Why Does Groot Only Say "I Am Groot"? - [DaFAQs]

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  • MasterTainment
    MasterTainment  3 months ago +70

    To everyone saying, "No! Groot said "We are Groot, too!":

    Yes. I am aware. I, too, have partaken in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    I'm simply telling you why he only mainly says it using the explanations given in the comics.

    If you have an issue with that, send an email to Marvel as soon as you can.

    Thanks for watching the video! ^_^


    • Tamahj Jamison
      Tamahj Jamison 18 days ago

      MasterTainment I did not know you had arms after watching your later videos.

    • enarski
      enarski 3 months ago

      MasterTainment I

    • George Trusty
      George Trusty 3 months ago

      Cowards they be that can't face me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agar - Blane
      Agar - Blane 3 months ago

      MasterTainment groor is just reatrted

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me Month ago

    no offence,but you aren't funny...

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment  Month ago

      Mr Me

      Sorry I'm not your cup of tea, mate. Thanks for giving me a go.

      Also, no offense but...


  • Kiy Anderson
    Kiy Anderson Month ago

    He is actually saying something more then "I am Groot" for those who listen closely like Rocket Raccoon.

  • Maxwell Phelon
    Maxwell Phelon 2 months ago

    I am groot

  • Devyn lich00
    Devyn lich00 2 months ago

    what about baby groot

  • D Tippy
    D Tippy 2 months ago

    I AM A STAR.

  • Dr. Death
    Dr. Death 2 months ago

    You say he's a nice guy but why did he go to jail °^°

  • Luis
    Luis 2 months ago

    simple. he is groot. (or just his language.)

  • Austin kelton
    Austin kelton 2 months ago

    your a fucking reatard nobody wants to hear you monologue for 5 minutes before I tell us what rhe video is about

  • Peyton torpe
    Peyton torpe 2 months ago

    f you you are dumb groot only says I am groot because that's who he is

  • bailey blanchard
    bailey blanchard 2 months ago

    You have an interest appion

  • Kyo Alvein
    Kyo Alvein 2 months ago

    Why is there a chain in the backround

  • Beatrice Prior
    Beatrice Prior 2 months ago

    I am Groot! I AM GROOT!

    (translation: I just found your channel through this video and DAMN! IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!)

  • Kaleb Davidson
    Kaleb Davidson 2 months ago

    Cubone's mom😭

  • Us er
    Us er 2 months ago

    Because he is a tree, he doesn't have a brain

    Wait... do plants have brains? 🤔

  • Brick Master123
    Brick Master123 3 months ago

    Groot is not a tree!

  • DaneStolthed
    DaneStolthed 3 months ago

    "Fox News misinformed"?!?!?! It's the most fair and balanced network out there, then again I'm sure you don't like facts blowing up your liberal world view. It's a shame you let your bias get in the way of your monologue you'd be more entertaining without.

  • Danny Nguyen
    Danny Nguyen 3 months ago


  • owen ross
    owen ross 3 months ago


  • Taylor Kalie
    Taylor Kalie 3 months ago

    The tounge and lips are used the vocal cords just make noise

  • JPTV
    JPTV 3 months ago

    Groot is not a tree hes an extinxt species well not extinxt u get what i mean

    • JPTV
      JPTV 3 months ago


  • Loki Laufeyson
    Loki Laufeyson 3 months ago

    I subscribed. Your video is very informative and hilarious!

  • squggle bubble
    squggle bubble 3 months ago

    i already knew all about them and im 9

  • Fernando Mendoza
    Fernando Mendoza 3 months ago

    I no this dumb fuck isn't talking about Fox news

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment  3 months ago

      You damn right I am! AYEEEEEEEE! Turnupturnup!

  • Claygamer5123
    Claygamer5123 3 months ago

    His personality is bueatiful.

  • ninjago lover
    ninjago lover 3 months ago

    its wierd because i can cidn of uderstand him

    SOLO DEMON 3 months ago


  • The Godfather
    The Godfather 3 months ago

    Another idiot democrat

  • Kenneth Newman
    Kenneth Newman 3 months ago

    bruhhhh"shield the eyes of the children "😬

  • Pslyse
    Pslyse 3 months ago

    Fox News is still better than CNN

  • Rain Fall27
    Rain Fall27 3 months ago

    I am groot.

  • backpocketandme
    backpocketandme 3 months ago

    Groot in Dutch means : big

  • Tobey Phelan
    Tobey Phelan 3 months ago

    it has Chris Pratt in it

  • pokegramer 76
    pokegramer 76 3 months ago

    i am groot. i know who you are stop saying that. I am groot?

  • Gabe Hey
    Gabe Hey 3 months ago

    Da fac?

  • /\/\ASTER 202
    /\/\ASTER 202 3 months ago

    Assking dude get it ass king

  • Oxocube Ox
    Oxocube Ox 3 months ago


  • Sandy Blue
    Sandy Blue 3 months ago

    it is explained in the first movie.

  • TheCali1Chick
    TheCali1Chick 3 months ago

    What if he said I am root

  • HNNG
    HNNG 3 months ago

    I am groot, groot I am. Would you like groot eggs and ham?

  • TurfyIsGinge
    TurfyIsGinge 3 months ago

    Because he is a pokemon

  • Pie_guy
    Pie_guy 3 months ago

    Did anyone else notice GROOT SAY HI in the second movie

  • Legit Balla
    Legit Balla 3 months ago

    I haven't watched the video yet but I know there is more than one groot and All the other groots says I am groot

  • Siddharth Pareek
    Siddharth Pareek 3 months ago

    no one knows dave bautista..wtf😒

  • Spider Lad
    Spider Lad 3 months ago


  • aaliyah mosqueda
    aaliyah mosqueda 3 months ago

    if you are kinda protecting your phone that is a samsung galaxy does that make you a gardion of the galaxy? (im 2 lazy 2 spell)

  • Gameing Dog001
    Gameing Dog001 3 months ago


  • Mr. ???
    Mr. ??? 3 months ago

    When I read the title quickly,I read it as 'WHAT DOES THE GROOT SAY?"

  • spicey Hot
    spicey Hot 3 months ago

    I am Groot

  • T Hannaford
    T Hannaford 3 months ago

    "That black lady that used to be a blue lady from avatar is now a green lady" LMAO!!!

  • Awesome Austin
    Awesome Austin 3 months ago +1

    Actually... Groot knows 4 words, he said "We are Groot" and "I am Groot."

  • What Tube 2
    What Tube 2 3 months ago

    I Am Groot! I Am Groot? I Am Groot.

  • Cleivon Kyle
    Cleivon Kyle 3 months ago

    groot is not a tree. he is a rare species of ?? i forgot.

  • Abigail Herron
    Abigail Herron 3 months ago

    That black lady who was the blue lady is now the green lady

  • SkullTube
    SkullTube 3 months ago

    I am Groot?

  • Hector Gonzalez
    Hector Gonzalez 3 months ago

    fukc you bech

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment  3 months ago

      You know what? You gave it a go. I can't get mad at you for that.

      Good effort. Thanks for watching, Hector! ^_^

  • Drew L
    Drew L 3 months ago

    I had a different thought at 4:23 but it's her suit 😒

  • Cydanetica
    Cydanetica 3 months ago

    no joke the ad I watch before this was Chris Pratt explaining why you should buy tickets to see guardians of the Galaxy vol 2

  • Doompit 360
    Doompit 360 3 months ago


  • Nickator
    Nickator 3 months ago +1

    you are so funney that you just earned a subscriber

  • Cyan Animations
    Cyan Animations 3 months ago

    Why the damn hell is it english

  • XboxGamer822
    XboxGamer822 3 months ago

    HE'S A POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessie F
    Jessie F 3 months ago

    I love the fox news comment

  • TurtlePlayz - Mobile Games!

    he also says we are groot

  • Death At A Rave!
    Death At A Rave! 3 months ago +1

    ha, you're cool and funny. subscribed! :)

  • Mrs Foodfairy
    Mrs Foodfairy 3 months ago +3

    Groot eggs and ham 😂. I'd try it once

    • Mrs Foodfairy
      Mrs Foodfairy 3 months ago

      MasterTainment haha! do you dare to roll the dice? And try it with purple rice?

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment  3 months ago

      I'd try it thrice. :P

  • Patrick Moore
    Patrick Moore 3 months ago +1

    baby groot:i am groot rocket:uh hum baby groot:i am groot rocket:uh hum baby groot:i am groot rocket:uh hum baby groot:i am groot rocket:no! that button will kill everyone

  • Geet Singh
    Geet Singh 3 months ago

    becuz he is baby groot and is still learning to speak 😂

  • SupPotato123
    SupPotato123 3 months ago +1

    You are halarious

  • SupPotato123
    SupPotato123 3 months ago +1

    I am watching Fox News on the tv right now.

    • MasterTainment
      MasterTainment  3 months ago

      I hope you're having a good time! Thanks for watching!

  • MemeGamerPlayz !
    MemeGamerPlayz ! 3 months ago +1

    Because he is groot

  • undertaker666dead
    undertaker666dead 3 months ago

    I Am Groot

  • PartyPixelNL07 HD
    PartyPixelNL07 HD 3 months ago

    I am dutch and Groot actualy means Big in Dutch so actualy he says i am big #funfact XD

  • Msp Kim
    Msp Kim 3 months ago

    Dafaq Duh fuck?

  • Yee McGee
    Yee McGee 3 months ago

    Remember cubones mother? THAT WAS ME

  • Justin Santos
    Justin Santos 3 months ago

    I am Groot? I AM GROOT I AM GROOT?!?!? I am Groot.....I am Groot,Iam Groot.I AM GROOT!

  • TheBlackSmith
    TheBlackSmith 3 months ago

    I think it has something to do with him being a tree

  • marvel posts
    marvel posts 3 months ago

    I would love to be Groot's bff!!! The longer your with him, the more you can understand of him. As we could see in one of the Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 posts credit scenes, Star lord was arguing with him, so clearly it implies to the movie. HAND ME A BABY GROOT NOW PLS

  • Bailey Chain
    Bailey Chain 3 months ago

    He no talk good like me and you, his vocabulistics are limited to I, and Am, and Groot, exclusively in that order.

  • lightknight ,
    lightknight , 3 months ago

    OMG that final frame at the end is hilarious

  • Jett Dille
    Jett Dille 3 months ago

    Well now there is baby groot that is not thick and big yet so that disproves this theory

  • Chaos King
    Chaos King 3 months ago

    He only says I am groot because he has a limited vocabulary rocket says that In the movie

  • jo bee
    jo bee 3 months ago

    this guy had me cracking up yo

  • Youbraj Xetri
    Youbraj Xetri 3 months ago

    baby groot

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 3 months ago

    your entertaining as hell bro, subscibed!

  • Gene C.
    Gene C. 3 months ago

    I AM Groot!😀

  • Malachy Carson-Sard
    Malachy Carson-Sard 3 months ago


  • Flash Fan1
    Flash Fan1 3 months ago


  • Joey ossia
    Joey ossia 3 months ago

    ok random words who I eon ' even know

  • Volt
    Volt 3 months ago

    Cool vid

  • Nathan Hazel
    Nathan Hazel 3 months ago

    I mean guardians of the galaxy beat civil war in film legends(/|-.-|\)

  • John Brett
    John Brett 3 months ago

    I subscribed! :D

  • 코믹스 DC
    코믹스 DC 3 months ago

    groot and swamp thing would be best friend

  • Ryan Jack47
    Ryan Jack47 3 months ago


  • Mr.Celery
    Mr.Celery 3 months ago


  • thunderblunder
    thunderblunder 3 months ago

    for everyone who wants to now where the name groot comes from i think it comes from the dutch word groot what means big

  • press start gaming
    press start gaming 3 months ago

    Because he is groot

  • Yadiel Santos
    Yadiel Santos 3 months ago

    You or a bitch

  • Astrometric
    Astrometric 3 months ago

    How our ancient ancestors talked lol simple words

  • Dejan Marinkovic
    Dejan Marinkovic 3 months ago

    Yondu is mary poppins you forget

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