PRESS CONFERENCE: Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns from Breitbart, Tells Story of Past Sexual Abuse (FNN)

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  • Xavier Smith
    Xavier Smith 4 days ago +1

    Still love Milo.

  • robert fripp
    robert fripp 17 days ago

    oh milo... i thought you despised victim mentality

  • J Richards
    J Richards Month ago

    Oh give me a break, Milo. You use your resignation to paint yourself as a victim and to promote your book...Always the opportunist. ugh

  • Mark Murphy
    Mark Murphy Month ago

    If only all mad right wingers could look this sexy.

  • New Ideas
    New Ideas Month ago

    And this muthafuckaz going around giving lectures at universities! It's the degeneracy of western society..

  • UNconventional Me
    UNconventional Me 2 months ago

    It's funny that straight guys can talk smack about 16, 17 (or even younger) being hot, and what not, and I've even heard stories of some getting serviced by younger girls at various times in their lives... but yet this guy is slammed, because he shares his own stories and is then made out to be an advocate for pedophelia???? Hows that??? str8 kids have all kinds of opportunity around them to experiment with their interests growing up... gay kids (at the time Milo was younger) didn't and really, still DON't! So where else is the guy suppose to go, but to someone that happens to be older... So I don't get it... It's not clear to me how this is supportive of straight up child rape! TRUST ME! I know the difference! And to make such an association to true molestation and what Milo shared is BULLSCHIT! There are young boys and girls that are raped every damn day, and the libs ignore it...! BUT then they are gonna take some flipped story Milo runs off about and miss use it, simply for their purpose of shutting down an effective conservative voice! While TRUE they ignore true pedophilia going down every day, from the suggestions of "pizza gate" to just the lack of coverage of human trafficking that the media seems to not give much air time to... It makes me sick, and out right PISSED!

  • Jacqueline Nack
    Jacqueline Nack 2 months ago

    Love you my brother from another mother,keep talking😎

  • Mary Kelly
    Mary Kelly 3 months ago

    Milo is a paid shill for the Globalists...SATAN. He is a Zionist and is fake from his head to his toes. Stay away from this demonic sodomite. He is just another actor on that Illuminati stage. He worships SATAN...he is not a Christian whetther he wears a cross...which is blasphemous in itself..or not. He is a despicable thing.

  • Paya Chinglish
    Paya Chinglish 3 months ago

    stockholm syndrome? yeah , a catholic nutter

  • chima chibi
    chima chibi 3 months ago +1

    I'm a woman, Asian, straight, a feminist when I was like fifteen, and I like him very much. I'm still waiting for his book to come out. Come back stronger. The world is gonna be a duller place without people like him.

  • ssuuppeerrbbooyy
    ssuuppeerrbbooyy 4 months ago

    Shockingly he didn't come on that stage in one of his many flamboyant queer dresses. He sure knows how to pander to the conservatives when he has to.

  • last first
    last first 4 months ago

    Ridiculous that Milo have to hold a press conference and explain to the numbskulls outthere that he doesn't support the exploitation of minors. You are all idiots.

  • Nicole Ferrier
    Nicole Ferrier 4 months ago +2

    Good for Milo. Free Speech rights are the right of every American.

  • aiRCoft
    aiRCoft 4 months ago +2

    This is the first of this that I've heard of, but from what I hear, I'm very glad he made this second video to clarify things.

  • Dale media4401
    Dale media4401 4 months ago


  • TheRosemariesuz
    TheRosemariesuz 4 months ago +1

    Fair play to you Milo. You managed to get through that entire conference without the words appropriate/ listened to me!

    • Tima Yesav
      Tima Yesav 4 months ago

      Do you know Milo? Lucky you.

  • Yourintrouble
    Yourintrouble 4 months ago +2

    He's an absolute hero.

  • Adolf Shultz
    Adolf Shultz 4 months ago

    I dont have nothing to do with Homoz , in any way shape or form. But this Milo is a hell of a man..

  • Hexl702
    Hexl702 4 months ago

    25 years ago, it was a another gay guy, David Brock, who was the rightwad's rising star. He wrote an anti-Anita Hill book that went over big with the conservitwerps around 1992. He was much feted among the GOP back then.

    25 years later, David Brock is a convert to the Democrats and the left side. You know how them Evil Libs work.... Theyll make a liberal out of Milo yet!

  • Hexl702
    Hexl702 4 months ago

    Righwads are freaking HILARIOUS. These are the same clods who bawled that Monica Lewinsky was a victim of Bill Clinton, even tho she was 24 years old and had one married man affair already under her belt. He took "monstrous advantage of her
    youth and neediness."

    And yet, theyre defending a guy who says he was a seductive minor who took advantage of the weakness in a closeted gay priest and got a blowjob out of him and it was REALLY terrific! Rightwads live in Topsy Turvy World!

  • Cee Tee
    Cee Tee 4 months ago

    I haven't seen any new videos from Milo and I can't wait for him to emerge victorious as all patriots who fight back do. We've got the Trump Train pulling into the station Milo and we're waiting for your return!!! IT'S TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK!!!

  • Patricia Pasquel
    Patricia Pasquel 4 months ago

    Ha you are not a political person, come on be honest , you are full of crab and you know it, you have made a career of it.

  • sineadbradyfan
    sineadbradyfan 4 months ago +1

    I love you Milo!

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins 5 months ago +1

    When you are molested as a boy you learn at an early age to laugh at and eventually make your own jokes about pedophilia as a defense. Everyone recycles unresolved childhood trauma in illogical ways. You also have to hide the guilt of feeling responsible for the other victims, that you should have done something to stop the abuser. So go ahead and have your fun, keep kicking him when he's down.

  • Jeff Co
    Jeff Co 5 months ago +1

    The Lenny Bruce of the right. It's tough blazing new ground, very hard work!!

  • Hexl702
    Hexl702 5 months ago +2

    The apology wont be complete until he gets a spank - from his Daddy Trump !

    • Hexl702
      Hexl702 4 months ago

      Awww, I bet you tell that to all the subhuman liberal skanks :: looks shyly away:::

      Thanks for the kind words !

    • Casey Harrington
      Casey Harrington 5 months ago

      Hexl702 I may be in love with you

  • Tiki Torch
    Tiki Torch 5 months ago

    Look at how he's trying to look deadly serious here. It would have been a great time for
    John Melendez from the Howard Stern show to come up and mock his pain with impertinent questions!

  • Socom3988
    Socom3988 5 months ago

    whats he doing now seems like this was all blown up for a week and then dropped instantly what gives?

  • Dies Irae
    Dies Irae 5 months ago +1

    I like how he does not notice in that moment that is already dead meat for the media, including "his" media, and that the guys he praises would never lift a finger for him, and how he boasts about his greatness and future projects. Three weeks later....

    • Elia Rulli
      Elia Rulli 4 months ago

      Yeah and the story is his being dumped by all the platforms that supported him - Brietbart, his book deal, etc. Sure he'll get some attention from this and gain a few followers, he will probably be able to sustain himself on his current followers and gain a few more but his major platforms, the people who brought him to most people's attention dropped him like a hot rock. In terms of major mainstream backing, it's over.

    • Tima Yesav
      Tima Yesav 5 months ago

      2 million Facebook followers as of two days ago. Milo News more talked about than Breitbart.

  • Hexl702
    Hexl702 5 months ago

    Father Flanagan, "There is no such thing as a bad boy (wink, nudge)""

  • Hexl702
    Hexl702 5 months ago

    Hell when ya consider the way the WHOLE christian religion is centered around some old diety perv muscling in on a young, underage girl...maybe what he says isnt so outrageous by comparison.

    The Great Gack Almighty broke the age of consent laws in all fifty states!

  • Hexl702
    Hexl702 5 months ago

    LOL I bet some prick was waiting in the wings for this guy's downfall, and now sees his big chance to be the Next New Jerkwad!

    Step up and take yer rightful place, a million leaderless assholes await yer instructions!

  • Hexl702
    Hexl702 5 months ago

    LOL More old video surfaces!

    Three weeks after Milo resigns asking for understanding because he was the victim of childhood abuse - out comes a video where he makes fun of people who ask for understanding from childhood abuse.

    His M.O. seems to be - ""Make a star out of me, and I'll do something about people
    like me!"

  • Henry Snell
    Henry Snell 5 months ago +1


  • Chris Monahan
    Chris Monahan 5 months ago +1

    Milo is still a god

  • srvrip41
    srvrip41 5 months ago +2

    Milo, you are not ruined...your supporters are going NOWHERE.

    • Elia Rulli
      Elia Rulli 4 months ago

      *You're. Since you want to talk about brains.

    • srvrip41
      srvrip41 5 months ago

      Your the brains in your family, right?

    • Hexl702
      Hexl702 5 months ago

      ""Milo supporters will never go anywhere"'

      You said it, I didnt! LOL!

  • San Handles
    San Handles 5 months ago

    Excellent honest news conference,,, Thankyou and I look forwards to seeing MUCH MUCH MORE of you,, we love and need you Milo, from your fans Fien under ( Australia ) ✌🏻️🇦🇺

  • Fernando Paulo
    Fernando Paulo 5 months ago

    So now he is a victim.

  • C M
    C M 5 months ago

    You GO Milo. You have my support! Will follow your new endeavors. You are entertaining as well as educational. Love your command of the english language and know you were victimized. Witch Hunt it was and none of the establishment will overcome the Right Wing movement.

  • Faith J Goldy
    Faith J Goldy 5 months ago +2

    Shut down by a 16 year old girl .

  • Jim Bridson
    Jim Bridson 5 months ago

    He sounds like Rump. I I I I big crowds I'm hot etc.

  • VeganVintageGeek
    VeganVintageGeek 5 months ago

    One can clearly see how ashamed and truly sorry Milo is in the video. Past abuse absolutely does shape a person. And it has very hard to describe negative effects on different people. I am so very proud of Milo for being brave. And thanks to Milo more and more people will see the light against all Pedos. So glad to hear Milo's book will be published. I am looking forward to reading Milo's book, Milo is a smart well spoken man. I do not agree with Milo on some things. Never the less Milo is one man worth having a listen to.

  • Gianluca Zaffino
    Gianluca Zaffino 5 months ago

    Sorry for Milo and his hardline supporters but no one in politics wants on his side anyone who says that it's ok to have homosexual sex with a 13years old boy. Milo just shot himself in the balls.

  • SPPSports
    SPPSports 5 months ago +2

    If you ever needed a reason to hate the left... do you still need a reason after this?

    1st Amendment? Free Speech? *HAH!* Not in leftist America. Your free speech is only free if it agrees with the majority! Otherwise - we ruin your reputation and publicly shame you.

  • Brenda J
    Brenda J 5 months ago

    Is he growing up? Glad he is fighting his fight.

  • Orpheus Alexander
    Orpheus Alexander 5 months ago

    Was Shakespeare promoting pedophilia? A quote from "Romeo and Juliet" where Juliet is not yet 14 years of age
    and women younger than her were happy mothers.


    But saying o'er what I have said before:

    My child is yet a stranger in the world;

    She hath not seen the change of fourteen years,

    Let two more summers wither in their pride,

    Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride.


    Younger than she are happy mothers made.

  • Russell smejkal
    Russell smejkal 5 months ago

    Can't what to see ur new platform milo keep up the good work

  • Apoorva Kumar
    Apoorva Kumar 5 months ago

    Say what you want to about Milo, but you gotta love his confidence and eloquent oratory.

  • Aidan Coutts
    Aidan Coutts 5 months ago

    Milo is an intellectual who is trapped only by the effects the catholic church has on the mind of an otherwise intelligent human being.

  • Michael Donohue
    Michael Donohue 5 months ago

    Can't say I agree with everything he says, but the media has a history of crucifying talented and brilliant gay men: Julian Clary, Johann Hari, John Galliano.

  • William Devlin
    William Devlin 5 months ago

    Oh, well this explains everything. Somehow my cousin who was also abused by a priest never became a nasty Internet troll! How'd that happen?

  • Abc Abc
    Abc Abc 5 months ago

    I love Milo omg he's such a cutie

  • Star Dusting
    Star Dusting 5 months ago

    I didn't think Milo was too bad until I seen him in a video taking a
    blood bath and talking about how 13 year old boys should have older male
    friends? sorry but that is WRONG!

  • Marie Kemps
    Marie Kemps 5 months ago

    NO! MILO!! Don't go, we need you....

  • cameronpaul
    cameronpaul 5 months ago

    "They only care about bringing me down" 100% right but you are too smart for them Milo and they will fail.

  • TheRomaniac1
    TheRomaniac1 5 months ago

    Milo. You have nothing to apologize for.

  • Demagogue777
    Demagogue777 5 months ago

    Love ya milo good luck!

  • TheDark Nite
    TheDark Nite 5 months ago +2

    Now he can go back to his regular job, blowing Republican politicians in Denver airport washrooms. I still can't believe a Greek white guy is gay, what is the world coming too ;-)

    SHYDUX MEDIA 5 months ago

    he is so rude by nature. a lot of foreigners sometimes take advantage of "American Free Speech" they say things they won't dare say in their own country

    SHYDUX MEDIA 5 months ago

    but can't you go back to Europe and do or say the same rubbish

  • MusicMitchy
    MusicMitchy 5 months ago

    yeah, I don't think Milo should have the hammer come down on him... he goofed up...

  • M Gonfishing
    M Gonfishing 5 months ago

    What a great person you are Milo. Brave like a lion.
    Shame on those who tried to shut you down for their petty politics. Funny how it's conservatives that stood by you. Come by our conservative Christian home anytime for some coffee and a nice rest in a lawn chair. God bless.  #Libertiesbelle

    • Tiki Torch
      Tiki Torch 5 months ago

      Come over to your home for some coffee, a lawn chair, and your 13-year-old son!

  • Jeri Estes
    Jeri Estes 5 months ago

    Who is after him ? The Muslim brotherhood or the far left? Why is it okay to publish the book Lolita but not his book?

  • A Jones
    A Jones 5 months ago

    ''Regardless of your stance on Milo, know that this was planned by leftist media mostly-to take him down. There was leak from an insider detailing exactly what was going to occur on Sunday 2/19 on 4chan. And they had been sitting on this story- in case he got big (they had thought he was a small time thre@t). They were mad about his book deal, & that he got a bigger advance than others. Also mad they couldn't get to Bannon- or their narratives to stick in last effort. All petty reasons. If you haven't figured it out yet..... the msm is based on elite driven agendas, fake news narratives, & backed by pundits telling you what to think (i.e. Paid to have their owners' opinion).''

  • anyghost
    anyghost 5 months ago

    The weird way that he hangs his head down low and looks up at whoever he's talking to in every appearance or interview is gross and makes me want to throw up.

  • jackka82
    jackka82 5 months ago

    Milo sounds more intelligent and convincing when he is serious, without the narcissistic jokes or sarcastic attacks.

  • Marisol Seguel R.
    Marisol Seguel R. 5 months ago

    America is a CONTINENT by the way. Stop saying "America" to the United States. That is SO ignorant.

  • Keith Ode
    Keith Ode 5 months ago

    Just because a 13 year old consents, doesn't make it right or moral, legal or otherwise which is what Milo was saying. He should have made it more clear. He's talking about the difference between rape and statutory rape, ie., a 13 year old may want sex with a grown and may be okay with it but it still doesn't make it okay for a 13 year old to consent. Kind of like when a woman consents to sex with a man while drunk but rescinds consent the next day. Is she REALLY capable of giving consent? Is it time to regard sex with an adult woman as pedophilia because women are essentially children and incapable of giving legal consent? Maybe the only people who should legally be allowed to have sex are men over the age of 21 so there is no confusion for the soft brained turds in our society.

  • Ar Con
    Ar Con 5 months ago

    Pretty much sums up this entire situation @6:17.

  • Frank Brenner
    Frank Brenner 5 months ago

    I think the alt-right is horrendous and stupid, but there is something genuine in Milo's desire to provoke and stir the pot. I disagree with him on everything, but I think he's legit in his challenging of the politically correct and the stupid.

  • Gidget Trevathon
    Gidget Trevathon 5 months ago

    Milo is in the right...he was simply using dark humor (that was edited out) and he was pointing out the thoughts that sometimes go on in peoples heads at that age....he stated that he is not in favor of pedifelia and in his country it was legal and he was the one who was a teenager

  • martine tiramani
    martine tiramani 5 months ago

    age of consent is for teens of similar age , but age of consent with adults should be 18. the pedophiles have Infiltrated the gov ts everywhere with this concept of teen consent. teens should be experiencing their sexuality with people their own age!

  • struthsayer
    struthsayer 5 months ago

    Yeah it's a troll-hunt, .... unlike witches who usually did good healing work in chaos or jesters whose job is chaotic truth to power, trolls are useless producing chaos for no constructive purpose. Milo and his ego built him into a monster troll, and a troll-hunt was required

  • Albee_ Fuqtifanno
    Albee_ Fuqtifanno 5 months ago

    Alien of extraordinary ability..Did i just hear that ? wtfs that all about ?

  • Discombobulated
    Discombobulated 5 months ago

    Was just jumping on the Milo bandwagon looking at many of his past videos thinking, "gee this guy is really going to regret a lot of stuff when he gets older"... and here it is, the beginning of him growing up, despite what he says..

  • NotFederal NoReserves
    NotFederal NoReserves 5 months ago

    keep up the strong fight milo... we're here with you.

  • Helen Kistler
    Helen Kistler 5 months ago

    Heterosexuals also use the word "boy" for an adult male in the phrase "boy toy".

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 5 months ago +1

    You challenge the regressive left, you expose their hypocrisy and they will stop at nothing to silence you.

  • King Krap
    King Krap 5 months ago

    Milo for VP

  • John Sabp
    John Sabp 5 months ago

    So basically he used this to launch a new business. This guy is such a good salesman.

  • Ali Alo
    Ali Alo 5 months ago

    Society needs to go beyond using words like gay to describe people, in the same way it needs to stop using words like black or jewish to describe people. They are all normal human beings. I jave no doubt this guy is highly intelligent, but he really doesn't help by using words such as paedophile, which relates to mental disorder that is certainly not normal.

  • Raethoric
    Raethoric 5 months ago

    Pretty clear explaination from Milo. He is a straight guy.

  • AliensAnonymous
    AliensAnonymous 5 months ago

    "So now you take me seriously?" -- Melow Yapalotapus.

  • Per Andersson
    Per Andersson 5 months ago

    Would you want this man as a babysitter for your children? In the ancient world, when we were not politically correct gay men where synonymous with the spread of the deadly infection and child abuse. Now is the time of miracles and nothing seems to be impossible. Personally, I would like Trump to institute a law that all gay men are not allowed to work with children. Call it the lex Milo.

  • Neal D
    Neal D 5 months ago

    The nicest and most respectful Milo has looked!

  • MrDoublehappy
    MrDoublehappy 5 months ago

    Milo claimed that he was the predator at 14 and the hot catholic priest was the victim. Hmmm interesting take on things but ah well ... shet is shet and there it is.

  • Tia Edwards
    Tia Edwards 5 months ago

    thats karma for being mean to other people

  • ChristianCentury2000
    ChristianCentury2000 5 months ago

    Milo is being attacked because he is a young, brilliant, articulate, handsome gentleman, who supports the Republican party and Donald Trump. He is a threat to the Democratic party. Milo is breaking the stereotype of the GOP. He will draw in gays and lesbians and non evangelical Christians to the GOP. Thus, the media will do their best to destroy his image and reputation.

    • Elia Rulli
      Elia Rulli 5 months ago

      Guess again. Gay people largely despise him, whatever he tells you. He is vehemently self-hating and homophobic - he's said that he wishes he was straight because it is better and has written articles telling gay people to stay or go back in the closet. He is wildly misogynstic and anti-feminist so I'm not sure why you think lesbians are going to like him. He is despised because he preaches hate, targets and victimises not only women, Muslims, fat people, trans people, gays, Jews and other groups but has also led mob-mentality ostracisation of individuals in the universities they study at while on his speaking tour. The media didn't destroy his image - he has been brought down by CPAC, his own would-have-been publishers and the alt right website he was snior editor at.
      Are you defending and supporting this preacher of hate? Is the "Christian" in your name ironic?

  • Susan Richey
    Susan Richey 5 months ago

    Well done, Milo.

  • Colin V
    Colin V 5 months ago +1

    Milo says he is a 'defender' of children but turned a blind eye to at the Hollywood parties he attended where he said there were 'very very' young boys there for sex with older Hollywoood elite men. He refuses to name the priest he was molested by, what are the chances Milo is the only boy that priest molested?

    Milo outed 3 relatively weak and unknown/influential 'pedos' that he was politically opposed to while turning a blind eye to the powerful and influential pedos in the Hollywood elite and priesthood. Sounds like a real 'truth' warrior to me, picking off the weak easy prey and pounding your chest proclaiming you're a hero all the while ignoring the much bigger game.

    "But Milo was a victim!" Yeah he was and is but he also has adult responsibility. In CA it is a crime not to report crimes such as child molestation. If he witnessed these crimes he should've reported it at the time he witnessed them. That would've been the best time for a successful prosecution of the pedos. Instead he turned a blind eye to it.

    If he was such a 'truth' teller as all his fans claim then he would name those pedos now and damned the consequences. After all isn't that what the red pill philosophy is? Instead he cowers before their power and influence. What a real alt-right wing warrior he is!

    • Hexl702
      Hexl702 5 months ago

      The rightwads must envy the way ""a feminist can level false rape accusations"" but Milo cant report something happening right in front of his face!

    • Hexl702
      Hexl702 5 months ago

      Go after priests ? But-but-but that would weaken the Catholic Church!

      Hell they couldnt be much weaker these days. LOL I daresay Priests now have a Creep Factor to rival carnies and drunk Santa Clauses.

      Thanks to the few brave souls who DIDNT hide their abuse, but actually sued them in court, priests cant get away with this like they did before. Now, at long last, Catholic parents warn their sons, ''You tell me if he
      tries anything.""

  • Simon Todd
    Simon Todd 5 months ago

    Love you man...keep fighting

  • lucky isele
    lucky isele 5 months ago

    its all stage of course the world is a stage

  • Joe April
    Joe April 5 months ago

    Go Milo!!

  • William D
    William D 5 months ago

    Breitbart is the mother ship of FAKE NEWS.

  • William D
    William D 5 months ago

    Burn in HELL Milo😝😂😘🍸

  • gbsofakingcool
    gbsofakingcool 5 months ago

    what a narcissistic asshole! "this is only because people want to bring ME down"

  • AUSRick12
    AUSRick12 5 months ago

    I have never been a big fan of Milo because he is a little bit crude for my taste, but I love how he is taking ownership of the mistake that he made and spitting in the face of the MSM blackmailers. This will make his star rise even further.

  • ROY F
    ROY F 5 months ago


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