Dear Samsung!

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  • Green Soccer
    Green Soccer 23 minutes ago

    hi phil

  • Stamatis Loukas
    Stamatis Loukas 9 hours ago

    You are little wrong here mate...bixby is different from google assistand,there are very little a bixby shocase video

  • Godchild #1
    Godchild #1 23 hours ago +1

    yes love. I do

    i do smoke weed.

    I watch your videos all the time. thank you.

  • Mohd Balushi
    Mohd Balushi 2 days ago

    They need a new design team

  • patrick nimesh
    patrick nimesh 2 days ago

    Hey Marques , google assistant can recognize stuff through your camera, jst open the camera and hold the home button. It even tells which flower it is at times!

  • Sanjay Soneji
    Sanjay Soneji 4 days ago

    Love the baby groot

  • João Carlos
    João Carlos 5 days ago

    Just imagine a s8 kinda phone that is unbreakable like a moto force...
    That would sell LOTS.

  • Alec Grolimond
    Alec Grolimond 6 days ago

    Rant, rant rant and rant! Why?

  • Kazak Thranduil
    Kazak Thranduil 6 days ago

    Is Bixby really made custom by Samsung or is it rebranded Google now that's been licensed and slightly tweaked

  • P Lantern
    P Lantern 6 days ago

    this is the bad video I've ever seen

  • Randy W Horton
    Randy W Horton 6 days ago +1

    I really appreciate this review about Samsung copy crap of Google. Imagine if they used that effort to actual put a better speaker on the S8+ because it is terrible......

  • King4ever Nafim
    King4ever Nafim 7 days ago

    This asshole niggas fanboys will definitely attack me now

  • Richárd Károlyi
    Richárd Károlyi 7 days ago

    dear white people

  • Device Tricks
    Device Tricks 7 days ago

    Fisher price case😂😂😂

  • Tim Possible
    Tim Possible 7 days ago

    You left Android Pay and Samsung Pay off of your chart

  • Park jaeyoung
    Park jaeyoung 9 days ago

    those apps are not for android....
    all those kind of apps are for "bada" samsung developed os system
    you just test bed and feedback provider

  • Park jaeyoung
    Park jaeyoung 9 days ago

    If you do understand why samsung make there own cpu and os (called bada)
    you can easily find the answer of your questions.
    In the world of business there is no eternal friends, no eternal enemy.

  • Parker Barandon
    Parker Barandon 9 days ago

    I have one for them... change the name of the music app. Where did they get the idea that "milk" makes sense for a music app

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 9 days ago

    Apple didn’t make the Mac Pro because of you buddy just sayin

  • Monstergaming Shawn
    Monstergaming Shawn 10 days ago

    Hi phil

  • Malachi Gillespie
    Malachi Gillespie 10 days ago

    Can't stop laughing

  • Kevin Guimaraes
    Kevin Guimaraes 10 days ago

    but google now (voice assistant) kinda sucks......... when i say "hey google'' it doesn't respond. but other than that its perfectly fine.

  • Sean Philippe Tan
    Sean Philippe Tan 11 days ago

    Please make a Dear Sony video 👐👐👐

  • Aquib Shaikh
    Aquib Shaikh 12 days ago

    That intro is nostalgic.
    Next Dear OnePlus

  • Lukáš Greš
    Lukáš Greš 12 days ago

    Actually S Voice changed to Bixby.

  • Harryy
    Harryy 12 days ago +2

    Do a Dear Sony and tell them to cut down on them bezels or else i'm never buying their phones again

  • Zackery Diehl
    Zackery Diehl 13 days ago

    changing what the bixby button can be used for would be so useful.

  • Imran Hamdan
    Imran Hamdan 14 days ago

    Which phone u use ? I mean the dominant

  • Aditya H.
    Aditya H. 14 days ago

    Ayy lmao the old intro

  • Hk- 747
    Hk- 747 14 days ago

    If he stand before me,ill beat the shit out of him 😠😠

    FLAC MURRY 14 days ago

    That box with the skull, tell me about it, please, anyone❤️❤️

  • Cody Bonner
    Cody Bonner 14 days ago

    Classic mkbhd intro music, the best

  • Michael Els
    Michael Els 15 days ago

    the case looks like it was trapped in a room full ofd kids and crayons.

  • Michael Els
    Michael Els 15 days ago

    fuck all of you apple haters! you dont know a good phone when you see one. apple is awesome. GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan Jimenez
    Nathan Jimenez 16 days ago

    Bigsby is a personalized version of Google

  • Mani Hill
    Mani Hill 16 days ago


  • Mani Hill
    Mani Hill 16 days ago

    Who tf designed that s8 case? Holy shit

  • Sayhoun Ostowar
    Sayhoun Ostowar 16 days ago

    YES F YES at least keep that away from International phones Samsung

  • Anna Kei
    Anna Kei 16 days ago

    Samsung is the leader and better in any case and they've proved it over and over again, cause when they talking about making changes, they literally MAKE them, the innovative procedures are always in work. If comparing with Apple, they are far from even doing half of that...Poor Steve(

  • Naanu Loper
    Naanu Loper 17 days ago

    Dear Samsung .. "please continue to use your own custom software so that Google will learn and decide to bring those features to stock android in future releases. Without you Google stock android would have been so boring. Thanks for giving multi window, clear all notifications, VR support, Wearable tech support, for teaching google that there can be a restart option, display battery percentage in status bar (OMG .. google could not figure this out !!!!) and many 100s more features" .... Dear samsung .. " please continue to build your own software for phones and do not ever rely on boring useless stock android. Let stock android copy more of your features like - in-built device maintenance, always on display, pop-up window, resizable window, one handed mode and many more you would put in your awesome galaxy devices" .... Dear Samsung .. "Without you stock android will be boring piece of software which no one would prefer. Please help in making stock android better" !!!!

  • Hind Ibrahim
    Hind Ibrahim 17 days ago

    why when i see you robert downey jr comes into my head🤔

  • Edisun_123
    Edisun_123 17 days ago

    Dear ZTE

  • Luke352ANYTHING
    Luke352ANYTHING 17 days ago

    The google apps look better then the Samsung ones.

  • tris
    tris 17 days ago

    "hi phill"

  • Naresh Regmi
    Naresh Regmi 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who really like Bixby? It's definitely better than google voice and can do more complex things

  • Mohammad Motiwala
    Mohammad Motiwala 17 days ago

    Maybe they're on their way to removing google from their phones

  • Hosian Edward
    Hosian Edward 17 days ago

    And not every thing from google 🖐

  • Hosian Edward
    Hosian Edward 17 days ago

    I actually prefer more when samsung adds its own running apps

  • Matt corey
    Matt corey 18 days ago

    you are missing out the most obvious answer to your question.
    Samsung doesn't want to depend on google.

  • Joe B
    Joe B 18 days ago

    I think they redesign the google apps because they want to make it more exclusive to Samsung

  • _RespecWamen
    _RespecWamen 18 days ago

    Same type of jokes of captainsparklez reacting to reddit at the end lol

  • radfoo72
    radfoo72 19 days ago

    Some people prefer options to google apps.

  • Channel is dead
    Channel is dead 19 days ago

    Im number 2 xD

  • AS SS
    AS SS 20 days ago

    and thats why I don't buy Samsung products, they are garbage. I just don't like how it slows down in 3 months after avg use.

  • Michael Ruben
    Michael Ruben 20 days ago

    BIKINI wkwkwkwkwkwk

  • Vijay Malayil
    Vijay Malayil 21 day ago

    The reason behind Samsung making similar apps compared to google apps and Bixby is coz sooner or later Google is going to try and call all the shots and Samsung wants to be able to say "NO" at that point.

    Let me explain. Google brought the open source "Android" and asks manufacturers to use it and build what they want. Later Google says they want "Powered by Android" written when the phone starts up or they would not allow support for Play store for those phones manufacturers that refused. Then they want google now integration and shortcut with the home buttons etc. Google then buys Motorolla (which it regretted) probably to get into the smartphone market themselves. Now, we have the Google Pixel which is in direct competition to all other android manufacturers. So basically, google provides android to all of its "customers" like Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei etc and then releases a flagship smartphone that directly competes with them.

    Google is undoubtedly going to control everything in the future. The day isn't far when Google is going to demand more from these "customers" which is not going to be acceptable for them. Samsung especially isn't about that life. They make excellent devices and they don't want google dictating what to and what not to do, in the near future. That's why Bixby is somewhat enforced with a dedicated button like blackberry assistant back in the days. That's why Samsung is developing their own set of apps and even an operating system of its own called Tizen which has seen release in Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3 as a start for the Indian market. So, when the day comes that Google changes the game plan, Samsung has plan B and it's in the making now.

  • Viki thamizah
    Viki thamizah 23 days ago

    Bikini case 😁😁😁

  • Adarsh raj
    Adarsh raj 23 days ago

    samsung ui is great!!!
    better than stock. specially music and gallary app

  • Mohammed ALqattan
    Mohammed ALqattan 24 days ago

    Bixby is the worst feature in my S8+, utterly useless.
    They should make this button as a "favourite" where the owner selects their favourite app or their voice assistant (e.g. Google assistant).

  • Moaaz Arshad
    Moaaz Arshad 25 days ago

    Google assistant can't control system settings, Bixby can.

  • David Robitaille
    David Robitaille 25 days ago

    Do a Dear Microsoft video!

  • SlightlyOverclocked
    SlightlyOverclocked 25 days ago

    Holy fucking roast

  • Rheyal Gomes
    Rheyal Gomes 25 days ago

    I agree with everything in this video totally. He's right. Samsung do things your way and stop copying Google.

  • Snow Pro JR
    Snow Pro JR 26 days ago

    I love those cases

  • HowToWithTater Tater
    HowToWithTater Tater 26 days ago

    Samsung said apps witch is made by apple

  • Valentine AT
    Valentine AT 26 days ago

    I think exactly like you

  • zakdoesstuff
    zakdoesstuff 29 days ago

    hi phil

  • Prince Kevin
    Prince Kevin 29 days ago

    i think why they are doing this coz in couple of years maybe like 3 or 4 Samsung will fully go with Taizon OS

  • Raunak Shrestha
    Raunak Shrestha 29 days ago

    "hi phill" 0:28

  • Nafi Nibras
    Nafi Nibras 29 days ago

    what was that above the s7 box at 0:42

  • Hasin Raj Rabib
    Hasin Raj Rabib 29 days ago

    plz do a dear htc video.. I wanna knoe why u hate HTC so much😂

  • Pj Mackey
    Pj Mackey Month ago

    Dear oneplus xD

  • Muizz Awan
    Muizz Awan Month ago

    No one gives a fuck about your opinion bro. Big manufacturers like Apple and Samsung only care about how fat their pockets get not how satisfied their consumers are. Sure, they'll pretend to listen to you every now and then to keep you interested. But you're ignorant if you think they're going to make a phone catered to your needs. Btw what you said about remapping the bu by button to google assistant is the dumbest shit ive ever heard

  • Hey that's pretty bad

    What about porn when you use Bixby?

  • PixelBlocked
    PixelBlocked Month ago

    Cmon samsung! I installed cyanogenmod because of your bloatware

  • Matthew Piasecki
    Matthew Piasecki Month ago

    Who saw the "hi Phil"

  • I_Cookie_Kiss
    I_Cookie_Kiss Month ago

    Dear Google

  • Oscar Martinez
    Oscar Martinez Month ago


    MLG TURTLE Month ago

    They dont wan to relie on google and in future samsung might drop android.

  • Ak10
    Ak10 Month ago

    Bikini for a phone!! LOL **Almost fell out of the chair**

  • Bhavuk Sharma
    Bhavuk Sharma Month ago

    Too many people saying that google is absent in Korea so they are copying . But this can be solved by giving different ROMs to Korea and Other places as xiaomi is doing(as MIUI global and MIUI china)

  • Tech Universe
    Tech Universe Month ago

    Can you do a galaxy s8 giveaway please please I have a iPhone se please

  • Tanvir Ahosan
    Tanvir Ahosan Month ago


  • Alex Raidenbush
    Alex Raidenbush Month ago

    Google play adition! I hope it happens

  • Krishnaraj
    Krishnaraj Month ago

    its simple they want to make their phone independent from influence of another companies but don't have the courage to go full out like iOS and gamble on their market share so they are changing it one thing at a time and if they let us discard the changes they have made then it nullifies the effect of that change in the long run

  • Alex townsend
    Alex townsend Month ago

    he looks like prince boateng

  • Sai Teja Yasaswy
    Sai Teja Yasaswy Month ago

    S8 with Bikini😂😂😂

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar Month ago

    congrats, Samsung you officially ripped off ishit 🤘 literally, killed ishit

  • Mohammed Faizuddin
    Mohammed Faizuddin Month ago

    and other thing they have many case not only one case

  • Mohammed Faizuddin
    Mohammed Faizuddin Month ago

    they don't compete they make their own
    why did you open your channel other YouTubers have too

  • Christopher Colon
    Christopher Colon Month ago

    Just pictured Method Man saying "Get 'em!" in between the insults of the samsung cases

  • mackstertube
    mackstertube Month ago +2

    Yes, don't you dare get rid of that 3.5mm headphone jack

  • talal dab
    talal dab Month ago


  • Mario Persaud
    Mario Persaud Month ago

    can you review the iblade for the Galaxy s8

  • Harshblaster Changotra

    funny 😂😂😂

  • Maui Al
    Maui Al Month ago

    Dear Samsung we need stereo speakers dear Samsung we need dual camera the S8 is a step back

  • Claudio R
    Claudio R Month ago

    dear Microsoft

  • Linked Devices
    Linked Devices Month ago

    Aww I used to love you but ever since Google started promoting you you've been doing nothing but shilling. Obviously there should be an alternative to g apps. G apps are based in usage tracking. Not everyone is comfortable with that and more importantly many professionals handle sensitive data and simply can't use g apps for obvious reasons. S apps are designed to be neutral, and secure. They don't track you or leech your data at all.

    There's a reason why Knox is certified by intelligence and defense agencies around the world including the NSA and android for work isn't at all. Could you imagine an NSA agent using g apps? That's what s apps are for. They tie in with Knox, are secure private and don't leech your data.

  • afaq shaikh
    afaq shaikh Month ago

    Dear Sony!

  • CadenEO
    CadenEO Month ago

    0:27 on the left side says ‘hi phil’

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