Vending Machine Food in Singapore and Beatboxing - Vlog #34

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  • Jonas Ng
    Jonas Ng 2 months ago +42

    Someone should really sponsor this guy already

  • Zukiryo
    Zukiryo 9 days ago

    ite central?

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 24 days ago

    The amount of saliva collected in the mic could fill all of the reservoirs in singapore

  • Glenn Ong
    Glenn Ong Month ago

    fml watched this at 12am
    why do i do dis to myself

  • Shella Muchtar
    Shella Muchtar Month ago

    im not a food expert, im an eating expert

  • Travis Leo
    Travis Leo Month ago

    Keiji where is that place

  • elysiaxzz
    elysiaxzz Month ago

    dude everyone's talking abt the food and i'm just here like MAN THE BEATBOXING THOUGH that indian guy killed it !!! they're all damn good too omg

  • milcahyeo123
    milcahyeo123 Month ago

    Haha char siew is pork though. Keiji keeps saying that it is char siew chicken.

  • Infinite Flight Singapore

    Hi Keiji. They just opened another cafe at lakeside mrt

  • Joey Chua
    Joey Chua Month ago

    Is the drink free?

  • Kill Me If You Can
    Kill Me If You Can 2 months ago

    Are u going to eat infront of your malay subscriber like me without saying sry?

  • Minatozaki Sana 사나
    Minatozaki Sana 사나 2 months ago

    Pocari Sweat in vending machines😲 My dream came true

  • Kernabalan Piratheeban
    Kernabalan Piratheeban 2 months ago

    OMG ! In behalf of Me and my tag team partner ( Trung Bao ) , we thank you for showcasing our battle ! And we hope you had a great time in Singapore 😘

  • Nicholas Jeremy
    Nicholas Jeremy 2 months ago

    Seeing you eating that reminds me of airplane food hahahha

  • Kenkai
    Kenkai 2 months ago

    That Indian Beat Boxer looks like Kanye West especially with that kind of facial hair.

  • Cutybelle01
    Cutybelle01 2 months ago

    rip the microphone

  • Agnes Gufi
    Agnes Gufi 2 months ago

    ur shirt magikarp king so nice

  • XP playz Minecraft
    XP playz Minecraft 2 months ago

    Where do you lived in?

  • Young PlaneSpotter
    Young PlaneSpotter 2 months ago

    Count how many times he says "a dollar."

  • Derp Bidoof
    Derp Bidoof 2 months ago

    Legend says that Keiji never replies to latecomers

  • Kayla Mosley
    Kayla Mosley 2 months ago

    i was their 42000 subscriber

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 2 months ago

    Thanks for making videos that are very interesting and nice to watch keep up the good work

  • wertypoo
    wertypoo 2 months ago

    Magikarp Shirt FTW. There needs to be a movement.

  • Jason Chan
    Jason Chan 2 months ago

    Your outro should be QJ

  • ColouredPixels
    ColouredPixels 2 months ago

    what's that Spanish song

  • J N
    J N 2 months ago

    KG LOLOL!!!! best!!!!

  • Fauzi Aziz
    Fauzi Aziz 2 months ago +9

    Why you spell Qi Rong's Instagram wrongly? :(

  • Anis Batrisyia
    Anis Batrisyia 2 months ago

    try the 3am challenge making slime

  • fedri hatta
    fedri hatta 2 months ago

    Why is it a dollar?

  • Leonard Chir
    Leonard Chir 2 months ago

    thomas and cookies dabbing in the background 😂😂😂

  • lurking shadows
    lurking shadows 2 months ago

    Arcade ninja?

    HGGGV HGGGV 2 months ago

    its called 'chef in box' , not chef IN the box

  • Edison Bin
    Edison Bin 2 months ago

    where is this place

  • Jeff Hardy
    Jeff Hardy 2 months ago

    Damn my friend beatboxing there sia btw he's pira

  • The bffs
    The bffs 2 months ago

    sg bo??

  • Yee Yik
    Yee Yik 2 months ago

    can we use cash to pay??

  • Rayson Goh
    Rayson Goh 2 months ago

    Keiji are u uploading daily from now

  • Gab Flem
    Gab Flem 2 months ago

    I'm a new fan here and watching your videos always make me laugh I subscribed and turned on post notifications.Keep up the good work!

  • Nur Adlina
    Nur Adlina 2 months ago


  • Glendon Tung
    Glendon Tung 2 months ago

    piratheeban and trung bao

  • Glendon Tung
    Glendon Tung 2 months ago

    for the finals

  • Glendon Tung
    Glendon Tung 2 months ago

    they are my friends

  • Glendon Tung
    Glendon Tung 2 months ago

    ik these 2 beatboxers

  • eleveninth
    eleveninth 2 months ago

    711 Briyani okay what lol

  • Ong Jun Quan
    Ong Jun Quan 2 months ago

    Why doesn't anyone go to the Sengkang one

  • Yukina _hf
    Yukina _hf 2 months ago

    keijii we saw u at chef in box on our way back but we didnt say hi cause u were fliming XD

  • Slix
    Slix 2 months ago

    In My School Sell A Very Small Bowl Of Char Siew Chicken Rice for 1.10

  • Vg _ilovenoxes
    Vg _ilovenoxes 2 months ago

    XD I started dying at the beat box, not trying to dis them cuz they got guts to go up there unlike me it just sounds like some guys making strange noises and spitting on to a mic trying to sound like dubstep

  • Creative DIY's
    Creative DIY's 2 months ago

    Where is that place, I'll like to try it

  • Josiah Fam
    Josiah Fam 2 months ago +1

    That's pretty cool;) subbed

  • Hunter Lim
    Hunter Lim 2 months ago

    singapore,singapore,singapore has good food oh what nice food we have and always a little cheap...yummy food yummy food always on the way you always want to go to singapore but u cant


  • Youngboon Lim
    Youngboon Lim 2 months ago

    Dont eat when u talk. dosent look that good

  • Love slime
    Love slime 2 months ago

    OMG it so near to my house and I go amk hub there very often but I have totally no idea it was there I am going to try it out thank god that I saw this if not I would never know

  • Some Guyafteryoda
    Some Guyafteryoda 2 months ago

    wrice , wrice , wrice is damn goooooood

  • Kimberly Lauren Wong
    Kimberly Lauren Wong 2 months ago +6

    "I don't even know if they have chicken rice, I anyhow say things" HAHAHAHA

    • Umehara Keiji
      Umehara Keiji  2 months ago

      +Kimberly Wong HAHAHHAHHA THATS WHY I CANNOT BE A PROPER FOOD VLOGGER!! I never do research one!!!

  • NBA Collectables
    NBA Collectables 2 months ago

    Smailllls guuuuuuuuuuuda!

  • Gidiotic
    Gidiotic 2 months ago +5

    Vending machine is a claw machine with a guaranteed win 🤔

  • Ciera Wong
    Ciera Wong 2 months ago

    PEOPLE SHOULD SPONSOR U HAHA u're friggin enthu abt the stuff u like ;)

  • PooiFan Woo
    PooiFan Woo 2 months ago

    I know butterwork

  • JC Production
    JC Production 2 months ago +1

    try going another outlet and give us ur review

    • Gidiotic
      Gidiotic 2 months ago

      JC Production going to another outlet might be redundant, it all comes from the same factory.

  • Craftykid 101
    Craftykid 101 2 months ago +2

    itz making me hungry cause im fasting lol

  • Ali Hani
    Ali Hani 2 months ago +3

    is this Singapore???I stay in Singapore I never see this????😕😕😕😕

    • Ali Hani
      Ali Hani Month ago

      Thx guys for telling me

    • Yue lun
      Yue lun Month ago

      yup lakeside have now :)

    • Johnathan Yip
      Johnathan Yip Month ago

      Ali Hani lakeside have one now too

    • Ali Hani
      Ali Hani 2 months ago

      thx for telling me

    • Ayex Bae
      Ayex Bae 2 months ago

      Ali Hani Yes is in Singapore Ang Mo kio Mrt

  • Radin Lutfil
    Radin Lutfil 2 months ago

    Its 2017 stop dabbing

  • HarleySiol 20
    HarleySiol 20 2 months ago +6

    Walao my secondary school serves about the same serving for $3

    • Keene Ng
      Keene Ng 2 months ago

      The Idol but the food is in the taste itself

  • Jacinda Chiam
    Jacinda Chiam 2 months ago +2

    Keiji @ 1:57 is me everytime I touch something hot
    (P.S watching this at 4 in the morning is a mistake.... I'm really hungry now!)

  • arc. visualz
    arc. visualz 2 months ago +1

    is it Halal? haha

  • Shawol MVPFlamer
    Shawol MVPFlamer 2 months ago +2

    Great video! Your videos always remind me of those vlogs by Americans which I always watch! Rare to find a good Singapore youtube vlog channel! Thanks for your great videos, especially the arcade ones!

  • ih_xy
    ih_xy 2 months ago +1

    K.G 😂😂

  • the whitesticker
    the whitesticker 2 months ago

    omg you revealed cookies name !!! HAHAHAHAA 🍪

    • Noob Noob
      Noob Noob 2 months ago

      the whitesticker What was it ? I did not catch it

  • JosephFever
    JosephFever 2 months ago +1

    OMG! HAHA AMK MRT How i wished i was there HAHAHAH OhHAiiiYo Keiji

  • JustBryanThings
    JustBryanThings 2 months ago +1

    love that ending K. G

  • Cheeky Bottle
    Cheeky Bottle 2 months ago +1

    why Keiji always upload around 11pm onwards :( but still vool

  • Joyce Long
    Joyce Long 2 months ago +6

    Dharni is on a whole different level LOL

  • Thomas K.
    Thomas K. 2 months ago +45

    Eh steal my outro last warning

    • Thomas K.
      Thomas K. 2 months ago

      JIPCM rox thx :')

    • JIPCM rox
      JIPCM rox 2 months ago

      Thomas K. Yo Thomas miss you on TSL

  • I Suck At CSGO
    I Suck At CSGO 2 months ago

    is it halal

    ALEX DIY 2 months ago +1

    How do I find the Vending machine food in Singapore? Because I am going to Singapore in july7!

    • ALEX DIY
      ALEX DIY 2 months ago

      Rahayu Wosaini thanks for asking now I know where is the vending machine food is at!

    • Rahayu Wosaini
      Rahayu Wosaini 2 months ago

      ALEX DIY its at Ang Mo Kio MRT on the red line! :-)

  • Edwin van der Sar
    Edwin van der Sar 2 months ago

    Is it halal?

  • BroeProe
    BroeProe 2 months ago

    Your fucking accent that u r trying to hide is fucked up

    • Noob Noob
      Noob Noob 2 months ago

      Shane Soh fuck you . He is kinda Japanese you idiot

  • Charlene Yeo
    Charlene Yeo 2 months ago +2

    Anchorvale at seng kang was the first to have these vending machines. Then recently in Ang Mo Kio. so those who stays near seng kang area and is interested, can go check it out over there. Don't have to go all the way to AMK.

  • Constance Lzq
    Constance Lzq 2 months ago +10

    7-11's microwave food is really nice imo LOL the SG one, the taiwan 7-11 stores are really good too lol

  • sxrahhh 31
    sxrahhh 31 2 months ago

    just a random question , is cookies still in tsl ?

  • Faith KitYee
    Faith KitYee 2 months ago +1

    at the hospital.. the chef cooks I the machine and comes out hot

  • Faith KitYee
    Faith KitYee 2 months ago

    I already tried long ago

  • Loyal Cranz X
    Loyal Cranz X 2 months ago +2


  • winniethecottoncandy
    winniethecottoncandy 2 months ago +1

    The char siew rice is so tempting honestly HAHAHA

  • Kay Lam
    Kay Lam 2 months ago

    I love your vid especially when there is COOKIEEEEEEEEE!

  • Ashley lim
    Ashley lim 2 months ago +2

    THAT K.G PART 😂😂😂😂

  • Emi Shi
    Emi Shi 2 months ago +5

    im hungry

  • Frenzy Afro
    Frenzy Afro 2 months ago

    hahaha PIRA WTFFFFF 😂

  • Stephen Hany
    Stephen Hany 2 months ago

    ayeee you got me. KJ.G. LOL

  • mizuki arai
    mizuki arai 2 months ago +5

    keiji is the one that looks so excited with the $1 food tho!! Thats super funny!!

  • Sebastian Lim
    Sebastian Lim 2 months ago +2


  • manofdoomfc
    manofdoomfc 2 months ago

    is it halal

  • Yumiko
    Yumiko 2 months ago +2

    Hi Keiji! When did you went to check Chef in a box out ? I want to go but I live far and I dw make a wasted trip :')

  • Linus Lee
    Linus Lee 2 months ago +1

    Can u pay by cash ?

  • Beatbox Syed
    Beatbox Syed 2 months ago +1

    What a day for you Keiji

  • redporridge
    redporridge 2 months ago +2

    LOL. the ending. K...G.

  • Astouve
    Astouve 2 months ago +1

    Epilepsy warning at 10:45 and 11:00

  • Naura Syaza
    Naura Syaza 2 months ago


  • WithACap :3
    WithACap :3 2 months ago +2

    7-11 chicken briyani is so guddd thoo

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