Gordon Ramsay Loves This Restaurant

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  • Gordon talks about eating at a famous Austin restaurant called Franklin’s BBQ and reveals why he’s never taken a to go bag until his visit there.

    Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition #2 tvclip.org/video/XvgnOqcCYCM/

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    Gordon Ramsay Loves This Restaurant
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Comments: 465

  • glen noval
    glen noval 15 hours ago

    To be roasted by this is my life long dream

  • Jas 911
    Jas 911 3 days ago +1

    and he is broke

  • Ludi Mikser
    Ludi Mikser 6 days ago

    Come to Serbia and Balkan to try barbecue, than judge! :D

  • pseudochef07
    pseudochef07 7 days ago

    Remember, Gordon HATES AIRLINE FOOD. If I too wanted to eat Franklin BBQ after a long haul flight, I wouldn't eat too. Don't get me wrong, I am not a hater of airline food.

  • Brian Arabie
    Brian Arabie 7 days ago

    TEXAN BBQ is the best. Not American. KC style sux

  • Catherine Heathcliff
    Catherine Heathcliff 11 days ago


  • magnmadsen
    magnmadsen 22 days ago

    lol...."the weather"....Likely excuse!

  • Robert Nesy
    Robert Nesy Month ago

    No place and I mean NOOOO PLACE is worth waiting 6 hours even half that to sit down and eat. I hate popular names that make people wait a long time to eat. Im from new york and everyone raves over peter lugers. Biiiig fuckin deal. It's a freakin steakhouse that serves overpriced cuts of meat.

  • Gelou Trinidad
    Gelou Trinidad Month ago

    1 millionth view 😂😂😂

  • Alex Carrasco
    Alex Carrasco Month ago

    That how we Texans THROW DOWN

  • ndoto9
    ndoto9 Month ago

    jesus, jimmy is like a ak47 mini; just doesn't stop talking at Gordan

    TRELAWNY Month ago


  • Adolfo Carvalho
    Adolfo Carvalho Month ago

    American BBQ tastes awful. I'm Brazil and I hate to admit but Argentina has the best BBQ in the world! That's the only place on earth you can have a proper BBQ.

    • Htx457
      Htx457 Month ago

      Adolfo Carvalho .. American bbq? this isn't American bbq. it's Texas bbq. And you've never had this one. But whatever makes you feel better lol

  • Con Rar
    Con Rar Month ago

    I can taste that sweet high (60?) fps

  • Dinopolese Sharkosaur

    nice shout out! ;)

  • scalezygren
    scalezygren Month ago


  • Hunter -
    Hunter - Month ago

    As an American I've never heard of calling a to go bag a doggie bag

  • Diego Savage
    Diego Savage 2 months ago

    Why bother to mute Gordon when he swears? He's not just known for being a good chef you know..

  • Anthony Treminio
    Anthony Treminio 2 months ago +1


  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 2 months ago +3

    I'm here at Franklins right now 2am and waiting

  • Emile Collins
    Emile Collins 2 months ago

    I don't care who you are or where you're from, nothing beats a South African braai!

    • Htx457
      Htx457 Month ago

      Emile Collins I don't care what you say. Texas has the command on this

  • Dy T
    Dy T 2 months ago

    Thought this pain-in-the-rear Simon wannabe did not like anything.

  • bastiaan0741
    bastiaan0741 2 months ago +1

    6 hour line. madness!

    • Htx457
      Htx457 Month ago

      bastiaan0741 ... And people still don't get it.. there must be something great if the lines are continuous. And everyone from all over comes. But I always find it funny. how people can cone to a video like this and start talking about how, Oh yeah, you've never had bbq from here and there... And then proceed to say " American bbq sucks "... when in all honesty, there is a majorly huge difference between American bbq and Texas bbq. That's just factual.... That being said. being from Texas and having had a lot of good bbq that's not Franklin's, there's no way I'm standing in line for 6 hrs

  • Царъ Самуилъ

    Bulgarian BBQ is better lol... many countries have better BBQ.

    Americans are just good at covering everything in sauce, ruining the natural flavours.

    • Htx457
      Htx457 Month ago

      Царъ Самуилъ Nope not Franklin's. you know nothing of Bbq in Texas. Franklin is not someone who uses sauce for his briskets or other things either. it's there on the side if you like, but as Franklin said. with good bbq you don't need sauce.

  • [insert username]
    [insert username] 2 months ago


  • Lol A
    Lol A 2 months ago

    "America the Mecca" so disgraceful

  • mmgpa2580
    mmgpa2580 2 months ago

    Want an amazing barbecue? Come to Argentina

  • C
    C 3 months ago

    Well my ham sandwich seems a lot crappier now

  • LouieV6
    LouieV6 3 months ago

    Is it possible to get sexually aroused by Gordon yelling directly at you? Asking for research purposes...😉

  • Jack Blackwell
    Jack Blackwell 3 months ago

    They let Obama cut the line. I wonder if he would let Trump.

    • Stormy Kopa
      Stormy Kopa 2 months ago

      Obama cut the line because he was busy and had somewhere to be. Also, he paid for the meals of everyone else in line.

  • Jack Blackwell
    Jack Blackwell 3 months ago

    I grew up in old school Austin. We don't stand in lines. I did buy Franklin's Book and learn from him though and can smoke my own mean Brisket. Plus Micklethwaits is two blocks away and is amazing too.

  • Jose Rovirosa
    Jose Rovirosa 3 months ago

    Argentina BBQ > American BBQ....anyday anytime

  • Brosales1414
    Brosales1414 3 months ago

    Salt lick is better

  • Nadeem Khalifeh
    Nadeem Khalifeh 3 months ago


  • sg1nikos
    sg1nikos 4 months ago

    "doggy bag".... you mean "give up box".

  • The Cat in the Cradle
    The Cat in the Cradle 4 months ago

    Fwank is a vewy lazy cook. He never even fwys the eggplant anymore. My muda and fatha fwy the eggplant.

  • Franz Isley
    Franz Isley 4 months ago

    jimmy needs to stop interuppiting people

  • David Evans
    David Evans 4 months ago

    Those slices of generic supermarket white bread look YUM YUM YUMMY.

  • fulbuter aaa
    fulbuter aaa 4 months ago

    his face looks like a ballsack

  • Renee
    Renee 5 months ago

    I don't understand why he doesn't correct him about the English thing

  • MyShreddedSanity
    MyShreddedSanity 5 months ago

    Kimmel, shut up and let the man finish a sentence!

  • caleb0286
    caleb0286 5 months ago

    Killen's is better than Franklin's

  • CheckAvialablity
    CheckAvialablity 5 months ago

    shut up and let him speak jimmy

  • Cuffs
    Cuffs 5 months ago

    False. They let obama cut in line.

  • DarthRushy
    DarthRushy 5 months ago

    Grey hair looks good on him.

  • ItsGrizzly
    ItsGrizzly 5 months ago

    The way he does that spinning motion with it hands over his legs makes him look like a kid lol

  • Squeaker Squad 2.0
    Squeaker Squad 2.0 5 months ago +1

    Aussie bbq is great too

  • Jk
    Jk 5 months ago


  • Ms Zavala
    Ms Zavala 5 months ago

    Get me to a Gordon Ramsey Rehab facility, Cannot stop watching his shows! Lord help me, Gordon has a show EVERYWHERE 😍 online!

  • Arnuuld
    Arnuuld 5 months ago +1

    No one commented on the fact that he brought some of this BBQ food to his driver?
    That's a nice gesture! :)

  • Orange Lemon
    Orange Lemon 6 months ago

    So, he brings food for his driver, and not for his camera man?😡🤔

  • Aya
    Aya 6 months ago

    Americans, Arabs, and Koreans have the best barbecue, hands down.

  • Lily Alvzz
    Lily Alvzz 6 months ago

    Brazilian bbq >>>>>>>>>>>

  • Maria Huynh
    Maria Huynh 6 months ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay has more wrinkles than I have friends... 😂😂

  • Cringe Master10245
    Cringe Master10245 6 months ago

    K BBQ

  • Nick A.
    Nick A. 6 months ago

    I suppose it would be difficult to have a proper smokehouse in the UK.

  • expostfactum
    expostfactum 6 months ago +2

    Get it right Jimmy. It's not "American" BBQ. It's TEXAS BBQ!

  • HanaChiiSan
    HanaChiiSan 6 months ago

    I wonder if Gordon has ever come to Brazil and eaten "bbq" here (churrasco)

  • muzdaa
    muzdaa 6 months ago

    Did he say meka?

  • Taoran Shen
    Taoran Shen 7 months ago

    but does he eat ass tho

  • klj2382
    klj2382 7 months ago

    I live in Austin, it's not that good. I can think of at least 4 BBQ places better than this one

  • TheHonestjbone
    TheHonestjbone 7 months ago

    I went to franklins when he was still smoking outback and it's still to this day the warmest atmosphere and greatest tasting BBQ I've had in my life. I even met Aaron himself and took me outback and in the kitchen, showed me around


  • Coleman1021
    Coleman1021 7 months ago

    guy fieri is a beast

  • Nico O S
    Nico O S 7 months ago

    Argentinian bbq is the best

  • James Dooling
    James Dooling 7 months ago +1

    We drive an hour north to Austin to stand in line for two hours for Franklin's once a month... It IS that good.

  • a88304
    a88304 7 months ago

    Best BBQ is in KC

  • numbnuts
    numbnuts 8 months ago

    You know the food is good when Gordon Ramsay loves it

  • Anirudh
    Anirudh 8 months ago

    Sounds great! Would they be racist to brown people though? Don't wanna get shot by some redneck

  • Okay sure.
    Okay sure. 8 months ago

    Aww.. He looks absolutely terrifying in his tv shows. But deep inside he's just such a sweetheart.

  • culturecypher
    culturecypher 9 months ago +8

    i wonder who would win a fight; gordon ramsay or the 2 crazies from amys baking company?

    • Jamie Jordan
      Jamie Jordan 8 months ago

      culturecypher Gordon did win remember when he walked away on there on Kitchen Nightmares? Even he knew that they can't function as humans,he doesn't have time to deal with an inbred gangster wanna be . It was about 3yrs ago I think. And Amys Baking is no longer in business. Crazy people make for good TV but not good for restaurant ownership.

  • David Lu
    David Lu 9 months ago

    Well if u Chinese u take all your leftovers ahahaha

  • Taiga Degurechaff
    Taiga Degurechaff 9 months ago

    I always drive by Franklins but i never go there because the line is always ridiculous. Though I'd love to try it

  • Janelle Hernandez
    Janelle Hernandez 9 months ago

    Whoop Austin Tx rep baby 😍

  • Helgali
    Helgali 9 months ago

    There are other places in the world that cook meat for hours too. Ramsay should "Antony Bourdain" more.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 9 months ago +3

    Gordon is so happy with himself for cutting the line. Haha

  • Yum!Yum! Food Network
    Yum!Yum! Food Network 9 months ago +7

    See the complete interview on our channel in HD guys! 😊

    Subscribe too, if you are a foodie and Gordon's fan 😉

  • adrenaline
    adrenaline 9 months ago +1

    This Gordon guy will never have his own TV show, he's just a mediocre YouTube cook.  Yawn.

  • boy638
    boy638 9 months ago

    0:25 did the host ask about his swimming technique or something? Lol

  • The KrOOb
    The KrOOb 9 months ago

    Gordon never comes to Portugal... :(

  • Perpetual Mandelbrot
    Perpetual Mandelbrot 9 months ago

    Barbeque is best in Australia, hands down!

  • IOPrivateye
    IOPrivateye 9 months ago

    Australian barbecue is better

  • Ramsey Headrick
    Ramsey Headrick 9 months ago

    salt lick superiority

  • elizabluekitty
    elizabluekitty 9 months ago

    The doggy bag thing cracked me up. My parents are from London (I was born in the US) so every time I take food to go from a restaurant my dad makes some comment about it being either gross or uncivilized. I often have to point out how portions in restaurants in London are smaller and therefore feasible to consume in one sitting, whereas many restaurants here serve way too much food for me to finish in one sitting and I hate wasting food.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 9 months ago +1

    They don't call them doggy bags anywhere lol

  • Gaj B
    Gaj B 9 months ago

    Yeah the weather sucks and our Meat is very expensive and small, in the US I remember them basically slapping down half a Cow on my plate and calling it a Steak... I couldn't even finish half of it.... bit of a waste come to think of it.

  • AngryTypingGuy27
    AngryTypingGuy27 9 months ago

    ABC + Ramsay. A perplexing mix

    HAY VAN 9 months ago

    yo F*ck the new xbox one S

  • Semilore Adeoluwa
    Semilore Adeoluwa 9 months ago

    yassss i live in Austin!!!

  • joe jackson
    joe jackson 9 months ago

    this dude is a straight up pimp!

  • Ray
    Ray 9 months ago

    the rest of the world also has barbeque, it might be as well known to US, but we do have our own versions of it...

    • Chum Krimson
      Chum Krimson 8 months ago

      By barbecue, do you mean grilling? Cause that's what most people do. American Southern barbecue is slow cooked.

    • Jamie Jordan
      Jamie Jordan 8 months ago

      TheHurricaneJedi Try one with a vinegar base or mustard base. The midwest has less sweet BBQ in my experience, but I prefer sweet. Anything with honey, molasses or brown sugar on it and I'm all over it. Or make friends with people who have a family recipe. I don't know anyone who actually buys BBQ sauce everyone has their own family sauce. I've been to a few BBQ places where you're allowed to bring your own BBQ sauce. There's so many various types, you can eat a different styles all over the country.

    • TheHurricaneJedi
      TheHurricaneJedi 9 months ago

      +Ray Not all is sweet, most places that try replicate it lather it in sauce. True BBQ doesn't even need sauce most of the time. The sauce is what sweetens it up

    • Ray
      Ray 9 months ago

      A bit too sweet for my taste

  • Joey McCarthy
    Joey McCarthy 9 months ago

    He isn't looking as craggily as usual...Botox?!

  • Nullveer
    Nullveer 9 months ago

    "I will take it home inside me."

  • Karl Blakney
    Karl Blakney 9 months ago +1


  • Caitlin Langsner
    Caitlin Langsner 9 months ago

    The censor must have had fun with him on here... love it!

  • jermster17
    jermster17 9 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel says that they don't let anyone cut through the lines, they certainly let Obama do that when he visited there in July of 2014.

  • irishbushes11
    irishbushes11 9 months ago

    look. Look. LOOK! LOOK!!! LOOOOOOK!!!!!!

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 9 months ago +4

    Pretty nice rating to be the only restaurant where I've asked for a to go bag.. Now, BACK TO FOOD PREP YOU DONKEYS!

    • Pamela Mathis
      Pamela Mathis 9 months ago

      A doggie bag for your driver. Couldn't buy his own meal? Jk. Love you

  • matt S
    matt S 9 months ago

    I see these xbox1 slim commercials, and they lie to you. it is not the only system with her and no, it does not have over 100 exclusives

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