Drunk People Talk About Love

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  • Love is a hell of a drug.

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Comments: 521

  • Kappa Kappa
    Kappa Kappa 5 months ago

    im drunk and i am wacthing this... its sad

  • Bias Yoongi but got wrecked by the dirty ass Jhope

    Candice: love is butterfly
    Me:*sing BTS butterfly*

  • Go watch BTS Spring Day

    And then there's me, I've never felt love and I'm still happy.

  • Marcela Torres
    Marcela Torres 9 months ago

    You should do Stoned People Talk About Love

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 10 months ago

    *sigh* wish i could drink still, drinking was fun, but now when i drink my kidneys start hurting

  • Kierra Shaw
    Kierra Shaw Year ago

    Am I the only one who hates love? I think it hurts me to much to love!

  • Ellie Cupcakes
    Ellie Cupcakes Year ago


  • FlopsyArt
    FlopsyArt Year ago

    i picture love as a bottle of tequila lol!

  • Shiann Saillant
    Shiann Saillant Year ago

    why you cry? *Ashly voice*

  • Unique Blase
    Unique Blase Year ago

    So I tried to answer these and when I closed my eyes to see what image would appear at the mention of "Love" Uh... I saw Matsuno Todomatsu.

  • Terrance Turner
    Terrance Turner Year ago

    So we're not going to acknowledge that this guy's face is magenta?

  • The Bohemian Troubadour

    A unicorn... because it ain't real 🌈

  • Steven Wee
    Steven Wee Year ago


  • Abriel Joy
    Abriel Joy Year ago

    Lol love this! He's so red!

  • Jewelianna /\/\/\/\

    I am Jared

  • Volstreed
    Volstreed Year ago

    1:56 Hearing somebody say they love you back is the most amazing feeling in the world. "I love my cat. I'm a young cat human," lol.

  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn Year ago

    Oh my gosh, Jared is my new favorite⛑👢👨‍👨‍👧👙👔🐛🦀🐄🦃🕸🌻🌞🌝🌜🌛🌚☄🍒🌊

  • VivaLaVida
    VivaLaVida Year ago +2

    when i close my eyes and picture the word love, i see the cross and Jesus on it, THAT'S TRUE LOVE!

  • Lucy Pearson
    Lucy Pearson Year ago

    asian glow!!!

  • Yaileen Lopez
    Yaileen Lopez Year ago


  • C C
    C C Year ago +3

    The guy that was talking about how much he loves his cat (sorry I don't know is name) is me af

  • Gelenvader3
    Gelenvader3 Year ago +2

    HE IS REDDDD lmao

  • Alex Labrecque
    Alex Labrecque Year ago


  • Örlogskapten
    Örlogskapten Year ago

    Jareds shirt!!! thats where i live

  • Ametaf Johora
    Ametaf Johora Year ago


  • pirate_ansl3y
    pirate_ansl3y Year ago

    Drunken words are sober thoughts

  • Michelle Magallon

    I saw the title and thought, "oh this could go wrong in so many ways.."

  • coley *
    coley * Year ago

    That Asian glow

  • MyChemicalYoungblood Phangel

    Buzzfeed just loves to do everything drunk lol

  • dayline duran
    dayline duran Year ago

    The harp reference to love was completely accurate it's so beautiful but so complicated lol

  • Castrophany
    Castrophany Year ago

    Jared is me

  • Battle Ooze
    Battle Ooze Year ago

    That asian glow though...

  • KittySnicker
    KittySnicker Year ago

    I may not be a sober man, but I know what love is.

  • Johanna Perez
    Johanna Perez Year ago +5

    Asian gloooowww

  • Dat Person
    Dat Person Year ago

    The cat thing! i relate

  • des dulaa
    des dulaa Year ago +2

    I'm in love with Jen sooo

    • Mackenzie Ward
      Mackenzie Ward Year ago

      I'm glad I'm not the only one.... God dang it why am I so gay

  • jojo entertainment

    My uncle does this every weekend.

  • I H
    I H Year ago

    Asian guy kinda looks like a kitten...why?

  • rckr125
    rckr125 Year ago

    You guys should do this to high people

  • Noemi Kramer
    Noemi Kramer Year ago

    When Jared is talking about his cat I'm like saaaaaaame

  • Bkoko
    Bkoko Year ago

    Shrek is love.

  • Jasmine Costell
    Jasmine Costell Year ago

    Who is Jared, where do I find him and when can I marry him?

  • honk honk
    honk honk Year ago

    love is my waifu 2D > 3D

  • Steven Monzon
    Steven Monzon Year ago

    Damn. I'm drunk and I'm watching this. Thank you spell check

  • Julia Chernov
    Julia Chernov Year ago +1

    That one guy with the blue eyes... What's his name??? Because after each question was read I picked my answer and I literally answered with the same answers he got on ALL OF THEM. The one with "what does love look like?" I said some a park with a picnic table and flowers everywhere" which is super similar!!!!!!! He's my soulmate. I just know it.

  • Travel With Alexis

    The guy that loves cat that much? maybe he doesn't have much left for loving anything else...

  • ValLovesBatmanAndTR

    beautiful and complicated.... Duuuuuuuuude!!!

  • Lauren Chaney
    Lauren Chaney Year ago

    My boyfriend of 5 years just broke up with me why am I watching this

  • Felicity Hall
    Felicity Hall Year ago

    I heard jen!!!! ❤

  • Polemikat
    Polemikat Year ago

    Cats are love

  • Mariana Serrano
    Mariana Serrano Year ago

    this cat guy describes me!! seriously hahahah

  • Rey
    Rey Year ago

    I cried because I knew it was Jen at 0:48 I'm too obsessed with her

  • Willow Crow
    Willow Crow Year ago

    "High people talk about love" please!!

  • Athena Von Dehl
    Athena Von Dehl Year ago

    I am literally Jared. I love my cat.

  • AvgJane19
    AvgJane19 Year ago

    Someone should live like Ron Swanson for a week.

  • Cait Killa
    Cait Killa Year ago

    Candace is a Christian, why is she getting drunk??

    • Jason Bogart
      Jason Bogart Year ago

      Just because a Christian got drunk doesn't mean they're bad in anyway. I'm a Christian too, but seriously; who cares. She's still going to heaven if she's Christian. :)
      And why would you look up to someone? Just look up to Jesus because man is going to let you down just like how it let you down..

    • Cait Killa
      Cait Killa Year ago

      +Meccarox As a Christian, I care. I thought I could look up to her :(

    • Meccarox
      Meccarox Year ago

      she is also probably wearing mixed fabrics... who cares?

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Year ago

    Love is Jared.....and my cats

  • hesitantMonster
    hesitantMonster Year ago


  • Kaleah Capers
    Kaleah Capers Year ago

    The asian dude is soo red. What the world.

  • Tyler Ryan
    Tyler Ryan Year ago

    something I'll never have

  • Rarari H
    Rarari H Year ago

    Broke up 3 days back.

  • Sydney McGaha
    Sydney McGaha Year ago +1

    Only watching cause Candace is in the thumbnail lmao

  • 10 Tunnels
    10 Tunnels Year ago

    Hey you guys should do high people next!

  • speaking of kerry

    I drank some teqee- lia

  • hridi
    hridi Year ago

    0:45 is Jen asking the questions? :D

  • Lily Assraoui
    Lily Assraoui Year ago

    i sing

  • Keira Rose
    Keira Rose Year ago


  • Julia Smith
    Julia Smith Year ago

    You should do one with high people 😂

  • Queen of Snek
    Queen of Snek Year ago

    I had the heart ripple gif too!

  • AngieKiss02
    AngieKiss02 Year ago +1

    I want to know what love is. I'm 23 and I don't think I have experienced it yet.

  • Kristina Bond
    Kristina Bond Year ago

    "but violins are nice too" hahahh

  • Maja Duszkiewicz
    Maja Duszkiewicz Year ago

    3 seconds into the vid and I'm already like jeez Candace, you're too drunk 😂

  • Kaines Way
    Kaines Way Year ago

    Love makes me sad

  • feiwin baroro
    feiwin baroro Year ago

    try heartbroken get drunk

  • Beauty06
    Beauty06 Year ago

    The butterfly one was deep man...

  • Noel Wasden
    Noel Wasden Year ago

    Oh, drunken love.

  • Ra Fie
    Ra Fie Year ago

    Aww Kane, Asian glow is real

  • hj yang
    hj yang Year ago

    Caucasians get flushed too :)

  • REAL .M
    REAL .M Year ago

    oh my... They're totally drunk

  • Tubular
    Tubular Year ago +2

    haha they're drunk in love

  • Andrijana Rakic
    Andrijana Rakic Year ago

    - All I can think of is my cat because i love my cat so much!

  • Hugo '-'
    Hugo '-' Year ago +1

    "I had some tequia.. la"

    Kids, don't do alcohol

  • rosleh
    rosleh Year ago

    Love brings you happiness and your lover can make you feel companied, but love can also break your heart and can cause people to drink more alcohol and do that stuff thats bad for your health, so what I'm trying to say is BE CAREFUL WITH LOVE!

  • Jurkush Ahmed
    Jurkush Ahmed Year ago

    Omg I don't wanna be inlove ever again... My bf dumped me before a month... still heartbroken.. so no thanks. never again :d

  • YumeMeriliana
    YumeMeriliana Year ago

    Love is a butterfly... That last a day

  • Jad Charbatji
    Jad Charbatji Year ago

    STONED people talk about love Plzzz

  • Gesus Cristos
    Gesus Cristos Year ago

    drunk in love

  • jessica r
    jessica r Year ago

    I love Jared lmao, nah I love all of them actually

  • Hunter
    Hunter Year ago

    Jerry is hot af

  • moonrockers1962
    moonrockers1962 Year ago

    The girl has moles the shape of Hawaii on her neck.

  • Bes Davin
    Bes Davin Year ago

    love is queer and I'm heterosexual so don't #judgeME


  • MultiMoshiFan
    MultiMoshiFan Year ago +5


  • Abhishek Bilkan Aind

    Drunk people are so entertaining. Me... sigh, a block of wood is more emotive than me when drunk.

  • Robin de Heer
    Robin de Heer Year ago

    I'm jared, love my cats

  • ichrak boudak
    ichrak boudak Year ago +2

    Am i the only that thought about that Sponge Bob episode when she talked about the scary butterfly?

  • eggeater701
    eggeater701 Year ago


  • gigiky
    gigiky Year ago

    These people aren't really drunk, they're maybe just a bit tipsy

  • Rwededyet
    Rwededyet Year ago +2

    It looks like those candles were a little drunk as well.

  • potter head
    potter head Year ago +1

    I can agree with the cat guy. I love cats. Cats are awesome. I don't care what you freaking dog people say cats are the best I love cats and cats love me and I just freaking love cats I LOVE CATS.

  • En vogue
    En vogue Year ago

    dat asian glow doe

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