Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 REVIEW | PSYCHO FRIEZA

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  • Jaana Moilanen
    Jaana Moilanen 4 days ago

    dbz the series where complete idiots can become infinitely strongesr in four months

  • Herschel Johnson
    Herschel Johnson 20 days ago

    Maybe destruction energy works with the user when given to by a good of destruction, and can use it like there normal Ki since it's sable.

  • lazy lamont
    lazy lamont Month ago

    actually masako x what if perfect cell absorbed 18 and 17

  • Shukri Abdullahi
    Shukri Abdullahi Month ago

    hey Masakox I have a question let's say hypothetically they introduced freezes older brother cooler what would be a good way for him to be reintroduced and if he drained how powerful could he be or if they resurrected King cold and he trained too

  • ZogJhones
    ZogJhones Month ago

    When TFS eventually gets to this episode in 10-15 years...

    PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE give that dog character a Droopy voice.

  • RobbyTheRogue
    RobbyTheRogue Month ago

    do you think they will take Frieza up on his offer? it could be a good way to add him to the Tournament of Power while figuring out someway to still put in Majin Buu, would you like to see that?

  • Vherstinae
    Vherstinae Month ago

    Well, at least this might explain why Freeza got brought back: just as the Red Ribbon Army (and then Cell) was originally intended to wrap up the series by bringing things full-circle, I suspect Freeza will somehow weasel a resurrection out of this and become the Big Bad yet again, possibly usurping Beerus as God of Destruction. Maybe, if Goku and Vegeta have to work together like Whis keeps telling them, Vegeta will get the true final killing blow on Freeza!

  • Jimmy Turner
    Jimmy Turner Month ago

    is it just me or is the FPS waaaay higher than it usually is on his videos?

  • varad B
    varad B Month ago

    Hey buddy, I have been following your channel for sometime...I have a theory about frieza.. in ep 95, he was pissed at beerus...that beerus can not do whatever he likes FOREVER... And in some episode earlier, frieza has been told by his father that not to mess with buu and GOD OF DESTRUCTION BEERUS...so what i think is at certain point of time, frieza has been a victim of Beerus's destruction..n may be he want REVENGE...also we dont know the origin of frieza...its might be the case where beerus has destroyed his civilization?!!

  • jay royce
    jay royce Month ago

    I bet frieza is knocked out from his time expiring

  • ScreamingBeast
    ScreamingBeast Month ago

    5:20 The first 2 were fake you big dummy.

  • unclebear83
    unclebear83 Month ago

    Was anyone else caught off-guard by the fact that Frieza was able to maintain his Golden Freeza Form despite being KO'd while Goku fell out of Super Saiyan Blue? @ . @

  • S.A.M.
    S.A.M. Month ago

    The title sounds like an M. Bison move.
    And then you're frozen in place and have to wildly mash buttons to break the paralysis.

  • Masuyo The Gamer
    Masuyo The Gamer Month ago

    I LOVE the Goku voice!💙

  • Jon Edits
    Jon Edits Month ago +1

    What took so long building the arena?
    Well each peice has to be assembled four times to work.

  • Hamza Riz
    Hamza Riz Month ago

    actually those other ones were fakes 5:30

  • Goldlion 5212
    Goldlion 5212 Month ago

    2 fakes 1 real probably

  • al qu
    al qu Month ago

    This episode is the 1st episode of Super that has beaten views for One Piece of that day of its release.

  • Game Ron
    Game Ron Month ago

    *G L O W D O N F R I E Z A*

  • Alenyaa
    Alenyaa Month ago

    As I'm sure you know, Masako, Frost Demons posess an unrivaled mental ability that allows them to reach imeasurabe levels of concentration.
    When used to reach a cerrtain goal, that would go a long way towards Frieza mastering stamina draining.

  • Seth Davis
    Seth Davis Month ago

    I think Vegeta keeps blowing up the Hyperbolic Time Chamber because of his match with Hit. Hit could make his own dimension that can control time or something. Similar to how the Hyperbolic Time Chamber has time pass slower in its own dimension. He is probably trying to do something similar to what Goku did at the end of his second fight with Hit and break through the dimension bounds so he can have the upper.

  • Boleng Sedimo
    Boleng Sedimo Month ago

    I think he was using Emperor's deathbeam because he played no games....

  • Friends with Benefits


  • bill stamp
    bill stamp Month ago

    I enjoy your videos, but if you are going to advertise, can you have 1 instead of having 3-4 different ones interrupting the video? It is a bigger turn off than Yamcha...

  • mighty thor 444 A
    mighty thor 444 A Month ago

    can you answer a question for me? originally there were 18 universes, xeno destroyed 6 leaving 12 universes. My question is what happened to the 6 Angels from the 6 destroyed universes? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanx man.

  • Conscious Cloud
    Conscious Cloud Month ago

    I disagree that Goku and Frieza were at a stalemate. Yes, both their punches connected, but Goku was knocked out of his transformation while Frieza was not.

  • SuperJYLS
    SuperJYLS Month ago


  • Infinite Burdock
    Infinite Burdock Month ago

    what do you think about the fact that goku is able to use the Hakai in the manga

  • Alkaris
    Alkaris Month ago

    Freeza don't give a shit, he just wants to be resurrected and destroying things again.

  • Motoxi R
    Motoxi R Month ago

    looks like Freeza was training with Darkseid

  • DrunknHick
    DrunknHick 2 months ago

    who needs Omega Beams when you have Frieza Beams.

  • Jimmy Krabclaw
    Jimmy Krabclaw 2 months ago

    Frieza basically turned his death beams into Darksied's omega beams, awesome.

  • HuntUltimoZ
    HuntUltimoZ 2 months ago

    All of Freiza's parts in this and the last episode was absolute gold. ( no pun intended.)

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones 2 months ago

    @6:38 is my fave

  • Dakota Hultquist
    Dakota Hultquist 2 months ago

    image training MasakoX

  • Eli Matua
    Eli Matua 2 months ago

    4:00 Did anyone notice that wierd animation thing with Goku?

  • The Name of a Broken Man
    The Name of a Broken Man 2 months ago +1

    When Freeza got struck by the Energy of Destruction:
    _"You think this is funny?"_
    _"It's not as funny..._ *as your face."*
    * compacts energy *

  • Dyotic Script
    Dyotic Script 2 months ago

    The budget for this episode was not on par with the other ones, countless weird frames and faces were so SO very off. The hell you talking about, Masako?

  • primodori
    primodori 2 months ago

    Hey, no one comented that toei changed the dragon ball bulma ending. Took out Buu and added freeza into it.

  • Kieran Bowditch
    Kieran Bowditch 2 months ago

    It wasn't 3 different energies, the third was just the second one that had been knocked into the water

  • itsmeelaineg
    itsmeelaineg 2 months ago

    Goku needs to keep it in his pants

    CHRIS CONLEY 2 months ago

    After this episode, can Kenshiro battle Frieza? I don't think he would like the fact that an evil bad guy like him had learned the art of Hokuto Shinken.

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson 2 months ago

    I'll happily get you a new shirt

  • XxHrallundeadrogueXx
    XxHrallundeadrogueXx 2 months ago

    MasakoX have you read the latest chapter of Dragonball Super? Goku used the Haikai ability its very confusing and interesting at the same time

  • User 0008975
    User 0008975 2 months ago


  • Super Saiyan Devil
    Super Saiyan Devil 2 months ago

    I can't wait for when TFS does the next DBSA short with these past 2 episodes.

  • The Joker
    The Joker 2 months ago +1

    Can cell transform into a golden form? He does have Friezas DNA

  • pyrosianheir
    pyrosianheir 2 months ago

    i'ma laugh my ass off if Freeza gets jobbed by Jiren.

  • Lucas Garrand
    Lucas Garrand 2 months ago

    Does anyone else think that Frieza and his family may have escaped from one of those universes that was destroyed for being to evil and we just don't know it yet?

  • Stussy o:
    Stussy o: 2 months ago

    i couldnt watch one of this guys full videos to save my life hes just too damn cringey

  • casey
    casey 2 months ago

    Damn bon jovi references.

  • Raging Raving
    Raging Raving 2 months ago

    I do love that Shiny effect though, he's like a rare Trading Card, but I am worried he's going to somehow overthrow the Gods and become the main villain, did like his Multi homing Death beams though.

  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez 2 months ago

    true golden Frieza is his equivalent to full power Super Saiyan no drawbacks and you can say in it for long time even when he got knocked out by Goku he was still in his golden form and Goku got knocked out of Super Saiyan blue form

  • Magus12000BC
    Magus12000BC 2 months ago

    Didn't someone at Toei say that they brought back Friezia instead of Cell because they couldn't be bothered to draw his spots?

    • Raging Raving
      Raging Raving 2 months ago

      tbh, I would either go insane having to draw them, or suggest that he has a "Perfect God Form" or something that didn't have any :)

  • Ken H
    Ken H 2 months ago

    Meditation is op. Piccolo is jealous.

  • richn8
    richn8 2 months ago

    im liking the mix of the goku voice while reviewing. thought this was gonna be just like the other db reviewers. i also like how he shows photos while talkin and himself. good shit man! subscribed

  • SeboTrzyDe3D
    SeboTrzyDe3D 2 months ago +1

    Cell will appear in the manga and will randomly learn how touse Hakai...Because apparently characters can just do that in the manga now.

  • Arme1223
    Arme1223 2 months ago

    Cell would've got destroyed ._.

  • Jordan Bauer
    Jordan Bauer 2 months ago

    what would happen if super saiyan rose fused with golden frieza ina fight against ssjblue vegito

  • Michael Broad
    Michael Broad 2 months ago

    frieza over cell all day, first form cell sucks to make him perfect would take 17 and 18 which isn't worth it, it takes 3 fighter to make one cell perfect. really not worth it

    • gaurdianAQ
      gaurdianAQ 2 months ago

      if you remember correctly after he blew himself up, he reformed as perfect cell without 18, so at this point cell would be perfect regardless

  • Guyman 27
    Guyman 27 2 months ago

    How did those assassins even get to universe 7 so fast?

  • Greg Atlas
    Greg Atlas 2 months ago

    That was a chilly reception.

  • Brody Conley
    Brody Conley 2 months ago

    Man the more I see of Frieza in this arc. The more I realize I just don't want him in it.

  • Diarra Harris
    Diarra Harris 2 months ago

    Frieza can't change his spots? But could Cell.

  • TheZemag
    TheZemag 2 months ago


  • Tom Ault
    Tom Ault 2 months ago

    I originally thought Freeza would be a great inclusion in the tournament arc but now I'm starting to worry he'll steal the show and we'll get less depth in the other universes.

  • DimensionLordWiggles
    DimensionLordWiggles 2 months ago

    So what really happened was that Whis and Beerus sensed the God of Destruction energy then Goku had completely disappeared, Whis did a time re do and they made their way to view the events, watched Freeza trap Goku then communicate with Universe 9, then did another time re do and saved Goku which then interrupted Freezas conversation. in our view when Whis and Beerus appeared, Beerus looked unfazed by what had happened. He was not bothered by the energy at all. Freeza thinks he can manipulate Whis and Beerus, but Whis has that ability to read minds per sa..or rather read people's intentions. Even kais, like Zamasu.
    Whis and Beerus might talk to Universe 9 before or during the tournament and let them know that they know.

  • itay mizrachi
    itay mizrachi 2 months ago

    super saiyan rage video or giunt spigte monster video?

  • Pikachu loves Digimon
    Pikachu loves Digimon 2 months ago

    Super Perfect Cell
    Slim Buu
    True Golden Freeza
    Mastered SSJBlue Goku. I really loving the names of their forms.

  • Crize Twinzon
    Crize Twinzon 2 months ago

    The Bon Jovi reference is much appreciated

  • Jessica Weidman
    Jessica Weidman 2 months ago

    Yeah I thought the same about that snubull guy...how did he master that god ki so easily? Ugh. He should've just died right away.

    • Jessica Weidman
      Jessica Weidman 2 months ago

      prince cooler yes, true...I guess just basing my opinion on his facial expression when he received the ki like Masako mentioned it made it seem like he was scared lol. I can't tell anyone's abilities anymore this show makes people stronger than they look and vice versa.

    • prince cooler
      prince cooler 2 months ago

      Well to be fair, he is a direct servant of sidra, so it's not hard to believe he should have SOME control over god ki

  • Stephen Suggs
    Stephen Suggs 2 months ago

    I groaned when Freeza escaped the destruction sphere.

    Does divine ki even mean anything anymore, or have they just ditched that plot device?

  • VeylmanTheRock
    VeylmanTheRock 2 months ago

    I like how Goku's clothes got restored after being hit by that hakai energy.

  • Jinclops
    Jinclops 2 months ago

    What if Freeza joined the other universe but ran off (if they win). He's still dead. He might just evaporate from existence if no one wishes him back.

  • Piccolo Junior
    Piccolo Junior 2 months ago

    This was a great episode. It didn't leave that bad taste in my mouth that Super usually does. Like everything was on point. But I didn't really like that Frieza actually got stronger. Having him meditate to master his ki control was fine. That made sense. I think the idea of him having the potential to be a threat if he trains even a little is enough of a conflict. He didn't have to conveniently be equal to Goku. But that kind of thing is just par for the course in Super so maybe I'm just accepting it now.

  • Knight-mare Games
    Knight-mare Games 2 months ago

    So Frieza spent his time in hell meditating

  • CyricRO
    CyricRO 2 months ago +1

    I feel like you should have addressed what was said a little better when the universe 9 gods were arguing.
    "He's more of a god of destruction than you"
    "If he betrays us I'll just destroy him"
    "Like it'll be that easy!"

  • Ultimate Spork
    Ultimate Spork 2 months ago +1

    If cell was reconstructed with the current goku piccolo and frieza dna how strong would he really be?

  • Real Mush
    Real Mush 2 months ago

    Frieza reached True golden frieza form by meditation masako. In eastern religions, meditation is extremely important. It reflects in this show.

  • Christian Andrews
    Christian Andrews 2 months ago

    so how come golden freiza doesn't burn through all his time like goku did when he was brought back in the Buu Arc? And can Freiza sense ki / god ki now?

  • moonknight87
    moonknight87 2 months ago

    Freeza has been taking notes from Darkside

  • Ethan Bodey
    Ethan Bodey 2 months ago


  • GuitarJK1988
    GuitarJK1988 2 months ago

    Frieza will manipulate one of the Zeno's 😮

  • Singo Razz
    Singo Razz 2 months ago

    Maybe he just stayed golden and learned to get used to it not just thinking. You know use your imagination to fill in

  • Inspiration Date
    Inspiration Date 2 months ago

    "A glass of Rosé?"
    I would probably suggest Chianti.

  • Shadow6907
    Shadow6907 2 months ago

    On the bright side, after being nearly erased by the Hakai ball and then the duel with Freeza, Goku's bound to get one hell of a Zenkai boost after a Senzu.

  • cmosley5105
    cmosley5105 2 months ago

    When's the next GoQnA it's been 4 months dude

  • Miguel Angel Mendez
    Miguel Angel Mendez 2 months ago

    I had a smile the whole episode just because Frieza was there. He will always be my favorite Villian!

  • vipermoon64
    vipermoon64 2 months ago

    Shot to the heart
    And he's to blame
    He gave his job
    A bad name

  • Yung Neo
    Yung Neo 2 months ago +1

    Why are the dbs animations so different than dbz animations like the movies look great and buu saga and gt why dbs are weak compared? Please do a video on this question.

  • ZekeStaright
    ZekeStaright 2 months ago

    Goku's confused fight boner

  • kainhighwind2
    kainhighwind2 2 months ago

    You guys see that the ending vid replaced Buu with Frieza? Threw me off the first time I saw it.

  • George Prendiz
    George Prendiz 2 months ago

    what if champa helps breeus for that whole resurrecting his earth thing i hope this happens

  • Kenan Von Kaiser
    Kenan Von Kaiser 2 months ago

    You Missed The Fact That Frieza Is Added To The Ending Theme Of The Show. Rookie Mistake.

  • thedespiseduser
    thedespiseduser 2 months ago

    I believe Goku didn't break out of the energy because he didn't want to transform and waste energy before the tournament. It's clear that he's evenly matched with Frieza as Blue with no Kaioken. So even if he couldn't manipulate the ki, he could still escape.
    Simply put. He didn't escape because he didn't want to.

  • Roofedhurdle 82
    Roofedhurdle 82 2 months ago

    they had ssb goku vs golden frieza because *marketing* wops sorry we all agreed we wouldn't do that.

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson 2 months ago

    You kinda downplay Frieza's time in Hell as "thinking really hard", but I think you'd agree that meditation is a very big part of training as a whole, and something Frieza probably never took the time to do. Furthermore, he was only boasting about how he can control his energy better now and has more stamina, which stands to reason when you consider it (I think).

    RWMVG1DC 2 months ago

    I still think Majin Boo is coming back to their team.

    Universe 9 signs up Frieza before Universe 7 can submit their team. Then, without any other person to throw in there, Gohan adds Majin Boo to the roster anyway. Whis has to go get the sleeping Buu but guess what, he's awake anyway.

  • Alyssa Jones
    Alyssa Jones 2 months ago

    Masako, what if Goten was born before Trunks and we had future Goten instead of future Trunks?

  • Zap Bash
    Zap Bash 2 months ago +1

    I like the fact they made Freeza a fucking vicious asshole, he should be kept as the bad guy

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