Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder and Christina Hoff Sommers at UMass

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  • Steven, Based Mom and I went out to UMass for The Triggering, a three way talk about political correctness going too far. SJWs in the crowd spend the better part of an hour and a half proving us right. Probably my most outragous show to date, thanks for having us out!
    [Glorious High Def from our kind UMass College Republican hosts]
    [Tank Top Cucks]
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  • LegendSlayer77
    LegendSlayer77 3 hours ago

    Christina Sommers is actually favorite XD sexy, dainty, and VERY intelligent

  • Curious Cracker
    Curious Cracker 4 hours ago

    Just twenty years ago one would have been taken out by the other audience members for this rudeness, at the very least taken out in cuffs. Today any twat can run their cocksucker till hell won't have it an get hive fives from likeminded twats. In case you misunderstood I refer to the left,dems,fems as Twats.

  • Johnny D,
    Johnny D, 8 hours ago

    After seeing this last year I noticed just how different the left was than what I thought I knew. After a few months of really looking into the reality of the situation, I took the red pill and never looked back.

  • Templar Enforcer
    Templar Enforcer 13 hours ago

    they mentioned... george carlin <3

  • Sebastian Orozco
    Sebastian Orozco 15 hours ago

    See what I'm wondering is how Milo can say that he is terrified of Muslims because they are against gay sex, when conservatives are the exact same and are against gay marriage being legal. He then goes on to talk about Sharia Law when one of the rights stances is that we are a Christian nation and creationism should be taught in all schools.

  • Templar Enforcer
    Templar Enforcer 15 hours ago

    i agree with 99% of the things milo said, but i think he's hypocritical on the muslim part, like he said, freedom of expression is okay, if muslims believe in dogshit things, that's what they can do, which they do. so unless they bomb you i don't see why theyre not allowed to say the bullshit they say

  • lynda lowe
    lynda lowe Day ago

    Blazing Saddles would have started a riot among these groups.

  • Shawn Quinones
    Shawn Quinones 2 days ago

    The sad thing is that nobody wanted to hear what these people were saying. They just wanted to heckle or hear themselves talk . . . .If you didn't want to listen then why would you waste a part of your day . . . . seems like there would be more important things all of these people could be doing. . . . . .

  • don guyton
    don guyton 2 days ago

    Milo slapped them down when he talked about how utterly rude they were.

  • Chipsareidle
    Chipsareidle 3 days ago +1

    All 3 of these people, chistina, milo, and crowder, are amazing people. They bring a voice to men and shed light on the organization of hell that is feminism. Love you guys!

  • Anewlevel
    Anewlevel 3 days ago

    Trigglypuff is a screeching pile of sweaty cellulite.

    Let Sommers talk, she is a real feminist liberal and both of those used to be good things. She is showing those fucking stains how a woman conducts herself, and those shapeless hags can't stand stable, intelligent women.
    And they brought their balding cucks... -shudder.

    Crowder was the fuckin man at this thing, I never saw the whole thing before.

  • Priyanka C
    Priyanka C 3 days ago

    I love this fucking twink

  • Aysa
    Aysa 3 days ago

    (Being from Massachusetts myself) it males total sense that this reaction and heckling was at a UMass school, may i ask which one??

  • Lerian V
    Lerian V 4 days ago

    So much trigger in this video 😂😂

  • S. Saraswati
    S. Saraswati 4 days ago

    Shut those fucking interjectors up.
    Fuck them. Carry them out or tape their mouths. If they had the education, life experience and public respectability and popularity to be on the stage, THEN they would have a right to speak. They deal is: some people are invited to speak on a stage; the others are invited to listen in the hall. Get it right children. Couldn't stand it anymore.
    I stopped watching at just 6 mins.

  • siikver
    siikver 4 days ago

    "you're triggering another dog!" dead

  • Randy Nelion
    Randy Nelion 6 days ago

    Just shoot them....and that dumb ugly fat bitch

  • Randy Nelion
    Randy Nelion 6 days ago


  • Charles Gomes
    Charles Gomes 6 days ago

    Milo, Buddy, I'm with you so greatly. But a little understanding, buddy, for the guy whose friend was rightfully emotional when his friend got beaten up by a loser. You went too far by insulting him personally. Besides buddy you have that gift for understanding nuances, the nuance here being that he was beaten by a loser and you should have called it out. Just 'understanding' is seen as 'compassion' and I've seen you have that 'gift so glorious'. Besides, we can condemn what Islam and it's founder Muhammad teach, while still also condemning this particular violence, and in fact by dint of the commonality. By the way, for any muslims who will be commenting now based on my condemnation of Islamic teaching, and for any others who think I am a Islam apologist, I am a Catholic from Pakistan who is indebted to some muslims, greatly. Thanks Milo and God Bless you more! & God Bless us all.

  • Jaden
    Jaden 6 days ago

    What a milf

  • Jaden
    Jaden 6 days ago


  • Gavin Hudkins
    Gavin Hudkins 6 days ago

    The mediator is like the one person in your friend group who is completely against doing anything fun

  • June28July
    June28July 6 days ago

    They're at a university? I thought universities were supposed to be liberal dens that oppressed conservatives?

  • Nathaniel Smith
    Nathaniel Smith 7 days ago

    Someone put a pizza in that fat ulgy bitch screaming.

  • Ally Schmidt
    Ally Schmidt 7 days ago

    As a white cis Christian woman I'm scared for the future of America

  • british beef
    british beef 7 days ago

    fat chick looked funny when she jiggled

  • Tom Byrne
    Tom Byrne 7 days ago

    All these sexist men shouting over that woman and not allowing her to speak.

  • Name Given
    Name Given 7 days ago

    Goddamn, they can't get them kicked the fuck out?

  • alflex621
    alflex621 7 days ago

    It's fascinating how there's someone making a loud comment every 5 seconds. literally, every 5 seconds. What a sad group of people.

  • senor frog
    senor frog 8 days ago


    so glad i finished university already....

    you people turned what should be the most fun years of your yet young lives ... into a sexless safespace.


  • renfield2020
    renfield2020 8 days ago

    Colleges and universities should be a hot bet of debate, discussion and argument.What is the fucking western world coming to?
    Let everybody have their say. If the left are so convinced that they are correct why do they refuse to let anybody they do not agree with speak. Let everybody have their say and then destroy their arguments.... oh wait, perhaps you cant!!

  • TheWorstType
    TheWorstType 8 days ago

    I'm a proud liberal democrat- but have always believed in respectful debate and keeping an open mind. Everything Milo said about sunlight and open discussion is accurate. I was horrified and embarrassed at that repugnant behavior of those students. My credit to the panel for keeping their cool- what a disgusting hypocritical display of immaturity from "SJWs". The points Christina and Milo made were true, thought-provoking and well said. My hats off for their patience.

  • Beedbit
    Beedbit 9 days ago


  • Chris Kienle
    Chris Kienle 9 days ago

    Wow, the feminists in the audience are bizarre! Is this a joke? Are there really nut-jobs like that out there?

  • Brinerix The Fag
    Brinerix The Fag 9 days ago

    Now I know where that infamous Phrase came from

  • Ryan 77
    Ryan 77 9 days ago

    After watching this video, I don't think I have ever missed Christopher Hitchens as much in my life. This crowd was insane, and Hitchens would never have stood for it. How can you ever expect to learn anything, or counter your opponents arguments if you just shout over them all the time?

  • seejanego
    seejanego 9 days ago

    I wish they had something like this at my school

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts 10 days ago

    Typical humans, they take something, and fuck it up

  • Dandy Dank
    Dandy Dank 10 days ago

    The moderator pissed me off more than the hecklers.

  • first name last name
    first name last name 10 days ago

    I feel bad for your shit country. are fucked

  • Audiokalypz
    Audiokalypz 10 days ago

    politics or correctness .... choose one :-D

  • Gladness James
    Gladness James 10 days ago


  • e taj
    e taj 11 days ago

    Came here for the laughs xD

  • Abhishek Das
    Abhishek Das 11 days ago

    great video.

  • The Molynator
    The Molynator 12 days ago

    What sjw cunts lol these kids in college are such fucking babies. Grow the fuck up

  • The One True Morty
    The One True Morty 12 days ago

    My mom is a feminist and she caught me watching this. I got grounded and when I went to comfort her about my opinions on things she told me to talk to my father and shut me down

  • The Greenman
    The Greenman 12 days ago

    The best part was in the last 5 mins of the video. Milo hit the nail on the head regarding why in the U.S. we see nice, middle class muslims that are westernized vs. the insane, child raping, murdering muslims that came from Syria that invaded Germany.

  • ProducerOM
    ProducerOM 13 days ago

    Another SJW screeeeeeech session ruining discussion. I love it. The death of the SJW brainwash.

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy 13 days ago

    it pains me to hear my own family defend Islam, but just as you said Milo, there are 2 Muslims. Ones who actually practice Islam and ones who hold only to the traditions of Islam and do not actually practice Islam as it is written. The latter are welcome because they assimilate and don't want Sharia law. As Crowder said, Islam is not just a religion. It is a system of government and law that seeks to put that system into place as promised to them in the Quran by their Prophet Muhammad.

  • Fritha71
    Fritha71 13 days ago

    Hahah, funny stuff at 1:28:53, when Steven Crowder states some facts about Muhammed and the Muslim who kept interrupting and shouting leaves. The truth hurts...!

  • Cole Sandick
    Cole Sandick 13 days ago +1

    I am disgusted by some of the thing lately milo and crowder have said, and I definitely don't see eye to eye with them politically, but I have to say, I agree with them on this one. Pc especially on the campus has gone too far. Modern feminism is overblown. People need thicker skin sometimes: I was embarrassed as a fellow liberal to see how foolish and immature these protesters and interrupters are

  • John Bluebeard
    John Bluebeard 14 days ago +1

    Millennials are largely idiotic. Millennial feminists are idiotic, rude and uncivilized. It seems that Millennials looked around for a cause to support, and they discovered that the only avenue for distinguishing themselves was to take the 60s agenda to an outrageous extreme, so outrageous it's almost unrecognizable.

  • Lance The Host
    Lance The Host 14 days ago +1

    How many people can recognize trigglypuffs voice in the background? 😂

  • mark dishmon
    mark dishmon 14 days ago

    why does the one guy who invited them there keep cutting them off

  • Follower of the Holy Kek

    "Christina debunking the wage cap" Thats fucking racist!!!

  • Follower of the Holy Kek

    I dont give a flying fuck what opinions people have or what part of the political spectrum they see themselves at, if you cant handle the fact that people have different opinions than you and you feel the need to stop them from speaking because it could "hurt" your feelings or the feelings of others then you are a disgusting person and a parasite to society.

  • yashfernandojain
    yashfernandojain 15 days ago

    I wish they wrote subtitiles from the audience

  • Andrew Zhao
    Andrew Zhao 15 days ago

    Any idea what the guy said at 9:20?

  • Connor Tessier
    Connor Tessier 16 days ago

    4:25 21:11 58:57

  • Curtis Awesome
    Curtis Awesome 16 days ago

    #trigglypuff also nice 360p quality

  • Saffron Maverick
    Saffron Maverick 16 days ago

    Crowder opening act was "Bomb" He killed these fibrals

  • Justin Boyer
    Justin Boyer 16 days ago

    Its like the liberals in this crowd where actually scared to hear what she was saying because logic points cause "syntax error" to liberals, seems to me they shouldn't have come if that's not the case. I think alot of these people are comforted felt like their are no longer alone once they heard some of these points the speakers are making. I understand 100% why trump was elected after hearing the hecklers in this lector.

  • Cake Batter
    Cake Batter 16 days ago

    This happened on my birthday!!! I'm so happy!!!

  • Prasanth Valsan
    Prasanth Valsan 16 days ago

    This is the origin story of Trigglypuff.

  • bring back /mlpol/
    bring back /mlpol/ 16 days ago

    anyone have the time for trigglypuff?

  • Lucas Soto
    Lucas Soto 17 days ago

    28:11 Fuck me sideways... what. a. savage

  • Christian Kopet
    Christian Kopet 17 days ago

    Steven was freaking savage in this video

  • Ramis Ramis
    Ramis Ramis 17 days ago

    I'm so glad I missed this sort of shit in school and college. I think I missed it by like a few years .. I would have been arrested.

  • Oscar Dunning
    Oscar Dunning 17 days ago

    Am I the only one to notice trigglypuffs "Boo!" sounds more like "Moo!"?

  • Primordial Pete
    Primordial Pete 17 days ago

    But here's the thing Milo, they are afraid of their own rhetoric, they are afraid that in a free debate environment they will lose which is why they scream hate speech to shun free speech.

    This is why liberal outlets don't always bring anti-leftist speakers who are good at speaking and have facts with them.

  • Nate yolo2005
    Nate yolo2005 18 days ago


  • Gavin Brochu
    Gavin Brochu 18 days ago

    Milo there is this girl at my school who is a lesbian who turned Muslim and she still says she is lesbian I don't think she realizes she would get killed if she went to an Islamic country

  • Albin shrestha
    Albin shrestha 18 days ago

    Compare these panelists to the feminists at vidcon..... God bless these people

  • Robert Granger
    Robert Granger 18 days ago

    Safe spaces make me laugh, as these libtards don't believe in borders

  • ComradeMark
    ComradeMark 18 days ago

    I wish the heckles were subtitled.

  • gollum
    gollum 18 days ago


  • the Iron wolverine
    the Iron wolverine 19 days ago

    I would have loved to have been there

  • Chronic Patriot
    Chronic Patriot 19 days ago

    The hecklers are annoying, but the 3 of you handled them well. Love when humor is a method to shutdown rudeness and lack of courtesy. Giving it back to the liberals who can't think for themselves in humor is the best weapon. #StandingO

  • Szilárd Szécsi
    Szilárd Szécsi 19 days ago

    Am I the only one, who despite, her age, finds Christina extremely sexy, and would smash the absolute shit out of her?

  • Potent Truth
    Potent Truth 20 days ago

    Three absolutely brilliant speakers

  • Potent Truth
    Potent Truth 20 days ago

    THIS is absolute GOLD.

  • Malibu
    Malibu 21 day ago

    very good

  • Malibu
    Malibu 21 day ago

    crowder is great

  • Tankmaster 1944
    Tankmaster 1944 21 day ago

    Am reading Milo's book RN, and wanted a look at this infamous scene. I have not been disappointed in coming to this video.

  • its yadig
    its yadig 21 day ago

    i live near umass. i wish i knew about this

  • James John
    James John 21 day ago

    Wow the level of stupidity of these students is intense. It is refreshing to hear intellectuals destroying them.

  • Reich B
    Reich B 22 days ago

    I love these 3 beautifull persons!

  • Cyrus-7
    Cyrus-7 22 days ago

    Sadly, this sjw college BullShit still exists

  • Grant Smith
    Grant Smith 22 days ago

    :48 - :50 How to end any femminism debate

  • The Low IQ Liberal
    The Low IQ Liberal 22 days ago +3

    If those leftist idiots stopped bitching this whole thing would have only been an hour.

  • I'm an American
    I'm an American 22 days ago +1

    So how did Trigglypuff move from the camera showing the crowd before 25:00 and then the next one she left the seat

  • Silver X
    Silver X 22 days ago +1

    At 5:53 you can hear trigglypuff's epic meltdown

    • Silver X
      Silver X 22 days ago

      Aka "keep your hate speech off this campus"

  • Timothy Coney
    Timothy Coney 23 days ago

    sad times when people are afraid of hearing other people's opinions....symptoms of a closed mind. Wish I could see a lecture like this on my campus! Love how the uninformed students got shutdown!

  • lewi5676
    lewi5676 23 days ago +1

    35:34 This fucking retard literally has his fingers in his ears. Like holy fucking shit, if these people continue to increase in numbers, and god fucking forbid they get a grasp on me and start to indoctrinate me, please, some one, anyone, i beg of you

    Put a fucking bullet in me. DO NOT let me turn and become one of the walking undead mindless fucking morons that are spreading faster than any Re-animation virus ive ever seen in any book, film or video game.

    • Tankmaster 1944
      Tankmaster 1944 21 day ago

      lewi5676- we will be the majority soon and SJWs like those morons will become extinct. Listen to Milo if you want an estimate on feminism's expiration date

    • lewi5676
      lewi5676 23 days ago

      I mean for fuck sake, i wont even buy a movie ticket incase i hate the movie and have to walk out of the theater. I wait for the dvd or it to be uploaded online, so i can talk, criticise or even turn it off, at my own leisure. I am not religious, so i do not enter any place of worship, because i know i wont agree with or believe what i hear.

      Why in the fuck would you willingly expose yourself to something you know you wont enjoy and will want to get angry to the point of screaming? Going for an intellectual debate of these ideals is one thing, but if you know you're just going to be a twat, stay at fucking home. Or just leave. Dont wait till half an hour into it then walk out with your fingers in your ears. Its like milo keeps asking. Do these people know who they were coming to see?

  • zebrastar 204
    zebrastar 204 23 days ago

    feminism is orc culture

    YOU ARE AWESOME 23 days ago

    Why these gay people start acting different to show everyone that now they are gay? Whoever they fuck, Can't they just behave like normal person???

  • Jeremy Sharp
    Jeremy Sharp 24 days ago

    MILO I have heard of you by name only. Knew nothing about you. After watching this I'm very impressed by yourself.

  • Yoshifan9511
    Yoshifan9511 24 days ago +1


  • Andre Martins
    Andre Martins 24 days ago +1

    parents should start beating their kids again. Spoiled fucking idiots

  • DivineMissMelMel
    DivineMissMelMel 24 days ago

    It's Triggly Puff!

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