Jason Derulo - 'Swalla' feat Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign (Official Lyric Video)

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  • Watch the official lyric video for Jason Derulo's new single 'Swalla' feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign available now.

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    Directed by: Alexander Lockett

    “Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)”

    (Nicki ad lib: Young Money)

    Love in a thousand different flavors
    I wish that I could taste them all tonight
    No I ain’t got no dinner plans
    So you should bring all your friends
    I swear that-a-all ya’ll my type

    All you girls in here if you feelin’ thirsty
    Come and take a sip cause you know what I’m servin’

    Shimmy, shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy yaw
    Swallahlahlah, Swallahlahlah, Swallahlahlah
    (repeat 1x)

    Freaky, freaky gal
    My freaky, freaky gal

    Ty Dolla $ign:
    Shimmy, shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yaw
    Bad girls gone Swallahlahlah
    Bust down on my wrist in this bitch
    My pinky ring bigger than his
    Met her out in Beverly Hills
    Dolla got too many girls
    Met her out in Beverly Hills
    All she wear is red bottom heels
    When she back it up, put it on the snap
    When she drop it low, put it on the gram
    DJ poppin she gone swallow that
    Champagne poppin’ she gone swallow that

    All you girls in here if you feelin’ thirsty
    come and take a sip cause you know what I’m servin’

    Shimmy, shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy yaw
    Swallahlahlah, Swallahlahlah, Swallahlahlah
    (repeat 1x)

    Freaky, freaky gal
    My freaky freaky gal

    Nicki Minaj:
    Yo, yo, yo
    Ayo, Bad gal no swallow nuttin, word to the Dali Lama
    He know I’m a fashion killa, word to John Galliano
    He coppin that Valentino
    Ain’t no tellin me no
    I’m that bitch that he know
    How yall wife’in these thots, you don’t get wins for that
    I’m havin another good year, we don’t get blimps for that
    Pussy game still cold, we don’t get minks for that
    When I’m poppin them bananas, we don’t link chimps for that
    I gave these bitches two years, now your time’s up
    Bless her heart she’s throwin shots, but every line sucks
    I’m in that cherry red foreign with the brown guts
    My shit slappin’ like dude did LeBron’s nuts

    All you girls in here if you feelin’ thirsty
    come and take a sip cause you know what I’m servin’

    Shimmy, shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy yaw
    Swallahlahlah, Swallahlahlah, Swallahlahlah
    (repeat 2x)

    (Nicki ad libs: Young money, JD)

    Freaky, freaky gal
    My freaky, freaky gal
    My freaky, freaky gal
    My freaky, freaky gal

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    3:02 YYYY

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    2:26 WHAT

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    Ernesto Rueda 11 hours ago

    don't fuck with me , the original shimmy ya is by dirty bastard, and no that bullshit

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    lepa pesma

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    Alyssa Burton1111 12 hours ago

    I love this song

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  • Isabel Sanchez
    Isabel Sanchez 12 hours ago

    q cancion mas guapa$💟💟💟👍👍💞💞💗👄👄

  • Bog Anubis
    Bog Anubis 12 hours ago

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  • SlimeBob - Minecraft
    SlimeBob - Minecraft 12 hours ago

    💯 % porn
    0% actual song for people that arent adults(kids)

  • Angel Wings
    Angel Wings 13 hours ago

    really amazing song wooow 😍😍😘

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    name of the model please?

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    seong :] 1 day ago

    im obsessed with this song its unhealthy :v

  • Phillip Moore
    Phillip Moore 1 day ago

    Can someone tag me in a real sex video on YouTube

  • Phillip Moore
    Phillip Moore 1 day ago

    Can someone tag me in a real sex video on YouTube

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    mina che 1 day ago

    This is a porn Not even close to a video song...oh god everything just about sex when it's gonna stop !!! Sex propaganda we get it

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    Tommy Vercetti 1 day ago

    0:57 Is why I'm here.

  • Reniel Ann
    Reniel Ann 1 day ago

    them: shimmy shimmy yaw shimmy yaw swalla la la

    me: shimmy shimmy ya ya such a liar

    ...only an army can get the joke...

  • Ceyhun Sparrow
    Ceyhun Sparrow 1 day ago

    şimi şimi diye aratanlar +1

  • Advanced Arthur
    Advanced Arthur 1 day ago

    I like the music, but the video is fucked.

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    Remas Ii 1 day ago

    مافي عرب😂😂🤚🏼

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    Melanie_ Batty 1 day ago

    Shameless edit brought me here

  • Charithma Gamalath
    Charithma Gamalath 1 day ago

    For such a sexual video, the last thing I expected was to see Jason Derulo dancing with an umbrella. xD

  • Nisa Nur
    Nisa Nur 1 day ago

    I just wanted to see the lyrics... Those zoom scenes to the girls' tongues made me almost vomit.

  • Najat El Barhouti
    Najat El Barhouti 1 day ago

    Me encantaa

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    WTF did I just watched....

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    I came to see. This.


    Waste of good time.

    • Alana Drayer
      Alana Drayer 2 days ago

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    laura montes 2 days ago

    Todos hablan inglés líque si es tas conmigo

  • XxSnowNinja
    XxSnowNinja 2 days ago

    "all music is about sex now"

    okay if that's all you're listening to then no shit. try listening to different artists or genres. I consider this song a party song to dance to. nothing with meaning.

  • Mirsad Akkurt
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    Serhan Buyuran 2 days ago

    Mükemmel great

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    *Ok c'est très sexuel mais.. Arrêtez de vous baver dessus vous n'êtes pas des gamins ! J'aime bien la chanson mais le clip est juste nul.*

  • Ninie Fellah
    Ninie Fellah 2 days ago

    j'aime les paroles de la chanson 😊 mais ce qu'il me plaît pas c'est quand il font monter leur bouche
    dans toute la musique il y a sa.

  • Chemmow
    Chemmow 2 days ago

    Everything about this is trash except for the fact that it's so damn catchy.

  • Chrystyn97 Jeon
    Chrystyn97 Jeon 3 days ago

    Came here after Eunki dance to this song

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    Azibato Oruene 3 days ago

    +meriem noor happas cos morality flew out of the window with parents being less responsible for their children

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  • SuperToadNation
    SuperToadNation 4 days ago

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