Reports: At least 7 dead after flash flooding in Arizona

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    YBSAMBO 7 days ago +1

    our prayers go out to the families of these people but why was there no warning signs when they notice the water coming up and rushing down the mountain why was there no whistle or any kind of Warning Sign letting the people below know that there's a flood coming their way how hard would it be to hook up a horn water level get so high horn goes off people Downriver get the hell out of the water United States is living in a sad time

  • I Cunt Spell
    I Cunt Spell 7 days ago

    I hope they were songbird-drunkencrone voters.

  • dAn
    dAn 7 days ago

    Died of concussion.

  • Wayne Robinson
    Wayne Robinson 7 days ago

    These flash floods happen every year / most people check weather and follow the weather warning ha but you know your miles from the storm and your in the water already . The world is a place of danger . Every time you do anything you are assuming the risk for your life and health . Make wise decisions on behalf of your kids also. When you use an axe to cut wood it works better if it's sharp but if you use it you put yourself in danger . This is reality .

    • Alpha1 Omega2
      Alpha1 Omega2 7 days ago

      Pala Luka yes the reason here was the lack of warnings for an area prone to flash flooding. The Lord has nothing to do with this.

    • Pala Luka
      Pala Luka 7 days ago

      Wayne Robinson I know God Is acting, they could have checked the weather but didn't ever thing happens for a reason

  • William Levy
    William Levy 8 days ago

    That's wild.

  • SeaDragon
    SeaDragon 8 days ago +2

    Sad !

  • Robert W
    Robert W 8 days ago +2

    Flash flood bullshit. Who opened the flood gates and killed those children.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage
    Macho Man Randy Savage 8 days ago +6

    Bill Clinton is a rapist.

    • Da,Taper
      Da,Taper 7 days ago

      Macho Man Randy Savage Trump is the greatest thing that happened to America

    • ingle50
      ingle50 8 days ago

      Ronald Reagan is a rapist. Ronald Rapist

  • Taran Marduk
    Taran Marduk 8 days ago

    It looked like it was going to rain since sunrise, a monsoon in July, go figure.

    • Wayne Robinson
      Wayne Robinson 7 days ago

      BonnieBlue2A just bullshit

    • BonnieBlue2A
      BonnieBlue2A 8 days ago

      Taran Marduk Extreme weather, solar SME and radiation cloud enveloping our planet at present. As the earth's magnetosphere continues to diminish, these events will become more erratic and extreme.

  • Sam
    Sam 8 days ago +1

    Fuck god ... proudly saying it

    • Alpha1 Omega2
      Alpha1 Omega2 7 days ago

      what god? Millions talk of their god, yet I've seen not one live by the standards of the Creator of life, known to me as Yahweh. One far greater than any god.

    • Wayne Robinson
      Wayne Robinson 7 days ago

      Sam you will regret that but you won't be alone . If you want to have a talk with God go ahead but why involve everyone in it ?

    • Sam
      Sam 8 days ago

      Or perhaps there's no gad at all like it's been proven by Science I mean it's absurd to me that you still think there's an invisible man hiding somewhere in the sky has control of everything

    • BonnieBlue2A
      BonnieBlue2A 8 days ago

      Sam You can be mad and incorrectly blame Him. Our sin has broken the creation he made to sustain our lives here. It will continue to break down until a new earth is made. YHVH, our Creator made salvation available to all since the foundation of the world. That gift is available to you for the asking and repentance. The spirit of unforgiveness and the bitterness it feeds is a real spirit killer.

  • Da party bus
    Da party bus 8 days ago +11


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