When the bus driver kicked me out... (Bus Surfing)

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  • shiey
    shiey  5 months ago +4039

    A little something to hold you over while I'm editing ILLEGAL FREEDOM EP. 3

    PIZZA TIME 8 hours ago

    Now that's how you can get free ride

  • Luke
    Luke 8 hours ago

    This dude probably got this idea from boruto 😂

  • Black Power
    Black Power 17 hours ago

    the things white people do for attention...

  • Alien_Kieran
    Alien_Kieran Day ago

    Dude you're so cool

  • XVlll BeastMode
    XVlll BeastMode Day ago

    LMAOOOOOO Savage

  • Jussi Mattila
    Jussi Mattila Day ago

    walks off like a baus

  • Brookie Macc
    Brookie Macc Day ago


  • TTime685
    TTime685 Day ago

    Cold? lol

  • cody cody
    cody cody Day ago

    the breathing gives me anxiety 😂

  • Jooztin
    Jooztin 2 days ago

    Talk about hitching a ride.. XD

  • Roly Rodriguez
    Roly Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Savage af

  • Asuna Gumdrop
    Asuna Gumdrop 2 days ago

    That looks fun and relaxing... if it wasnt cold and you werent nervous about falling off

  • Imperfect Blade 2
    Imperfect Blade 2 2 days ago

    He high on GTA?

  • Blue Crumb
    Blue Crumb 3 days ago

    This dude is actually James Bond

  • Anthony Borden
    Anthony Borden 3 days ago

    This dude crazy I like it

  • Evolution HD
    Evolution HD 3 days ago

    could've just walked across the street...

  • 14Balázs88
    14Balázs88 3 days ago

    Why didnt u use bigger letters dude?

  • Robert Fehrman
    Robert Fehrman 3 days ago

    You look so comfy

  • SLOTH_Games28
    SLOTH_Games28 3 days ago

    I'll try surfing a airplane

  • yee yeee
    yee yeee 3 days ago


  • Ana Diogo
    Ana Diogo 4 days ago

    SAFAGE !!!

  • Hex Gaming
    Hex Gaming 4 days ago

    He even did the gta roll when you fall

  • Bizra
    Bizra 4 days ago

    this guy is absolutely crazy lmao

  • StraightFacedDino !
    StraightFacedDino ! 4 days ago

    I got kicked out from my school bus I grabbed my skate board grabbed behind the buses rail thingy and rode behind it until I got back home

  • Try2BeDerp YT
    Try2BeDerp YT 4 days ago

    Pizdiec polkes neiškviete?

  • xXMithrilDiamondXx
    xXMithrilDiamondXx 4 days ago

    Just imagine a car crash

  • Rainbow Dream Random videos

    Just chilling out on top of a bus...😂

  • CallMePro
    CallMePro 4 days ago +1

    Rmt tai galima?

  • X Røse
    X Røse 5 days ago

    No chill

  • The Insane Zoroark
    The Insane Zoroark 5 days ago +1

    You just earned a sub man i saw a few of your other vids there awesome

  • Worthy Shorty
    Worthy Shorty 5 days ago

    Lmao savage

  • BenV
    BenV 5 days ago +2

    you have the mixture if being pissed off and being frozen in your breath lol

  • Vexy
    Vexy 5 days ago

    i love lithuanian people

  • David Munguia
    David Munguia 5 days ago

    Didn't know darth vader had a YouTube channel

  • Amanda Fladung
    Amanda Fladung 5 days ago

    This dude is savage

  • Reliable News
    Reliable News 5 days ago

    If 2 people are raping you,would you be the rapist?

  • Doctor Cone
    Doctor Cone 6 days ago

    This samurai ass nigga for real just climbed a fuckin' bus.

  • Christoph Müller
    Christoph Müller 6 days ago

    Most Savage and badass Person i have ever seen

  • Bluestar
    Bluestar 6 days ago

    Whyd you get kicked off?

  • LoneWolfAkela
    LoneWolfAkela 7 days ago

    Breathing in my ear D:

  • 갓건배씨벌련
    갓건배씨벌련 8 days ago

    tunnel 5 meters ahead


  • acirasi
    acirasi 8 days ago

    so from where you were kicked off, and to your last stop.. was across the street?

    SUPER MLG DOGE 8 days ago


  • Evelina Nu
    Evelina Nu 9 days ago

    He ist a fucking legend :)

  • ZackBoyz
    ZackBoyz 9 days ago

    R6s recruit

  • AJR_goldminer Plays
    AJR_goldminer Plays 9 days ago +2

    This reminds me of the mission wrong side of the tracks from gta San Andreas lol

  • Mr,Snowwwman
    Mr,Snowwwman 9 days ago

    Damn that looks really nice sitting up there but maybe better on summer?

  • Renata
    Renata 11 days ago

    He sounds cold as fuck.

  • The Blooper Bros.
    The Blooper Bros. 12 days ago

    My favorite part is when the heavy breathing starts

  • MrAlexC
    MrAlexC 12 days ago

    next video: "When the airplanes pilot kicked me out..."

  • Steven Condezo
    Steven Condezo 13 days ago


  • tdfitch
    tdfitch 14 days ago

    fucking savage

  • Tony XD
    Tony XD 15 days ago

    He does not give a fuck lol

  • lol the troll 91
    lol the troll 91 15 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • lol the troll 91
    lol the troll 91 15 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Alec Hernandez
    Alec Hernandez 16 days ago

    You didn't have a few quarters but you have the equipment to record and edit this? Come on dude you're just a fucking douchebag.

  • Callum Waters
    Callum Waters 16 days ago

    How to ride in style

  • emerald scarlet
    emerald scarlet 16 days ago

    1:21 lol wonder what the driver of that garbage truck was thinking as he saw a man jumping off of a bus

  • Ruby Lover
    Ruby Lover 16 days ago


  • ana !
    ana ! 17 days ago

    this is badass i love you

  • DareDevil Shenanigans
    DareDevil Shenanigans 17 days ago

    Get kicked out of a plane and do this

  • kaneli kankkunen
    kaneli kankkunen 17 days ago

    poor mans indian train

  • Oedi
    Oedi 17 days ago +3

    Or you could just walk and cross the street.

  • Ahmed Barakat
    Ahmed Barakat 17 days ago

    If I were him, I'd thank the driver for the ride

  • FirstBlood36O
    FirstBlood36O 18 days ago

    I'd do this on the way to school everyday

  • Miggz
    Miggz 18 days ago

    I like the intense breathing

  • Xboxgamer12346
    Xboxgamer12346 18 days ago

    When in Soviet Russia we don't ride buses. We surf them.

  • Giordano Grigolato
    Giordano Grigolato 18 days ago

    Just another day in the soviet russia

  • Ryu Nakara
    Ryu Nakara 18 days ago

    You must've been freezing

  • Twentyønepanic!ingcrybabies At the disco

    He just gets up, sits for about a minute or two, and then jumps off the bus and struts off like a boss.😂

  • Mirraldoh Ching San
    Mirraldoh Ching San 19 days ago

    So nobody wants to point out how loud this muthafucca was breathing

  • Iselca
    Iselca 19 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like it's in black and white

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 19 days ago +5

    Lmao imagine if someone was there with him.
    "Oh hey man what happened this time"

  • Drain Bamage
    Drain Bamage 19 days ago

    If you tripped, fell off the bus and broke your neck, it would be the driver's moral responsibility for not realising there was a stupid kid on top of the vehicle. You could ruin someone's life just by being an idiot.
    I know you don't care anyway, cause smart people don't do shit like this. Good luck.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 19 days ago

    What does it feel like to be free

  • Angie Harris
    Angie Harris 19 days ago

    At 1:16 it says slippery

  • Paul Douglas
    Paul Douglas 19 days ago

    Any way you can brother

  • redsharktooth22
    redsharktooth22 19 days ago

    *breathing intensifies*

  • sam chau -
    sam chau - 19 days ago

    When the bus stopped I would have jumped off and thanked the bus driver for the ride and stayed for a few seconds just to see the look on his face.

  • theblackdeath357
    theblackdeath357 19 days ago

    This should be legal... free bus rides if you climb on top! You'd just see busses driving around with groups of homeless people on top.

    • Drain Bamage
      Drain Bamage 19 days ago

      Or they could just ask people for a ticket, without, you know, risking their life.

  • 76Schoeneberg30
    76Schoeneberg30 19 days ago

    i didnt see anyone getting kicked out. Just someone climbing on a bus and then jumping down again.

  • Nicheles cross
    Nicheles cross 20 days ago


  • Some Random Stranger
    Some Random Stranger 20 days ago

    Yeah totally subbed...

  • BestRivenOfSpain
    BestRivenOfSpain 20 days ago

    1:20 GTA in a nutshell

  • XXmatrixflamesXX
    XXmatrixflamesXX 20 days ago

    GTA 5 in real life be like XD

  • Zach *
    Zach * 21 day ago

    Somewhere in the heart of Russia

  • WellJamedToast
    WellJamedToast 21 day ago

    *Passes through tunnel*

  • Janik Bollh von horst

    Subway surfers: Lithuanian edition

  • Mrhighstandards01
    Mrhighstandards01 21 day ago

    Lol jokes on the guy outside freezing and ridding probably laughing in his head while he good and warm but that is some awesome shit though

  • KöfteLock
    KöfteLock 21 day ago

    Welcome to Russia

  • LukitesCZ cz
    LukitesCZ cz 21 day ago


  • fist full of anchovies
    fist full of anchovies 21 day ago +4

    i doubt the bus driver kicked you out but if he did, i can guarantee you were being a little faggot

    • He He
      He He 12 days ago

      fist full of anchovies He kicked him out because he didn't have money, did you not watch the video? Fucking dumbass.

  • telepathy90
    telepathy90 21 day ago

    That was awesome

  • Iamhappythingy
    Iamhappythingy 21 day ago

    Do the people somehow not care?

  • Smol Ghost 365
    Smol Ghost 365 22 days ago


  • BetaRay
    BetaRay 22 days ago


  • Leo Gallardo
    Leo Gallardo 22 days ago

    I want try! Xdxd

    XXOREO BLITZxX 22 days ago

    Add my sc @prebbles9cole

  • Kombi
    Kombi 22 days ago +1

    Im callin police.

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