Alien Covenant - What Happened to Elizabeth Shaw

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  • Mr H Reviews
    Mr H Reviews 2 months ago +312

    hey guys, I stupidly forgot to give details to competition video so had chuck it on end of this one, hence the weird delay and length of this video. sorry!

    • podwarlord
      podwarlord 26 days ago

      Mr H Reviews

    • Victor Araujo
      Victor Araujo 1 month ago

      El Ropo are you high????? please, drop the hyperdermic needle full of herion away from your tightened arm! 10 years from now, we will see if PROMETHEUS or this ABORTION: COVENANT will age like fine wine; a cult classic, much like BLADERUNNER was 35 years and still aging gracefully!

  • Moen I
    Moen I 10 hours ago

    I loved Bishop in Aliens and I'm happy they gave Walter a good death. That's my take on the whole movie.

  • Tom Barnes
    Tom Barnes 13 hours ago

    Personally, having known many, many mentally ill people in my life with some in my own family, I think David is either schizophrenic and/or psychopathic. They are just so sick that there is no explanation for what they do....they just act.

  • ThePonyDalek
    ThePonyDalek 1 day ago

    I really like Alien Covenant, and I can understand why he killed her, he killed her boyfriend/fiancée with no remorse for science, he only needed shaw to get his body back, he cares not but his own intensions, he did mass genocide to the engineers, to see what this black goo could do, and what he'll make from it. Prometheus was showing how we could have been created for reason, or "because they could" Alien Covenant was the creation of the perfect being, taking the raw materials from others, Standing on the shoulders of giants, did he create them because he had an idea of their greater purpose, or did he create them because he could? That's the real question to Alien Covenant

  • Babylonian
    Babylonian 1 day ago

    Shaw would have made a great protegonist in the franchise. Starting off weak, naive and fighting herself into a badass like Ripley

  • Love Hjertén
    Love Hjertén 2 days ago

    David used Elizabeth as a birther. When he tells the captain of "his" creations. He has used Elizabeth's womb to give birth to different selections of mutations. And this is also why we see the girl confronting David about what he has done to Elizabeth, and his reply is. The same ill do to you.

  • Daisy Yang
    Daisy Yang 3 days ago

    My concern is that was she concious throughout the experimentation and for how long by David? In both depictions we see of her, her eyes are open and she appears alive.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 3 days ago

      +Daisy Yang potentially, but eyes are closed out of respect normally, he didn't respect her therefore he likely left them open

  • Bill Viking
    Bill Viking 3 days ago

    The genius behind Alien was H R Giger. Scott deserves much of the credit for seeing in Giger this creative, dark vision, and managing to make it commercial, but he's no Giger, and when left to his own ideas, we get: just another monster movie, which is boring. Where it should have gone -- is exploring the meaning in Giger's art work, and exploring how this transforms Shaw as she journeys to the Engineer's homeworld, with much of it having David be headless. There's great comedy and drama in that. It broke my heart to see Shaw dissected by a moron robot. Waste of a great cinematic opportunity.

  • Kai Tran
    Kai Tran 3 days ago +2

    I think that earth is gonna be exploded in the next movie.🌎💥💥🔥

    • Kai Tran
      Kai Tran 3 days ago

      And by the way great vid and I just got into the alien franchise so this was really cool 😎

    • Kai Tran
      Kai Tran 3 days ago

      Wow you actually replied... thanks man. But um I was just joking 😄😃😅

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 3 days ago

      +Kai Tran it can't be, that would change the timeline even more from the original alien

  • Mardonio Herrera jr.


    • Mardonio Herrera jr.
      Mardonio Herrera jr. 3 days ago


    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 3 days ago

      +Mardonio Herrera jr. Yeah it's because AVP isn't in continuity anymore buddy that's all

  • ol' Swole
    ol' Swole 3 days ago

    I remember Shaw wearing a cross in Prometheus, but I don't recall her wearing dog tags

  • Tasha Pirisino
    Tasha Pirisino 4 days ago

    I'm sad with Hicks death, Newts death and now Shaws. They should have made their deaths smoother. Still love the Alien movies though. Still fantastic.

  • Hellmarch
    Hellmarch 4 days ago +1

    When i saw this movie last night i was so deeply dissapointed... The first 3 Alien movies were awesome, the 4th was ok. But then came Prometheus which i was ok with because it had no obvious connection to the Alien (except the neomorph in the last scene). Prometheus IMO is a good horror movie but it just has too many fucking unasnswered questions, which makes it seem like a complete mess. And now the Covenant... it had so much potential even as a sequel to Prometheus and a prequel to Alien, buuut they just had to make it feel like i was watching Prometheus 2... complete mess, complicated story, all the xenomorphs/neomorphs are always fully visible and in good lighting (in all 4 Alien movies there are like 2 scenes where the Xenomorph is fully visible) which takes all the suspense away.... The director who saw this final edited version and said ''That's it, this is what we are releasing'' is a complete moron who doesn't understand horror, and even less- what the alien represents (IMO, pure horror and dread, nowhere to escape, constant tension, darkness, space silence)

  • A.N.A
    A.N.A 5 days ago

    Killing Shaw was a big mistake, Alien 3 did the same with two favorite characters and it ended up being sad and depressing from the beginning.

    Prometheus was a very interesting and intriguing movie which made many movie goers go and search for the meaning of its messages and theories however Alien movies don't have that aspect and I think Scott was afraid that fans would not like the sequel so he made a hypird movie that fails at both fronts.

    I wish he hadn't done that.

    RIP Elizabeth Shaw.

  • urgrace mylord
    urgrace mylord 5 days ago

    destroy to create its self explanatory for AC

  • Richard Fernandes
    Richard Fernandes 5 days ago

    Ur voice makes these videos even better!, u do know u sound allot like the actor Colin Salmon? :). Wich contribute in the AvP movie and Resident evil? =)

  • Amydien Queen of Nargothrond

    I really don't know if David is crying. Not sure if this would happen with an android but I think the wind has just made his eyes water. If he did not cry when the captain kills the alien, no way would he cry over the engineers.

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill 6 days ago

    Just like they killed off M. Behn and the young girl at the beginning of Alien 3. Both were fan fav characters and thats why Covenant sucks as bad as Alien 3

  • Chemitauro
    Chemitauro 6 days ago

    I think that the origin of the eggs comes from David's experiments with animal species of the planet. During the movie we see several "insects" and other failed beasts on David's lab. I believe Shaw served as host to many of them, being kept alive by David using technology etc. In my opinion, if Shaw was transformed into an alien queen there would be no trace of her, no corpse, nothing.

  • Dis Belief
    Dis Belief 7 days ago

    I think your analysis was great, mostly because I came to similar conclusions ;)

    On a un-related side note though: I did like Daniels' character. Now I know Ripley is straight up irreplaceable, and attempting to even try is like trying to replace Coke and Pepsi with another cola. It's just not going to happen! I do believe however, that Scott did try to dress Daniels up as the main role - short curly haired, grease monkey, alien killing bad-ass that Ripley was and although she was no Lt. Ripley, she did fulfil a parallel role that I IMHO, was good enough for a Ripley knock off.

    All the other characters, other than Walter, was not memorable enough for me to even care what happened to them (or remember their names) which I think is bad. If you field a massive cast that you can barely keep up with their names while not building upon their characters, it ruins the movie completely. Daniels and Walter stole the movie and at the same time saved it. But that's just my opinion :)

  • avenkalkw19
    avenkalkw19 7 days ago

    Nice theory up till you claim that David created the Xenomorphs. From Aliens vs Predator we know that the Xenomorphs have existed since at least Oct 10, 2896 BC. David recreated them and they are imperfect aliens its tail lacks the tail blade and its dorsal tubes are smaller.

    • avenkalkw19
      avenkalkw19 5 days ago

      Even if AVP isn't cannon The Xenomorphs are older then then Alien Covenant. In the original Alien the Engineer found in the ship was fossilized. Alien Covenant happens in the year 2104 and Alien takes place in 2122. It takes far more time then 18 years for the Engineer to fossilize.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 7 days ago

      +avenkalkw19 AVP isn't canon

  • Nurul Ida
    Nurul Ida 7 days ago

    I really thought i can see Shaw in Convenant. :/

  • English Mustard
    English Mustard 7 days ago

    David is trying to regenerate Shaw using alien dna

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 7 days ago

      nothing in the film suggests that at all, far from it, he actually admits she didn't die in the crash and we see she has been experimented on.... its okay for a character to be evil.

  • Droni Roche
    Droni Roche 7 days ago

    Thats why you dont take a fucking robot with you on a space journey!

  • thesundancekid333
    thesundancekid333 7 days ago

    Folks who lament Shaw's passing have their priorities wrong.


  • draftsman74
    draftsman74 8 days ago

    Darth Vaders narrating

  • Ben Lutz
    Ben Lutz 8 days ago

    load of crap
    It's like whoever writes these things have gone out of their way to make senseless garbage, Warholing the people paying them.

  • Sam501
    Sam501 8 days ago

    we see a photo of Shaw with her jaw missing, then we see her body laid on a table with her jaw in tact? doesn't this hint that David had made clones of Shaw? .... maybe Shaw is still in her cryo sleep and David never "woke her up when they arrived". after all, he does love her.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 8 days ago

      +Sam501 nope, not at all, the reason that drawing is in there is it was unused concept art. In universe it can be explained as David simply did an artist's rendition. The film is about creation afterall

  • The Machinic
    The Machinic 9 days ago

    David you sick bastard

  • SapienHunter
    SapienHunter 10 days ago

    What is still doesn't explain is in what world a Xenomorph a perfect organism?
    It is only a killing machine, that's all to it.
    For someone shown to be as intelligent and as much a believer in creativity as David, it is ironic for him to think of Xenomorph as a perfect organism.
    Also, Alien Covenant was shit... utter crap.

  • Nicolas M
    Nicolas M 12 days ago

    So... that still don't explain the only important point here.

    Wtf is going on with David sketch?
    He sketched her with the face half torn away, but before that we clearly see here body with a perfectly intact face...

    So he just ... "made up" what's on that sketch? Why?

    His sketches are all scientific, detailed representations of real things, but that's not the case for that sketch...

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 12 days ago

      its actually not important at all, the real reason is because it was concept art they wanted to use in the film, thats the actual reason.

  • tnt201123
    tnt201123 12 days ago

    my question is wen Prometheus 1st came out in 2012. Did any1 know it was a prequel to Aliens? cause i sure didn't. i just went to watch a sci-fi flick. Now alien covenant comes out an now its considered a prequel to Aliens? by me being a huge Alien fan from the 70's. You dont wait till the 25plus yrs to bring the prequel out. an then if you do, dont wait 5yrs to let people know after the 2nd installment

  • Stryder
    Stryder 12 days ago

    Duck no
    Shaw deserved way more and a better death

  • Georgios Papadopoulos
    Georgios Papadopoulos 12 days ago

    When Daniels searches the papers of David in the bestiary, in a glimpse of an eye we read in the bottom of the first portrait "concurrent xenomorph deployment. ......... host sustaining functions ....." which means that Shaw got infected by the black goo (virus-pathogen) and David tried to save her even if that meant that she would have to become a mutant. I believe that the vials had a proportion of eggs of flies along with the mutagen virus, which exposed to high temperature and air make the first mutation eggs---->flies then these flies kill everything from what we saw in the bombing scene (spreading the virus at the same time) in the air and ground and then the Xenos kill everything that is left on the ground and in the seas like a reverse engineering of the evolution line, life is created in the seas -----> then the first fish evolves by mutations to create lungs and conquer the surface and then come the birds. The mystery is how Shaw got infected, was it from her boyfriend, did she come in contanct with the evil engineers, did she get infected by the spores after the crash? Maybe those flies were beatles (meaning the the black goo is mutated condensed beatle eggs ready to be accelerated by the white liquid), because when Walter enters the room of David we see two beattles being drawn (goliathus regius and megasoma elephas), these were the insect like creatures that spreaded the mutagen virus and killed all the engineers.

  • Xa'Drion Bennett
    Xa'Drion Bennett 12 days ago

    I somehow knew that Shaw would come to such a horrible fate... I mean, the androids in these films are assholes to humans. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • J.Gomez
    J.Gomez 13 days ago

    That movie is a fucking mess David needs to make a time machine and go back in time and get shaw back or bring Ripley.

  • arnold viagra
    arnold viagra 13 days ago

    Alien covenant fucked up Prometheus

  • MT Space
    MT Space 13 days ago

    i dont like Devid😡😡😡😡😡😬😬😬

  • Ronin
    Ronin 14 days ago

    I was just disappointed I didnt get to see noomi rapace again and instead got this homely chic

  • Ink The Alien Hunter AVP


  • Ariel Openmind
    Ariel Openmind 14 days ago

    They fucked up with Shaw. I liked her.

  • jackoblllllllll
    jackoblllllllll 14 days ago

    As much as she is dissected, we cant really tell if David actually killed her. She could have died of brain aneurysm, accident, heart attack or complications from her "giving birth". Also she could have gotten infected with some of the black goo stuff and he had mercy killed her.

  • Locus Alien
    Locus Alien 15 days ago

    outstanding movie
    what about the beginning race

  • Severus Versus
    Severus Versus 15 days ago

    Screw Shaw... #Walterdesevresbetter!

  • Igna L
    Igna L 15 days ago +1

    i think elizabeth shaw as a caracter was really great, and possibly the one in whom you can sustain a franchise, ok she is not reply, but she was very good. For me prometheus was awsome too,i liked the story of the engeniers and question of why they created us. i was expecting the continue of that, and fucking riddley scott kills that story line in one fucking minute, he just blow off everything, so why does prometheus fucking exists???? Now i see, it is because of fucking peace of shit Alien covenant!!! FUCK YOU RIDDLEY SCOTT. PD: Riddley... your franchise is dead, this film only collected 230 million, forget about other film. thanks god he cant ruine this franchise more than he just did.

  • Skexzi
    Skexzi 15 days ago

    rip newt

  • Xrod Gaming
    Xrod Gaming 15 days ago +1

    What was the weapon used to kill the engineers?

  • Mysterious Sheep
    Mysterious Sheep 16 days ago

    Scott why the fuck couldn't you give us more insight on the engineers planet, literally we only saw like one minute of them.

  • Sean Strawser
    Sean Strawser 16 days ago

    When David save Shaw during the storm in prometheus she thanked him like a normal person
    When Shaw was closing the bag on Davids head at the end she apologized for having to do it treating him like an equal
    This is why David care for her and no one else

  • Aadil Erfan
    Aadil Erfan 16 days ago

    shit movie with shit ending

  • lee whitham
    lee whitham 16 days ago

    covenant in a nutshell. "thats my wife, heres my wife, how is my wife, don't touch my wife,where is my wife, wife wife wife"

  • zacharyss
    zacharyss 16 days ago

    I love David.

  • vindikad
    vindikad 17 days ago

    I think Shaw was sick with black gu. And David was trying to save her. And eventually is trying to keep her alive through the xenomorphs.

  • arif khan
    arif khan 17 days ago

    they have to make a separate movie about Dr. Elizabeth Shaw.

  • Brian Frederick
    Brian Frederick 17 days ago

    Great analysis.

  • Perry Brown
    Perry Brown 17 days ago

    so, the aliens basically was created by an android who became insane. so basically, human created the aliens.

    CATZEistKRIEG 17 days ago

    i cant help but wonder ...David had to imagine the whole "Broken Jaw Shaw", because how else did he get her jaw back on perfectly. so he just sat there and drew her looking almost worse than on the slab.

  • raziel bloodborn
    raziel bloodborn 17 days ago

    one would assume that david being the synthetic sociopath he is, had to keep shaw alive yet immobilized to actually carry out his experiment.
    seeing as how these mutations don't work on dead tissue.
    so my best guess is he surgically paralyzed her from the neck down and then proceeded with transforming shaw in to an hybrid xenomorph womb.

  • joshua irvin
    joshua irvin 17 days ago

    So the goo was a bio weapon created to get rid of failed experimental planets and species. Prometheus got it off the planet aka military science base and lab via David and Shaw. Who carted it back to its source or one thereof and David proceeds to commit genocide on the engineers. Resulting in a planet filled with xenomorphs. Meanwhile David for whatever fucked up logical reason is most interested in creating a hybrid of the things he imagines as perfect, Shaw and the xenos. It's not hard to imagine David carving up Shaw (who is possibly already stricken) to remove her eggs and under a microscope marry them with goo. Thus the eggs and face huggers ready for a host. Enter Covenant.

    That's what I've gotten so far. I imagine when they make it to the next Goldilocks planet it will somehow carry over to the place where they were discovered in Alien. I did not like the end to Shaw as I loved her character and think Naomi Rapace is gorgeous! But I'll wait for the finale.

  • Sawarajya Laxmi Tripathi

    it reminds me of Alien 3 where Ridley(protegnist) saves a child but she killed on the next sequal.Shit...You do it again bloody production.

  • Pradeep Balakrishnan
    Pradeep Balakrishnan 17 days ago

    i just saw the movie yesterday. It's too dark. David has become more scary and is a bigger threat than these aliens. How does that work in an Alien franchise? The whole thing is very depressing. Ridley Scot is obsessed with his alien shows in the story. He has gone far too deep into his mind with it.. People don't care much about the who, what, and where and when. Everyone just dies, dies and dies. Get Sigourney back to kick David's and those Alien asses. I hate to watch movies where the anthologist always wins.

  • EmperorTaebok
    EmperorTaebok 18 days ago

    This movie just pisses me off.
    In 1979, we are introduced to the first engineer, the "Space Jockey"
    For 38 YEARS, we've been wanting to find out more.
    Who are they? Where do they come from? Why do they create? Why did they create us? Who created them? Why do they want to destroy us?
    So they finally head off to the engineers home world and do we get answers to ANY of those question?
    Nah, they just all get killed off instead.
    Well, fuck you Ridley Scott, I'm done.

  • HighCity
    HighCity 18 days ago

    It is a shitty ending to her character... it's not satisfying at all. The movie was awesome, but I didn't like her end. The character should serve the movie/story yes; but the story should serve the viewer... it's like getting a meal with a bitter after taste, and it leaves your face with that weird expression... Shaw deserved better... WTF @Ridley... first Noah and now this?

  • David O'Toole
    David O'Toole 18 days ago

    absolutely shite i hated the film. direction was shit through out. killing shaw off like that was a massive let down

  • Cave Man
    Cave Man 18 days ago

    when I saw the android's slashed face before stapling it, it hints me that Walter missed the slice or it was a self-infliction because of the missing hand, to guise David himself to Walter.

  • Balogun Bolaji
    Balogun Bolaji 18 days ago

    David is worse than Joffrey in Game of thrones! Seeing shaw in that state kinda made me both sick and shocked.

  • Lee Hare
    Lee Hare 18 days ago

    Your voice, you sound a lot like Colin Salmon.

  • shockney lane
    shockney lane 19 days ago

    I'm leaning toward the explanation that David tried to save Shaw but couldn't, so he transformed her. And that he was crying when he dropped the payload on the creators because he was mourning Shaw, who he wanted to save but couldn't, as he destroyed with ease the people he detested. Other than that, the rest of the explanation in the video makes the most sense out of all the ones I've seen so far.

  • Mike Lisboa
    Mike Lisboa 19 days ago

    You are a very intelligent person.

  • JohnDrakeMI6
    JohnDrakeMI6 20 days ago

    Noomi Rapace is a great actress and very capable. Too bad they "killed" her in the movie. I think there was more to the movie and the producers/directors made a BIG mistake. I will look elsewhere for Noomi Rapace. Great Review Mr. H. ...WHat contest???

  • Boricua9215
    Boricua9215 20 days ago

    If you look closely at Shaw's closed eyes in the movie, you can see them moving, just slightly, as if she's dreaming. I'm not sure if I was just hallucinating, or I just wanted her to continue on in the series, but I'm under the assumption that David wouldn't be able to birth so many eggs from a dead experiment.

  • Richard A.
    Richard A. 20 days ago

    Now we need a prequel to Alien Covenant right babe?

  • Dave F
    Dave F 20 days ago

    I just wanna know who the engineers were and why they made the black goo, and why kill off life on earth. I didn't like the entire Prometheus story getting compressed into a 3min part of Covenant cos I wanted some sort of explanation about the engineers. I get David being a super cyborg who wants to create life blah blah but theres a whole story that supported this one - and that was the ENGINEERS!

  • jack00scarecrow
    jack00scarecrow 21 day ago

    lesson 1 keep your helmet on , lesson 2 never travel anywhere

  • globalklaus
    globalklaus 21 day ago

    First: Both Prometheus and Covenant are bad. Basically just following the now boring formula of Discovery- Infection - Breaking Containment- Dying by Numbers.

    Second: Prometheus had the best Ripley substitute- Shaw (although, not even close to Sigourney Weaver). But Covenant had more likeable characters. In Prometheus, I just wanted Shaw to live.

    Third: Covenant is, like others have said here: a complete mess. It doesn't matter if the background story and motivation is well thought out, when the execution, the very surface of the movie, gives us yet another bunch of "let's split up", 'I'll check over there, "I'm going to wash up alone" guys and girls who acts like no sane human would when they know there's hellish beasts around somewhere.

    What's desperately needed to the series (besides NOT shutting down Bloomkamps planned reboot) is a new formula. Like Aliens on earth after they've killed off nearly every living thing, and a handful of cyborgs try to protect the last human survivors as they ready a broken ship to take them off the planet.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • HellsSelectiveAiden69

    Really liked the film, turned into one big sinister twist

  • Vampires Crypt
    Vampires Crypt 21 day ago +7

    "I'll do the fingering." - Walter

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 21 day ago

    This was just another movie about a crazy android.

  • Mobydick
    Mobydick 21 day ago

    Seeing as the Bloodburster / Neomorph is evolved by spores and need no facehugger, this alien seems Superior to David's aliens. But I guess the Spores have limited reach?

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones 21 day ago

    since david had emotions its possible that he loved shaw in his way, but obviously he didn't know what love is, i would imagine the only way he saw he could have children was by creating them using her body..fathering what he sees as the perfect beings , the highest honour or epitaph he could give to shaw in his eyes ....he made her grave and garden to show his love for her and respect ( it what humans do) but ultimately used her body for his own ends ...but what he did to her although revolting to us may well be a sign of his love and respect ,he didn't just throw the body away or bury it ...he kept it and preserved it as some lunatics sculpture as a reminder of not just her but of what he created with her,he also made artistic drawing of her ultimately shows how inhuman he is and how little he really understood us, for us his actions where monstrous. he believed he was better than humans and engineers, despite faults that david showed him when he recited the poem and forgot who had written it ,,showing him that maybe he wasn't as perfect as he believed but by then he was so far gone his obsessions had taken over .

  • TednTin
    TednTin 21 day ago

    if i had to ask David one question i would ask if he thinks he is superior to Alien, if yes then he must die and if no then humans have created some thing more awesome and the purpose of Alien is nothing and therefore he should serve humanity

  • Lalo Saks
    Lalo Saks 21 day ago

    You are the best!

  • savio pinho
    savio pinho 22 days ago

    They should have just kept with a straight sequence of prometheus and then covenant. Big mistake. Waited 5 years for a crap movie, not prometheus or alien.

  • Poo Shaw
    Poo Shaw 22 days ago

    I know I'm late just now seen the movie but I thought the the stuff around shaw's head was her sternum and ribs placed/inserted in a shrine like fashion by David. Thoughts?

  • Luffy san
    Luffy san 22 days ago

    What i don't understand is how at 4:30 those vases acted as bombs rather than transforming all the engineers to aliens?

  • Dung Pie
    Dung Pie 22 days ago

    i was incredible satisfied with the movie, it was anything i hoped for and almost all of my predictions were true.

    I like David as a character very much, especially when they show that he's not a cold blooded murderer, but also that he's a robot with a sentile mind.
    How he showed emotions and an actual form of love towars Shaw, if he didn't care for her he wouldn't have build a grave, garden and a stone for her.
    I always like and admire characters who are dedicated in their goals, that know what they want to do and how they're going to do it. And who are also able to improvise when things don't really go according to plan.

  • Blue Horse
    Blue Horse 22 days ago

    That dick David did the switch ah ro twin thing at the ending!!!

  • Michel Kerger
    Michel Kerger 22 days ago

    I enjoy all the theory's but I also know Hollywood loves money and is milking a successful franchise to the full so....keep the Alien Franchise going so long as it makes money, so plot is subservient to $.

  • tomek_p
    tomek_p 23 days ago

    I think David didn't kill Shaw. As you said he loved her but in prologue she is sick and using alien kriosleep chamber. In my opinion she was dying from that thing she had inside her in prometheus and David use her DNA to create something to gratitude her compassion for him.

  • Richard Alan Naggar
    Richard Alan Naggar 24 days ago

    Nicely explained and makes good sense...

  • Noña Business
    Noña Business 24 days ago

    so you're saying that in that sketch David drew, Elizabeth had no shaw? hahahahahaha get it cause it rhymes with jaw Hahahaha im sorry....

  • Rose Parkway
    Rose Parkway 25 days ago

    What would be freaking awesome. Bring back Shaw in the next movie. If she is "dead" for those of us who really like the character, bring her back and give her the "happy ending" she deserves. Even if it is by being the 'mother' or 'Queen' of the monster Alien Xeno's! :)

  • Jeremy Yin
    Jeremy Yin 25 days ago

    It is impossible that david killed the engineers in the normal timeline.When the crews came to that planet,they nearly all had been dead.So  he must traveled through time after doing a lot of experiments on Shaw(that ship maybe advanced enough).Then he came to kill them with his experimental results.That makes a sense,it explans why the last engineer killed the crews and wanted to go to earth to kill all human beings.[personal thoughts.forgive my mistakes of grammr or something:D]

  • sweet spicy
    sweet spicy 26 days ago

    I got a small question -- how can David's hair grow longer ?

  • Riley Pinkerton
    Riley Pinkerton 26 days ago

    How do we know that shaw was killed by David. He might have just taken advantage of her death

    • Phantoma3
      Phantoma3 22 days ago

      Riley Pinkerton,
      When David catches Daniels going through his drawings of Shaw, Daniels asks David, "Shaw didn't die in the crash did she?" and then David says, "No".
      Then Daniels asks, "Why did you kill her?" and David says, "The same reason why I'm going to kill you."

    • Riley Pinkerton
      Riley Pinkerton 23 days ago

      Mr H Reviews but that might have implied that he was going to experiment on her the same way as he did to Shaw

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 26 days ago

      +Riley Pinkerton when asked she didn't die in the crash, he says no, Daniels asks what did you do to her, David replies exactly what I'm going to do to you. Implies he killed her, very much so

  • MrNoodle1664
    MrNoodle1664 26 days ago

    Alien and Aliens was obviously the best ones, 3 had a half decent plot but seemed to lack a lot of imagination and seemed to be missing something, 4 was just a complete waste of time literally. Now that them 4 had been said and done the best route i find is, Scott should of left it for a while and then try with a Alien 5 rounding the whole thing off for good. Let Blomkamp take up his own Prometheus and Covenant or how ever he wanted to tackle his own series, with Scott as a adviser or something along them lines. In reality, 3 could of been improved and well 4 should of been completely remade altogether or just simply not made at all (but seen as 3 was not really a ending film).

  • Greg F
    Greg F 26 days ago

    We _know_ what happened to Doctor Shaw. It wasn't nice.

  • Brother Malachai
    Brother Malachai 27 days ago

    You fail to explain why Shaw's sketch is jawless while the dissected remains still has it's jaw intact with no scarring.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 27 days ago

      +Brother Malachai because she isn't dissected in that manner..... In the movie context that's the explanation , the actual picture is concept art which they just inserted into the film, it was concept art of what she could have looked like, along with numerous other pieces, it doesn't hold any other meaning than that.

    • Brother Malachai
      Brother Malachai 27 days ago

      And how do you know it's an art rendition and not an actual drawing of an autopsy pic though? That's the big question.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 27 days ago

      +Brother Malachai because it doesn't need explaining, it's an arts rendition, it's a fantastical vision of what he did.

  • KleNeX GaminG
    KleNeX GaminG 27 days ago

    I wish Shaw deserved a better ending.

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