10 North Korea SECRETS Finally Revealed!

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  • top 10 amazing facts about North Korea
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  • Council of Normistan

    If kim had a wife, she would be crushed before she can even see him

  • #BlurryBoyZ
    #BlurryBoyZ 4 days ago +1

    My Great Great Godfather can piss further than Kim's nukes.

    He's even dead btw.

  • Green Tiger
    Green Tiger 6 days ago

    the fat fucks hairline IS a dirty bomb!

  • Alex Newbury
    Alex Newbury 8 days ago

    1950 to 1953

  • the InSiDeRs
    the InSiDeRs 9 days ago

    i wanna cut his head off

  • cpt tom 05s gaming
    cpt tom 05s gaming 10 days ago

    1950 to 1953

  • Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag
    Prof.Dr.Dibendu Nag 18 days ago


  • Fandom Things
    Fandom Things 18 days ago

    Close enough

  • Fandom Things
    Fandom Things 18 days ago

    The Korean War took place from 1956 to 1959?

  • Wayne Wedderburn
    Wayne Wedderburn 21 day ago

    psalm 34!116;119;1-150

  • luuk010FEY !
    luuk010FEY ! 23 days ago +1

    i dropt dirty bombs as well on the toilet 😂

  • Saviør Øf The Brøken

    This was posted on my birthday

  • Pentcho Rouynekov
    Pentcho Rouynekov 25 days ago +1

    All parades are to convince the enemy who they are. But
    their Hits will be deadly serious. The soldiers and arms will be used mostly
    when they take over South Korea and Japan and rule them forever. All can be
    expected , they wont be shy.

  • wyatt dear
    wyatt dear 25 days ago

    it's not a state it's a country

  • Mehran Latif
    Mehran Latif 26 days ago

    how can they hack when they dont have internet and have very poor tech

  • Ola Perch
    Ola Perch 27 days ago

    By what right, might I ask, did they "seize" a sovereign ship in international waters? Lol, getting so carried away with propaganda and inadvertently slipping in a sentence that shows who the real bad bullies of the world are!

  • tri spin
    tri spin 28 days ago


  • David Penn
    David Penn 29 days ago

    guess how much kimmie weighs about ten female admirers

  • Obey Snowi
    Obey Snowi 29 days ago

    North Korea can be destroyed in minutes by the UN because n. Korea is small

  • Capt. Arch
    Capt. Arch 1 month ago

    They korean War was in june 25 ,1950. and it ended in july 27, 1953 god im a war nerd

  • Kawii lunaworld
    Kawii lunaworld 1 month ago

    You know what if I ever invent a item that will help me fight and many other skills.I would travel to North Korea and take over it and destroy all the evil item
    I will make peace then I will make south korea and north korea in ONE KOREA.I will teach all the people how nice all of the other people outside of North Kora are.
    I will give all the people food and rich farming space and clean water,etc.AND YEA😃😃

  • Silvermoon Violette
    Silvermoon Violette 1 month ago

    country of f******ing pigs

  • hankin vo
    hankin vo 1 month ago

    June 25 1950

  • ZOHAIR Zubair
    ZOHAIR Zubair 1 month ago


  • zainal abidin
    zainal abidin 1 month ago

    are u really sure this all correct and not some. kind of humors..

  • Killer Doubleshot Pro
    Killer Doubleshot Pro 1 month ago

    6:38 women have the original or korean version of good old soviet PPSH - 43 used in WW2. That's why we should be aware of the most advanced army in the world

  • Adasek S
    Adasek S 1 month ago

    Oh my god, this bitch blabbers for 70 seconds until the video begins.

  • Chris Kleinschmit
    Chris Kleinschmit 1 month ago


  • Connor Simon
    Connor Simon 1 month ago

    If North Korean hackers are so good why cant you just make a system which gives Kim Jong Un an account which gets North Korea dollars and other currency.

  • The Dovey ParkChop
    The Dovey ParkChop 1 month ago

    Omg I've been to that place in China where the scene at 1:15 is

  • Jona Tikomailepanoni
    Jona Tikomailepanoni 1 month ago

    HOW do you know all of this😗

  • nuke2627
    nuke2627 1 month ago

    Easy, the Korean War lasted 3 years, from 1950 until 1953

  • Jia Liang
    Jia Liang 1 month ago

    North Korea and Soviet Union are huge shames to human civilization, catastrophes to modern peace. Now one of them are gone, and the other become shameless, waiting for people to eradicate it from the world.

  • Lizardish
    Lizardish 1 month ago

    Yeah, no duh they can make a dirty bomb. Anyone with a nuclear weapon can. THis isn't really a secret North Korea has been hiding and more of something people didn't know because all they care about is the word "nuclear".

    G FIGHTER 1 month ago

    June 25 1950 - July 27 1953

    MrDICKHEAD28 1 month ago


  • Firepuppy 101
    Firepuppy 101 1 month ago

    Lord have mercy, I am gland I don't live there. I feel sorry for the people that live there and, honestly, I really need to pray for them everyday. Cause they need it.

  • Yizheng Ji Gu
    Yizheng Ji Gu 1 month ago


  • Kakarot Cake
    Kakarot Cake 1 month ago

    Dear richest, no one gives a fuck about the quizzes. You're sincerely me

  • Monica Apre
    Monica Apre 1 month ago

    "secrets" how? did the north korea gouvernment pay you?

  • Nasrudin Mahat
    Nasrudin Mahat 1 month ago

    die die die North korea

  • David Penn
    David Penn 1 month ago +1

    kimmie you look ridiculous who dose make up your dead uncle and that laugh for god sake kimmie thats what mental people
    do i bet you throw a tantrum when dont get your way and is that true you cant fit in a car and push bikes are terrified of you.

  • Sagging Koala
    Sagging Koala 1 month ago +1

    Mother @$&! I said it was four years

  • Rayquaza
    Rayquaza 1 month ago +2

    Kim Jong un=FATASS!

  • jiwon kim
    jiwon kim 1 month ago +1

    my last name is kim but im from south cause the most last name in korea is
    kim kim is the smith of korea

  • JBcaptian
    JBcaptian 1 month ago

    why so much hate for quizzes? it shakes it up nicely

  • Dominic Eritano
    Dominic Eritano 1 month ago +2

    End the quizzes. I'll make my own 13 reason why show and this would be one of the reasons

  • Lego Ninjago animations !

    Anyone else think before he dies he will ask to nuke some were

  • Aaron Cyro
    Aaron Cyro 1 month ago +2

    Hacking? We all know North Korea's internet is over carrier pigeons.

  • Grumpymew 2
    Grumpymew 2 1 month ago

    Jul 25 1950-Jul 27 1953

  • Bhavana Paralkar
    Bhavana Paralkar 1 month ago

    how do u know all this

  • L R
    L R 2 months ago +1

    i pressed the sub button and unsubed

  • KIM Jong-un
    KIM Jong-un 2 months ago +2

    LIERS!!!! I NO HACK!!!!!!!

  • Areeb Ahmed
    Areeb Ahmed 2 months ago +1

    Just Stop The Funding!

  • Golden Freddy Gaming
    Golden Freddy Gaming 2 months ago

    the answer is 1960s

    TERMINATOR103 2 months ago

    The answer to the question is 1950-1953

  • Nana Nunee
    Nana Nunee 2 months ago

    strong country. that's good for them. leave alone.

    BLOWER THE GAMER 2 months ago +1

    i didnt know north Korea stole 81mil$ from Bangladesh. IAM FROM BANGLADESH

  • James Akili
    James Akili 2 months ago

    So much propaganda

  • JamieAaliyah Workmanvickers

    6:08 why are they wearing green as camouflage in a desert

  • JamieAaliyah Workmanvickers

    I already knew all this

  • RobertGaming
    RobertGaming 2 months ago

    North Korea wtf

  • Aidan Chao
    Aidan Chao 2 months ago


  • Association Of Flying Machines

    Their technology is out dated.

  • Cody Bigler
    Cody Bigler 2 months ago


  • Thomas Crockett
    Thomas Crockett 2 months ago

    1950 to 1953

  • Benjamin Lian
    Benjamin Lian 2 months ago

    No I don't agree as 100 Toyota cars will never be as good as a Bugatti Veyron

  • Soviet Russia
    Soviet Russia 2 months ago

    Ok ok we get it.... North Korea is good and the United States is evil

  • Klints Gaming
    Klints Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Dam yeah usa was strong in air there they had F-15's tomcat they have never been beaten in a fight or shot down

  • Kill Singh
    Kill Singh 2 months ago

    Kim Jong Un hah! he's doing great

  • Lucas Keen
    Lucas Keen 2 months ago

    my great grandfather fought in the Korean War

  • Adsonix [adx]
    Adsonix [adx] 2 months ago

    this video ends @ 15:15... Could it possibly mean North Koreans team up with Isis??? 😕😮

  • Hazzy Wolf Gt
    Hazzy Wolf Gt 2 months ago

    I bet the Leader of this 'North Korea' Place doesnt know hoe to Play Sims 4

  • Ulizes Ruiz
    Ulizes Ruiz 2 months ago

    1950 to 1953

  • CarelRBLX
    CarelRBLX 2 months ago


  • Ian Katz
    Ian Katz 2 months ago

    I would invest in the company that makes pantyhose for them, every woman wears them

  • Drake
    Drake 2 months ago

    1951 - 1953

  • carter Black
    carter Black 2 months ago


  • Sagun Sigdel
    Sagun Sigdel 2 months ago

    i hate kim jon

  • Joel Merino
    Joel Merino 2 months ago +1

    the korean war took place from 1950 to 1953.

  • Master Dan9
    Master Dan9 2 months ago


  • THE MARSHAL Pjnuke227
    THE MARSHAL Pjnuke227 2 months ago +1

    Korean War = 1950-1953

  • Taner ashik vlogs Taner

    5:19 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Erin Cosplays
    Erin Cosplays 2 months ago

    Eran= Iran. I'm crying.

  • GamingManiacs YT
    GamingManiacs YT 2 months ago +1

    The Korean War started in June 25 ,1950 to July 27,1953

  • Achintya Gupta
    Achintya Gupta 2 months ago

    1950 to now

  • Gonzalo Castillo
    Gonzalo Castillo 2 months ago

    if it secret how do you know about it

  • Clashing with Thunder
    Clashing with Thunder 2 months ago

    They dont give a shit to their people.

  • Clyde Oriño
    Clyde Oriño 2 months ago

    The Korean War took place in years 1950-1953

  • Matthew Fugate
    Matthew Fugate 2 months ago


  • Ben M
    Ben M 2 months ago

    sucks bitch

  • la vrai indienne
    la vrai indienne 2 months ago

    you fools, do nt you get it... Its a coverup... china might be supporting US as of now... but cannot be trusted for a longer time. It can change its stance any moment coz both china and NK are commies...

  • Spike Maurice-Jones
    Spike Maurice-Jones 2 months ago

    Plz stop w the quiz and subscribe thing at he start of he video it's so annoying

  • minde gaming Motiekaitis


  • Diop Family Houston
    Diop Family Houston 2 months ago


  • Crazy Otter
    Crazy Otter 2 months ago

    @##$@ North Korea

  • eifelitorn
    eifelitorn 2 months ago

    6:30 well feminists would love it there

  • Abdul Rahma Auf
    Abdul Rahma Auf 2 months ago

    with all this fact,US still send their armies to the north korean borders?
    wonder this info was true or just invented to hiding the true stories

  • ladd ladd
    ladd ladd 2 months ago


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