Neil deGrasse Tyson Puts Earth's Smallness Into Perspective

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • 'Astrophysics for People in a Hurry' author Neil deGrasse Tyson reminds us Earthlings that we're less 'center of the universe' and more 'pale blue dot.'

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Comments: 2 085

  • Ahmed Akdag
    Ahmed Akdag 8 hours ago

    I wonder if Neil deGradse Tyson spits while talking.

  • Mohamed Babaci
    Mohamed Babaci 15 hours ago

    Hhhh this monkey is just an actor,and the biggest stupid thing in ghe universe.youre a monkey not an human

  • Marre
    Marre 23 hours ago

    His laugh just made my day!

  • Zeh Fox
    Zeh Fox Day ago

    Neil can make words into auditory porn without even trying.

  • DavidPalmer7
    DavidPalmer7 Day ago

    That laugh though

  • Clockwerks
    Clockwerks 2 days ago

    More like Neil GetsAss Tyson amirite

  • Aprt123
    Aprt123 3 days ago

    Sometimes I don't understand what he's saying but it still blows my mind.

  • Deepvoid Games
    Deepvoid Games 3 days ago

    It's black Brendan frasier

  • khairowensullivan
    khairowensullivan 4 days ago

    Best comment section ever if say. No flat earthers so far. Or shall I scroll down and be surprised?

  • Primus Torus
    Primus Torus 5 days ago

    At 3:37 he admits that he has a horcrux! Beware of the bespectacled man, Neil! Run, oh Dark Lord of... oh, at 6:01, he says it's got his "soul of curiosity"... sigh

  • dshermjr1
    dshermjr1 5 days ago

    For us to have such an understanding of our place in the universe w/ only this grey matter in our heads, "We are special because we are all the same"
    He acknowledged God when he acknowledged "Spiritual" Neil is awesome because Neil is modern sensibility

  • Philip Butler
    Philip Butler 6 days ago

    Neil has such a jolly belly laugh

  • Young Tang
    Young Tang 7 days ago

    At the tone the time is 1:53 AM Saturday Aug 12, 2017, 338 dislikes are definitely from the religious freaks.

  • Smail Dr
    Smail Dr 9 days ago

    5:48 cast him for the next joker, he's got the laugh hahahaha

  • Lucas T
    Lucas T 10 days ago

    That laugh though

  • Solid Wolf
    Solid Wolf 11 days ago

    Lucky indeed.

  • Blue Thunder73
    Blue Thunder73 11 days ago

    My fav human beingv in this universe.

  • Pablo Riveros
    Pablo Riveros 12 days ago

    I actually bought that book, it's amazing

  • David Frig
    David Frig 12 days ago

    Wish I was friends with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Easily the coolest friend.

  • Ludwig Grundberg
    Ludwig Grundberg 12 days ago

    Pluto is a planet, fight me bitches

  • midoribishi
    midoribishi 12 days ago

    Every time I watch one of these videos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson I feel as though I left it more intelligent and knowledgeable than before I watched and listened to him.

  • DaCatMatt
    DaCatMatt 13 days ago

    Thank you so much for not interrupting him every 5 seconds with a joke like some show hosts

  • Alex Callahan
    Alex Callahan 14 days ago +1

    colbert and de grasse tyson...two of the coolest cats in the solar system!

  • Jeff
    Jeff 16 days ago

    Colbert is the only Late Show host that actually sits back and lets his guests speak. What a gem.

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon 17 days ago +1

    If him and I were gay I would marry that guy !!

  • 456DontKnowWhatUsernameIShouldHave!

    Neil's laugh gives me LIFE!

  • VannicWolf
    VannicWolf 19 days ago

    Oh, what a great pair n.n! Definitely getting that book.

  • Unidentifiable Otter
    Unidentifiable Otter 19 days ago

    This made me buy Netflix to watch his show

  • Prince of all Sayians
    Prince of all Sayians 19 days ago

    trash ass images

  • GeekiMilitia
    GeekiMilitia 20 days ago

    Can someone enlighten me on how they got that photo from Saturn's ring? Possibly, there can't be a space probe near Saturn right now

    • mar10dg
      mar10dg 14 days ago

      Huh? The answer to your question is literally in the video from 1:07. The Cassini probe, it's only been there for the last 12 years or so.

  • Josimar Bezerra
    Josimar Bezerra 20 days ago

    "So I think of this as the consummation of your relationship with the cosmos."

    Damn! That as beautiful XD

  • Tatum Dean
    Tatum Dean 21 day ago

    I love Neil deGrasse Tyson for so many reasons, but one of my favorite things about him is that no matter what interview he is doing, whether it be for TV, for radio, for podcast, even for the red carpet, no matter who is interviewing him, he always manages to blow their mind and make them shut up longer than they ever have for any guest

  • Adam Walker
    Adam Walker 23 days ago

    I want Neil deGrasse Tyson to narrate my life

  • Amitabh Paul
    Amitabh Paul 23 days ago

    the way this guy moves his fingers...oooooh XD

  • omri weinblat
    omri weinblat 24 days ago

    First time I want to buy a book and its about astrophysics. I never thought this day would ever happen

  • bobby Johnson
    bobby Johnson 28 days ago


  • soyuncatacol
    soyuncatacol 28 days ago

    I need that book!

  • Dvir Arazi
    Dvir Arazi 28 days ago

    1:24 Just in case someone starts feeling too special

  • Infrared
    Infrared 29 days ago

    Only watched for Niel.

  • Push
    Push 29 days ago

    Neil Degrasse Tyson for the next Joker

  • Ricardo Viera
    Ricardo Viera 29 days ago

    Mind blown and it's just about his book

  • moustachio cowboy
    moustachio cowboy Month ago

    The dislikes are from Orange poop supporters

  • Rich_vitamin_Dさま

    If you're feeling down, remember: you're a star. Cause we're all made of star stuff ;)

  • radbarij
    radbarij Month ago

    "... that you're now covering up with your hand." OMG, I loved that!

  • Lorenzo Ceballo
    Lorenzo Ceballo Month ago

    You could make a religion outta this!

  • Catherine tt
    Catherine tt Month ago

    BRING PLUTO BACK AS A PLANET......  IT HAS ATMOSPHERE...... A MOON.........AND BLOODY HEART!!!!!!!  And now some say it might have some water on it......  WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED!!!

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam Month ago

    Neil has a great sense of humour!

  • Philip Kay
    Philip Kay Month ago

    Hahaha the self-aware irony of Neil deGrasse Tyson as he paints this beautiful imagery about the humbling perspective of the universe, then a switch to how we fit into the cosmos story unfolding, all followed up with an outright plug for his own book was hilarious.

  • Ken Danzan
    Ken Danzan Month ago

    neil degrasse tyson...what a guy!! he just makes me happy. period

  • Artur Weinstein
    Artur Weinstein Month ago

    He's such a dad. Fricken love it hahaha

  • Mizu
    Mizu Month ago +1

    What i learned from this video: Cosmic=COULD MICK

  • Eduardo Aguilar
    Eduardo Aguilar Month ago

    His laugh gives me life

  • tristan fahey
    tristan fahey Month ago

    When Stephen try's to fist bump Neil at the beginning

  • Andy Tang
    Andy Tang Month ago

    These two are like Conan and Steven

  • Think Tank
    Think Tank Month ago

    Neil has such an amazing laugh. :)

  • Jaime Gutierrez
    Jaime Gutierrez Month ago

    "My soul is in this book" Neil deGrasse Tyson said.

  • Covodex
    Covodex Month ago

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is such an awesome person

  • stratotanker327
    stratotanker327 Month ago

    Who doesn't like Neil?

  • AntMan Sam
    AntMan Sam Month ago

    What's Chris Pratt the Chris Pratt of?

  • Hadi Qasmieh
    Hadi Qasmieh Month ago

    Can Neil deGrasse Tyson be president already

  • blue_pearl_22
    blue_pearl_22 Month ago

    Neil should consider doing erotic audio books for desperate housewives.

  • Cory
    Cory Month ago

    I love Neil's laughter so much

  • percussion jamz
    percussion jamz Month ago

    neil been using that dmt lately.

  • James
    James Month ago

    so you're telling me if we humans go to another solar system and there are 4 big planets and 1 tiny planet with intelligent alien life on it, we're going to go "eh fuck that planet it's small let's check out that big ball of gas with no sentient lifeforms on it"

  • Grover Asylum
    Grover Asylum Month ago

    Neil writes the greatest bathroom books about science.

  • Joe Ward
    Joe Ward Month ago

    Neil is the man.

  • Alex Delarge
    Alex Delarge Month ago

    I love Tyson's laugh.

  • karan abrol
    karan abrol Month ago

    Neil degrasse Tyson did that handshake...has to be cool af

  • Xsavior
    Xsavior Month ago

    What a good actor.

  • wassim sammak
    wassim sammak Month ago

    10 seconds in.. What an arrogant compliment to Chris Pratt.

  • Donald Box
    Donald Box Month ago

    Okay that laugh was beyond epic

  • Dillan Parker
    Dillan Parker Month ago

    I just bought the book on Amazon.

  • Paresh Panchal
    Paresh Panchal Month ago

    this guy should be emperor of the world

  • Huseyn Hajiyev
    Huseyn Hajiyev Month ago

    you forgot to mention that putin is bad

  • Marcel Gardner
    Marcel Gardner Month ago

    I feel like I just been seduced.

  • Bryan walter13
    Bryan walter13 Month ago

    Pluto is a planet!! ..."Jerry"

  • Shizophrenology
    Shizophrenology Month ago

    Such ppoetry

  • DarelLabs
    DarelLabs Month ago +1

    funny guy and a good liar :)

  • Blackrew
    Blackrew Month ago +2

    Imagine how cool I'd be to ask him specific questions about the universe that you've been wondering.

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago

    Was that laugh real? Sometimes I really have to wonder.

  • CardinalGamer
    CardinalGamer Month ago

    Stephan was so damn interested in the conversation, literally barely said anything.

  • Cro killer
    Cro killer Month ago +1

    Did anyone notice their handshake fail at the begining?

  • BluntForceTrauma666
    BluntForceTrauma666 Month ago +1

    NdGT is one classy, badass, smart-yet-cool MOFO. I don't openly admit to having a man-crush on very many dudes, but I will proudly state that I _DO_ have one on _him!_ Hahaha, I will always love this guy...

  • Nilanjan Das
    Nilanjan Das Month ago +1

    Colbert is the only american talk show host who isn't loud and has sense of humour

  • Jack Estacio
    Jack Estacio Month ago +1

    I don’t like reading but I’d love to consume the contents of that book. Only if it’s an audible and read by NDT himself. That would be amazing.

  • Yigit Demir
    Yigit Demir Month ago

    I love his voice

  • V S
    V S Month ago +2

    I would HIGHLY recommend the audio book version, since he's narrating. When he speaks, it's mesmerizing.

  • Umang Agarwal
    Umang Agarwal Month ago

    subtitles are reatrd...XO PLANET ??

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    a snail can move at 0.047 km/h which is 21 times sower than 1 km/h which is just under 23 billion times slower than light ((1,079.253 kmh - billion) which means a light second takes a snail 728 years.....

  • BizWiz
    BizWiz Month ago

    *Right wingers and Trump fans will NEVER get Neil DeGrasse Tyson.*
    _They view him as a threat to their douchebaggary and backwoods trailer trashism._

  • Vivek Govind
    Vivek Govind Month ago

    One word!! Legend!!

  • Duke of Heresy
    Duke of Heresy Month ago +1

    Motherfucker had to get that jab against Pluto in there

    Pluto, nevr forget

  • Noam Singer
    Noam Singer Month ago +1

    Tyson is the coolest astrophysicist ever

    124k views Month ago

    Do people honestly believe this bullshit. So we sent a fucking camera 746 million miles away snapped a picture and sent it back? People who believe this shit are blind sheep

  • whomadewhat
    whomadewhat Month ago

    crisp rat of astrophysics

  • TheCoolDoc
    TheCoolDoc Month ago

    God I fucking love him.

  • 30 Subscribers and No Videos?!

    Imagine how much we could advance human civilization if everybody contributed to science with the same passion and mentality as Neil 💁🏽‍♂️ he's such a great guy and he's even influenced me to do my own research *None of my teachers can do that* He just makes science so easily understandable it almost seems fake.

  • PCoderch
    PCoderch Month ago +1

    I think the reason for the popularity of NDT is that he's the rare scientist that is not very nerdy and is actually charming and engaging. A lot of "normal" people get put off by the coldness of most scientists, as well as their lack of charm, wit and ability to engage people on a personal rather than just logical manner.

  • Matt Conklin
    Matt Conklin Month ago

    Kneel to grass, Tyson.

  • Ferdie Barrientos
    Ferdie Barrientos Month ago

    i could listen to him all day without getting bored

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