Ellen DeGeneres On The Possibility Of Having Donald Trump On Her Show | Access Hollywood

  • Added:  Year ago
  • While promoting "Finding Dory," Ellen DeGeneres tells Access Hollywood what it would be like if Donald Trump was a guest on her show.

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    Ellen DeGeneres On The Possibility Of Having Donald Trump On Her Show | Access Hollywood

    Access Hollywood
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Comments: 253

  • arun kumar
    arun kumar 8 days ago

    Hi ellen.....iam from India love you so much

  • sarah meighan
    sarah meighan 29 days ago

    love you ellen!

  • heilumann
    heilumann 2 months ago

    Trump would never dare to go into her show.
    She is the sort of persons he hated the most!
    Straight in her questions, loved by the peoples.
    But I truely believe MELANIA would go to Ellen!

  • Justo Dominguez
    Justo Dominguez 3 months ago

    she another Hollywood person living in a glass bowl. she has 0 knowledge of the real world all she cares is fame...

  • tony oliver
    tony oliver 3 months ago

    Justin Biebers dad has a show?

  • Ian Templeton
    Ian Templeton 3 months ago

    And yet she just said the other day that she would not have him on her show because he doesn't have the same views as her...did she forget this interview or something?

    INAPPROPRIATE 3 months ago

    Okay so let me get this straight, Ellen claims to be about letting people be people and all this stuff. Yet she will not respect or allow republicans to be republicans? Eye roll.

  • Sam Morisam
    Sam Morisam 3 months ago

    So now I guess she's had a change of heart: www.aol.com/article/entertainment/2017/05/05/ellen-degeneres-says-donald-trump-not-allowed-on-her-show/22071497/

  • Lou
    Lou 3 months ago

    Wow, Ellen Degeneres is the only celebrity so far with the right mentality. Instead of taking political positions, she's friendly and open minded to both sides of the spectrum. Many singers, actors,etc. could learn many thigns from her.

  • kamran jaseem
    kamran jaseem 3 months ago

    you rock Ellen

  • Emily Allen
    Emily Allen 3 months ago

    I really want Ellen as president

  • Stefan Stojanovski
    Stefan Stojanovski 4 months ago

    If he is brave enough?? Ahahaha i highly doubt that he is not brave 😂

  • Ari y Nico 4ever
    Ari y Nico 4ever 5 months ago

    Guy:would you ever have trump on your show ?
    Ellen:Um yea
    Ellen in her mind:Hell no!!!!

  • Hitopopamus
    Hitopopamus 5 months ago

    You cut off the video before she got the the point.. she was obviously building towards a "but"

  • Allyson Estes
    Allyson Estes 5 months ago


  • Buildinup6
    Buildinup6 5 months ago

    I think people have to realize Trump said a lot of horribe things about women years ago. I dont like Ellens life style of being gay but i still Love Ellen. Shes awesome. Im not gunna hate someone for that and I think people should stop hating on Trump for things he said years ago.

  • three legged cat Dog with two sacks

    of course. I absolutely look to her for ....basic knowledge. please help us sister please help me

  • ponchott
    ponchott 6 months ago +1

    that Ellen person is such a fucking ugly guy

    • _ Bigsquid _
      _ Bigsquid _ Month ago

      ponchott OK so making fun of someone on the Internet makes u feel good ?? insecure prick

  • Desroy White
    Desroy White 6 months ago +1

    why would it be crazy if we all believed the same thing if that same thing we're all believing is the truth?

    • fatima Sheikh
      fatima Sheikh 6 months ago

      Well, the truth is always very complicated so you'll always get different opinions of it because everyone has a different perspective in life. And if everyone did have the same perspective well we'd never really progress as a species.

  • vivek tamma
    vivek tamma 6 months ago

    2 of my favorites on one of my favorite shows.... i like Donald Trump... at same time I've huge respect for Ellen... waiting for that moment... I'm an Indian residing in India though.... and as per many comments I've read...... Ellen DeGeneres for next President....

  • Ariel
    Ariel 6 months ago

    most people believe the same on major issues, but believe different things on minor issues, like cake and ice cream.

  • its_ mallyboo
    its_ mallyboo 6 months ago


  • 5800ashu
    5800ashu 6 months ago

    her eyes *_*

  • Christopher Gu
    Christopher Gu 6 months ago

    Did anybody notice the color change?

  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed 6 months ago

    Trump makes me sick. Please don't have him on day time television.

  • kul seij
    kul seij 6 months ago +1

    These liberals are extremely arrogant. It's so sweet they lost so badly!

  • Danny Brown
    Danny Brown 6 months ago +3

    SHE'S SO COOL!!!

  • Ray Marsh
    Ray Marsh 6 months ago

    Hope he does go on her show.

  • Jo Seph
    Jo Seph 6 months ago

    I'm glad Ellen didn't go too far with this election like so many other celebrities did. I have always loved Ellen and I'm a republican. She's a stand up gal who I have a lot of respect for.

  • S L
    S L 6 months ago

    Time to eat your words Ellen

  • Brenda Trump
    Brenda Trump 6 months ago +1

    Ellen I am ashamed of you. First of all you just lied when you said, "I don't know if we've put out an invitation to him, blah blah blah" but you know damn well you didn't so just be real and tell the truth.

  • JustWailmer
    JustWailmer 6 months ago +17

    She is such a wonderful women, I am a republican and have different views than her but she is such a wonderful person.

    • Sam Haigh
      Sam Haigh 3 months ago

      Exactly just because you disagree with someone politically does not mean you cannot like them personally.

  • leonardo vera
    leonardo vera 6 months ago +2

    Ellen and the Hollywood celebs are trying to create division.

  • Random black kid Random black kid

    i wonder how many people will clap

  • YouShall NotWatch
    YouShall NotWatch 6 months ago

    BADUM !!! *drink*

  • Lel Uchiha
    Lel Uchiha 7 months ago

    Okay just researched more into it
    Trump apparently has been on her show 5 times, the last being 2007
    BUT WHERE ARE THE CLIPS? I would have thought Ellen was popular enough to access all her videos.

  • Lel Uchiha
    Lel Uchiha 7 months ago +1

    There's a possibly myth floating around that Trump was already on her show a long time ago. I can't seem to find any video though. Is this fake news?

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray 8 months ago

    Even if I were a republican, I wouldn't have supported trump

  • 22robr
    22robr 8 months ago

    This woman, is a good example of what is wrong with America. A bull dyke promoting her stupid life style. Get her off the air.

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze 8 months ago

    Idk she's very magnetic. but I dislike her.

  • Abdulkhaliq Ibrahim
    Abdulkhaliq Ibrahim 9 months ago +1

    She is trying to get the point that humanity is class 1
    while race has no place
    cheers islam and mohammed
    14th century teachings all over the entire galaxy

  • makka y
    makka y 9 months ago +1

    No...It would be really good to believe the same thing .....so we are ALL on the same page..Hopefully the new president can remove your show from the minds of the vulnerable ,easy misled public.

  • e2sguy
    e2sguy 9 months ago +7

    Now he's your president Ellen so get over it

    • LadyDynamitez
      LadyDynamitez 6 months ago

      Get over what? She literally said he's welcome on her show, why so triggered, m'man.

  • Jen Lynne
    Jen Lynne 9 months ago +24

    I am a republican and I love Ellen. I think she is funny and just so great. I respect her as a person and I respect her thoughts and feelings because like she said it would be crazy if everyone thought the same because we aren't supposed to.

    • Gunny King
      Gunny King 5 months ago

      Right, would you want a garden with only white daisies?

  • Channel Z
    Channel Z 9 months ago +1

    And Trump won.

  • wilfrid fred
    wilfrid fred 9 months ago

    BUt.....ellen your audience and your fans got the same philosophy!
    "Be kind one on other",so.....
    Not what Trump wants

  • Kara lara
    Kara lara 9 months ago

    Love her so much!!!

  • Hitopopamus
    Hitopopamus 9 months ago +128

    Ellen, you should run for president.

    • Kristian Bahamonde
      Kristian Bahamonde 2 days ago

      I would vote for her

    • Ji Violet
      Ji Violet Month ago

      Hitopopamus I would kill myself

    • Alexandra Shaw
      Alexandra Shaw 3 months ago

      Hitopoamus, love is great. But her compassion would destroy the country because she'd open up the borders, let anyone in even from barbaric places. The economy would tank, there would be too many people on welfare because of all the refugees and illegals, crime would be out of control, Islam would be taught in schools, free speech would be completely destroyed because 'you can't say mean words even if they are true, lets pretend Islam is a nice religion and stop criticizing it for example". I could go on. She'd be horrible.

    • Alexandra Shaw
      Alexandra Shaw 3 months ago

      Why? She's funny and entertaining, but she'd make a terrible president. She'd be a very very weak president.

    • Flower Power 2016
      Flower Power 2016 4 months ago

      +Thorir the Hound
      Trump has no experience, he's not even handling foreign affairs properly.

  • jayaychy remo
    jayaychy remo 9 months ago +2

    now he is president what will she say ??

  • Kerry Cummins
    Kerry Cummins 9 months ago +4

    Though you don't respect it...made your show a platform for slamming republican views for months now...get real Ellen

  • Lommy
    Lommy 9 months ago +6

    As if she ever asked a hard question. all she does is pr

  • Sara Jørgensen
    Sara Jørgensen 10 months ago +1

    I'm a republican and I love how Ellen talked in this. I have a lot of respect for her. ❤️

  • Hinkie's Ultimate Plan
    Hinkie's Ultimate Plan 10 months ago +2

    She does her best but she just screams 'Bleeding heart liberal' she recently just said she hopes Hitlerly Clintong wins

  • Kel Loves orange soda
    Kel Loves orange soda 10 months ago +4

    Well I mean you had a terrorist (obama) on your show, so of course you would have Trump

  • Najma Ali
    Najma Ali 10 months ago +1

    have him on the show so u can tell him wats right

  • vinny Durham
    vinny Durham 10 months ago +138

    I highly doubt she has many republican audience members

    • J Hatt
      J Hatt 3 months ago

      Also what did he do for the black people that are killing each other and shit? Did he get them jobs, proper education and wean them off living off of the government? Or did he hand out shit for free for votes?

    • Krazy Muzik
      Krazy Muzik 3 months ago

      koolaid6140 It began when his Justice Department dropped an open-and-shut voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party. It was essentially a declaration that his administration would use the Voting Rights Act to protect only certain races.

      There followed a steady stream of false claims that America was an inherently racist society with a biased judicial and law enforcement system. Obama rekindled a racial divide that had been steadily disappearing in American society.

      In fostering group identity politics for political advantage, the Obama administration only divided the American people. And the people know it.

      A recent Rasmussen poll found that 60 percent of Americans felt “race relations have gotten worse since Obama’s election”—a far cry from the president’s claim of “better” race relations under his administration.

      That's not even 2 percent of it.. The list goes on

    • Krazy Muzik
      Krazy Muzik 3 months ago

      koolaid6140 no, I only go by facts

    • koolaid6140
      koolaid6140 3 months ago

      vinny Durham I think you're confusing your opinion with actual fact.

    • Krazy Muzik
      Krazy Muzik 3 months ago

      koolaid6140 do your research on how Obama started turning us against each other. It's common knowledge and one of the reasons why he was a bad president

  • LatajaceStadoKotow
    LatajaceStadoKotow 10 months ago +3

    But you blocked Howard Stern from idol or X factor, because you didn't like him. And stop kidding yourself, your audience is mainly women, and mainly progressive - and because you have an implicit, sometimes explicit agenda.

  • jon doe
    jon doe 10 months ago +50

    Its funny how she had all these Democrats on her show and not a republican. She has Clinton on her show a few times during the campaign and it goes to show she supports her. I like Ellen, but at least be fair on both sides. If she "sent out an invitation" for Hillary she should be doing the same for Trump. Late night shows are also being fair.

    • Sky Unknown
      Sky Unknown Month ago

      lol trump would say no

    • Hitopopamus
      Hitopopamus 5 months ago

      If she opposed him and didn't want him elected, why would she give him any screen time?
      This has nothing to do with fairness, it's her show, not a news panel. She can do whatever she likes.

    • L
      L 6 months ago

      I mean can you really blame her?

    • Anna Whipple
      Anna Whipple 6 months ago

      She's had George w bush on.

    • J Hatt
      J Hatt 7 months ago

      jon doe she would be waken and then assainated by her higher ups because she doesn't believe in bigotry

  • andreiaxox
    andreiaxox 10 months ago +3

    Ellen is just horrified of having trump. BTW almost every celebrity is on Hillary's side

    • Lel Uchiha
      Lel Uchiha 9 months ago

      No, quite the opposite. She's a warmonger and a criminal and America saw through it.

    • rocker85675
      rocker85675 9 months ago

      Who the KarTRASHians and Kanye?

    • Gaara
      Gaara 10 months ago

      Because they are intelligent

    BLANCA ESPINOZA 11 months ago

    Preach i love her

  • Isaiah Sisneros
    Isaiah Sisneros 11 months ago

    Go Ellen

    MICHAEL DAVIS 11 months ago +35

    More like if Ellen is brave enough.

    • Feminism Cancer
      Feminism Cancer 3 days ago

      LadyDynamitez Correct you are a pathetic coward.

    • Mi Key
      Mi Key 4 months ago

      LadyDynamitez really... I doubt so ellen would want *Mr President* to come on her show

    • LadyDynamitez
      LadyDynamitez 6 months ago

      Please. Trump is a pathetic coward, she has nothing to be afraid of lol

  • Hamza Rahim
    Hamza Rahim 11 months ago +1

    I would like to practice English with a native, this is my skype id( hamza.hasar)

  • andreiaxox
    andreiaxox 11 months ago +1


  • sayyestofairness
    sayyestofairness Year ago

    Well said, Ellen.

  • isha irum
    isha irum Year ago

    i love ellen

  • Sverd of Vik
    Sverd of Vik Year ago

    I suddenly respect ellen.

  • Slayer
    Slayer Year ago +7

    Ellen seems like she doesn't want him to be on her show XD

  • Xi
    Xi Year ago +86

    Pretty sure she's terrified of having Milo Yiannopolous on her show

  • matt73123
    matt73123 Year ago

    Ellen already had him on her show years ago. She asked him "how much is in your wallet." He pulled out $300 and she asked him if he would like to donate it to charity. They seemed to get along at that time.

    • Lel Uchiha
      Lel Uchiha 7 months ago

      I would also like a link

      You sure you aren't confusing this for another appearance he made?

    • Daniëlle
      Daniëlle 9 months ago

      Do you have the link?

  • jas dodd
    jas dodd Year ago

    I wanna see that

  • sugarholic14
    sugarholic14 Year ago +13

    Ellen, please don't have him on your show. You're too good for him

    • izabela Igbar
      izabela Igbar 5 months ago

      Yore kidding, right? Ellen supports such white trash like Kardashians, and you say that she's better than Trump?

    • AzzWalk
      AzzWalk 8 months ago

      Opposite but whatever floats your goat.

    • Spencer Whiteway
      Spencer Whiteway 8 months ago

      +Iia Yeah, it's great.
      And those stupid recounts nabbed Hillary a total of four extra votes. And six for Trump.
      Didn't Hillary criticize Trump for not accepting the results? And look now, there she is, demanding a recount.

    • Spencer Whiteway
      Spencer Whiteway 10 months ago

      +HeyNonyNonymous And also, Wikileaks just proved that all of the people coming out calling Trump a sexual predator, were actually hired on Craigslist by the Clinton campaign.
      And every single one of them has been proven to be a liar, either by their own family members, or proof showing that they had a personal vendetta against Trump.

    • Lel Uchiha
      Lel Uchiha 10 months ago

      sugarholic14 Yet she just had the lying murdering sociopath on her show..

  • Rosbron
    Rosbron Year ago +4

    "I havent, we havent, I don't know if we've put an invitation out" means that they have put an invitation out

  • Satish Kumar
    Satish Kumar Year ago +13

    you are democrat and hilary sympathiser and u r going to make fun out of him why should he come to your idiotic show.

    • Ciridae
      Ciridae 6 months ago

      Spencer Whiteway he loaned out the money he used for the campaign. What that means is that when he won, he paid himself back with our tax dollars. At least the other plebeians had the decency to use the guise of a corporation.

    • Spencer Whiteway
      Spencer Whiteway 9 months ago

      +PuderFreak ! Exactly how much money did he take from Wall street for his campaign?
      Oh, next to nothing? Then yes, he's not a corporate whore.

    • PuderFreak !
      PuderFreak ! 9 months ago

      And trump ins't a corporate whore? Get real xD

    • Spencer Whiteway
      Spencer Whiteway 10 months ago

      +HeyNonyNonymous Yeah, but McCain is a corporate whore, just like Hillary, so of course that'd be the case.

    • HeyNonyNonymous
      HeyNonyNonymous 10 months ago

      She had McCain and treated him just fine.

  • CRRR
    CRRR Year ago +7

    Call TRUMP!!! ELLEN <3

  • Ana Berrios
    Ana Berrios Year ago +66

    Ellen for president lol

  • c pisces
    c pisces Year ago +1

    Trump 😷😡👎☝👉

  • c pisces
    c pisces Year ago +1

    😘💛💙💜💚❤👥 i love Ellen

  • basquiat sama
    basquiat sama Year ago +1

    I love that because of finding dory there are so many new interviews of ellen ;3

  • jeanqbxx
    jeanqbxx Year ago +3

    Is thing a dude or a woman?

    • _ Bigsquid _
      _ Bigsquid _ Month ago


    • Sander Gryp
      Sander Gryp Year ago

      Not sure if just stupid, unbelievably bad english, or.. nah probably just stupid nvm

    • Jack J
      Jack J Year ago

      She showed respect to our future president in this video. Let's do the same in return.

  • C. Walton
    C. Walton Year ago +6

    Trump Trump 👏

    • Lel Uchiha
      Lel Uchiha 3 months ago

      sugarholic14 Do you know what Islam does to women and Gays?

    • sugarholic14
      sugarholic14 Year ago

      +Aziz M And trump is, however, a racist, xenophobic, narcissistic, woman hating conman who used Trump university to scam people and plans to run America like his business, the one that went bankrupt four times, and plans on banning an entire religion (Muslims)!

    • Stranger
      Stranger Year ago

      +sugarholic14 At least Trump is not a corrupt lying piece of shit. He's an honest bigot, which is no secret to anybody. But she, on the other hand, is a lying corporatist who would change her political views based on the polls. Very dishonest and manipulative.

    • sugarholic14
      sugarholic14 Year ago

      +Aziz M How is trump the lesser evil? Hillary actually has sense.

    • Stranger
      Stranger Year ago

      +sugarholic14 But you should not be praising her like that even if she was the lesser evil. If you are a true supporter of progressive values you would never support this tremendously corrupt politician! And trump in this case is the lesser evil.

  • mckay Smith
    mckay Smith Year ago +38

    Trump 2016!!!

    • GeminiJets37
      GeminiJets37 10 months ago

      +Cindy Nah. Vote Trump!

    • mckay Smith
      mckay Smith 11 months ago

      +sugarholic14 how bout we don't elect another politician? How bout we elect real change?

    • Cynthia
      Cynthia 11 months ago

      Nah. Clinton 2016!

    • MicWaria
      MicWaria 11 months ago

      +Spencer Whiteway The liberal kids calling Trump a racist, and voting for Hillary

    • Spencer Whiteway
      Spencer Whiteway 11 months ago

      +Ranggaursa Studios Who?

  • Miketheballdude11
    Miketheballdude11 Year ago +1

    fantastic stance Dory 🐠

  • NO to hate & violence

    We are religious, gay, Patriots, racist, alcoholics, druggies etc. not because we want to
    But because we are programed to

    • Stranger
      Stranger Year ago

      انت في كل مكان 😂😂

    • NO to hate & violence
      NO to hate & violence Year ago

      +Farmer James
      Every one is inflected with a problem my friends, don't be ashamed unless you give up to get out of it , no matter what is it .

    • Farmer James
      Farmer James Year ago


  • Shakira Jordan
    Shakira Jordan Year ago +14

    I 💜💟💜💟💜💟💜💟💜💟💜💟💜💟💜💟💜 You Ellen DeGeneres

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