3 types of people to avoid when prepping for SHTF or WROL

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  • Some people can be unreliable or untrustworthy in a SHTF or WROL. Not all should know that you have guns, ammo, a food storage, and stacking precious metals like silver or gold.
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  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton 14 hours ago

    religious people are the main ones to stay away from. " god will provide, you don't need to worry, god is coming on a cloud to take us up." yes, and certainly anyone with an addiction, religious, drugs, alcohol or even another person that they are addicted to.

  • Jessica Dennison

    I always thought Az wasnt really a target for a nuke attack - but recently my dad mentioned to me about the neucular power plant an hour or so south of phx. Im wondering if you think thats actually a target - and what do you think would happen if it was neucular bomb was dropped on it? Would everyone instantly be dead? like up to phoenix? Thanks(:

    • Another OverTaxed Tax Payer
      Another OverTaxed Tax Payer  Day ago

      You bring up good points but I don't know the answers to that. Most nukes are exploded above their targets. Is not like the movies where the nuke hits the ground and then explodes. Most nukes from what I understand go off about half a mile above the intended target. I will let somebody else chime in with this kind of info that I know nothing about. I think what makes Arizona at Target and especially Tucson is the fact that we have an Air Force Base sitting right next to a missile manufacturing company

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 2 days ago

    Quiet Professionals

  • The Pathmaster
    The Pathmaster 8 days ago

    ANY viewers can potentially be your worst enemy if all went tits up, purely because if they are struggling in a SHTF scenario and recognise you as having all the gear and cache of foods etc your screwed, a once good friend hospitable neighbour or colleague can now be your worst enemy. Advertising what you have can be potentially your worst advert. Am I bothered? Ordinarily I'd say no, but knowing the abilities of my "at present" (friends) hell yeah im concerned. People change and desperation makes them dangerous. Already their lethal. We take for granted what we have NOW. Hence I don't "show off" my possessions with videos here!! I'll guide anyone, BUT.... share a list of what I have ? Fuck that.

  • Salobrena Smith
    Salobrena Smith 11 days ago

    The last type of person I completely steer clear of... They are a black whole of neediness..

  • Rick Daystar
    Rick Daystar 13 days ago

    I would take note what kind of life they have now. Are they slobs who avoid work? Do they have friends who trust them? Shitty people now will be shitty people later times 10.

  • campsite a
    campsite a 15 days ago

    I think he needs to replace one of the listed categories of people with "GLOCK OWNERS" as that firearm serves no practical purposes for survival. Anyone who willingly picks a Glock over another more suitable firearm... is going to be a problem.
    For example, MAINEPREPPER suggested Glock as a survival pistol and he went on video claiming to be attending a mental institution. Don't blame me for telling you this. Blame yourself for reading the truth here.

  • Amelia Hardesty
    Amelia Hardesty 17 days ago

    When you look for a group, ask them if they adhere to their own guidelines as they would expect you to and vet them just as much as they wish to vet you. If they seem put off by it, walk.

  • Jamie Ciago
    Jamie Ciago 19 days ago

    You are so right I made the mistake of telling a few family members and friends that I was prepping not to brag but to get them to possibly start and everyone said why should I ill just come to your house of your outdoor location so your video should be taken seriously so thanks bro

  • Suzy
    Suzy 22 days ago +1

    In the North Phx area. here..a quiet intelligent strength is Always an asset. Thank you for your wise advice sir.

  • Jeff Linux Turner
    Jeff Linux Turner 23 days ago

    1:30 into video, I agree, now I'm not a prepper or anything, but your right the braggers are like the pathological lairs type of person, they boast about this and that, but really what they are doing is making you talk about what "you" got, meanwhile they don't have anything at all. They are just scouting or surveilling on what you might have to steal.

  • steve sullivan
    steve sullivan 24 days ago +1

    i have trust issues with people,, so ill be a loner. no one near me, that i know of, preps for anything.

  • Radical Edwards
    Radical Edwards 26 days ago

    i fantasize about successfully defending myself, feeding and sheltering myself

  • Behind Enemy lines
    Behind Enemy lines 27 days ago

    Too many people think they are Wambo. Killing someone easy - living with it is another

  • double00shotgun
    double00shotgun 27 days ago

    The 2nd person, is usually x military, those guys romanticize shooting & war. Stay the hell away frm them

  • Philly the Kid
    Philly the Kid 28 days ago +1

    you are 100 dude. what do ya do when some asshole that capped your loved one

  • Gary Alston
    Gary Alston 28 days ago

    idc what nobody say bless you brother you helped me a lot good saying ... thank you

  • tim lazenby
    tim lazenby 28 days ago

    I live with three other guys in a large flat and whilst I spend time with them I don't trust one of them and as for the family I don't even trust my daughter.

  • TheTruthQuest123
    TheTruthQuest123 Month ago

    Selfish fake christians in the comments..

    dont wanna help anyone

  • TheFacekissers
    TheFacekissers Month ago

    You nailed it.

  • Inspectorzinn2
    Inspectorzinn2 Month ago

    lolz at the guys trying to take on the US military!

  • Rob Painless
    Rob Painless Month ago

    Good thoughts....well stated. Thanks.

  • 1Fluffy Mama
    1Fluffy Mama Month ago

    Great video! I just subbed😊

  • Towerdog 727
    Towerdog 727 Month ago

    Amen brother

  • Steven Morris
    Steven Morris Month ago

    Tucson here also. Far far west side. Prior service, retired plumber. Like your channel, and subbed. Go Cats.

  • Bruce Forster
    Bruce Forster Month ago

    If we were next door neighbors, and I knew I needed "help", I would offer something in return for it. I have NO problem working for what I have!

  • Bruce Forster
    Bruce Forster Month ago +2

    Let me tell you about a man I know personally. The Church he belongs to instituted a No Firearms Policy on all of its properties. Guess who is violating that policy? That's right-HE is! Along with his wife. When the PASTOR asked him about this, he replied, and this is an EXACT quote: "If someone causes trouble, I want to be able to take them out!" MANY of us think he's a couple cans short of a Six Pack!
    He is one of those 'Puffy Chest' morons you spoke about. He bragged to me personally about his SEVERAL AR-15's, and the TWENTY THOUSAND rounds he has for them. He has also personally told me he has THIRTY THOUSAND rounds of .22LR. He has not elaborated, but has also bragged about various other handguns and the ammo he has for them. As the Crow flies, he is less than one mile from an Army base. Think THEY might be interested in a person like this?!
    My biggest concern regarding this man is the Matter-Of-Fact way he calmly stated his intention to immediately "take someone out". I have even spoken with a Mental Health professional about this person. EVERYONE who knows about this guy is "concerned"! He has not as yet broken any laws, so there is nothing anybody can do.
    THIS is the kind of person I don't want ANYWHERE NEAR ME WHEN SHTF!!!!!

  • shiro80
    shiro80 Month ago

    you just described some people i want to distance myself from glad they're not family!
    My family is reliable and i'm glad my family watch each other's backs.

    it's a frightening world....family is important

  • Meng Lee
    Meng Lee Month ago +1

    If i see weak unprepared people, they deserve to get assassinated.

  • itsalmostover
    itsalmostover Month ago

    i guess the needy people are going to be these people that are addicted to cell phones and the internet. then you'll run into these children that are addicted to war games on the xbox and play station. stay away from hollowed out logs, this is where you'll find these people. lol

  • Debbie Schneble
    Debbie Schneble Month ago +2

    part of your prepping should also be to pray and trust in Jesus , let people know not to fight that's what they WANT THEY PAY PEOPLE TO CAUSE TROUBLE ON BOTH SIDES SO WE FIGHT AND KILL EACH OTHER DO NOT LET THEM START ANYTHING . DO NOT GET ANY VACCINES THEY ARE DANGEROUS DO NOT EVER LET THEM GET A CHIP IN YOU AND LET JESUS TAKE CARE OF THE REST just pray together and do help those you can always now is NOT THE TIME TO BE SELFISH we need each other for servival now is a good time to plant all kinds of seeds and plants every where you can tomatoes cucumbers lettuce radishes mushrooms apple's pears onions garlic potatoes nuts fruits berry's of all sorts forget just gardens put vegetables and fruits trees and plants everywhere you can in fields and forests and no one will be hungry or stealing food. stor seeds for future use too everything will be ok if people work together and not get involved in any fighting. no fighting no martial law god bless you all and let Jesus open the eye's of your heart.

  • Urban Defensive Tactics

    Great thoughts and insights!

  • ThatGuyKnowsTooMuch

    Let's also not forget the Deceptive Liars: They'll make their lie sound like the truth and you'd want to believe it. The moment you turn your back, they'll stab you in the back without warning. These people come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and different sounding voice. Do not fall for the trap. The easiest way to know if you encounter a liar is by their body movement, their eye contact and their voice tone. Once you know that, You'll be able to see through them and avoid them at all cost.

  • Lee Harvey Oswald
    Lee Harvey Oswald Month ago

    Stay away from GEAR QUEARS and SELF PROCLAIMED subject matter experts....

  • Timothy Rylance
    Timothy Rylance Month ago

    Would you turn to God?

  • Josh M.
    Josh M. Month ago +2

    this guy is smart, got a new subscriber :)

  • BakyDuffer
    BakyDuffer Month ago

    holy shit are you a construction worker??

  • Timothy johnson
    Timothy johnson Month ago

    Well said

  • thesilverbullitt02
    thesilverbullitt02 Month ago

    Drill Sgt always use to say be a quiet professional.

  • WaiteDavidMSPhysics
    WaiteDavidMSPhysics Month ago +1

    You probably should have included fake survivalist knife beaters like Brits on your list.And maybe even the fake prepper pure stockpilers known as "city preppers". Also anyone packing an idiot spaceblanket and tarp in the place of a cold weather gear sleeping bag and tent.

  • Shane Parker
    Shane Parker Month ago

    My brother (who I first started prepping with as a kid) is the type who romatisizes shtf. he thinks it will all be gunfights and going Rambo.. I tried telling him it will be more of a extended camping trip that we didn't bring enough food to.. he couldn't come to reality so I began making plans without him.


    I like the way you think. Just subbed ya....    semper fi    steve

  • sarge27271
    sarge27271 Month ago +1

    Great video! What follows comes from people who spend their lives thinking of guerilla warfare...."When SHTF occurs, the 2 first groups you mentioned have to be shot dead ASAP. The third one will die off soon after the event." Now I AM NOT saying people should be shot dead. I am simply relaying info I have received from some people in the know. (at least to some level.) These people know that the braggart will get you found out and killed. They know the chest thumper will be found out and sell you out faster than you can say BOO! And get you killed. SO their view of this: Kill 'em fast!! It's sad, but odds are not in our favour when it comes to SHTF NOT happening......when it does, how will it go? Like "The Road"? "Mad Max"? Or a simple slip towards complete and absolute submission?
    Hmm? Lots of doom porn out there. Gotta be careful of what you let into your psyche.
    Again great info. Cheers

  • Greg ####
    Greg #### Month ago

    say , buy Silver rounds or Silver Eagles???

    • Another OverTaxed Tax Payer
      Another OverTaxed Tax Payer  Month ago

      I would say eagles as they are more recognizable. I have rounds also, so they are OK also. I just prefer eagles.

  • Lady pilliwick
    Lady pilliwick Month ago

    good advise. ...I know these three people.... I would add one more..a religious fanatic. ...their prone to believe nonsense other people tell them and will act on it

  • Quantum Bounder
    Quantum Bounder Month ago

    Makes good sense. Cheers dude.

  • Marijn Wolvers
    Marijn Wolvers Month ago

    you are indeed very brave to show what youve got and the wisdom you share. people wanna rush to you in shtf, people who meet you will say, youre that prepper, and they will know your adress. thats scary and 1 reason I dont have a channel for prepping.


    excellent video sir! thank you for your insight. my 18 year old nephew just told me about your channel. good stuff.

  • Hugga Mein
    Hugga Mein Month ago +13

    Every prep group I've tried joining won't allow women. So I'm on my own and have invested quite a bit of money in supplies and goods. Hope I'm not a target for them, never did I mention my plans or supplies though.

    • Hugga Mein
      Hugga Mein 11 days ago

      campsite a
      Nah, I'd say they make great pies though. Could be nice to keep a few grannies around.

    • Salobrena Smith
      Salobrena Smith 11 days ago

      tkd cow you are an uneducated boar..

    • campsite a
      campsite a 15 days ago

      Probably because middle aged women make great spies LOL hahahahahahaha.

    • JT Madden
      JT Madden Month ago

      Imma Ware i think most of us will be on our own. there are not many prepper groups. if i had to say its 90% lone preppers and 10% groups preppers.

    • JT Madden
      JT Madden Month ago

      Hugga Mein that is rediculous. i really cant see how that is possible i really think you might be bullshitting.

  • westmc45
    westmc45 Month ago +1

    best advise "shut the fuck up and not say anything just stay below the radar"

  • Robert S.
    Robert S. Month ago

    Good Talk

  • my happy place cindy clark

    great video I subbed

  • Hans McQ
    Hans McQ Month ago

    Don't forget about liars and people of just poor character, these types seem to know everyone and details about them they will be very dangerous.

  • halfdollar1
    halfdollar1 Month ago

    Don't call me Francis. Call me Francis and I kill ya! Lighten up Francis!

  • Clinton DeMoss
    Clinton DeMoss Month ago +1

    What your are saying makes a lot of sense.

  • Nick H Deep 6 Leather Works

    Keep the brutally honest(to some) videos coming.

  • Nikki Ezzell
    Nikki Ezzell Month ago

    I'm not saying I would but, I could find you easily. An image of your face is all I need. Maybe videos without showing your face.

  • Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III

    Youtube preppers should wear masks, IMHO

  • Wayne Hodge
    Wayne Hodge Month ago +5

    I personally believe that *anyone* who is a prepper and tells someone else is running a huge risk. And those that do videos about their prepping and post them to You Tube are running a very high risk. The only sure fired way to keep a secret is to not tell *anyone!*
    Even those you know that know about you could have friends that you don't know and may have mentioned you to them. And when it comes to the government not finding you...well that is a joke. If you have internet then they can find you, so can any hacker worth his/her salt. When you post a video you are letting the world know who you are and there are those that *can* and *will* find you if they want to.

  • Brook'lyn Mi'yoko
    Brook'lyn Mi'yoko Month ago


  • Logical Redneck
    Logical Redneck 2 months ago +2

    I saw you off the 17 near Camp Verde. I should have beat your ass .. just for fun..lol

  • NextOfKen4x
    NextOfKen4x 2 months ago

    Stay cool! It's freak-en hot here in San Jose, CA. I know Arizona is 10 degree hotter. Great video.

  • COBRA one
    COBRA one 2 months ago +2

    not 3 types . avoid all people!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jackvoodo
      Jackvoodo 2 months ago

      thats very paranoid of you

  • cndtrek
    cndtrek 2 months ago +2

    I live in Tucson too. You've just described ninety percent of people.

    • Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III
      Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III Month ago

      I hear ya, but that's not realistic unless you have a large MAG. You are going to need people and they are going to need you, at some point.

  • D Wing's World
    D Wing's World 2 months ago +2

    Great point if view and thank you for sharing! I would add that these types of people often cause enough problems for you in everyday situations. Now take that time 10 for a SHTF scenario. As the Bible says you are the company you keep and you must be strong in your self to survive hard times.

  • Tribulation Prepper
    Tribulation Prepper 2 months ago +1

    The first type, the braggers you mentioned, may be bragging about their stockpiles of this and that and may actually have nothing at all.
    What they may really want is for you to brag back so they can know who to take from should the SHTF. Beware!

  • ed moll
    ed moll 2 months ago

    There is nothing romantic about our economic situation . spot on video brother.

  • Real C
    Real C 2 months ago

    Do you have a vid on how to make detergent?

  • Gerard Payette
    Gerard Payette 2 months ago

    And people wonder why I have this pic for my profile...lol...you just spoke of the reasons and there are others too...we are p reety private people my wife and i....sure people who are close friends ,some are on our friends lists but not all for these reasons...but my wife and I are both sick of always bailing other people out of THIER own stupidity or just lack of motivation..we have a saying in my house..that is we are sick of having to babysit the whole damn world...lol...but that's how we feel...its tottaly exhausting mentally and physically dealing with complete idiocy....there is a saying in the bible .. don't throw your pearls to the pigs. that is so true and what you just stated...i here you brother..we used to up until recently just bail people out of crap at the drop of a hat...but we need to stop and have stopped doing that for these reasons...i could go on ,but I know you get what I mean...thanks for your vids brother...i don't want to come off rude...but it's nice too know there are still people out there rich or poor who actually subscribe to common sense and decency...we are firm believers that stupid should be frgn painful...lol!...keep up the vids brother!

  • TheStealthSurvivalist
    TheStealthSurvivalist 2 months ago

    great video, I agree with the three assessments. I see grown men with 60lbs. to 100+lbs Bug Out Bags. I see people spending lot of $$ on expensive guns, vehicles, walking around in camo clothes wearing big firearms TRYING TO CREATE OR LIVE IN A DREAM ENVIRONMENT. You can tell by their EDC videos and videos of a tactical load out that they could have used on a college education or something.

  • I love fabric and flowers

    Thank you for the insights. I loved your video and I'm a subscriber but please don't have dirty dishes in your sink. The obsessive compulsive in me wanted to rush over to your house and do your dishes. Very distracting. You are so right about being careful. My sister loudly announced to all her friends that they could come to my house when and if the SHTF happened. I was appalled. I remember my mum's face when she said this. Her jaw just dropped cartoon like to the floor. It pissed me off I know but then they all went on to say that I was idiot because god would rapture them up or some such. 14 years later they have forgotten thankfully. I haven't.

  • vali petcu
    vali petcu 2 months ago

    good stuff. the braggers makes us all avoid talking about anything.

  • Hugo Romero
    Hugo Romero 2 months ago +5

    oh by the way yes you are absolutly correct, as a combat veteran myself i will tell that killing someone changes any man period.... and any person who tells you otherwise is either lying his a$$ off, a psycho, or has some serious deep dark mental health issues

    • Annette Sutton
      Annette Sutton 26 days ago

      My dad freed Jews from concentration camp when Germans ran off at end of war and he said his people fed all their chocolate and rations to living skeletons and some who died from too much too soon and he looked so haunted when he told me! But he also said the same assholes that ran the world then still run it now! Australia is a war zone now with terrible violence which PM repeatedly speaks against and sexual assault is rampant and Oz is not the lucky country any more! my dad chose between Canada and Australia for his family from UK at end of war! He was sponsored by farmer in Victoria for land and home for his pregnant wife and former and before he got here it was given to a German man and he had it real hard and hunted rabbits and. Cycled 60 miles to get to work and lived in a tent and cut hair to eat sometimes and pretended to be a carpenter to get work and Australians hated English people when he first came out! God bless

    • Annette Sutton
      Annette Sutton 26 days ago

      My dad was a red beret in world war 2 and he said he grew up very quickly and was a very hard man in some ways a strict disciplinarian but I am very glad now I have self discipline which is very lacking in so many

  • Hugo Romero
    Hugo Romero 2 months ago +1

    been following you vids for a while before i subscribed and and i must say i love your analogies we totally think along the very same line, worded a little differently, but none the less along that same line i sure wish we were neighbors i would totally buy you a drink. keep up the good work, great vids bu the way

    • Brook'lyn Mi'yoko
      Brook'lyn Mi'yoko Month ago

      Just Another Over Taxed Tax Payer did you know on the welfare forms they called clients "customers" bc its Banking,also the social security office...getting your money that's from your s.s.n by the f.reserves....just sharing overstandings..💖we're in the age of Aquarius and trump is bringing forward the Universal Basic Income...its global

    • Another OverTaxed Tax Payer
      Another OverTaxed Tax Payer  2 months ago

      Thank you for the encouragement.

  • Ari L
    Ari L 2 months ago

    Some people u tell something and they cant keep it to themselves

  • Linda Foulke
    Linda Foulke 2 months ago +17

    Been following your posts for a little while. We have been preppers since the 90's we talk to NO one about it. We can be safe for a long time. Our bug out location is unknown even to our children. We all plan, we dream, we hope to follow a plan to survive but when it comes we will have to face many things we can't imagine. We don't invest in silver or gold we do invest in the things we feel are mosr important to us. Ammo, guns, several bows, arrows, reloader, medicines, food, methods to cook "silently" like our solar oven, ability to dehydrate garden yeilds. We have long term self stable heirloom seeds, enough for many years. As of this writing we still have items we think we should have more of, tattler lids, jars of all sizes, more places to store more. Work on our underground home continues though we could move to it today and be fine for along tme. More water and new sources...you see l can go on and on. each of us may be the rebuilders of our world so we all take this seriously. l truley wish there was no need for this, however twice since we began we have lived off our stores. Please don't be offended when l say can't eat silver or gold, l personally wouldn't trade them for food, ammo, clothing, or anything precious to my survival. l hold out hope l will not ever need to live in a broken world, but if it comes we will try and carry on. Keep up you prepping, l will try and stay tuned. l really like your overall thinking. Blessings

    • TKD COW
      TKD COW Month ago

      Linda Foulke You will never know unless you stop denying yourself.

    • Linda Foulke
      Linda Foulke Month ago

      TKD COW. Rolflmao or your just wrong

    • TKD COW
      TKD COW Month ago

      Linda Foulke So you think... Your husband had an affair and has other children. Don't believe me, that is fine by me.

    • Linda Foulke
      Linda Foulke Month ago

      TKD COW, WRONG. I have sons and they were homeschooled.. l don't hide behind trees leaves me exposed, you did make me laugh though

    • TKD COW
      TKD COW Month ago

      Linda Foulke Linda, I don't think you know me very well. Your daughter went to school with my son. I think I have an idea where you are hiding. I saw you while hid behind a tree. It's in the forested area off the expressway right?

  • SoulBaron
    SoulBaron 2 months ago +1

    I love your insight. Keep stacking.

  • Ritchie Bravo
    Ritchie Bravo 2 months ago +2

    Man oh man on point like always I see so many people think the military or police will come and get them and they stand a chance forget missiles automatic grenade launchers full auto 50 cals saws m203s tanks lavs or a well trained swat team wouldn't want to have to even be in any of it out of all the people on here I've seen one guy he has the money saws and bunkers that can with stand 30 mm shells but even he knows it's not enuff with everyone he knows involved I just want to make it through the basics if the economy collapses so I don't have to hold a dying family member thinking If only I Hadn't bought those nikey sneakers or that stupid head set and bought a bag of beans or rice for them to eat as they're dying in my arms excuse my language but fuck that I ain't the one I'm like you I live in a cruel desert I iknow one thing when the lights go out and the heat kicks in my nieghbors are going to flee lol especially cause they don prep they think nothing will ever happen guess what I play along yea people that think America will fall are just stupid wink wink

  • benzedrex
    benzedrex 2 months ago +3

    Thanks for loading another interesting video!

  • Paladin Stacker
    Paladin Stacker 2 months ago +42

    People who are alcoholics, addicted to tobacco, or those who require a heavy dosage of prescription drugs would also be a great liability. A month or so without their chemicals and they would rat you out in a heartbeat for a box of cigarettes, bottle of liquor, or some medications. Out of all the adults I know in my local area, there are only about 2 guys that I could trust. Neither of them are family members.

    • 3dgun
      3dgun 18 days ago

      It isn't the addict, it's the person. I come from an area with a lot of low income and people who suffer from substance abuse and yes, a lot of these people I wouldn't trust with anything but when you get to know a lot of them, half of them aren't bad and have  good head on their shoulders. I'd trust these selected few over anyone who works for city hall or anything like that.

    • Brian Hennebry
      Brian Hennebry 22 days ago

      This is a pretty harsh comment, honestly. Addicts are not really a threat. I take pity thinking of what a lot of people will go through without the plethora of substances available in our culture. I love my coffee and beer. But I'm a very fit person and I've learned many coping mechanisms and skills and I have a network of good friends. Alas, I am partly just an animal giving in to predictable behavior, after all. But then there are the addicts of hard drugs; opioids, psychotropics and antipsychotics. Most of them are pathetic whiners living with chronic enablers. Chances are, none of these types are in your life anyway. They would perish at the first hardship. And it's not really their fault. Stores are flooded with legal highs from sugar to cough syrup. We were set up that way. Our handlers want every one of us to engage in our own indulgences so we will be tied to the coattails of the establishment forever. It's pretty obvious actually. Now I'm just waiting for something really big to pop off that I've seen through the veil; I know it's coming. But as the saying goes, "smoke em if ya got em." Until that day, I suppose I'll enjoy myself and keep stacking skills, silver, food......

    • Meng Lee
      Meng Lee Month ago

      Unprepared people in shtf should just bend over and take it.

    • timothy thomas
      timothy thomas Month ago

      With soda after quitting alcohol . I went to a carbonated seltzer water with a natural lime juice and no sugar it took a while to get used to it . At first I was about 50/50% on each and then next thing I new it was 1 bottle a week and then I would forget to get it . Like with anything . For anyone just keep on keeping on and prayer is key as we in our fleshly selves have no power . God Bless thank s for sharing

    • cndtrek
      cndtrek Month ago

      Great observations, timothy. I always new I was a sugar addict and I always get a crash after having something sweet. It seems people then have to replace one addiction with another addiction hopefully for the positive. I was kind of using jelly beans to hinder the craving of drinking. I am replacing cookies and ice cream for grapes and cherries but every once and a while I'll have some poison to keep up my tolerance.

  • coolacadien
    coolacadien 2 months ago +9

    3 types of people to avoid 1. people who talk in your back. 2. people with big arms and a small brain. 3. mother in law. lol

    • msjanegrey
      msjanegrey Month ago

      +coolacadien you make fun about mother in law's but can't take a joke yourself.

    • coolacadien
      coolacadien Month ago

      msjanegrey oh that's right, its always the men fault for everything... First why are you suspecting that I'm a cheater and not worthy? You don't know me and stop been a blind judge mental

    • msjanegrey
      msjanegrey Month ago

      coolacadien what did you do to your wife that your mother in law got nasty...are you a cheater, so in other words not trust worthy...

    • coolacadien
      coolacadien Month ago

      lol ya make the line like all the other entitle zombies

    • Tox927
      Tox927 Month ago

      If I met you in SHTF I would take all of your shit.

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