Tommy Wiseau On Why James Franco Was Perfect For 'The Disaster Artist' | Los Angeles Times

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  • Akshay Ramdaw
    Akshay Ramdaw 16 minutes ago

    I think Tommy should be the poster boy for why you shouldn't do drugs 😂

  • penguinworm
    penguinworm Hour ago

    James Franco is still in character when he talks to Tommy

  • townsjim
    townsjim 9 hours ago

    I like the chemistry between James and Tommy

  • Roasted Toast
    Roasted Toast 11 hours ago

    Lol franco cant keep from doing the tommy accent throught the video

  • Mary Owens
    Mary Owens 14 hours ago +1

    James is still kind of in character lol

  • ResentedGhost
    ResentedGhost 14 hours ago

    Is he drooling?

  • Amir Agarwal
    Amir Agarwal 15 hours ago

    If tommy makes a cameo, my life is complete

  • Scott Toomey
    Scott Toomey 15 hours ago

    Most bizarre thing about this vid is when James Franco talks to Wiseau he slips into his Wiseau impression.

  • stonecoldku
    stonecoldku 16 hours ago

    I got this feeling that James Franco is going to get some awards for the acting or that The Disaster Artist is going to get some awards next year and for the rest of his life Tommy Wiseau is going to be bragging at parties or midnight screenings of "The Room". Saying things like "Did you hear that MY movie got nominated for Academy Award?" No Tommy, THEIR movie about your movie got nominated.

  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson 17 hours ago

    Greg didnt talk much. He was very busy...

  • Hunter Waswick
    Hunter Waswick 20 hours ago +1

    Sooo does he know his movie was horrible...?

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 21 hour ago

    Perfect for it, but shit IN it. He totally fucked the part.

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry 21 hour ago

    O h H i M a r k

  • diluteduk
    diluteduk 23 hours ago

    I love how James talks to Tommy in broken English the same way Tommy talks

  • Yuriy Tsivka
    Yuriy Tsivka 23 hours ago

    Does Tommy not age?

  • Tom Riddler
    Tom Riddler Day ago

    I still understand why they're making a trash movie about another trash movie? Even commenting about it is weird.

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis Day ago +2

    Love how when James is talking to Tommy he naturally falls into his impression of him😂😂

  • Simon Frederiksen
    Simon Frederiksen Day ago +1

    Whenever I see that guy (Tommy Wiseau) I expect him to drop his wig, his glasses and yell

    "Ta-dah! Fooled you all, I'm actually an actor from Oregon! I've been playing this wannabe alien on and off since the late 80's and nobody has called me on it! Such a thrill, people!"

  • Kate B
    Kate B Day ago

    James doing Tommy's voice to Tommy is my asthetic

  • Johnny Rotten
    Johnny Rotten Day ago

    Tommy's kinda hot, tbh

    • Braden Lail
      Braden Lail 12 hours ago

      Johnny Rotten To me he looks like a mix of Mcjagger and Michael Jackson

  • LOKESH aman
    LOKESH aman Day ago +1

    "Keep your stupid comments in your pocket. "

  • Alam Warlock
    Alam Warlock Day ago

    Ohhhh, look at that perfection.

  • Cooper Hoover
    Cooper Hoover Day ago

    One of the coolest moments for me was 2006, I was invited to James house, our girlfriends fell asleep on the couch and him and I watched "play misty for me" just breaking down the movie and talking about movies in general. Cool night.

  • Дмитрий Киселёв

    What is up with all these The Room jokes and quotes? Grow up, guys. It's really cheap to make fun of people's work like that. Really cheap cheap cheapcheapcheap

    • Braden Lail
      Braden Lail 12 hours ago

      Дмитрий Киселёв Hehe that's a good one.

  • del132
    del132 Day ago

    James such good character actor. He talk just like Tommy, even after movie.

  • Jack lynch
    Jack lynch Day ago Tommy sweating on the chin? Is it sweat or drool? I watched this interview and it made me feel JUST as uncomfortable as the movie "the room".

  • supremepwr
    supremepwr Day ago

    Franco's still rocking the Wiseau accent

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool Day ago

    Tommy's friend has aged well. Tommy on the other hand, just looking at him.... IS TEARING ME APART!

  • Stanley Hudson
    Stanley Hudson Day ago

    James does a perfect impression of Tommy

  • VD Vlog's
    VD Vlog's Day ago

    His laugh thooo😹😹😹😹

    HELLOMYNAMEIS Day ago +1

    tommy drooling down his chin as usual

  • Anthony Chesko
    Anthony Chesko Day ago +1

    Even if it is an act I feel like deep down Tommy hates Being ridiculed.

  • Randyhall85
    Randyhall85 Day ago

    @2:16 what a story James

  • K.A.R.D ashian
    K.A.R.D ashian Day ago

    Eu nao to sabendo lidar, to morrendoooi

  • Tommy Wiseau
    Tommy Wiseau Day ago

    Mother focker.

  • davedave83
    davedave83 Day ago

    Franco talks to him like him, which is weird.

  • Mr Hunter
    Mr Hunter 2 days ago

    Two francos.

  • Rasslin' Riffs
    Rasslin' Riffs 2 days ago

    Anyone else notice this...or is it just me, is James still method acting here or is he talking like that for Tommy? He'll remove surplus words from his vocab like "I never give away secret" instead of "I'll never give away any secrets" - he's basically talking like Tommy to Tommy haha

  • ThePustulioFoolio
    ThePustulioFoolio 2 days ago

    2017 is such a weird fuckn year... we might be seeing Tommy Wiseau at the oscars

  • Mr. Tangle VS The World

    Am I the only brain dead person who wants a Room 2? If anyone can top the absurdity of the first movie, it's Tommy Wiseau.

  • hipnhappenin
    hipnhappenin 2 days ago +1

    Tommy looks squished on the couch

  • Elliot Rodgers
    Elliot Rodgers 2 days ago

    Oh hi doggie

  • Kapov
    Kapov 2 days ago

    I'm triggered by the manspreading here...

  • Chris Benson
    Chris Benson 2 days ago

    Dave and Greg look more like brothers than James ever did.

  • anshul mehta
    anshul mehta 2 days ago

    I am still not fed up with 'i did naaawwt jokes.i did naaaawt.oh hai subscribe button.

  • DominiqueCalique
    DominiqueCalique 2 days ago

    1) James Franco manspreading Tommy out of existence and
    2) James Franco starts talking like Tommy lmao

  • Nathanael Murdoch
    Nathanael Murdoch 2 days ago

    Does anyone notice how James changes his speech pattern in this video? One moment he speaks like himself the next he speaks like Tommy.

  • Matthew Stewart
    Matthew Stewart 2 days ago

    This man is a treasure that we don't deserve. God bless Tommy Wiseau

  • Abby Scabby
    Abby Scabby 2 days ago

    Hi doggie

  • destiny xo
    destiny xo 2 days ago

    i lose my shit when james mocks tommys every word😂 it's so mean but so funny😭

  • The Mexican Says
    The Mexican Says 2 days ago

    Is Tommy getting over a hangover. Who tf wears sunglasses indoors?

  • Tovrius
    Tovrius 2 days ago

    The way James is talking to him in his weird English/Oh Hi Mark  language is hilarious

  • Terry Coernell
    Terry Coernell 2 days ago

    *The Disaster Artist 【HD】FuII-Mᴏᴠɪᴇ* [ ]

  • Red Wolfe
    Red Wolfe 2 days ago

    I knew Michael Jackson wasn't dead.

  • 00SULLY
    00SULLY 2 days ago

    Its strange how it seems that franco still hasn't shaken his speech patterns yet. The way he talks is still kind of similar to tommy.

  • Gerbravery12
    Gerbravery12 2 days ago

    That ending xD!

  • Just Wanna a Hug
    Just Wanna a Hug 2 days ago

    I love the fact that the one's responsible for The Room are in with the jokes.

  • News To Astonish
    News To Astonish 2 days ago

    Tommy is the one who gets the last laugh now!  His awful movie has gotten so much attention and look at him now, he's hanging out with James and Dave Franco!  This creates an opportunity for these guys to make it into bigger films!  I wish the best for Tommy and the other actors that were a part The Room!

  • Djokaire
    Djokaire 2 days ago

    please add subtiles

  • Jeff Chan
    Jeff Chan 2 days ago

    That handshake killed me

  • Aaeren A
    Aaeren A 2 days ago

    James is talking like he's still in character lolol. Leaving out prepositions like Tommy does.

  • Nurpus
    Nurpus 2 days ago

    This is so surreal...

  • Patrick Wallwork
    Patrick Wallwork 2 days ago

    lol I don't think I've ever been as excited to see a movie as I am for this one! The only downside is that I've enjoyed years of being the guy who introduced The Room to friends, family, etc. and then subsequently got to answer all the inevitable questions about it afterwards (thanks to all the insight from Greg Sistero's awesome book!), but I won't have that opportunity anymore. Far more people are going to be introduced to the world of Tommy Wiseau because of The Disaster Artist! That's a good thing, tho...I'm not complaining. I just now have to discover the next Tommy lol

  • kumi udon
    kumi udon 2 days ago

    Best scene in the room is when they are running and throwing the ball back and forth at the park. Listen closely to the dialogue next time you watch it. Pure gold...

  • Andrew Kamen
    Andrew Kamen 2 days ago

    God James is so tired lol

  • Richy Brosive!
    Richy Brosive! 2 days ago

    Notice how James Franco stuck with Tommy's accent. He probably got so used to it through times of filming for acting/training.

  • RandomVideoCircus
    RandomVideoCircus 2 days ago

    The Ed Wood of our time!!!

  • LukaANDkrusty
    LukaANDkrusty 2 days ago

    I love how James still kinda talks like Tommy...

  • C Brown
    C Brown 2 days ago

    James Franco keeps slipping in & out of character as Tommy Wiseau

  • G Jones
    G Jones 3 days ago

    Haha, what a great interview... anyway, how's your sex life?

  • DontNeedPiD
    DontNeedPiD 3 days ago

    oh hey mark

  • Achw3l
    Achw3l 3 days ago


  • Robbie M
    Robbie M 3 days ago

    Gotta be tricky, not too accidentally offend him while he's right there. The guy on the far left, from the original, hard to tell if he thought it was all funny =)

  • Stellan
    Stellan 3 days ago

    James is the king of manspreading.

  • dogeman
    dogeman 3 days ago

    Tommy seem like just such a pure guy

  • 1234567890sunshine
    1234567890sunshine 3 days ago

    Tommy sounds like Jackie Chan when he speaks

  • Harry Cahill
    Harry Cahill 3 days ago

    Isn't Dave too short to play Greg?

  • Kommissar
    Kommissar 3 days ago

    When I first read the book, I was laughing out loud through out, I knew it would be a great movie.

  • Emily Harrison
    Emily Harrison 3 days ago

    Jesus Christ James Franco and Tommy even laugh the same

  • Wolf Holiday
    Wolf Holiday 3 days ago


  • Alpha
    Alpha 3 days ago

    Ok I know that James Franco is on the far right, but who's the douchey loser beside him?

  • Marco Pastrana
    Marco Pastrana 3 days ago

    I love how james is always taking a piss

  • pooperdrop
    pooperdrop 3 days ago

    He's not disabled right?

  • This is the most magical username you'll ever come across and every time you see it you grow wiser

    *I'm sure if anyone noticed but you can hear some of Tommys voice still in Franco at some points in the video*

  • illustrious rocket
    illustrious rocket 3 days ago

    It's completely surreal to see Tommy in this environment.

  • 20MDM
    20MDM 3 days ago about manspreading!!! ugh1!!!

  • Alex Moudgil
    Alex Moudgil 3 days ago

    James has actually immersed himself in the role so much. LOOK AT HIM. JAMES IS SPEAKING IN BROKEN ENGLISH!

  • aaron johnston
    aaron johnston 3 days ago

    Free mason handshake at 0:42

  • raincloud360
    raincloud360 3 days ago

    The room awakens.... Oh hi Luke!

  • grin
    grin 3 days ago

    After this ended Tommy beat the fuck out of Frankie

  • Greg Wasdyke
    Greg Wasdyke 3 days ago

    I think Tommy permanently changed how James talks

  • Scott William
    Scott William 3 days ago

    I did not hit her its not true its bull shit i did hit her....I DID NOT!!! Oh hi anyone.

  • grryan1
    grryan1 3 days ago

    Mark looks pissed.

    EDUARDO RIVERA 3 days ago

    dear: tommy wiseau congrats of your film and movies it made me laugh on you. i'm not a actor i'm just a special boy and integrity. i wish good faith LA TIMES AND TOMMY WISEAU PEACE AND LUCK.

  • The Disco Stu
    The Disco Stu 3 days ago

    Tommy loves James Dean. So for James Franco, who played James Dean in a movie, to play Tommy in a movie, I have to believe that Tommy was really excited by that.

  • WAMatt
    WAMatt 3 days ago

    Tommy is definitely not of this world.

  • ReviewBrah's Bodyguard

    I think Tommy thinks that he's the most famous guy in this bunch.

  • Ashleigh Innes
    Ashleigh Innes 3 days ago

    James talks a bit like Tommy Wiseau to Tommy Wiseau because he was probably so used to playing Tommy Wiseau... I love Tommy Wiseau

  • Smarty Hardy
    Smarty Hardy 3 days ago

    Greg still looks the same

  • Sammy
    Sammy 3 days ago

    Dave Franco looks so fucking gay.