ago

      Mohammad's Radio.

    • Don Weimer
      Don Weimer 5 months ago

      how about Warren Zevon's "Carmelita" too?;

  • Pirate LeStrange
    Pirate LeStrange 5 months ago +1

    Why are you not doing something with Cirque du soleil? It would be a match made in heaven!

  • Adrenalin Rush Wrestling

    I say stick to the slow classic music to cover... like Enter Sandman.....

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