Dennis Prager: Media more of a threat than Russia

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  • Primero Ultimo
    Primero Ultimo 2 days ago

    "Western Civilization" is not under threat...enough with the mass hysteria.

  • Tony Kinppenberg
    Tony Kinppenberg 2 days ago

    you're right Fox News with it fake news is dangerous for USA

  • Maxim Amplikov
    Maxim Amplikov 3 days ago

    Ainsley Earhart is under-rated. Her eye-candy value alone justifies her presence. Her wholesome girl-next-door, cheerleader persona is a gift. Thank God she's not one of those barking-walrus-purple-hair-and-piercings feminists.

  • pipin3d
    pipin3d 4 days ago

    This guy is a nut bag.

  • blizte3
    blizte3 5 days ago

    fake news is worse danger and show they are traitors in every and all ways. as our lives mean nothing to media who goals are same as Nazis id in the 30's under their orders, like their allies were Muslims. we are the enemy to liberals and socialist democrat who only 10 percent to 20 percent voters, while most are opposite of these groups. they are the globalist too who want one world and Muslim as the leaders of god, while killing all others like Nazis did to the Jews. so all liberals and socialists and democrats shown their hand like all collages stand as well.

  • ザ・リバタリアン

    What does he mean by ''western civilization''? Why does he think Europe is the ssame as America? Russia is a European country, so Russia is a western country. What does he know about univeristies in Europe? Why does he think anything that happens in America also happens in Europe? What a stupid brainwashed neocon. And the last part.. oh god.. tell me ONE country that ''thanks god'' the American flag is there?

  • Dennae Dingler
    Dennae Dingler 7 days ago

    I agree with Mr Prager also. abc (not capitalized due to they don't deserve) news spoke this morning that the majority of the Americans hate & rate his progress as the lowest of any other President. That's not just fake that's worse, that's a LIE that is very dangerous.

  • So Cal
    So Cal 7 days ago +1

    I agree w/ Mr. Prager!

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen 7 days ago

    President Trump's tweets will be much more powerful if he thinks twice before any tweets.

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen 7 days ago +1

    It is very dangerous that the left and the press have taken the universities. These will ruin the west civilization

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen 7 days ago +1

    Dennis is right.


    so your saing that your a threat

  • Sue Sally
    Sue Sally 7 days ago

    After what we have been thought with this election .we need new laws. when it comes to liberal media are any media that is trying to take down .not just Trump but any president. if they can do this .who's next. we need laws in place to hold the media responsible for what they put out. and even new papers !

  • VoltronnortloV
    VoltronnortloV 7 days ago

    Is that the guy who runs a fake university?

  • sweetie
    sweetie 7 days ago

    Im beginning to think most of the jewish run MSM are anti-American and are weakening America's position against Russia, China, ISIS etc.

  • dkim2011
    dkim2011 7 days ago +1

    What DENNIS PRAGER wrote on July 22, 2014: 1) Putin suppresses, sometimes violently virtually all dissent in Russia and Russians support this. 2) There is widespread nostalgia for Stalin 3) There is little difference between the Russian media and the Soviet media. 4) Putin annexed part of Ukraine and Russian-backed thugs murdered the civilians on board the MH-17. What changed this opportunist's mind? 😅

    Fox-Putin news is comparing our free press, the bedrock of democracy, our proud Fourth Estate, with a Chekist mafia state run by an ex-Commie. Who knew Fox could become such "commie traitors" ? Btw Spicey lies again: OFF CAMERA: “there was nothing as far as we know that would lead anyone to believe” that Don Jr. meeting wasn’t about adoption policy. 😆 Now we know why the WH loves the off-camera presser. That way you can't see Pinocchio's nose growing.

  • brenda martin
    brenda martin 7 days ago

    I agree Putin is not dividing the country the media is and the corrupt government officials. He is right the Universities wants everyone to see everything their way only.

  • tedloo
    tedloo 7 days ago

    the Jesuits are behind all the evil you can emerging?

    LOVEANDOBEY 7 days ago


  • El Miguelon
    El Miguelon 7 days ago

    this man is right Russia is not dangerous, Media is the worst USA enemy, why? because media is supported by the Hungarian George Soros. he doesn't like America

  • galen jack
    galen jack 7 days ago

    fake news is costing the tax payers a fortune !!!

  • Jeremy Green
    Jeremy Green 7 days ago

    Excellent behaviour, Dennis...

  • Tre Mek
    Tre Mek 7 days ago


  • hexencoff
    hexencoff 7 days ago

    Civil war is the answer

  • m beginization
    m beginization 7 days ago

    The media seem to be trying to predict the future like Seers once did which always turns out to be untrue or fake

  • Dreamwell
    Dreamwell 7 days ago

    Good point, Dennis - critical thinking skills are, in fact, the primary threat to the present regime.

  • Brian O'Neill
    Brian O'Neill 7 days ago +1

    Fox and Friends seem to be anti American Constitution. It's bizarre that  America First, don't seem to like what America was founded on. Also, the irony of members of the "free press" down grading the first press, is crazy. Without a free press, Fox and Friends would have ended up on the gallows went Dems held the White House. America needs to take a long look at itself, and has to stop trying to take away its own freedoms, that were fought for so hard

  • Elfen Lied
    Elfen Lied 7 days ago

  • Ksikkihkini
    Ksikkihkini 7 days ago +3

    Including FOX "Fake" News

  • Michael Anthony Alberta

    Prager is a wizard.

  • PlaneetRuk
    PlaneetRuk 7 days ago

    But what if Russia is actively broadcasting fake news to undermine the democracy???? WOW, what a story would that be :0

    (This is exactly what happened and 17 agencys came out after extensive research to announce this...)

  • algrundy
    algrundy 7 days ago +2

    Evergreen State College is what the future of the USA looks like, nonfunctional low intellect lemmings. If the liberals don't abort you at birth they make sure you are a mindless tool.

  • tsaerman
    tsaerman 7 days ago

    Yes there is plenty of blame to go around but consider this when Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo why the Rockefellers were behind women's rights. Number 1 they were able to tax women besides men now that both were working and number 2 the schools now became the parents.

  • fumanxxx
    fumanxxx 7 days ago

    Trump voters think universities are bad for America? I'd love to see high school grads maintain our military technology. Fools.

    • I Cunt Spell
      I Cunt Spell 7 days ago


      liberals/imbeciles don't go for computer science and engineering in college; they (you) go for women's studies, queer dance and other worthless majors.

  • saintcruzin
    saintcruzin 7 days ago

    Propergander is THE threat and the Media is responsible for most all the B.S. that dominates the "news."....I get my news from sites where the corporations don't have the control...The MSM is

  • fumanxxx
    fumanxxx 7 days ago +1

    If the Russians met to discuss adoption policy, why wouldn't they also meet with the Clinton campaign?
    Clinton was ahead in all of the polling. They chose to meet with a struggling campaign?

    Putin was foolish to bet on Trump. Every endeavor Trump tries has failed. Every one. Now he just licenses his name.

  • JoeyKneecap
    JoeyKneecap 7 days ago +1

    Russia is fake news. How hard is that to understand?

    MUH BUTT 7 days ago +1

    This man's channel is incredible. Check it out unless facts trigger seizures, banging your head on the wall, yelling, or crying. He gets maaad thumbs down, just means he's doing it right.

  • Joseph Christiani
    Joseph Christiani 7 days ago +2

    You know this is all BS blather. The absolute known guilty and treasonous politicians, Obama, the Clintons, Schumer, Waters, etc. are free to roam and incite discord with impunity. All hype. Only the Common Man will be held accountable for his crimes. The guilty politicians will always be above the law and justice. The news media is a non entity when following and implementing the law. The main stream media is circus show, so quit giving them more credit than they deserve.

  • AllThingsNew #
    AllThingsNew # 7 days ago

    Fox news is a propaganda news channel what a shame

  • Chalres Kirkland
    Chalres Kirkland 7 days ago +3

    With just their slant on reporting the news, including their own opinion, the leftist media has proven to be way more dangerous than Russia is said to be. Hannity said it right: journalism is dead, and socialist reports have taken its place.

  • CptCanada
    CptCanada 7 days ago +2

    "Dennis Prager: Media more of a threat than Russia" Lmao. The white house can just ignore the media you dumb fucks, they have a majority government. Fox News has gone full retard, they have always been retarded but they fully committed this time.

    • CptCanada
      CptCanada 7 days ago

      +I Cunt Spell He didn't get paid for committing a terrorist act moron. He was paid because his Constitutional rights were violated. The reason this is done is to protect the Constitutional rights of all Canadians, even when it is convenient or pretty.

    • I Cunt Spell
      I Cunt Spell 7 days ago


      Your moronic pm pays terrorists for terrorist acts.

    • General Chaos
      General Chaos 7 days ago

      We're not talking about the WH, you dumbass canadian.... who pays terrorists... We are talking about the media brainwashing of the masses. Never studied Nazi Germany, did you, dumbass?

  • Micheal Felix
    Micheal Felix 7 days ago +10

    The left in the western world has gone too far, they are no more part of the solution, they are now the PROBLEM.

  • Steve Baish
    Steve Baish 7 days ago +12

    Especially - CNN


  • Roberto Viana
    Roberto Viana 7 days ago +15

    The media is attempting a coup. They, the main stream media, have become a self elected Oligarchy. They are backed by the deep state. In unison they, are attempting to throw the Standing President, Mr. Trump, out of office. That is all but obvious, to anyone, except the MSM? Really......
    The Democrats, media, and deep state are using NAZI tactics. The Nazis indoctrinated the youth into believing Nazi ideologies. The democrats are indoctrinating the youth to believe in anti-American ideologies. The Nazi ideologies were radical. The democratic ideologies are radical. Oxymorons like anti-FA, and BLM are being used, but not questioned. Groups like Anti-FA are acting like fascist, and when a black female cop gets killed in COLD blood, NOT one word from BLM. The truth is obvious, but simply ignored by the media and twisted to fit their anti-Trump, anti-America campaign. The election is over, yet the threat to our Republic continues, via George Soros who funds BLM, Anti-FA, and has influence over advertising dollars that go to the MSM. And lets not forget the fool Obama who is running around the world like he is still president, contradicting what the standing president is saying? What is that about? And who is Funding him? George Soros? Hillary? Not like he has a paying job or does he?
    All of this anarchy, and what is in the news............ Russian collusion? Over Trump Jr. being duped into a meeting with a so called "Russian spy" let into this country without a visa by the Obama administrations' Attorney General, more commonly known as Lying Loretta, who had to plead the 5th amendment under oath, so that she would not incriminate herself. Again, REALLY........
    Are Journalists that STUPID? All of this, and they are still in Salem looking for witches? Hello.......

    • Ms Rutabaga
      Ms Rutabaga 7 days ago

      Roberto Viana The cabal wants him out. remember, Trump is an outsider who ran as an antiwar candidate who wanted to drain the swamp. Well, the swamp won't get drained without a fight and that's exactly what we are witnessing. it's also why Trump is now going back on his word to stop the interventionist wars. He's probably been threatened. ..we know he's been backed into a corner with the Russian propaganda.

  • brbnews
    brbnews 7 days ago

    KGB and Putin created that situation - billions of cash went and go to media and Universities from USSR - now from Russia thru different foundation etc - and the same go to Media .... Look where is money came

  • Bassem Sarris
    Bassem Sarris 7 days ago +1

    Ofc you Fox "News" cunts is gonna find new ways to defend your cheating pussygrabbing orangutang. Pathetic.

    • General Chaos
      General Chaos 7 days ago

      Bassem Sarris,
      He didn't grab you, so he's not grabbing ALL pussys, obviously.

  • Defiant Christian Infidels

    The simplicity of Trumps tweets is good strategy as is evidenced that more often than not the most popular YOUTUBE comments are the ones with simple low IQ blurts. Most people don't want to read more than 1 short sentence and it is more successful if emotional rather than detailed and informative. Redundant popular 1 liners like, "Bill Clinton is a rapist", repeated in a comment are often the most successful.

  • TeleTube
    TeleTube 7 days ago +7

    "Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world."

    Vladimir Lenin.

  • Tony Taglalucci
    Tony Taglalucci 7 days ago +25

    The media is the enemy within...

  • Joey Norwood
    Joey Norwood 7 days ago +5

    These comments bout the flag being a symbol of war is very offensive I've served and had friends die!!! the idiots are cowards and traitors and u enjoy all the liberties that flag gives u everyday then spit on it !

    • Poo Flingin' Ape
      Poo Flingin' Ape 7 days ago

      They only know what they are told. They're idiots but at the same time you cant yell at the cat with no litter box for shitting on the floor. They cannot help their stupidity to be fair, look at the 'educations' they brag about haha hundred grand in debt, 22yrs old, not even a car in their name.

  • fumanxxx
    fumanxxx 7 days ago +1

    Fox News now features a majority of Russian viewers.

    • Poo Flingin' Ape
      Poo Flingin' Ape 7 days ago

      ...that speak excellent english and oddly know a whoooole lot about the country as if they live here. Dumbass.

  • Pnp6408
    Pnp6408 7 days ago +27

    Absolutely true. United we stand, divided we fall. Media and college professors are causing major division.

    • Pnp6408
      Pnp6408 7 days ago

      Tom Krueger You seem like a very sick, hateful, ignorant human being.

    • Tom Krueger
      Tom Krueger 7 days ago

      Pnp6408 yes united we stand and kill others for no reason and for our intrests we fight and fuck the rest of the world america fuck yeah!

  • Pepito Rodriguez
    Pepito Rodriguez 7 days ago +16

    So true

  • Jerry Coon
    Jerry Coon 7 days ago +5

    I can't believe people are still paying huge amounts of money to attend these universities. If I was paying my childs tuition, I would be pretty pissed off.

  • D J
    D J 7 days ago +8

    how is it not a crime to fill the minds of the nation with bullshit daily? i stopped watching MSM a long time ago, but not everyone can see thru the BS.

  • Susan Miller
    Susan Miller 7 days ago +2

    The American flag has become a symbol of oppression because of all the murder and mayhem committed for the Central Banksters. It's the war flag. Wouldn't be nice if we could bring back the American Peace Flag. Sad, most people don't know enough American history to even know about that flag -- the original flag. Maybe it could be a beacon of hope and freedom and peace in the future. Our founding fathers never intended us to become an invading controlling force around the world. Look what we did to Libya.

    • Ms Rutabaga
      Ms Rutabaga 7 days ago

      Totally agree Susan Miller. A lot of people have been so propagandized into thinking we go to war to spread peace and democracy. In reality, most wars are fought on behalf of corporations in order to gain control of a country's natural resources or for other economic reasons. Think of the banana wars during the early 20th century as an obvious example but all wars serve the military industrial complex and benefit them financially. Many wars are based on complete fabrication in order to get the people behind the war. We're seeing that now with the dems and neocon repubs ginning up the new red scare in order to get the masses hating on Russia.

    • Susan Miller
      Susan Miller 7 days ago

      People in Libya were living in peace and prosperity. Then they were mowed down by American weapons in American helicopters. Women were educated and free to become professionals and business owners. Now they are being sold on slave blocks. Children used to have a very positive future. Now they are being kidnapped, raped, tortured, murdered, dismembered, and in some cases eaten. Not what our founding fathers intended our role in the world to be.

    • Keep It Real
      Keep It Real 7 days ago

      Susan Miller ,
      No. The American flag represents freedom and prosperity. A lot of people died so that you can spew your bullshit. If it's not your flag, move to a different country!

  • I Cunt Spell
    I Cunt Spell 7 days ago +6

    left wingers belong in the ovens.

    • I Cunt Spell
      I Cunt Spell 7 days ago

      john O

      i dindu nuffin mane gnomesayin

    • Poo Flingin' Ape
      Poo Flingin' Ape 7 days ago

      Hitler knew what was up to be real about it. Imagine a planet with no jews or niggers _am I right_ ?

    • john O
      john O 7 days ago

      I Cunt Spell
      Wow a holucaust joke from a right wing, why am I not surprised?

  • EarlyLove2014
    EarlyLove2014 7 days ago

    The GOP Healthcare Bill is the Biggest DANGER to America ..!

  • Noob Sims
    Noob Sims 7 days ago +20

    PragerU one of the best channels on YT hands down.

  • Justo Munoz
    Justo Munoz 7 days ago

    FOX is best example of fake news 😂😂😂 "Putin doesn't threaten western civilization"

    • Ms Rutabaga
      Ms Rutabaga 7 days ago

      Justo Munoz Quit drinking the kool-aid (and watching Rachel Maddow). Russia does not pose a threat, no more than India. The Democrats are creating the new red scare because the cabal that they answer to want ww3 in order to completely destroy the US. If Clinton had been elected, that war they desire would be well underway. Someone forgot to mention to them that a war with Russia is assured mutual destruction.

  • John Miranda
    John Miranda 7 days ago +3

    The biggest threat is Faux News

  • siberiandreams
    siberiandreams 7 days ago +3

    Trump is by far the most unpopular POTUS in modern history. When he resigns everything will improve in this country.

    • Potus FLOTUS
      Potus FLOTUS 7 days ago

      siberiandreams :::: your deduction skills are weak. point is mob mentality or popularity is not an indicator of what is good!!! That is the why, while democracy is the best system we have, it is still an imperfect system!

    • siberiandreams
      siberiandreams 7 days ago

      When did Obama bomb Pakistan? Or Syria for that matter? Trump has already bombed both Yemen and Syria, in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan, so he's already up to 4 on your list in less than six months in office. So at this rate, Trump is a much bigger and faster warmonger than Obama. Not to mention plays much more golf too, since you idiots always criticized Obama for that one.

    • siberiandreams
      siberiandreams 7 days ago

      Um...if I were a Russian bot: 1) wouldn't I be supporting Trump, not criticizing him? , 2) don't you think I would have chosen a different name, like "Patriotic American" or something? Duh.

  • Timurlane100
    Timurlane100 7 days ago +34

    "He who controls the medium controls the message. He who controls the message controls the masses." - Paul Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945)

  • Ken King
    Ken King 7 days ago +10

    True. That doesn't mean Russia doesn't pose a potential threat, but the media in general has chosen their side. That side is the Marxists, anti America, anti Constitution, anti family and anti God. The media views average Americans that want a strong nation, a free nation, but a just and moral nation as the enemy.

    • daUser666
      daUser666 7 days ago

      god is a fagot

    • Ms Rutabaga
      Ms Rutabaga 7 days ago

      If we are going to be considered a "just and moral nation", then we need to stop regime change wars and funding terrorists to destabilize nations. We also need to atone for our past. Case in point, in the 1960s the pentagon carried out biological agent experiments on our soldiers.

  • Christine Sawyer
    Christine Sawyer 7 days ago +29

    I SO agree - this guest is correct!

    • Potus FLOTUS
      Potus FLOTUS 7 days ago

      john O ::::: no fire was traded during the cold war!! you don't need nuclear bombs or any bombs to do the kind of social disservice and damage the liberal media is doing to poison the world against a duly elected leader of the free world.
      Believe me, I've worked in environments where corrosive behaviours do far more damage than being stabbed in the back with a machete!

    • john O
      john O 7 days ago

      Christine Sawyer
      You sound ignorant! Does the media have nukes.

  • Peter Stewart
    Peter Stewart 7 days ago +22

    The media needs to be held to a standard of reporting. They need to be held accountable for the fallout of intentional reporting of  false news.

  • Red Gamer
    Red Gamer 7 days ago +2

    in some things thid guy is right , but to say when us flag is on a country they thank god ... LOOOOOOOOOOL tell this to vietnam irak iran afganistan yemen yugoslavia servia korea cambodia sudan lybia and now syria .... and for the uneducated rednecks hillywood propaganda sucker : no ... it was not for democracy and human rights ... was for oil and geopolitical interest ^^ .

    • Ms Rutabaga
      Ms Rutabaga 7 days ago

      it's nothing but propaganda to think that we go to war to spread peace and democracy. Only the gullible still believe that. It is for natural resources on behalf of US corporations 9 times out of 10. As Major General Sedley Butler says: "I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country's most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism."

    • Keep It Real
      Keep It Real 7 days ago

      Red Gamer ,
      I was in 2 of the countries you listed and the general population WAS happy to see us and grateful that we were there. Just my experience from actually being there.

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris 7 days ago +18

    This man is right The liberal colleges brainwashing our youth. The liberal media lying to the American people. How dumb are the majority of millinials are. The like socialism but have no clue what it is. They would be the first ones crying . When things don't go their way. How could anyone follow the Democratic party. When they all are acting like children.

  • Potus FLOTUS
    Potus FLOTUS 7 days ago +5

    The next world war will be instigated by the liberal news media. When propagandists take cover under press protections to promulgate info skewed towards their beliefs, the danger posed is Insidious and far damaging than any havoc a MOAB can wreak.

    • Poo Flingin' Ape
      Poo Flingin' Ape 7 days ago

      The good news is that they have the idiot left thinking they are some kind of 'silent majority' which will give them false security, getting themselves slaughtered in the end. Our numbers are huge and we're armed to the gills!

  • Ibrahim Moni
    Ibrahim Moni 7 days ago +48

    When the whole media of a big country like USA institute an investigation WITHOUT A CRIME, hoping to find A CRIME, then a resounding "YES," Media is more of a threat than Russia or ISIS.

    • General Chaos
      General Chaos 7 days ago

      Edward Kwasi,
      The Director of the FBI doesn't do ANY investigating. He's an administrator. Getting rid of him didn't slow anything down. Comey was the most corrupt person in Washington. He's done irrepeputable damage to the FBI.

    • Edward Kwasi
      Edward Kwasi 7 days ago

      General Chaos maybe it would have been concluded if the FBI director wasn't fired. God help us all. I think everyone should just focus on their jobs and that includes the President and not worry about what others are doing and just let everything play itself out

    • General Chaos
      General Chaos 7 days ago

      Edward Kwasi,
      After investigating for a year, there is 0 evidence of a collision in the Trump Campaign.... hell, political collusion isn't even a crime! If you're so interested in political collusion, why don't you look at Hillary's Campaign. There is ACTUAL evidence that her campaign colluded with several institutions to influence the elections, including the Ukrainian Government!
      This isn't about "collusion". This is about people wanting to overthrow our Constitution and legitimately elected President.

    • Ibrahim Moni
      Ibrahim Moni 7 days ago

      Edward Kwasi, there's nothing to this investigation. Democrats wasted over $1Bn promising every donor that the election was already in their bag. They had to justify that loss well, if they have to be trusted in future donations. This whole thing is about that justification. But suppose this blaspheme and vilification of Russia and every Russian citizen/origin was another country vilifying America and every American, how would the country feel? Do unto others what you would like them do to you, this isn't right, it's an insult to the American voter. Telling them that they don't have a mind of their own, but that their mind is controlled by the Russian.

  • Shrub 1975
    Shrub 1975 7 days ago +32

    President Trump needs to drain the university swamp!!!!!

  • Blerim Albert Nokaj
    Blerim Albert Nokaj 7 days ago +3

    hang the CEO's of the media and teach them respect

  • Yada Yada
    Yada Yada 7 days ago +1

    Some news network is pissed because their side is president and can't take criticism, and their paid to defend such president.

    Fox, take a good look at yourself from 2008-2015

    • P Lindsay
      P Lindsay 7 days ago

      Yada Yada Take a look at your name

  • Keep It Real
    Keep It Real 7 days ago +95

    Dennis Prager is 100% correct!!! The liberals and ALL of our "news agencies" are more dangerous than ANY other threat to our Constitutional Republic!!!!

    • Troll Boss
      Troll Boss 5 days ago

      Even YouTube has begun restricting *FREE SPEECH*

    • brbnews
      brbnews 7 days ago

      "Liberals" ? They just hangry for money from East - Muslim countries and Russia

    • Keep It Real
      Keep It Real 7 days ago

      john O ,
      And the CIA came up with the term "conspiracy theory".... what's your point?

    • Keep It Real
      Keep It Real 7 days ago

      john O ,
      They don't need nuclear weapons. Nazi Germany didn't have nuclear weapons, either.

  • Norbert Mongeon Sr
    Norbert Mongeon Sr 7 days ago +10


  • Troll Boss
    Troll Boss 7 days ago +63

    Fake news is instigating riots and even civil war. Russia is no threat.

    • Darren Gallo
      Darren Gallo 4 days ago

      Donald, thats a quote by Pres Obama, not a fake news story

    • donald hamilton
      donald hamilton 5 days ago

      Darren Gallo If you like your health plan you can keep it. ....

    • gkc1936
      gkc1936 6 days ago

      Russian Dossier

    • Darren Gallo
      Darren Gallo 7 days ago

      Name one example of a fake news story

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