SPIKED by a Sea Urchin?

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    On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and the crew go tide pooling off the coast of Hawaii’s most majestic island, Kauai!

    The Hawaiian Islands, a well known divers paradise, boast some of the most amazing collections of marine life in the world…so of course the Brave Wilderness team couldn’t wait to do some exploring!

    While searching along the shores during low tide Coyote discovers MANY different species of Sea Urchin. Some are spiky and some are not, some are colorful and some are camouflaged…however what you really need to know is which ones sting?!

    Well luckily you have Coyote Peterson on “hand” to figure out this very question!

    Get ready to see Coyote spiked by a Sea Urchin!

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    I thought it was corny. Then, I thought it was cool. Now, I subscribe.

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    Leopard YT 4 hours ago

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  • Kawaii Girl
    Kawaii Girl 5 hours ago

    Does anyone wonder how he hasn't killed himself yet? No? Only me? Ok.

  • 李新华
    李新华 6 hours ago

    i really like it !

  • Mark Scott
    Mark Scott 8 hours ago

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    BombNeon 9 hours ago

    His voice is not cut out for his work.

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    doge gamer 10 hours ago

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  • Toby Neace
    Toby Neace 11 hours ago

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  • Xavier King
    Xavier King 12 hours ago

    Lol he said it's called secret beach I live in Hawaii and pretty much every beach someone doesn't no the name of they call it secret beach

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  • ManiacNine6
    ManiacNine6 12 hours ago

    My names cayote peterson and im gonna play russian roulette with a full chamber by myself...shoots self in head

    Camera man u ok man

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    amped to 11 13 hours ago

    The only entertaining YouTuber who doesn't clickbait

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    1:33 am I some how the only one who thinks Coyote Peterson looks like a badass with glasses on?

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    coyote: chiw chiw

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  • SunScourge
    SunScourge 23 hours ago

    I found sea urchins have their anus on top, like starfish. But that aside, this is great to witness :D Never knew they came in the helmet variety, and that shrimp is really awesome.

  • the bootleg boy
    the bootleg boy Day ago

    i love this channel, congrats on 8 million!

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    Well deserved 8 mil subs man. Every video has good detail, perfect camerawork and a funny host. Please consider making documentaries of the places you visit (40-50 minutes).

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    my twin likes to draw tide pools

  • Sebastian Artadi


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    *(Coyote Gets Hurt Over And Over And Over Again.)*

    Mark : You Alright? Did He Get Ya?

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    Dis guy cool I'm gonna watch his vids

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    Steve Irwin: Wow mate, we got a little Alpheidae here!
    Coyote: Whoa, I got some kind of shrimp creature. I'm going to gauge its pinch (attaches shrimp to nipple)

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