Milo Yiannopoulos Vs Ben Shapiro (#BlackLivesMatter Edition) 2017

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  • Ducklover23
    Ducklover23 2 hours ago

    Thumbs in the boobnail

  • Nathan Baker
    Nathan Baker 5 hours ago

    They're both great, but I'm quite partial to Our Lady of Faggotry, Milo.

    Nothing beats a good point wrapped in catty humor.

  • senseo
    senseo 6 hours ago

    fact is that the vast majority of Milos supporters are either uneducated, racist, sad pieces of life or under age kids who haven't experiences the real world yet and are endoctrinated by evil men like milo to spread hate because they dont know any better for themselves.

  • Xeno Entertainment
    Xeno Entertainment 20 hours ago

    What? They agree on almost everything.....If they debated each other it would be entertaining, but it would be "I actually agree with 99% of your points, and I also know the statistics...Want to get a burger or something after?" lol..

  • David .Johnson
    David .Johnson 23 hours ago

    Fuck sake milo, get back to the job site

  • ricky bobby
    ricky bobby Day ago

    I meant 800%

  • ricky bobby
    ricky bobby Day ago

    To the 49ers player... You don't like America fuck off somewhere else! How can he claim he's been appressed when he's paid about 80% higher than the average American. What a hypocritical dickhead!

  • Gheezenotagain
    Gheezenotagain Day ago

    Is Milo trying to be part of the Village People.....Shapiro talks like an adult....Milo has to use perversion and vulgar language to make a point .....what a joker

  • Apollo Ranger
    Apollo Ranger Day ago

    "I've never said I'm alt-right" - Milo 😂 this guy is a joke

  • Paul Kersey
    Paul Kersey 2 days ago

    Shapiro sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk. Oh, and he's a globalist neocon Trump-hating douchebag. Mustn't forget that.

  • Coylicious Productions

    Why don't you actually debate him and not do these phony mashup videos... Laaaaaame.

  • Will Lannigan
    Will Lannigan 3 days ago

    Would be nice to see them work together.

    ZOMBIELANDakaUSA 3 days ago

    it seems that nothing is spontaneous in this world any longer, even 'natural disasters'. do you think guys like this Milo, Shapiro, Alex Jones could all be part of the 'big show'? i say yes, controlled opposition?

    don't get me wrong, the names listed above are correct in almost everything they say, but think about it...a few people get it

  • Christopher Debattista

    Both folks are awesome and I support both. But Ben is arguably the wittiest! Yet, God bless both. Actually this video is not a VS Debate

  • Benjamin White
    Benjamin White 4 days ago


  • kaeleigh kat
    kaeleigh kat 4 days ago

    I hate it when my dads fight

  • Gyor Gyor
    Gyor Gyor 4 days ago

    Who was the busty red head in the thumb nail?

  • Kostie Saba
    Kostie Saba 4 days ago

    Ben vs Milo, doesn't matter. Both have different means of reaching to the public but no doubt that it is complimentary. They both help against liberal fallacious arguments.

  • Alan Lloyd
    Alan Lloyd 4 days ago

    Ben destroys any emotional, ignorant (lack of) argument the liberal could give. He presents the hard stats that prove "blacks are held down" is a myth. And what is the liberals response to stating that blacks are poorer because of single mothers and dropouts?? "That's racist".... this is the difference between the right and left these days. The left have lost their critical faculties

  • Alan Lloyd
    Alan Lloyd 4 days ago

    Racism is learned, not innate. Just observe any playground

    LMNOP QRS 4 days ago

    This isn't even the real acounnt

  • Josh Blair
    Josh Blair 4 days ago

    Is Ben Shapiro actually a cuck.

  • FlatEarthWabbit
    FlatEarthWabbit 4 days ago

    Ben is a 50mm cal
    Milo is 9mm cal

  • Ashley The Witch
    Ashley The Witch 4 days ago

    My two favorite Jews! Add Mark Levin and then we would have a real party on our hands!

  • Kapitan Dupa
    Kapitan Dupa 4 days ago

    'Personal responsibility for your actions' - apply that to blacks,, sjws and feminists and the world is a better place.

  • Nicholas D'Godfrey
    Nicholas D'Godfrey 4 days ago

    On what constitutional and legal grounds should Black Lives Matter be criminalised?

  • Louis Rubens
    Louis Rubens 5 days ago

    I dont agree with what Colin Kaepernick did, but then again, that is free speech even though he wasn't talking...

  • Manc26
    Manc26 6 days ago

    Ben is a giant cuck. Milo is way better than him.

  • John Andersen
    John Andersen 6 days ago

    When Fact`s are presented as they are, and not by motions, we gets it Right !
    All this black ditt and datt, I am so fuckin tired of all the Lies.
    - But, most people see it for what it is now..

  • Donovan Chapparosa
    Donovan Chapparosa 6 days ago

    Milo just jokes around (which I like) But Ben would be better on every other things

  • casey nowell
    casey nowell 6 days ago

    Kaepernick is the dumbest fuck whos opinion isnt even a valuable authority compared to real critical thinkers. Hes a football player, not a politician. Why do these celebrity figures think their misinformed bullshit should have influence?

  • Justin
    Justin 6 days ago

    Who won? Clearly as long as these two men are speaking, America is the winner.

  • Elise Konkol
    Elise Konkol 6 days ago

    Ben is a genius. Milo is a comedian that has facts.

  • Raul Barrera
    Raul Barrera 6 days ago

    Where can i watch news with women showing cleavage like this? Of course for research purposes . . .

  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood 7 days ago

    Milo stop being a coward and debate Ben so he can kick your pansy ass you chickenshit.

  • Spankenstein99
    Spankenstein99 7 days ago

    Fuck liberals. Fuck conservatives! This is all fact tho. Be your own person and dont associate yourself with the right or the left thats what the government wants you to do. When we fight, they all win

  • Bobbie Padjen
    Bobbie Padjen 7 days ago

    If these two would get along they could do great things together! I agree with both. Milo is blunt to the point unpolished but I like when people say what they mean. I don't like to beat around the bush just say what it is. I like Ben but he's very much like a politician trying to appease. Again kiss (I know Milo would be willing😜) and make up and work together!

  • Reid P
    Reid P 7 days ago

    "Fucked it up with Trump and now his careers gone"

    I like Milo, but man I bet he's eating these words

  • Romans116
    Romans116 8 days ago

    So in summary, the answer is Jesus.

  • SykoTech
    SykoTech 8 days ago

    The only people who lost this fight are the people of the BLM movement.

  • collinferg
    collinferg 8 days ago

    Damn how much makeup is Milo wearing at 24:00??

  • DerEntscheider
    DerEntscheider 8 days ago

    Ben !

  • Nephi Brown
    Nephi Brown 8 days ago

    Ben *Shapiro* // Milo *Yiannopoulos*
    President // Vice President

  • PedalTheGlobe
    PedalTheGlobe 8 days ago

    "Like, like, stuff, uhh, uhh, like..." How can someone who cannot even form a coherent question discuss IQ?

  • Thomas Geist
    Thomas Geist 8 days ago

    What Ben argues beneath the surface is that there exists a law of human behavior. It matters not if one calls it, Torah - as I suspect Ben might frame it; or natural law - I agree with this idea, but the argument is castrated when promoted without its fundamental foundation.

  • KungmoshFu
    KungmoshFu 8 days ago

    I see Ben in Milo and Milo in Ben but more Milo in in Ben and Ben in Milo .

  • Steph Towse
    Steph Towse 9 days ago

    Ooooh that highlighter... so pretty!!! (after the 20minute mark). As a leftie you make a hugely relevant point... oh and you win btw

  • Acid ASMR
    Acid ASMR 9 days ago

    Ben Shapiro for the win!!!
    Milo is funny but Ben is better at debate and is much more intelligent.

  • Doug pojo
    Doug pojo 9 days ago

    No comparison Ben hands down

  • Ted Kelly
    Ted Kelly 9 days ago

    Whats the song you use in the beginning

  • Molag Bal
    Molag Bal 10 days ago

    Look, Ben Shapiro is a very intelligent debater and I thoroughly enjoy watching him, but he has made mistakes during debates that Milo doesn't make. Ben has been known for using incorrect or faulty reasoning, something Milo isn't known for. I LOVE YOU DADDY MILO!!!

  • Paws Pup
    Paws Pup 10 days ago

    People saw Ben is way better debater, he is a better debater, but not too much more, he's just more polite and doesn't use bad words, also just slightly better. Milo is very underrated

  • glassofwater
    glassofwater 10 days ago

    Came here for boobies, disappointed when no boobies.

  • koosmangat
    koosmangat 10 days ago

    Milo has guts.. Ben has substance

  • Randall Stevenson
    Randall Stevenson 10 days ago

    19:59 you gotta admit, that was a stroke of brilliance for keeping his job

  • Brank Burk
    Brank Burk 10 days ago

    Milo and Ben compliment each other and destroy the left's arguments differently, except also Ben is wrong about Trump.

  • white pride pepe
    white pride pepe 10 days ago

    That's sad we should really unite instead of picking on eachother lile that .... shadilay

  • Bonnie Wolf
    Bonnie Wolf 10 days ago

    Milo wins.

  • GYS_Gaming
    GYS_Gaming 11 days ago

    Why is this a Vs. video? They both have very similar views. I never understood these kind of videos.

  • Dr Cinnamon
    Dr Cinnamon 11 days ago

    Milo I love ya man but Ben took that one

    • Dr Cinnamon
      Dr Cinnamon 11 days ago

      I like you to Ben don't take that the wrong way

  • Kassy Flowers
    Kassy Flowers 11 days ago

    Can they both just join forces lol be one bad ass duo fighting sjw's with facts and sass

  • Deidre Joslin
    Deidre Joslin 11 days ago +1

    I like both of them. 😂 Ben is more serious and Milo is more funny, great combination to make points. 👌

  • Fin Jan
    Fin Jan 11 days ago

    Sorry Milo, you two may be pushing in the same direction, but you're operating on completely different levels. Numbers and facts are more impressive that curse words.

  • Jordan Dunn
    Jordan Dunn 12 days ago

    They're two halves of a whole

  • Lei S
    Lei S 12 days ago

    They don't even disagree on these points, it's hardly "versus", however, they can learn A LOT from each other, and teach people A LOT as well- which is what matters. Both these people are great representatives because they present solutions to problems people don't want to agree exist. Nobody wants to admit BLM is a fail because it makes black people feel good. Nobody wants to admit that straight white males are having a hard time because it means we're doing something wrong.

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle 12 days ago +1

    Two people I like-

  • mrkrabappleson
    mrkrabappleson 12 days ago

    We need both! I refuse to pick a side.

  • Harold D Burke
    Harold D Burke 12 days ago

    Both guys would give an excellent debate...but finding something relevant for them to debate ? they happen to agree.

  • NikoxD93
    NikoxD93 12 days ago

    I prefer Ben Shapiro 100%
    Milo is gay in comparison tbh :p

  • Eggs cooked On a rock
    Eggs cooked On a rock 13 days ago +1

    I like both, they prove delusional people wrong

  • survivor030406
    survivor030406 13 days ago

    Ben Shapiro's career is not gone.

  • Fidget Spinner
    Fidget Spinner 13 days ago

    Ben would fuck up milo

  • Joshua Addison
    Joshua Addison 13 days ago

    I love them both equally

  • Jessy Girard
    Jessy Girard 13 days ago

    Milo you guys are saying the same things😂Good job!To bad shapiro is i guess stupidly pig headed.You like that"pig headed"?It is true i do not care much for humans that follow a retarded idiology like the jewish ideology.If you feel the need to mutilate 6 days old babys in order to be close to God,well you can go fuck yourself😆

  • Truelove
    Truelove 13 days ago

    good job..

  • [HAVOCK]
    [HAVOCK] 13 days ago +1

    I just want them to team up why do they have to fight they're both Greek gods of nothing but pure greatness

  • ACT Joe
    ACT Joe 13 days ago +1

    The two gods clash...

  • Joseph Habich
    Joseph Habich 13 days ago

    Both are awesome , ben made chunk his bitch

  • Gizmo 762
    Gizmo 762 13 days ago

    i don't understand why they wouldn't get along considering they argue for the same things

  • Kermit Marbles
    Kermit Marbles 13 days ago

    I LOVE BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!

  • Adam Holmes
    Adam Holmes 14 days ago

    The strange thing is they are allowed to say stuff white men can't say because they are a jew and a fag. It's like getting our side through the media cartel because these speakers can play their own victim card and are protected by the liberal system.

  • Duchal van Wyngaard
    Duchal van Wyngaard 14 days ago

    I only discovered Milo a few days ago and been YouTube bingeing everything on Milo ever since, this then introduced me to Ben Shapiro in the process.

    Both these guys are highly intelligent, well read, well informed and they both state the facts and they don't sugarcoat anything. The "so-called" rivalry between them is healthy because they need someone, or each other, on their level, to debate and reason otherwise both of them will just be bored.

    As a South African, I can tell you, both these men have more intellect and certainly higher IQ's as our President and his cabinet combined.

  • Haster
    Haster 14 days ago

    That wasn't really a debate seeing as they agree on most things

  • Ted
    Ted 14 days ago

    Milo knows I love him and I love titties. You click baited me, you sexy bitch.

  • Marius Pirlea
    Marius Pirlea 14 days ago

    Both...but Milo is more handsome 😁😂

  • KamuiPan
    KamuiPan 14 days ago

    If you are christian why you don't talk about the christian genocide that happen for century's until this very day and age? Fuck off Milo.

  • Jeff Howard
    Jeff Howard 14 days ago

    I love and enjoy both Ben & Milo. I would have to say that ben is a bit sharper and Milo a bit more entertaining, but I'm happy to have them both!

  • Artificial Consciousness

    a bit of both for me. rematch if poss?

    RILEYOLI 14 days ago

    Praise kek

  • Burke DeJanes
    Burke DeJanes 14 days ago

    I am white and my son goes to a majority black school. This school is considered a "charter school". The teachers and curriculum are second to none. The level of discipline, in the behavioral sense, on the classroom level is almost overbearing but that creates an environment that allows for learning. The problems that exist in the black classroom stem from the lack of will to curb the frivolous behaviors that are instilled by the parents of these black children. When a dedicated and firm establishment exists theses black children can learn.

  • Christopher Robinson
    Christopher Robinson 14 days ago

    Where do I Find more on the Red head in this YouTube pinn. Pic? I love titties!! Those are some nice breast!!...?? Wait this isn't a transgender person showing off fake breast is it?! You see the problem?? Accept this is like condemning truth and trust IMAO!!

  • 88 Phantom
    88 Phantom 14 days ago

    They both did. Get it..

  • MaU Acer
    MaU Acer 15 days ago

    milo gives more facts when he needs to, here he is talking to students where he doesnt need to say everything. on the other hand ben is talking to the news explaining something which obviously he indeed needs to give more information

  • Rick's Channel
    Rick's Channel 15 days ago

    The corporate owned and controlled media loved corporatist, right wing democrat Obama because they're all part of the same establishment club, not because he's black. They loved Hilary for the same reason.

  • Satan Clous
    Satan Clous 15 days ago

    both.... gayLORDS !!!!. never boyfriends, just functional= SYNERGY

  • Spencer Smolenski
    Spencer Smolenski 15 days ago

    Funny thing is im a liberal and don't agree with most of what they say but I like both

  • Edward Fred
    Edward Fred 15 days ago

    You guys are all fucking gay

  • Vadoom 335
    Vadoom 335 15 days ago

    Im so conflicted

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