STUNNING Galaxies In Our Universe

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  • We live our entire lives on our “pale, blue dot.” But our home is really so much bigger. We are the tiniest fraction of a much larger galaxy and there are countless galaxies and clusters of galaxies in space that we know of--and countless others we don’t. So, if you wanted to have an existential crisis today, here are some of the most incredible galaxies we have been able to document.

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    4. The Rose Galaxy
    This gorgeous pair of galaxies are known collectively as Arp 273, but for obvious reasons, they have been given the nickname of Rose Galaxy. They are so close together that their respective gravitational forces are shaping one another into what you see here. The sweeping arm of the top galaxy is evidence that the “stem” had already passed through the galaxy, just off center, meaning they are moving apart and have already collided at some point.

    The blue lights on the outer ring of the galaxies are newborn stars, which burn hot and bright under ultraviolet light. The Rose Galaxy is part of the Andromeda constellation, making it over 300 million light years away. However, thanks to the Hubble Telescope and three separate light filters, we can see this composite image of one of the most beautiful galaxies we know of.

    3. The Whirlpool Galaxy
    The whirlpool galaxy should look familiar to a lot of us. It’s a classic definition of the spiral galaxy and is probably the first image that comes to mind when you think of the spiral shape. It was first discovered in 1773 by Charles Messier. In terms of space, the Whirlpool galaxy is relatively close to our own galaxy, the Milky Way. It’s about 23 million light years away, but this means that even amateur astronomists can see it using home telescopes or binoculars.

    It’s believed that a supermassive black hole lies at the center of the Whirlpool, but it’s known the incredible arms of the galaxy, reaching out from its center, are long lines of stars. The stars of the spiral galaxy are being born all the time, and the oldest stars are found near its center. The new stars of the Whirlpool galaxy are fed by a smaller galaxy which has been slowly passing behind the Whirlpool for millions of years.

    2. Pandora’s Cluster
    This galaxy cluster actually goes by the name Abell 2744, but has been nicknamed Pandora’s Cluster. This is because the galaxies are undergoing a massive collision that is mayhem on a cosmic scale.

    So, just to be clear, every single dot of light you see in this photo is one galaxy. Not stars--galaxies. This small photo shows probably thousands of single galaxies that are all simultaneously colliding with one another. This cluster is approximately 4 billion light years away, so we can monitor it from a safe distance. The entire mass of these galaxies is more than 400 trillion times the mass of our Sun, in fact.

    If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see not only round, spiral galaxies, but you’ll notice some weird streaks of blue light. Those are galaxies, too. They’re farther away, but something even more incredible is happening here. The combined gravity of all of these galaxies is literally bending space. Their gravity creates a lens, which distorts light, a lot like a fish-eye lens on a camera. But it also magnifies galaxies farther away--so some of the galaxies in this photo are 12 billion light years away--that’s nearly back to the Big Bang itself.

    The real photos taken of BX422 are very blurry, so this is an artist's rendering of the galaxy known only as BX422--no, not a very catchy name, but don’t let that fool you. This is actually a pretty amazing find. BX422 is another example of a grand design galaxy, with two very distinct arms emerging from its nucleus.

    You’ve seen a hundred of them before, but none like this. In fact, when astronomers originally found it, they were sure the y were being tricked by light or overlapping galaxies. Upon further investigation, they were sure they were really seeing this grand design galaxy. But what makes this one different from all the others?

    BX422 is perhaps the oldest known spiral galaxy in the universe. And quite frankly, it shouldn’t even exist. The light from this galaxy has finally made it to earth after 10.4 billion years, that means it existed only 3 billion years after the Big Bang is theorized to have occurred. By all rights, this galaxy should be an enormous wreck of stars, dust, elements, and confusion like all the other old galaxies formed that early. But it isn’t. Instead, it’s a beautiful spiral, perhaps due to the proximity of another companion galaxy.
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    When I look up at night and consider what is out there it blows my tiny mind!

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    How long would it take the space shuttle to go one light-year? The shuttle orbits the Earth at about 5 miles per second (18,000 mph). Light travels at 186,000 miles per second, which is about 37,200 times faster than the shuttle. So the shuttle would need about 37,200 years to go one light-year. Imagine travelling 11 million light years lol !

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    It is videos like this is why I always have the passion for astronomy. So I definitely agree with this list. Those galaxies are absolutely stunning. But galaxy M31 or better known as the Andromeda Galaxy should have also been added. That has always been my number 1 favorite galaxy. And I also tend to find it as one of the most gorgeous galaxies there is.

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    Astrologers don't know much, if anything about the universe. They keep changing their silly theories and ridiculous hypothesis. First of all, Jesus created the whole entire universe and EVERYTHING in it. You can't theorize what is mysterious and unknown to man. Humans can not and will never explain what, when, or even how God made these vast complex galaxies. Some day every atheists, unbeliever, evolutionists and christian shall bow their knees and every tongue confess that He King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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