DJ Khaled - I'm the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne

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  • Hriat Puii
    Hriat Puii 1 minute ago


  • Rowen Martin
    Rowen Martin 9 minutes ago

    DJ Khaled is God

  • Dawid Bartosiewicz
    Dawid Bartosiewicz 11 minutes ago

    fantastic song 💯

  • Dawid Bartosiewicz
    Dawid Bartosiewicz 11 minutes ago


  • GAMING 503
    GAMING 503 16 minutes ago

    When he gos bddddd bdddd its sounds like the song gouse bump

  • Kallyn Valdez
    Kallyn Valdez 17 minutes ago

    my name is kallyn and is almost the same as his

  • johnrhey jardio
    johnrhey jardio 21 minute ago

    ang papangit nyu

  • Daniel REGIS
    Daniel REGIS 22 minutes ago

    *snickers*. 3:02

  • LifeWithSav
    LifeWithSav 23 minutes ago


  • Aleena Patrick
    Aleena Patrick 25 minutes ago +1

    Its funny how the girl with the biggest stuff is on the horse.

  • amber Gutierre
    amber Gutierre 31 minute ago

    i love tooo justin 💓😘😍

  • Jonah Frazier
    Jonah Frazier 35 minutes ago

    Pause at 3:01 Best Dancing Ever!

  • Ana Isabel
    Ana Isabel 37 minutes ago +1

    Alguien de America latina 😀

  • Suraj Bablu
    Suraj Bablu 42 minutes ago

    @0.41 jb says choot maar

  • agroguy 2000
    agroguy 2000 45 minutes ago

    Does Khaled live on a f***ing island or is it just me

    DIAMO LEWIS 46 minutes ago

    I like chance the rapper part

  • Papa Jackson
    Papa Jackson 57 minutes ago

    I love this song

  • Mari vinas
    Mari vinas 59 minutes ago

    minha mãe

  • oelriautsdrschools
    oelriautsdrschools 1 hour ago

    I loveeeeeeee it Justin

  • BigBassFishing78
    BigBassFishing78 1 hour ago

    this is some gay shit

    ITS MICAH 1 hour ago

    The creator of the song says intro and then done weakkkk

  • Angela Tate
    Angela Tate 1 hour ago

    I love love love love this song so so so so much 😚😚😙😙😙😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Popularmoms muhudin
    Popularmoms muhudin 1 hour ago +1

    When the beat dropped and quavo's voice went deep 😍😍😍😍😍❤️

  • womanofworld
    womanofworld 1 hour ago

    who put this video together? its awful. editing sucks!!!! ruined the song

  • James Mcgee
    James Mcgee 1 hour ago

    They basically saying their better then us

  • Anais' World
    Anais' World 1 hour ago

    I am literally obsessed with this song

  • Shay Brown
    Shay Brown 1 hour ago

    I like this song

  • Jesus Franco Sargantana

    This is BRILLIANT. I wish I was you. Heh...

  • anita giovanan
    anita giovanan 1 hour ago


  • Emersyn Bantz
    Emersyn Bantz 1 hour ago

    why does lil wayne sound like a robot?

  • Tashinga Gonkar
    Tashinga Gonkar 1 hour ago


  • cry baby
    cry baby 1 hour ago

    O bebê é mais famoso que o whinderson

  • Winston Claspill
    Winston Claspill 1 hour ago

    they could pay all the people but had to cover the belt

  • gabriel 2d
    gabriel 2d 1 hour ago

    esto reúne todo lo malo de la música y vídeos clip :v

  • Andres Lopez
    Andres Lopez 1 hour ago

    this should be JBs song he sings most of it anyways

  • Jalynn Estley
    Jalynn Estley 1 hour ago

    lil wayward so cute

  • Amari Gulley
    Amari Gulley 1 hour ago

    This song is litttt🔥🔥🔥

  • M and H West
    M and H West 1 hour ago +2

    25% Asses
    25% Boobs
    50% Khaled dancing like a retarded bafoon

  • Philani Thobelani Mbatha

    Quavo's verse in the best! He is the only one does it for me.

  • Sage Dauzat
    Sage Dauzat 1 hour ago +1


  • MrMoneyBags
    MrMoneyBags 1 hour ago


  • Kyle Hebert
    Kyle Hebert 1 hour ago

    It's ya boy skinny pennies

  • Grace Nyuon
    Grace Nyuon 1 hour ago

    Everybody sounded good except for Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled who absolutely nothing while Lil Wayne sounded like completely auto tune and look like a crackhead

  • Justinb Drac Bieber
    Justinb Drac Bieber 2 hours ago

    hello justin!!! realmente yo soy de peru (lima)y soy mujer no pude ir a tu concierto y lo siento tratare de aprender ingles para que cuando me vuelva famosa podamos hablar y crear canciones juntos actualmente tengo 13 años tambien sigo a nicky minaj. nose si lograras leer este mensaje o si no te importa y digas que esto no importa pero te quiero decir que yo te quiero mucho i love you nunca me rendire aprendere ingles porque yo tengo fe de que un dia hablaremos y crearemos una cancion con nicky minaj chau te quiero mucho,JAMAS ME RENDIRE LO DIGO DESDE EL CORAZON

  • Choco Chartawijaya
    Choco Chartawijaya 2 hours ago


  • TheRealYTG
    TheRealYTG 2 hours ago

    Imagine the number "1" singing this song

  • SQuishySQuirrel champion

    DJ Khaled does what?

  • Nand Sigga
    Nand Sigga 2 hours ago

    Khaled killed it at 2:01. that's right

    DAT HAIRLINE DOE 2 hours ago

    the girl on the horse has titties faker than kim Kardashians ass

  • Sthella silva
    Sthella silva 2 hours ago

    i love justin biber❤❤

  • Ladaysha McClinton
    Ladaysha McClinton 2 hours ago

    love this song 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💕💕💕

  • Mica Corbin
    Mica Corbin 2 hours ago

    litty song and migos

  • Mica Corbin
    Mica Corbin 2 hours ago

    lit get it qavo

  • Nevaeh avila
    Nevaeh avila 2 hours ago +1

    give good head to this beat

  • Jayce Moss
    Jayce Moss 2 hours ago

    Another one shut up

  • Prabin Gurung
    Prabin Gurung 2 hours ago

    Can anybody tell me how much it cost for that horse and a lady? I wanna buy 'em ASAP.

  • Daniel Bishop
    Daniel Bishop 2 hours ago

    I was in the pool

  • Arlys C.
    Arlys C. 2 hours ago

    i love this song

    THE END 2 hours ago


  • Nand Sigga
    Nand Sigga 2 hours ago

    before me there was many. after me there will be none. i'm the one.

  • westsideboy killa
    westsideboy killa 2 hours ago

    I take it back Justin bebier pretty good

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 2 hours ago +1

    my fandoms
    mendes army

  • Kye Dhillon
    Kye Dhillon 2 hours ago


  • Katie Furlow
    Katie Furlow 2 hours ago

    Why is there a baby in the beginning

  • Bryana Ramirez
    Bryana Ramirez 2 hours ago +1

    I like this song whith justin bieber and tj kalede 🤗💙💚❤

  • Angela Santana
    Angela Santana 2 hours ago

    i am the one 😂😊

  • Brad Sam
    Brad Sam 2 hours ago

    I don't like the gay with a white srit

  • Mary Hampl
    Mary Hampl 2 hours ago

    I'm the one

  • Jack Hoffman
    Jack Hoffman 2 hours ago +1

    Khalid says 3 phrases
    Gets more than half the money😂😂

  • Brad Sam
    Brad Sam 2 hours ago

    I know

  • Sebastian Haro
    Sebastian Haro 2 hours ago

    latinos presentes??

  • Kaden Hardy-Taylor
    Kaden Hardy-Taylor 2 hours ago

    I saw a comment that said best part 0:30

  • Julygirl77
    Julygirl77 2 hours ago

    Love this song!!

  • shine onya
    shine onya 2 hours ago

    Lil Wayne is officially garbage

  • Cry baby!1! xox
    Cry baby!1! xox 2 hours ago


  • Sarah Belle
    Sarah Belle 2 hours ago

    Am I the only bothered by the fact that she's riding that horse in heels? Just me? Mkay lol

  • Kaden Hardy-Taylor
    Kaden Hardy-Taylor 2 hours ago

    She got no cabel boiii who's mans is this

  • kiara yaqueline la madrid gutierrez

    Buena la canción👏

  • Kaden Hardy-Taylor
    Kaden Hardy-Taylor 2 hours ago

    I <3 thing song no

  • theaverage gamer
    theaverage gamer 2 hours ago

    Please sub to me I'll sub back

  • HazeDaFaze
    HazeDaFaze 2 hours ago

    Fucken hate dj khalid he thinks he has the right to come out in every video and shit thinking he the best just cause he produced it like stfu cause in the end your still the fucken dj nigga so sit the fuckdown 👊😣💯

  • Jakson Kash
    Jakson Kash 2 hours ago +2

    Justin B

  • Jakson Kash
    Jakson Kash 2 hours ago +1

    Justin B needs to do More collaborations with them

  • Máximo Fabian
    Máximo Fabian 2 hours ago

    El hip hop de ahora es una mierda, sobre todo esta musica ¿QUE MIERDA HACE JB?

  • lynnsp004
    lynnsp004 2 hours ago +1

    Not j I hate he

  • Martin Rizzi
    Martin Rizzi 2 hours ago

    me encante tiene mucho ritmo

  • Lulu Malulu
    Lulu Malulu 3 hours ago

    I love JB so much

  • vani yana
    vani yana 3 hours ago

    what an amazing soooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

  • Luis Perozo
    Luis Perozo 3 hours ago

    Okey thou....

  • Jay Dogg
    Jay Dogg 3 hours ago

    at 1:37 Justin Bieber was flipping off Quavo and DJ Khaled lol

  • SavageCGOG H
    SavageCGOG H 3 hours ago

    Quavo you need to take your mask off

  • Mario Castro
    Mario Castro 3 hours ago


  • Ale Gaming - Como Nunca MCTroll


  • mouse mouse
    mouse mouse 3 hours ago +5

    Chance the rapper is the best

  • Mackenzie Timaitre
    Mackenzie Timaitre 3 hours ago

    i really love this song

  • korraphak phanphakdee
    korraphak phanphakdee 3 hours ago +1


  • Taylar Gillen
    Taylar Gillen 3 hours ago +2

    Love it

  • Ana Francis Borge
    Ana Francis Borge 3 hours ago

    Justin Bieber Justin Bieber my heart you break my heart

  • AwakensVortrex ツ
    AwakensVortrex ツ 3 hours ago

    Normally i don't listen to Justin Bieber's music but he and Quavo killed in this song💯🙏

  • Abu Conteh
    Abu Conteh 3 hours ago

    justin bueberver

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