🎼 CHOPIN NOCTURNE 🎼 Best of Chopin piano | Classical Music for relaxation and concentration

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  • CHOPIN NOCTURNE. Best Chopin piano songs. Classical music for relaxation, studying and concentration.
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    Frederic Francois Chopin (22 February or 1 March 1810 -- 17 October 1849) was a Polish composer, virtuoso pianist, and music teacher of French--Polish parentage. He was one of the great masters of Romantic music and has been called "the poet of the piano". Chopin was born in Zelazowa Wola, a village in the Duchy of Warsaw. A renowned child-prodigy pianist and composer, he grew up in Warsaw and completed his musical education there. Following the Russian suppression of the Polish November 1830 Uprising, he settled in Paris as part of the Polish Great Emigration. He supported himself as a composer and piano teacher, giving few public performances. From 1837 to 1847 he carried on a relationship with the French woman writer George Sand. For most of his life, Chopin suffered from poor health; he died in Paris in 1849 at the age of 39. The vast majority of Chopin's works are exclusively for solo piano, the most notable exceptions being his two piano concertos. His compositions are technically demanding but emphasize nuance and expressive depth. Chopin invented the musical form known as the instrumental ballade and made major innovations to the piano sonata, mazurka, waltz, nocturne, polonaise, etude, impromptu, scherzo, and prelude.
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Comments: 652

  • Doll4in
    Doll4in Day ago

    Classical music is so beautiful especially piano... I am not even a teen and i find this music so beautiful

  • Nygh thelost
    Nygh thelost Day ago

    chopin in japan? touhou.

  • Daniela Marian
    Daniela Marian 9 days ago +1

    Genius Fryderyk Chopin is alive, everywhere forever in our souls with adorable musical compositions! How wonderful is the piano notes!

  • Eunice Quinosa
    Eunice Quinosa 10 days ago +1

    Love the music ❤ #1998-2017

  • Slawomir Czerniatynski
    Slawomir Czerniatynski 20 days ago +1

    Made in Poland

  • Ellen Penicaro
    Ellen Penicaro 22 days ago +1

    I love this Chopin music...the only reason I would not try to study is because I love listening to the beautiful music !

  • José Nadil Verissimo

    ...deixe o Espírito voar através do infinito e agradeça a DEUS deste milagre de ouvir, ver, falar, sentir...........

  • teklu mahari
    teklu mahari Month ago

    for god help help

    I CHOOSE THE FANDOM LIFE 2 months ago +1

    I'm 20 now and I'm still in love with this kind of musics. ❤ and now I'm passing it to my nephew while I babysit him. and this kind of music calms him when he's having a tantrum ❤👶

  • Neyser Requelme
    Neyser Requelme 2 months ago

    Sueño tanto con vivir en aquellos tiempos donde existían los elegantes caballeros y las nobles damas enamoradas. Sueño con que mi amor me lleve del brazo a caminar a la luz de la luna por las grandes ciudades y me hable de amor, de esos amores de antes, los mas puros y sinceros.
    Llevame a soñar, que por ti sin duda y miedo alguno regreso al pasado y revivo en uno de esos días de perfección.

  • Dylan Harding
    Dylan Harding 2 months ago +1

    God dammit, now I have to watch It's Such a Beautiful Day again.

  • Tania Hernandez Pallares
    Tania Hernandez Pallares 2 months ago +1

    Music like this is for listening and elevating your soul, not for sleeping!!!!

  • Khadim Dia
    Khadim Dia 2 months ago +1


  • Ave Lyytikäinen
    Ave Lyytikäinen 2 months ago


  • zaira padovan
    zaira padovan 2 months ago +1

    Grazie a chi regala questi video stupendi.

  • Yunus Lumos
    Yunus Lumos 2 months ago +1


  • Chris Gasiorowski
    Chris Gasiorowski 2 months ago +1

    one of the best compilations of Chopin's work, sophisticated taste, well done

  • Big Dreamer
    Big Dreamer 2 months ago +1

    I miss playing the piano so much😭

  • Heidi Aalbers
    Heidi Aalbers 2 months ago


  • Eva Veron
    Eva Veron 3 months ago

    en que estaba pensando o en que se inspiro Chopin para crear esta hermosa melodía?

  • 北川恵
    北川恵 3 months ago

    MRI の結果異常なしでした明るい未来かな

  • 北川恵
    北川恵 3 months ago +1

    chopin's music is relaxation for me ,thanks

  • Joan Erhard
    Joan Erhard 3 months ago +1

    thank you,relaxing.

  • zaira padovan
    zaira padovan 3 months ago

    I giochi pirotecnici di luci colorati sono in sintonia con la musica indimenticabile di Chopin. Bellissimo grazie

  • Sheila P. McKinzie
    Sheila P. McKinzie 3 months ago

    The first image is showing the devil I noticed, if you stare at it, I was starting to enjoy the music, it ruined it.

  • Dandoona Karamih
    Dandoona Karamih 3 months ago +1

    whenever I listen to Chopin's music, I relax.
    such a magical music makes me cool and isolated from this crazy strange world....
    love it <3

  • Denis Saint-Amand
    Denis Saint-Amand 3 months ago

    Je suis d'accord avec vous monsieur Guy Shapira cette music make my eyes roll over of happiness and joy, it is simply GENIUS.

  • Gloria Gonzalez
    Gloria Gonzalez 3 months ago


  • Fadi Hamad
    Fadi Hamad 3 months ago +2

    I can't stop listening to 19:05 - 31:41 ahhhhhh >.<! <3
    I can't concentrate on my studies! It's way too beautiful for my ears T.T

  • Glenn Ferrand
    Glenn Ferrand 3 months ago


  • Qebs
    Qebs 4 months ago

    Who's the pianist?? Why is there a lot of missed notes!??

  • 88SJoe88
    88SJoe88 4 months ago

    s2 piano s2

  • Walter Van Houtte
    Walter Van Houtte 4 months ago +1

    blijft top muziek

  • Lorene Rule
    Lorene Rule 4 months ago +1

    Absolutely beautiful mesmerizing
    Music to soothes the soul..

  • Zapikselowany Świat
    Zapikselowany Świat 4 months ago

    I'm from Poland and I can play the piano

  • Alberto Miliano
    Alberto Miliano 4 months ago

    Stop reading comments, and if you ignore me, there will be more comments below saying the same thing.

  • Tania Salamovska
    Tania Salamovska 4 months ago

    Where is Waltz in A minor? ^^

  • Louis C. A. Porro
    Louis C. A. Porro 4 months ago +1

    love lives.........

  • Louis C. A. Porro
    Louis C. A. Porro 4 months ago

    love lived

  • tilugandi
    tilugandi 4 months ago +1

    PQP!!! propaganda no meio da música!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kazimiera Berestka
    Kazimiera Berestka 4 months ago +2

    przepiękne, balsam dla duszy

  • 前島順子
    前島順子 4 months ago


  • Melike Çağlar
    Melike Çağlar 5 months ago

    please tell me name 8:28


    Polacy są z ciebie dumni, dosłownie KAŻDY w Polsce wie kto to Chopin.

  • Sir White Hawk
    Sir White Hawk 5 months ago +1

    The first track is on an anime named "Trickster: Boy Detectives Club". Has a lady singing to the song. anyone heard it before?

  • Thomas Alexander
    Thomas Alexander 5 months ago +1

    i simply adore this music, it relaxes me so.

  • Edo Cordo
    Edo Cordo 5 months ago


  • Maria Anisimovna
    Maria Anisimovna 5 months ago

    божествеэнная музыка вечная неумирающая прекрасная....

  • mudgebauer
    mudgebauer 5 months ago +1

    We have over 300 rescue dogs in our care in Mexico. Please see our website and video here:
    www.gofundme.com/4ej3ic. We urgently need help to feed them. Please help.

  • Ana Teresa Báez Saavedra

    Que me encanta Noctuno de Chopin....Entre otros lo tocaba yo Y me trae recuerdos inolvidables.....

  • Solar Twirl
    Solar Twirl 5 months ago +2

    Imagine how glorious this situation would be.
    A warm streetlight glowing on the corner as you pull up to their house in a stage-coach, chestnut brown horses silent as you kiss them goodbye. The slight way they lean on their tiptoes, and the feel of forever lingering with you.

    Doesn't this music make that sound possible?

  • ana cláudia soares soares


  • Classical Music
    Classical Music 5 months ago +2

    beautiful !!

  • polychronio
    polychronio 5 months ago +1


  • Nana Sarah Araujo
    Nana Sarah Araujo 5 months ago +1

    Awesome i am crazy for this ♡♥♡

  • Lopez x
    Lopez x 5 months ago +2

    Jak to fajnie lubić muzykę klasyczną którą Dziadek mi wcielił w rozum i mieszkać przy ulicy Fryderyka Chopina

  • Teresita Dumana
    Teresita Dumana 5 months ago

    There is applause after each piece--for Chopin, but certainly also for the person playing. Who is s/he? Too inconsequential to name and give credit to?

    MÁXIMO WU VARGAS 5 months ago +1

    is wonderful

  • NINA Vladymyrova
    NINA Vladymyrova 5 months ago +1


  • Yasong Cong
    Yasong Cong 5 months ago

    Which chapter is the second song? so beautiful, I just can't remember its name !!

  • Violaceous Phantasmagorical

    This makes me feel as though I'm travelling through the lands of the spirit,
    then the kundalini gets stronger!

  • blackcat g.
    blackcat g. 5 months ago

    what about copy right's ?

  • Feyza Uyanık
    Feyza Uyanık 5 months ago

    Gerçekten rahatlatıcı bir etkisi vardır

  • klaasbil
    klaasbil 5 months ago

    The breaks between the tracks don't seem to correspond to the times that TheBlackCatEtc has stated. Did something go wrong?

  • Krystyna Kostańska
    Krystyna Kostańska 5 months ago +2

    Niepowtarzalna i przepiękna muzyka Fryderyka Chopina. Delikatna, pełna wdzięku i finezji. Dziękuję

  • Gudule Vacancier
    Gudule Vacancier 5 months ago

    quel bonheur, c'est juste magnifique!

  • Louis C. A. Porro
    Louis C. A. Porro 5 months ago +1


  • Louis C. A. Porro
    Louis C. A. Porro 5 months ago +1


  • Stephen Mort
    Stephen Mort 6 months ago +1

    im a convert, brought up on punk and heavy metal, should of been listening to this !!!

  • Natalia Jakubasz
    Natalia Jakubasz 6 months ago

    Chopin am from Poland on this composed people Poland I love you Chopin polish compose

  • ovidiu Mitricioiu
    ovidiu Mitricioiu 6 months ago +1


  • Manel Castro
    Manel Castro 6 months ago +1

    super thank you for this. Listening to Chopin makes me cry sometimes! His music is just too beautiful.

  • Rose The Artist
    Rose The Artist 6 months ago +1

    if chopin and tori Amos could have collaborated....

  • mila levkin
    mila levkin 6 months ago

    душа отдыхает очень нравится спасибо

  • Jeff Smart
    Jeff Smart 6 months ago +2

    ich liebe fredrik Chopin

  • Jeff Smart
    Jeff Smart 6 months ago


  • IronMike 2021
    IronMike 2021 6 months ago +1

    Ballade is my favorite

  • Joe Braun
    Joe Braun 6 months ago +1

    How the hell did I get here? I looked up "music for reading" and got to some Bach music, left that on for awhile, and I ended up here somehow. Ehh, this is good, I guess.

  • Will I am Higuchi
    Will I am Higuchi 6 months ago +2

    Always a pleasure to listen to Chopin.

  • Anatolie Bejenaru
    Anatolie Bejenaru 6 months ago

    russkie novie voenie filimi

  • Mr Bubbly
    Mr Bubbly 6 months ago +2

    No nocturne no. 20 in c sharp minor???

  • Yasmin Skerjanec
    Yasmin Skerjanec 6 months ago

    whit name I meant the TITLE of the piece playing at the moment! I agree that the performer's name is less important.

  • Jaroslaw Mok
    Jaroslaw Mok 6 months ago

    Ja i Chopin........To.......przeslanie?


    Прекрасен Шопен. ..не иска нищо от теб. ..само дава. ...💜

  • ZarZar Robinson
    ZarZar Robinson 6 months ago +3

    Beautiful ❤

  • Lina Kyle
    Lina Kyle 6 months ago +2

    I can live .... just by listening to Chopin...

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 6 months ago +2

    How can I trust this music not to be full of subliminal programming when the light show projects an endless evolution of demonic faces and figures? I mean, did you even look at it before you posted this?

    • ZarZar Robinson
      ZarZar Robinson 6 months ago

      Daniel Smith You create your own reality my friend.

  • Irmã  Francisca
    Irmã Francisca 6 months ago

    Lindo demais!

  • Maria Grazia Zollo
    Maria Grazia Zollo 6 months ago +3

    Great Chopin, The Genius!
    Beautiful Romantic piano music!

  • Shari Stojevich
    Shari Stojevich 6 months ago +1

    I love this so much! It is comforting to the spirit when there is nothing visually or audibly that can be found. Wondering if you can make one with more inclusion of bright white light?

  • Amarilis Mogollon
    Amarilis Mogollon 6 months ago

    Si,para relajarse, dedicarse a actividades de concentración. !

  • Cesar Augusto Ossa Restrepo

    Es increíble que no valoren estos videos tan maravillosos y elaborados con tantísima sensibilidad. Gracias por permitirme sentir el placer de escuchar tan bellas melodías.

  • 北川恵
    北川恵 7 months ago +1

    amaging chopin, long belibing music, brain music

  • Edward Broni Boahene
    Edward Broni Boahene 7 months ago +3

    Fantastic classical piano music by one of the best ever lived pianist

  • Valentina Gaida
    Valentina Gaida 7 months ago +2

    It is Chopin, really. Thanks God!!!)))))))

  • Louise Puckett
    Louise Puckett 7 months ago +1

    New favorite mix ~ Thank you!

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