WING STOP Spicy Chicken Wings + Cheese Fries! MUKBANG (Eating Show)

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  • Eating Wingstop habanero mango and spicy BBQ boneless chicken wings with parmesan fries, cheese dip, and ranch! I made a strawberry margarita and tropical Hurricane cocktail for my drinks on the side =)

    Let's be friends!

    8:40 Were you ever bullied in high school/what did you look like?
    10:20 Are you going to show us a fat photo?
    11:00 Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
    12:00 Favorite restaurant to pig out at in LA?
    13:02 Have you ever been stood up on a date?
    16:45 Have you ever been friend zoned?
    18:40 Do you like to do things with friends or alone? Introverted or extroverted?
    19:10 Would you ever dye your hair or cut it short?
    20:45 Have you ever received negativity in real life about being a mukbanger?
    21:56 When have you drank the most?
    22:40 Have you been on any recent Tinder dates that you haven’t talked about?
    23:20 Celebrity girl crush?
    24:30 Will you ever collab with any other you tubers?
    26:15 Have you ever banged a youtuber? (-_-)
    26:48 Are you friends with Luke?
    28:40 How tall are you?
    28:46 Do you have a special someone/crush?

    Business inquiries only:

    Thank you for watching! =)
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  • Meesh LA
    Meesh LA  2 months ago +319

    GUYS I'm so sorry this video is so freaking long! I had so much footage I had to try and cut down. I answer Q+A questions with a couple little storytimes thrown in so I hope you enjoy!! I have the questions I answered listed in the description box in case you want to skip over to any. Love you bye 💜

    • Fadielah El
      Fadielah El 24 days ago

      if you can, try getting a mic 💗 i feel like it'll be better for your videos 💗

    • Tim Laflame
      Tim Laflame 27 days ago

      Meesh LA you're😍😍😭👌❤

    • Gin Carly
      Gin Carly Month ago

      Don't apologize. I love your vids too!

    • Eric Liu
      Eric Liu Month ago

      great comment, she totally should~~

    • TheRocket19
      TheRocket19 Month ago

      Elizabeth Leza what are u talking about?

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    Hello we're are you from

  • Olevia Martinez
    Olevia Martinez Day ago

    the way she eats is annoying but satisfying at the same time

  • Firepopcorn 123
    Firepopcorn 123 Day ago

    Wtf? You were fat? I cant imagine that.

  • Firepopcorn 123
    Firepopcorn 123 Day ago

    You put alot in. Reminds me of a cooking show that told you to add 2 shot of alcohol, but puts 2/3of the bottle in.

  • 64pori
    64pori Day ago


  • 2 days ago

    I've never gotten really "bullied", but there was this one kid I used to be friends with during 4th grade and something "I" did pissed him off and he kept calling me "gay" for some reason.. (which I wasn't, nor am I). I'm not a violent person, but he sort of asked for it, so I just decided to kick his ass after school since he messed with me and my 3 other friends calling all of us "gay" and crap, and after I slapped him around a bit he begged for mercy and never heard from him since. i'm 18 now and I don't regret beating the kid up. His name is Aaron Armstrong.

  • Damon Benson
    Damon Benson 4 days ago

    Are you single

  • Lidice Garcia
    Lidice Garcia 5 days ago

    Can you do a haul and review on shein PLEASE

  • dontcallmeredcallmelightskin JJ

    To bad I don't drink but nice video tho have a wonderful day 👍🏼😄

  • Shan Ree
    Shan Ree 8 days ago

    lol, this was cute! love you Meesh!

  • savannah Martel
    savannah Martel 8 days ago

    my fav from wing stop is Louisiana rub

  • i write jins not tragedies

    🅱oneless wings

  • Brandon Binder
    Brandon Binder 9 days ago

    You look so sexy in red

  • Vanessa Hernandez
    Vanessa Hernandez 13 days ago

    Need to know if she ever showed these fat pictures

  • Dean J
    Dean J 14 days ago

    It's so cute how when she has a sip or takes a bite, she has this 3 second pause followed by a "mmmmmm" and a head nod

  • Beautybabe316
    Beautybabe316 15 days ago

    Wait what is the website you got that gorgeous dress from??

  • Maria Berumen
    Maria Berumen 15 days ago

    Love your videos.

  • Rylea Noack
    Rylea Noack 17 days ago

    I'm ten and overwaited can u plz give me advice

  • Frank Gallagher
    Frank Gallagher 17 days ago

    It makes me feel a lot better about myself to watch pretty girls eat stuff like this. No shade though, I really love your vids so far!

  • Gir Boi
    Gir Boi 17 days ago

    Michelle, you sly dog, you😏

  • AubrieLynnx18
    AubrieLynnx18 18 days ago

    Does she do those high pitched "mmm" things on purpose? They seem unnatural

  • Miggy2RawFilms
    Miggy2RawFilms 20 days ago

    Did she just put some lotion in her drink

  • Harmonytolitt Litt
    Harmonytolitt Litt 22 days ago

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  • Iconic Ali
    Iconic Ali 22 days ago

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    Mina Mouse 23 days ago

    Omg these videos make me soooo hungry!

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    GamePlayTime YOUTUBE 23 days ago

    😂the white stuff looked like sperm aka something that comes out of your pp there you're welcome.😬

  • dehd Deyami
    dehd Deyami 24 days ago

    esa 68th

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    decks90 25 days ago

    Why doesen she go to yohenowa

  • Crybaby's no fun bittersweet tragedy

    Do you like Green Day's new album?? Btw ily😍

  • Hans Taneo
    Hans Taneo 25 days ago

    Your story is really similar to mine :) im fat and invisible :D i got my inspiration its you :)

  • Christina Furry
    Christina Furry 26 days ago +1

    Your literally so adorable a little buzzed 😗😬

  • Tim Laflame
    Tim Laflame 27 days ago


  • Peter Gabraeil
    Peter Gabraeil 27 days ago

    Your video's make me hungry leave a like if you agree I'm a big fan

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    vargo hoat 27 days ago +1

    youre like...amazing....if i was anywhere near you id so try to hit you up for a date or just to hang out. dont change, youre great <3

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    Theodora Ebosi 28 days ago

    I legit want to be your friend

  • *Under* *cover*
    *Under* *cover* 29 days ago

    For some reason you remind me off rupunzel

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    Heather Madere 29 days ago

    You should collab with trisha paytas!

  • Life With Merre'
    Life With Merre' 29 days ago

    she called it coconut jizz omg lol

  • Mariel Olsen
    Mariel Olsen Month ago

    it is a nugget not a wing sry

  • Rachel Valadez
    Rachel Valadez Month ago

    My grandma did my piercings when i was a baby #im mexican

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    Jayda Dews Month ago

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    AoD Blaze Month ago


  • Sabian Martinez
    Sabian Martinez Month ago

    When she said the wings were boneless i automatically thought of 🅱oneless pizza and i laughed my ass off

  • ・ マット ・
    ・ マット ・ Month ago

    '' thats look like.. im not gonna say it '' lol DECHHHHHE

  • Alfie James
    Alfie James Month ago

    You're like a dream

  • Kyle G
    Kyle G Month ago

    1:16 "Biggest lightweight" ?¿😂💀

  • Alex Medina-Rosero
    Alex Medina-Rosero Month ago

    i feel like if she shows us a fat picture that she'll be like the same cause she tends to over exaggerat avout her weight

  • Morganne Green
    Morganne Green Month ago


  • savage elmo
    savage elmo Month ago +1

    lmao ik wat she was gonna 😂😂😂 it's sum ud boys have lmao I'm not goona say it either 😂😂😂

  • Estrellita Magana
    Estrellita Magana Month ago

    The food that you got is exactly my order! Loved the video girl, new subbie ❤️❤️❤️

  • JoshuaDTV
    JoshuaDTV Month ago

    I drive past that liquor store every week!!! We're neighbors! :)

  • Milan BarthaVlogs
    Milan BarthaVlogs Month ago

    How long does it take her to eat one piece of chicken😂

  • Ellie Wright
    Ellie Wright Month ago

    Not trying to hate or be rude but whenever u eat your food u go hmmm and is really annoying but I love your videos they are amazing and u are really pretty

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    Second Breakfast Month ago

    2:28 "That looks like.... I'm not gonna say it." LMAO

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    Michael Martinez Month ago

    ur so pretty

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    Maddie Dulle Month ago

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    karlina lopez Month ago

    I seriously think I got a dud pack of mango habenaro wings because they were not spicy AT ALL! :(

  • karlina lopez
    karlina lopez Month ago

    omg yess clueless!

  • It's Just Us
    It's Just Us Month ago

    Love her cursing

  • DankLordThomasTheTrain

    My mouth is getting watery for some reason?😕

  • Darian Chu
    Darian Chu Month ago +1

    you are so fucking beautiful i'm not sure why any guy would ever stand you up or not be interested in you.

  • Starseed
    Starseed Month ago

    You look so much like me it's tripping me out. Except you're skinnier than me. lol And you're voice is obv different. But it's still fucking WEIRD. O_O

  • hipnhappenin
    hipnhappenin Month ago +2

    Dammit. Now I'm driving over to Wingstop.

  • Erik Anthony
    Erik Anthony Month ago

    You got so wasted lol

  • Alliaaa
    Alliaaa Month ago

    Omg! Im from the bay area too which middle school did y go too??

  • Zaya Meetoo
    Zaya Meetoo Month ago

    Lol Mukbang is made for when you are an introvert...we like to eat alone.

  • swatjoel071
    swatjoel071 Month ago

    Make me one

  • Hannah Farrell22
    Hannah Farrell22 Month ago +1

    I'm weird about chicken 😂😂 do u have the same struggle sometimes MUCH LOVE❤️❤️

  • Aryan Dubai
    Aryan Dubai Month ago

    girl have you even seen your self? you don't look less than any other model! YOURE SO DAMB PRETTY AND GORGEOUS AND CUTE TOO😭❤️ and i love your long videos❤️❤️❤️

    • Aryan Dubai
      Aryan Dubai Month ago

      Meesh LA omg😭 you replied to my comment i love you😭😭❤️❤️❤️

    • Meesh LA
      Meesh LA  Month ago

      you are so sweet, thank you :)

  • Janvi Yalamati
    Janvi Yalamati Month ago

    haha yeah the bay and its surroundings got p chill schools no bullying

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    Ashly Guerrero Month ago

    my sister drank once and she had to go to the hospital

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    Marko Official Month ago

    2:23 looks like my cum?

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    Nour Hossam Month ago

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    saintgirl64 Month ago

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    Lou Dicks Month ago

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    Hsn Ahsj. Month ago

    fat or fit
    your deep green eyes are worth to die for

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    Hsn Ahsj. Month ago

    the thing which I like about this channel is the hot host and appropriate stories

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    Hsn Ahsj. Month ago

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    Hsn Ahsj. Month ago

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    Diandra Sabella Month ago

    sejujurnya gue kurang suka sama youtubers ini. di setiap videonya dia ngasih judul "mukbang" tapi setiap makanan yg dia makan jarang bgt habis. cuma yg makan indomie yg habis, itu juga cuma dua bungkus-_- bukan masalah di makannya yg ga abis, pasti banyak alasan lah knp dia begitu. cuma jgn ngasih nama mukbang lah kl ga aabis, itu mah bukan mukbang. udh lama bgt durasi videonya, tp makannya ga abis, malah kebanyakan ngomong. gemes aja gitu ngeliatnya, mentang2 cantik, jd suka2 dia. gatau sih apa ada yg sepenanggapan sm gue apa engga. cuma sebagai subscriber, gue agak sedikit kecewa aja. semoga next video lebih dioptimalkan ya mba. kata "mukbang"nya coba tolong jgn cuma dijadiin clickbait aja hehe. thx;)

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    GidsInTheCut Month ago

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    girl power Month ago +1

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  • Yahaira's Aesthetic
    Yahaira's Aesthetic Month ago +1

    i am also part mexican and I'm glad that we get our ears peirced as a child, because I am a big weenie and I can't handle any sort of pain.

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    Tailor Daniels Month ago

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  • Tailor Daniels
    Tailor Daniels Month ago

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    jayla ford Month ago

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    Mr Gentlemen LOTE Month ago

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    Kevin Ochoa Month ago

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    Khulan Tumenbayar Month ago

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