HR Meeting - SNL

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  • felicia barnhill
    felicia barnhill 3 days ago


  • Samuel
    Samuel 8 days ago

    both this and bumb n grim are both the sam length.

  • Hana Bennet
    Hana Bennet 9 days ago

    Chris is so hot

  • Contra Mundum
    Contra Mundum 11 days ago

    Let this be a lesson to fat women everywhere...rejection is inevitable.

  • maximus78028
    maximus78028 11 days ago

    These two girls are crazy.

  • Zombie Billy Mays
    Zombie Billy Mays 11 days ago


  • Mrcardman12345
    Mrcardman12345 12 days ago


  • TheRipper999
    TheRipper999 13 days ago

    That was quite funny, esp the end.

  • imgotogal
    imgotogal 13 days ago


  • mike l
    mike l 15 days ago

    this is sjw cringe.

  • The Goat
    The Goat 16 days ago

    That was truly a great skit. ;O)-

  • dominick lucido
    dominick lucido 17 days ago

    lol it'd be funny if it sounded like they knew the songs really well

  • j something
    j something 17 days ago +1

    Is Vannessa Bayer wearing shoulder pads?

  • War Hammer
    War Hammer 18 days ago

    Now that sucks .

  • Trevor Patton
    Trevor Patton 18 days ago

    Did a black person wrote this skit.Comedy Gold.

  • indakut
    indakut 23 days ago

    i like how they used Monica's adlibs instead of brandless

  • indakut
    indakut 23 days ago

    Monica The boy is mine

  • Natercia Lourenco
    Natercia Lourenco 25 days ago

    YOUR FIRED!!!!!! Lmaooo

  • Aminah Muhammad
    Aminah Muhammad 25 days ago


  • Kerri S
    Kerri S 27 days ago


  • Καπτεν Χαρλοκ

    this is supposed to be funny?

    • BellaTorresBruh
      BellaTorresBruh 26 days ago

      Καπτεν Χαρλοκ I'm trying not to die from the awkwardness and cringiness.

  • Kasey B.
    Kasey B. 27 days ago


  • Chels T
    Chels T 27 days ago


  • Michael Mar
    Michael Mar 28 days ago

    1:30 Vanessa came so close to kissing another host.

  • PiazzaGurl
    PiazzaGurl 28 days ago

    The boy is Mine?! lmao!!!!! OMG, hilarious!!

    Bump N Grind?! OMG I Cant!!!! Chris out singing!

  • Jennifer Nguyen
    Jennifer Nguyen 29 days ago +1

    He belongs to me! LMAO

  • R. Ive
    R. Ive 29 days ago

    Another suckfest show.

  • gxfan039
    gxfan039 29 days ago +2

    Chris Pine drives me crazy in the best way possible!

  • Nicole Coolbaugh
    Nicole Coolbaugh 1 month ago

    "which is which" - one of the top societal comments i've seen

  • shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend

    Ewww  Breeders  !!!!

  • GiftedSon 33
    GiftedSon 33 1 month ago

    My mind is telling me noooo!.... but my bode........ my BODY IS TELLING YEAHHHH!

  • Amaris Cho
    Amaris Cho 1 month ago

    I swear this came from Chris's experience

  • P W Grey
    P W Grey 1 month ago

    this is a documentary, right?

  • Donnie Carter
    Donnie Carter 1 month ago

    For these white folks to do black songs was hilarious lmao

  • Nicholle Christine Edwards

    Laughed SO hard....cried so HARD!!! Accurate.

  • Travis Howell
    Travis Howell 1 month ago +1

    FUCK SNL !!!! NORMALIZING molestation one season at a time.

  • Mafalda M17
    Mafalda M17 1 month ago +2

    Chris Piiiiiiiiiiineeeeeee <3 <3 <3 So hot <3

  • Nikki Thomas
    Nikki Thomas 1 month ago

    love that song at the end lol💗💗

  • Olivia Braun
    Olivia Braun 1 month ago

    he's not a boy he's like 30 or 40...

  • Mae Durant
    Mae Durant 1 month ago

    Chris Pine 😍

  • White American
    White American 1 month ago

    thought I just let all the little liberals now when you're out there doing your rallies and causing trouble you better have your masks on because all these new companies that are going to be starting I'm going to get Trump tax breaks for companies and we're taking names We Know Who You Are you better get a job from a liberal because we know what you're about and we don't want you in our company

  • White American
    White American 1 month ago

    thought I just let all the little liberals now when you're out there doing your rallies and causing trouble you better have your masks on because all these new companies that are going to be starting I'm going to get Trump tax breaks for companies and we're taking names We Know Who You Are you better get a job from a liberal because we know what you're about and we don't want you in our company

  • LoriAnn Grilley-Jamroz

    EVERYONE LUVS Capt Kirk~ LOL "in Beyond"

  • SG F
    SG F 1 month ago

    I thought he would tell them he is gay.

  • NotSandraBullock
    NotSandraBullock 1 month ago

    This is like the dreamgirls scene in OITNB all over again.

  • Wetdookie
    Wetdookie 1 month ago

    A lot like my HR meetings

  • Bethany Oliver
    Bethany Oliver 1 month ago


  • David Amiri
    David Amiri 1 month ago +3

    Meanwhile men can't say you look nice today without getting fired for sexual harassment. The Misandry is real.

  • Pussy Pounder
    Pussy Pounder 1 month ago

    some of these skits suck lately

  • Eric Huber
    Eric Huber 1 month ago

    1:16 - That look you have when two crazy ladies believe that you are in love with them, but not really and their just bat shit crazy.We all get that look once or twice in our life, but several time for me

  • Lando Land
    Lando Land 1 month ago +2

    ha ha ha is so funny when men are sexually harassed by women right snl?

  • ColeBe94
    ColeBe94 1 month ago

    "Leave now you're fired!!"

  • Matt desu
    Matt desu 1 month ago

    Did this fuck say hey listen, I wanna sing in every sketch?

  • ItsMattranger
    ItsMattranger 1 month ago


  • Douglas Maynard
    Douglas Maynard 1 month ago

    the begging started out as a porn, and then turned into a musical

  • Kathleen Leydig
    Kathleen Leydig 1 month ago +3

    I liked when they kept calling him boy lol

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 1 month ago +1

    I really think they should make a parody of one of the Chicago shows, Chicago Fire, P.D. Med, as a Chi-hard, I would love it, like if you agree

  • Yidishe Yid Ben Kudsha Brich Hu

    This is so dumb I have no words

  • mad dusa
    mad dusa 1 month ago +1

    this reminds me of the creepier aspects of working in an office. kind of realistic, in a way.

  • mad dusa
    mad dusa 1 month ago

    is this a parody of an actual song?

  • Ryan Kirkpatrick
    Ryan Kirkpatrick 1 month ago

    This means war in reverse. So much irony! 😂😂😂

  • Martendo 64
    Martendo 64 1 month ago +1

    Dat boi

  • toomuchtime
    toomuchtime 1 month ago

    This is too much🤣🤣🤣

  • Cliff Bogaty
    Cliff Bogaty 1 month ago

    hahahahaha! "GET OUT"

  • Arthur Jackson
    Arthur Jackson 1 month ago

    Chris Pine looks like a hairy does everyone NOT see this?!

  • Tasha Darby
    Tasha Darby 1 month ago

    😀😁😂😃😄😅😆 Chris pine lol omg

  • Katie Neil
    Katie Neil 1 month ago


  • QueOnda 123
    QueOnda 123 1 month ago +2


  • chriswbrim
    chriswbrim 1 month ago +1

    Chris Pine, super hot!

  • Lord Avatar
    Lord Avatar 1 month ago +1

    if this was reversed, with 2 guys on 1 girl, it would be considered sexual harassment

  • BeagleFeatures
    BeagleFeatures 1 month ago

    I'm gonna miss Vanessa, Bobby, and Sasheer

  • Brittany Loesch
    Brittany Loesch 1 month ago +3

    This made me cringe so hard lmfaooooo

  • maxly santizo
    maxly santizo 1 month ago

    NYC does it best

  • Nia Breaux
    Nia Breaux 1 month ago


  • Steve Hubbard
    Steve Hubbard 1 month ago

    Aidy is possibly my favourite person ever. Killed it.

  • Aurelia Jane
    Aurelia Jane 1 month ago


  • S. Bass
    S. Bass 1 month ago +4

    I have to wonder if this would still be funny if the gender roles were switched.

    • lizardpeoplepoetry
      lizardpeoplepoetry 16 days ago

      you don't have to wonder about anything if you don't want to

  • Amsterz B
    Amsterz B 1 month ago

    O_O omg! lol

  • Tristan Tetting
    Tristan Tetting 1 month ago


  • katattacksweetheart
    katattacksweetheart 1 month ago +2

    This would've been a hell of a lot funnier if the company president and head of HR had been reported to the next rung of HR for this and had to attend sensitivity training at the end.. Just sayin...

  • Nene Guillory
    Nene Guillory 1 month ago +1

    I laugh so hard

  • Sally SaysMoo
    Sally SaysMoo 1 month ago

    Chris is one pineee man 😏

  • Cashmeoutsidehowbowdat XD

    If he said "I'm gay" at the end, I would've died

  • Awesome Alie
    Awesome Alie 1 month ago

    hahahah HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Connected One
    Connected One 1 month ago

    Oh my!!! I've been sleeping on SNL. Too damn funny. Screaming funny

  • Mike S.
    Mike S. 1 month ago +1

    Am I nuts or does Vanessa Bayer look freakin' hot here.

  • SKippySounds
    SKippySounds 1 month ago

    I don't know about y'all but that song was a banger

  • fabulousmango
    fabulousmango 1 month ago

    The only reason this is funny is because it doesn't usually happen to men, and they aren't getting violent with him.

  • Lily
    Lily 1 month ago

    Oh I'm gonna miss Vanessa Bayer :(

  • Buzz Killington
    Buzz Killington 1 month ago


  • Frank Chandler
    Frank Chandler 1 month ago

    hi and the American people have become weary of the Trump bashing that's why I say y'all on YouTube YouTube at one time was interesting program to watch it no longer is it's time t Trump bashing stopped and we begin to support our president

  • SupaEMT134
    SupaEMT134 1 month ago +1

    You need to stop attacking *_OUR_* President!

  • Monika Huxley
    Monika Huxley 1 month ago

    can I apply?

  • 김셰넌
    김셰넌 1 month ago


  • New Name
    New Name 1 month ago +1

    GET OUT leave now, you're fired!!!!! cracked up so hard

  • hihowareyouthen
    hihowareyouthen 1 month ago

    Yoo need to give it op, hod about ee-nuff...BOY!

  • Prototype Kaito
    Prototype Kaito 1 month ago +1

    i choose Vanessa Bayer

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