Rated-R MCU Film is NOT Out of the Question & HOW it can be done!

  • Added:  Month ago
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Comments: 341

  • Rogue Gaming
    Rogue Gaming 16 days ago

    Ghost rider ghost rider

  • kenny baxter
    kenny baxter Month ago

    No plans now for the mcu, but b4 people keep Making fun of it dose anyone see the dceu or other DC films being r rated these days? When u think about it at least marvel CHARACTERS that have
    r rated movies DC doesn't.

  • England is my GodChurch

    I want Moon Knight and Blade to team up and fight against Marvel Zombies.

  • Dabbing panda
    Dabbing panda Month ago

    I'm really curious as to how you get all this information your channel has good information

  • ZZ Unlisted
    ZZ Unlisted Month ago

    R rated squirrel girl

  • Death Tube
    Death Tube Month ago

    Why don't they just use Marvel Entertainment? Almost everything they are producing in the MCU is effectively R-Rated but on the small screen.

  • Anthony Coronado
    Anthony Coronado Month ago

    Disney own spiderman OK Disney is produceing spideran homecoming that means Disney making venom and black and silver salable

  • jayxmenendez
    jayxmenendez Month ago

    Moonknight needs a R rated film NOW!

  • Jimmy Coleman
    Jimmy Coleman Month ago

    I don't watch rated r movies ... and don't like most of the rated PG movies... but now that's just me.

  • jet the hawk rider
    jet the hawk rider Month ago

    I got a idea and no one will like it punisher movie what is r rated

  • Travis TravesTy
    Travis TravesTy Month ago

    I want Rated R Black Widow film, Hulk (CGI) and Natasha in a sex scene 😀

  • trevor clark
    trevor clark Month ago +1

    we need a rated R spiderman film with carnage

  • Phantom8Productions

    I could easily see there being an R-rated Ghost Rider film. I also could've seen Black Panther being R.

  • Vikesh Patel
    Vikesh Patel Month ago

    What if (and hear me out) marvel makes s Spider-Man 2099 film
    That is an R-rated movie🙈
    It would make a interesting spin on Spider-Man and it won't really affect the legacy of peter Parker
    Just think about how cool that would be

  • Zappy
    Zappy Month ago +2

    I think they should wait till tom holland gets a lot older and make a final spider-man movie rated R called "Peter."

    FINNY Month ago

    No dirt thrown at DC? How?

    FINNY Month ago

    Just do Venom with the same rating they had originally planned.

  • Nerko
    Nerko Month ago

    So, Venom could be considered the first one?

  • Zackfil001
    Zackfil001 Month ago

    Venom is supposed to be R-rated movie , the movie info says its horror and its set in the MCU so...i dont get it can someone explain it to me please ??

  • Jonathan Crane
    Jonathan Crane Month ago

    Blade would be cool

  • The Cool Gamer Dude

    Why can't we all just agree that Sony has ruined everything they've done, and that they're all just a bunch of cash grabbers who don't care about anything except how to make more money. Now they're trying to make a grab at the R-Trend that has shown up recently.

  • mario valladares
    mario valladares Month ago +1

    #marvelstudios do
    1. the punisher
    2. ghost rider
    3. the thunderbolts
    4. Elektra
    5. moon knight

  • Derrick Nichols
    Derrick Nichols Month ago +1

    Blade needs to go back to rated r.

  • Naveen Shekhar
    Naveen Shekhar Month ago

    I want to see Wesley Snipes as Blade again .........

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen Month ago

    Namor the Submariner should be an R-rated film

  • llTRaGiik
    llTRaGiik Month ago

    honestly I want R-rated for the gore but I know the price for it would also be lots and lots of cursing. I'm torn

  • Radical Noise
    Radical Noise Month ago

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Man-Thing. Remaking the trashy version from 2005(?) into a an actual horror-esque sci-fi/fantasy film would be really great and could easily be R rated without seeming like it was just jumping on the bandwagon.

  • Firefly 98
    Firefly 98 Month ago

    They won't make an R-Rated film, because Disney LOVES selling toys, like Baby Groot & Spider-Man.
    You can't sell toys from R-Rated films.

  • Kyle Shafer
    Kyle Shafer Month ago

    What about a thunderbolts r rated movie with red hulk, ghost rider, punisher(from Netflix to the movies) and they can use moon knight or winter soldier. The plot can go like secretary Ross assembles these heros after infinity war as he believes the avengers aren't enough as the villains are now more dangerous etc and we can see these anti heros do some damage

  • Newman Studios
    Newman Studios Month ago

    That's not what literally means

  • zack meerfire
    zack meerfire Month ago

    An Agent venom movie would be awesome it could be a war/spy movie with jack o lantern and carnage as the villains

  • marcoeandrew
    marcoeandrew Month ago

    I wish marvel would do this with out Sony. I would like to see a really big avengers movie

  • Ned
    Ned Month ago

    i want moon knight on netflix blade is a boring character

  • IncanTV
    IncanTV Month ago

    At one point, wasn't Miramax part of the Disney family? Pulp Fiction, a Disney movie?

  • 2Palu MEAT
    2Palu MEAT Month ago

    Just revamp Marvel Knights into MARVEL KNIGHTS STUDIOS - for all things dark and devious! :
    Carnage/Venom, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Punisher, I know vampires and werewolves are kinda played out but, if you're gonna add Blade why not throw Jack Russel and Morbius into a Blade reboot to make shit interestingly gruesome!, Man-Thing, Kraven the Hunter - just runnin around hunting folks for fun!, Moonstone ;), and Sentry...maybe.

  • Earth 199999
    Earth 199999 Month ago

    We're already getting an R-Rated MCU movie.
    Earlier Today, it was announced that the Venom movie would be part of the MCU.

  • RoadScholarComics
    RoadScholarComics Month ago


    Moon Knight
    Werewolf by Night
    Ghost Rider

  • Stephen Flegel
    Stephen Flegel Month ago

    If they go R rated they clearly have to do Carnage - provided they can work with Sony of course.

  • marsh9090
    marsh9090 Month ago +1

    LOL no mcu's tone is too kids friendly to have an r rated film. maybe if it was separate from the universe

    • RedBlazer257
      RedBlazer257 Month ago

      +marsh9090 The president of marvel studios himself said that a R Rated movie is not out of question yet still your saying that and don't use the it's Disney excuse if the MCU were to release a R Rated movie it would most likely be released under Touchstone Pictures which is owned by disney and Touchstone pictures handles R Rated films

  • Cheesekid Plus
    Cheesekid Plus Month ago

    Idea: iron man 4 (the last iron man)iron man is washed up, broken, drinking, and hates himself (for betraying pepper) he has build thousands of suits and can't stop a new villain rises

  • kevin demeritt
    kevin demeritt Month ago

    ghost rider and blade is what I want to see

  • invokermeepotinkerpuck dota

    ok now get ghost rider to mcu ! imagine him touching one of tonys armors and using it 😍

    • RedBlazer257
      RedBlazer257 Month ago

      +invokermeepotinkerpuck dota Ghost Rider already exist in the MCU in Agents Of Shield

  • Sir Draco
    Sir Draco Month ago

    R-rated Ghost Rider movie featuring Norman Reedus as Johnny Blaze please!!! I've been wanting Midnight Sons since Daredevil was announced for Netflix!!! If they made it happen I would be so freakin' happy. Have a Ghost Rider movie featuring 2 Riders, a Blade movie, maybe change up the line up to include some bigger names like Moon Knight, Man-Thing, Werewolf-by-Night, etc and have Doctor Strange cameo in each as the guy who brings them all together to face Lilith. Hell, if they did this on Netflix that'd be fine too, though these darker, more mystical characters require a lot of cg, Ghost Rider especially and I don't want to only get 1 minute an episode of actual Ghost Rider action.

    OLLIE JL Month ago

    just leave fox and Netflix for That! marvel studio's is NEVER going to do an r rated film!! the DCEU can do both pg 13 and rated r. but you know why marvel studio's can't do it, because their with fucking disney!! no wonder the villains are shit.

  • Soccer Overdose
    Soccer Overdose Month ago

    A Nightstalkers movie!

  • AbstractOvechkin
    AbstractOvechkin Month ago

    The MCU is too soft to go R-Rated. They want the families to come to the theater lol

  • Jennifer Soto
    Jennifer Soto Month ago

    I wanna see a ghost rider rated r and a punished rated r (I know it has happened before)

  • Awesome Person
    Awesome Person Month ago

    the R-rated Marvel name should be called Marvel Knights

  • DragonAlchemist0
    DragonAlchemist0 Month ago

    I WANT MAXIMUM CARNAGE! if they can get spidey bought off of sony i want it to happen!

  • DragonAlchemist0
    DragonAlchemist0 Month ago

    if disney really is willing great as long as there using the great stories in the comics that need it than senseless violence just to do it.

  • aKrazyGuyUKno
    aKrazyGuyUKno Month ago

    Venom being MCU canon will be their R rated movie.

  • Steven Wang
    Steven Wang Month ago

    Armins's "obviously" count: 1
    Armin's "of course" count: 1

  • bro Sam the kid 678


  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Month ago

    Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon > the Russo Brothers

  • MCwhite Studios
    MCwhite Studios Month ago

    Carnage. Venom doesn't have to be rated R but carnage HAS to be. And if carnage was marvels first R rated mcu film, now that venom and the other Sony movies are part of the mcu, I can finally die happy.

  • Zippy Films Studios
    Zippy Films Studios Month ago +1


    • Zippy Films Studios
      Zippy Films Studios Month ago

      +The Real Delphox 616 looks like you can only reply to comments, cause I scrolled through the whole section and couldn't find you

  • Arnold Perez
    Arnold Perez Month ago

    I'd like to see a R rated Thunderbolts movie, and a Howling Comando movie

  • Ben Holme
    Ben Holme Month ago

    Bring back "Blade" for an R-rated marvel movie.

  • Amo Sunwukin
    Amo Sunwukin Month ago

    Blade and Spiderman Vs Morbius the living vampire? Take my fucking money Kevin feige lol

  • The Reverse
    The Reverse Month ago

    Not moonknight because it would be too much like batman

  • Ismael Diaz
    Ismael Diaz Month ago

    how bout a rated-R Hulk movie?

  • Mark Hendley
    Mark Hendley Month ago

    I want a marvel thunder bolts/knights team up movie where ghost rider, moon knight, blade, and punisher team up in the most hard core comic book movie imaginable.

  • Ray Wilson
    Ray Wilson Month ago

    Disney won't do it their pussys the partnership with Sony could do r rated films for the mcu

  • Anthony 911
    Anthony 911 Month ago

    maybe moonknight

  • Red Smoke
    Red Smoke Month ago

    lol he must have made this before Venom was announced as mcu

  • Anthony 911
    Anthony 911 Month ago

    I can see a rated r movie with ghost rider blade and punisher

  • David B
    David B Month ago

    The first rated R MCU movie will definitely be Venom

  • Brod
    Brod Month ago

    Kinda vague on how it could be done

  • Jake Moreh
    Jake Moreh Month ago

    I still can't believe venom is in the mcu. Sony Fuck Y- no no... Fuck Yeaaaaaa

  • ryokomayuka
    ryokomayuka Month ago

    Well I won't be watching it.

  • the best of the best

    Please god an R rated Spider-Man movie please god

    • RedBlazer257
      RedBlazer257 Month ago

      +the best of the best If it includes Carnage then yeah a Rated R rating would be required for that to be done justice

  • Pre Retcon Beyonder

    imao not happening,its disney remember

  • Unleashed DDJ
    Unleashed DDJ Month ago

    Some one remember Namor?

  • TheRealASLG _
    TheRealASLG _ Month ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't want a marvel film that's rated R?

  • Kevin Sanders
    Kevin Sanders Month ago

    shit throw them on Netflix slap 8 sexy episode on it.

  • Beebs Magoo
    Beebs Magoo Month ago

    LITERALLY set it on fire? Like a movie struck a match and set the entire world on fire?

    Can we just stop using this word for a while? lol

  • Tazz Mission
    Tazz Mission Month ago

    depends on the charachter. blade moon knight, ghost rider would be great as r. i dont need a r avengers or a r captain america.

  • George Rivera
    George Rivera Month ago

    Man Thing would be a awesome horror movie.

  • M N
    M N Month ago

    I'd love to see a rated r Moon Knight movie

  • Rakeen Shadazz
    Rakeen Shadazz Month ago

    bring back Blade

  • Elijah Prester
    Elijah Prester Month ago

    Venom is the r rated movie they r teasing

  • Diarra Harris
    Diarra Harris Month ago

    An R rated MIDNIGHT SONS film that has Ghost Rider, Moon Night and maybe Jack Russell "The Werewolf by Night" would be good.

  • Diarra Harris
    Diarra Harris Month ago

    While I would like an R-rated Marvel Studios film but c'mon DISNEY. Do you really think they would let Marvel Studios put out an R-Rated film. They wouldn't have Lucasfilm put out a R-rated Star Wars film.

  • Last Torgo In Paris

    I think Feige will step down as president after Infinity War part 2. This seems like a lot to have to deal with

  • Evolved Turtle Productions

    Personally I don't think the Venom movie NEEDS to be rated R, just maybe a hard PG-13.

    • Evolved Turtle Productions
      Evolved Turtle Productions Month ago

      TheSpiderTurtle Yeah, you can't really do Carnage without rating it R.

    • TheSpiderTurtle
      TheSpiderTurtle Month ago

      Evolved Turtle Productions I do agree on that but a movie with the psychotic Carnage now for that I do see the R rating lending itself well to that character, but Venom who half the time is an anti hero, not entirely necessary

  • Henry Stillman
    Henry Stillman Month ago

    Easy Carnage I have wanted an R rated Carnage since the first Sam Raimi Spiderman movie (I was 9 years old when that come out)

  • xAZNxBlackTechx
    xAZNxBlackTechx Month ago

    Wesley Snipes for Old Man Blade

  • sasoricrocodiel
    sasoricrocodiel Month ago

    A Carnage movie ;)
    like the sixth of the Holland movie, an experienced Spiderman against his most sadistic foe (played by Mathew Lilard, Hugh Dancy, but my first pick would be Michael Mando ;)

    • sasoricrocodiel
      sasoricrocodiel Month ago

      Darian Gonzalez yeah I know
      I considered it before he was announced as the Scorpion
      but I think Kletus should be played by an unsuspected actor, like Hugh Dancy, Domal Gleeson or even Matthew Lilard :)

    • Darian Gonzalez
      Darian Gonzalez Month ago

      sasoricrocodiel Michael mando is scorpion in the mcu

  • Droogie128
    Droogie128 Month ago

    They used Miramax, too

  • JediNg135
    JediNg135 Month ago

    It set the world on fire *LITERALLY*?

  • Creative channel
    Creative channel Month ago

    rated R groot movie

  • Z3R0Games
    Z3R0Games Month ago

    If you want Dark Marvel films just go watch the netflix shows.

  • Zenoduxx
    Zenoduxx Month ago

    R-rated movie idea: Thor fucks Black Widow for 90 minutes without​ stopping once

  • Christian Killgore
    Christian Killgore Month ago +1

    Honestly, i want to see Marvel Television do a made-for-tv style movie that goes straight to netflix. Properties i think would work well are: Blade, Punisher, Ghostrider, Elektra, MoonKnight, and She Hulk. I think the marvel MAX brand would work well on something like this.

    • Christian Killgore
      Christian Killgore Month ago

      If you produced movies like this, you could drop a whole trilogy at once.

  • Allen Guerra
    Allen Guerra Month ago

    At 0:20 does anyone notice avengers tower in the back?

  • Ze Hermanator
    Ze Hermanator Month ago +1

    Oh My God this has been a great day.👏
    Rated-R Films: Ghost Rider, Venom/Carnage or Agent Venom, and The Thunderbolts.
    Netflix: Moon Knight and Blade

  • CreepaPlaysMC
    CreepaPlaysMC Month ago +3

    If there is a rated-R movie, it would mess up the MCU thing for kids. A kid (like me) watches all of the Marvel movies making theories about the movies. One Rated-R movie can mess up the MCU for kids.

    • CreepaPlaysMC
      CreepaPlaysMC Month ago

      HAH-HAH! You're real funny.

    • Joseph Costa
      Joseph Costa Month ago

      Groot's Dragon ahh, your 15 year old self sounds so innocent, referencing your mom and how she may or may not allow you to watch an R-rated movie. How cute. Don't worry, though. Soon enough you'll see how the real world is and learn that sex, drugs, and violence contribute a lot to some of the most intriguing characters around.

    • Joseph Costa
      Joseph Costa Month ago

      CreepaPlaysMC Oh no, no, no, no. We can't allow that to happen! We can't ruin the MCU for the children!!! What an atrocity! How will the world go on if a single movie is not seen by the children?!?! Seriously, dude. Stop bitching about ruining the MCU for kids. Comics in general are targeted towards mature audiences, so it makes logical sense if one or another movie has an R rating. Some characters won't reach their full potential if they cannot be depicted in a R rated environment.

    • Groot's Dragon
      Groot's Dragon Month ago

      CreepaPlaysMC Yeah, I'm only 15 and I'm a MCU magafan, it would crush me if I couldn't see one one it's movies, and even if my Mom did allow me to see a R rated movie, I wouldn't 'cause I don't like the idea of watching a movie with people swearing unrealistically much and full of explicit content from their sex life. It would just disappoint me if they did one, they make amazing films as is, and they don't need to dumb it down for the people who think swearing every 5 words is normal.

  • Anthony Speedster
    Anthony Speedster Month ago +1

    People don't understand they are just certain characters that have to be R. For example DeadPool, Blade, Venom, Carnage etc. Ghost rider should of been a Netflix series instead of putting him in AOS .

    • Anthony Speedster
      Anthony Speedster Month ago

      Dark characters I can never see working with Pg-14 content because of what they represent and actions towards that. Deadpool for example is nut job and his thoughts are adult content which equals Rated R. Pg-14 would of have limited his jokes etc. And Ghost rider on AOS wasn't to bad I just prefer to just be him and his story and not sharing screen with other AOS crew, nothing against AOS but Netflix series or Rated R content they don't hold back thats what I like the most. The reason why DeadPool and Logan one of my favorites and also became successful films.

    • Our last hero
      Our last hero Month ago

      I disagree, I think you can make characters work in different ratings. Also, I thought Ghost Rider on AOS was done very well, would he have been better on Netflix? I don't know, but I don't think he was done a disservice by being of AOS.

  • Damon Asberry
    Damon Asberry Month ago +2

    I vote for Midnight Sons!!! That would be EPIC!

  • REALwhy
    REALwhy Month ago +5

    Mature Marvel content already exist, its called netflix.SMH

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