Beyonce Slays in Miniskirt for Date Night With JAY-Z After Sharing First Pic of Newborn Twins

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  • Debbie Dice
    Debbie Dice 1 day ago


  • Vandeesha Taylor
    Vandeesha Taylor 8 days ago +1

    date night? shouldnt they be at home with their newborns🤔 celebrities kill me having the nannies raise the kids

  • Bee extraordinary
    Bee extraordinary 8 days ago

    hella REG

  • Truthful4ever
    Truthful4ever 8 days ago


  • Neide Samo gudo
    Neide Samo gudo 9 days ago +1

    She still 35!!! How's many years will Beyoncé be 35years old

  • Celine Remice
    Celine Remice 9 days ago +4

    if that really is her...then she never gave birth to them babies...smh

  • npxoxo
    npxoxo 9 days ago

    guys....come on...For someone who is as active and trains as much as beyonce it is possible to look that slim esp 1 month after giving birth. for some women a lot of their pregnancy weight gain is water weight and it goes away soon after too. and bey isnt the only one there are plenty of really physically fit and active ladies who give birth and go back to their pre pregnancy bodies. And also the more physically fit (i dont mean skinny) you are the better your pregnancy will be (in general ofc). Also...i am a fan of beyonce and she does look bigger than she was during her tour.

  • Lj Diaz
    Lj Diaz 9 days ago +2

    She fake her pregnancy.. ryt?

    • Keri Bogan
      Keri Bogan 9 days ago

      Lj Diaz What would she have to gain from lying about being pregnant? She's even said that's not something you lie and play around with. Her body isn't even in it's best condition, you can see that she's wearing a waist skimmer because her face is still full and she is still a little pudgy. You don't stay as puffed as you were when you're pregnant. Give it time, she'll be back. 😂

  • Essence Adore
    Essence Adore 9 days ago

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  • ann landers
    ann landers 10 days ago +1

    What kind of names are those? "Sir"????? Ridiculous. Self-centered, stupid and arrogant.

    • Keri Bogan
      Keri Bogan 9 days ago

      ann landers So it isn't arrogant when Chris Brown names his daughter Royalty? or when Rihanna's niece was named Majesty? FOH 💯😂

  • Donnamarie Denton
    Donnamarie Denton 10 days ago +2

    Did Becky go with them!!?!Free Becky!!!

  • Donnamarie Denton
    Donnamarie Denton 10 days ago +2

    when is Becky having his love child!!!!!we love you Becky!!

  • onlyMel
    onlyMel 10 days ago +1

    I love Beyonce...but it was a just a damn skirt....his jacket, was just a jacket...stop being EXTRA ET, it's not attractive

  • Teresa Mack
    Teresa Mack 10 days ago +2

    My 39 year old niece just gave birth to twins and she snapped back just like Beyoncé did. Just because you may not be able to do it, don't be mad at those lucky enough to be able to. Jealousy and envy are such petty emotions. What a waste of time. You should channel all that negative energy into something positive. Something good just might come of it. One thing for sure. Trolling the internet just to spew hate sure ain't gonna get you anything in this life....

    • Lady Love
      Lady Love 8 days ago

      I snatched back after pregnancy, but your body still have 2 heal. she is back out with heels, no matter how your body looks u still have 2 heal & u are advised 2 at least take 6 weeks for proper healing. she just don't look like she just gave birth. & I think she's very beautiful & talented, but the truth is the truth

  • May Farquharson
    May Farquharson 10 days ago

    she looks beautiful and you can still see her stomach look big you can see she just had them babies her face and all still looks big

  • Me !!!
    Me !!! 10 days ago +1

    Beyonce eats grass and drinks water duh her clap back was gone be fast 😭

  • Cheryl Howe
    Cheryl Howe 10 days ago

    A tummy tuck while in the hospital plus she's all corseted up.

    • Keri Bogan
      Keri Bogan 9 days ago

      Cheryl Howe What does being "practically naked" have to do with surgery? Only time she dresses more provocatively is when she snaps her body back into shape. This was one of her simpler days.

    • Cheryl Howe
      Cheryl Howe 9 days ago

      Keri Bogan that's bllsht. That's what they say to the public and please don't use the religion excuse. She can perform and be pictured basically naked but they can't have surgery?

    • Keri Bogan
      Keri Bogan 9 days ago

      Cheryl Howe No tummy tuck, her and her family don't believe in getting surgery. If you can't bounce back, then you're stuck. Just ALOT of waist trainer and corsets, she'll be back though. 😂

  • Kris johns
    Kris johns 10 days ago +4

    LMAO - she definitely used a surrogate again - lying Bitch trying to make it look like her body is back already when she was never pregnant

    • Keri Bogan
      Keri Bogan 9 days ago

      Kris johns What would she have to gain from lying about being pregnant? She's even said that's not something you lie and play around with. Her body isn't even in it's best condition, you can see that she's wearing a waist skimmer because her face is still full and she is still a little pudgy. You don't stay as puffed as you were when you're pregnant. Give it time, she'll be back. 😂

  • Ingrid Bethune
    Ingrid Bethune 10 days ago +2

    u can still c it in her chest waist & legs but her lips have gone down & her face is slimmer

  • Ashi ash
    Ashi ash 10 days ago +10

    she always talk about power and strength in her songs but in real life she is not he cheated on her and still with him 😄

    • Keri Bogan
      Keri Bogan 9 days ago

      Ashi ash The power and strength she talks about is showing that women can be just as successful, if not more than a man can be. Her staying is being able to stay with him and try overcome their problems. When you get married, you say vows and make promises. "For better or for worse" meaning nobody is perfect and neither is every relationship, mistakes are bound to happen. Just because she's Beyoncé doesn't mean she can't get cheated on. It can be seen as a weakness to leave a man that cheated but can also be seen as "stupid". It takes more for her to be able to compromise and heal what had been hurt. Why would she let something she and her husband built for so long, just fall and burn down to nothing?

  • Hannah Evans
    Hannah Evans 10 days ago +10

    Beyoncé looks cute but you can tell she is wearing a post-pregnancy waist skimmer or something . Her legs are also a bit fuller than usual also.

  • Nïx is my spirit animal
    Nïx is my spirit animal 10 days ago +8

    Bey is wearing Spanx and a girdle under that skirt. Thats why the fabric is so thick. Cute tho.

  • Philadelphia East Coast
    Philadelphia East Coast 10 days ago +6

    All those entertainers live under the knife. They all stay getting plastic surgery.

    • JoseMN
      JoseMN 10 days ago

      That's all her. She's always been skinny. That's why she looks like she wasn't even pregnant. All that dancing on stage helped. Love queen B.

  • AquariusLady Gorgeouz
    AquariusLady Gorgeouz 10 days ago +19

    Beyonce know she's all girdled up. lol It's hard to loose that much weight after twins.

  • Rishan Kahsay
    Rishan Kahsay 10 days ago +19

    she's always the most beautiful successful telnet very smart, very very kind quality person, that's why most peoples love her, God bless you and your family,

  • Keri Bogan
    Keri Bogan 10 days ago +27

    Bey still got some of that baby phat under there, she still look plump. 😂 She's wearing a corset or a girdle to fit in that dress. Best believe Beyoncé gonna WORK HARD to lose that weight like she did with Blue. Took her 1 year to lose 65 pounds, sooo we about to wait for a new album and a tour at that...😂😂💯

    • robinusher69
      robinusher69 9 days ago

      Keri Bogan right!

    • AnaisKarim
      AnaisKarim 9 days ago

      Exactly. You have to breastfeed, and remember she has two to feed, and get in that girdle IMMEDIATELY to snatch it back. Plus, let's not act like Beyonce was not way more fit than the average woman before she got pregnant and she is way more active than the average woman. Another thing, colloidal gold also helps with weight loss (in addition to improving brain function and other benefits) and Jay alluded to her taking it at the beginning of Family Feud.

    • Nerissa Witcher
      Nerissa Witcher 10 days ago

      Keri Bogan i'm sure her goal is to have it tightened up in time for that coachelle concert next year

  • kells Diaz
    kells Diaz 10 days ago +48

    I'm so tire of people idolizing this 2 enough is enough 😲😲

    • onlyMel
      onlyMel 10 days ago

      kells Diaz agreed...she "slayed" a was just a damn skirt, nothing any different than a skirt we all have, but perhaps the price tag, but nothing spectacular....I love Beyonce as well, but damn it she ain't JESUS, lol....women have been giving birth since the beginning of time, we all have had cute babies, wth?....I don't blame her for this nonsense, it's totally the media, I don't think she is bothered by this mess. nor cares....SMH

    • msceddi chika
      msceddi chika 10 days ago

      kells Diaz if u didnt click on this video you wouldnt have seen the story on her and your tiredness could have been completely avoided.

  • Nicole Concepcion
    Nicole Concepcion 10 days ago +34

    Come on Beyoncé stop lying to people. Your stomach can't look that flat after having twins this soon! Stop playing! 😂 smh

    • Keri Bogan
      Keri Bogan 10 days ago

      JaMiah Snyder It'll take a while but she'll get her body back. She was already active while pregnant so that helped.

    • JamiahSnyder 101
      JamiahSnyder 101 10 days ago

      Nicole Concepcion its something call a tummy tuck

    • Keri Bogan
      Keri Bogan 10 days ago

      Nicole Concepcion It ain't even that flat. Mama still got some meat she holding in with a girdle and maybe a corset 💯😂

  • Just Ash
    Just Ash 10 days ago +57

    bitch are you kidding me? lmfao. either she ain't have them damn kids herself and all them photos were damn photoshop'd or she has one hell of a surgeon

      HIS TREASURE 7 days ago

      Wen you got MONEY.... it makes the world turn an stand at ATTENTION

    • Jalen Orr
      Jalen Orr 8 days ago

      She still has a belly. You can see it thru her dress. And in the baby pic of you just take the pic from the front you can make a little belly look flat

    • Tabbitha Ncube
      Tabbitha Ncube 9 days ago

      Cheryl Howe maybe she did, but it's extremely dangerous and most surgeons refuse to do it

    • Cheryl Howe
      Cheryl Howe 9 days ago

      Tabbitha Ncube And how do you know this for sure? And don't say because your a nurse. They could have flown in a surgeon from anywhere in the world where thinking is more advanced and money talks.

    • Tabbitha Ncube
      Tabbitha Ncube 9 days ago

      Cheryl Howe you can't have surgery like that 4 weeks after giving birth

  • T TT
    T TT 10 days ago +18

    She looks gorgeous #***FLAWLESS

  • Jessie Sotelo
    Jessie Sotelo 10 days ago


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