Trump addresses North Korea, Iran, ISIS at news conference

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  • Spartan 117
    Spartan 117 Month ago

    America created ISIS.
    This is about establishing central Rothschild banks in Iran, Cuba, and Nork Korea. They already got Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Sudan by staging FAKE terrorism.

  • Spartan 117
    Spartan 117 Month ago

    United States of Israel.

  • Zachary Brand
    Zachary Brand Month ago

    God both North Korea and ISIS. The two most horrible villains of the world. Thank God for President Donald Trump.

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus Month ago

    Liberals read the title as follows: Trump addresses Ideal Utopia for Mankind, Country where women have the most freedom, War heroes at news conference

  • Reza Moradi
    Reza Moradi 2 months ago


  • Adrian Monk
    Adrian Monk 2 months ago

    Trump always finds a reason to talk about china

  • Edwin Pompert
    Edwin Pompert 3 months ago

    Not too difficult to end the regime of NK, because naughty Kim only understands Explosions. So Start to bomb the innocent people of NK with information and food packages (just on the scale of WW2) for a couple of months.
    Then he will maybe LEARN what is an IMPLOSION.

    Zarija Clabatti (bring Good things IN, and stop the bad things OUT)

    LONG term soft pressure=LOVE
    under pressure everything changes

  • SithSereyPheap1
    SithSereyPheap1 3 months ago

    If our Boss said killl all North Korean,we will do it !!!!

  • SithSereyPheap1
    SithSereyPheap1 3 months ago

    Kim is so ugly,his own mother wouldnt hold him....

  • Bill Rayvan
    Bill Rayvan 3 months ago

    the dark hair female is a transsexual. bad news for the fans

  • Bill Rayvan
    Bill Rayvan 3 months ago

    Is is Horus's mom never fear a woman.

  • Info Wars
    Info Wars 3 months ago

    What a sweetheart president we have. He looks friendly no matter what. He can't look angry if he tries.

  • โมฮัมหมัด คามาร์ คาน

    now change world corporate culture 😅👇👇👇

  • Stephen Saunders
    Stephen Saunders 3 months ago

    Keep it up Trump. You have made America a magnet for every nutcase and nuclear missile that was previously aimed at Europe. Could you please piss off Pakistan and try not to get too chummy with China?
    Thank You
    Signed: Europe.

  • andy stevenson
    andy stevenson 3 months ago

    Fuck u faux news

  • seo845
    seo845 3 months ago

    The address is incorrect.
    The axis of evil he thinks is cnn, nyt, wp.
    Even now he fights the villains.

  • azeem malik
    azeem malik 3 months ago

    I think - It's time for Americans to REAP what they have been sowing in the last few decades. Now because of their TRUST, HUNGER & FEAR they got DONALD. They should enjoy him as a nation.

  • OlymPigs2010
    OlymPigs2010 3 months ago

    ..Donald Trump is a "Psychopath" who is fully under the control of the Criminal Zionist Jews.The Trump Govt at the behest and direction of Israel is gearing up,off the coast of North Korea,to launch "Preemptive" Nuclear Strikes against China and Russia.China and Russia recently got together to establish a Central Banking system that would shut out the USA and NOT accept or trade in American Ca$h anymore.This setting up a "Central Independent Bank" is what got Muammar Gaddafi "Assassinated" and Libya Destroyed.The US Govt knows well that no country in the world would accept "worthless" American Dollars (that are backed by nothing) if the US Govt didn't keep "Threatening Destruction" on those countries who dared to "Reject" it's valueless paper and ink bills!

    ORHAN YÖNTAÇ 3 months ago


  • Garrett Fitzgerald
    Garrett Fitzgerald 3 months ago

    Trump is nuts.

  • Vasu
    Vasu 3 months ago

    Didn't knew he was going to create job vacancies by killing their own people...

  • David Sandoval
    David Sandoval 3 months ago

    Trump stated that China would make better trade if the didn't have "the menace of North Korea." He did not sate that 'North Korea is a Menace.' This type of misleading information of supposed professionals can cause war should it get into the wrong hands. It is evident that Trump was very careful with his words in regards to North Korea. They and us need to be liberated from people whose agenda is to cause division. How do they even have jobs with this type of error? ( 00:50- 00:60 )

  • TruthMyster
    TruthMyster 3 months ago

    It is America that is "UN-CHECKED". Lies about 911, lies about Iraq, lies about Libya, Syria ..... Lies lies lies and murder murder murder ..... when will a REAL United Nations hold this rogue nation and their co-conspirators, Israel, Saudia Arabia and others accountable for their war crimes ???? Love and peace to all :)

  • Assassinator
    Assassinator 3 months ago

    superman only win in movies ! watch ur feets u americunts .

  • Dee Elliott
    Dee Elliott 3 months ago

    who is laughing?
    not a thing funny...
    you always laugh at the mentally ill? and all those brain washed... you appear suck. also.

  • Jody Sephus
    Jody Sephus 3 months ago

    2-3 more years and...oh i dunno i just leave it in the hands of the Father Amen?

  • Jose Manuel
    Jose Manuel 3 months ago

    f*** this racist m*********** he should send his own f****** retarded ass kid to f*** him or with his two f****** ugly ass f****** inbred kids he have even that b**** of a daughter that he has a bunch of inbreds

  • Nemoz Zymek
    Nemoz Zymek 3 months ago

    death to north korea

    • garsban2
      garsban2 3 months ago

      DEATH TO America
      DEATH TO israel
      Death to Jews trash and Christians pigs
      and DEATH TO Iran
      DEATH TO Shia pigs

  • Mike Bevins
    Mike Bevins 3 months ago

    I dont know why the just drop a bunch of nukes on NK and end them.Send some one there to take him out ...I dunno I still think this is all bunk.America says they are so strong and yet they do nothing.The media makes people paranoid.The whole story is fucked up.I would love to witness the destruction of a nuke war and watch NK go up in smoke and Kim captured by his own people and tortured and piss on his father and grandfathers pictures and statues and make him watch.Fuck that would be awesome.

  • Connie Self
    Connie Self 3 months ago


  • Ken ibn Anak
    Ken ibn Anak 3 months ago

    what should the US response be if North Korea suddenly launches (or carries them in the tunnels) nukes into South Korea?

    MJ TICCERS 3 months ago

    the only mentally unstable president today is #trump

  • qlɐɔʞ ɯɐɯqɐ
    qlɐɔʞ ɯɐɯqɐ 3 months ago

    I have diet Coke and Mentos in my house...In other words, my Nuclear Weapons Program is ten years ahead of North Korea.

  • moe gas
    moe gas 3 months ago


  • leo aiora
    leo aiora 3 months ago

    america can beat the whole world

  • vadane vadas
    vadane vadas 3 months ago

    Do you know that the correct name of North Korea is "Democratic People's Republic of Korea"!!! Why is corporate media NEVER using DPRK when addressing North Korea??? Maybe because it sound too good and they want to demonize it!?

  • Testarossa
    Testarossa 3 months ago

    If North Korea dictatorship gone the tourism in the country will be booming.

  • vadane vadas
    vadane vadas 3 months ago

    Trump is Pushing US Into Scripted and Pre-Planned World War III
    April 9, 2017 by Jeff Berwick

  • Dennis Menace
    Dennis Menace 3 months ago

    there is nothing more comical than America right now and North Korea's fat childish leader is still not as fat and childish as Trump

  • Thomas Mann
    Thomas Mann 3 months ago

    More B.S. from NEOCONS.

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen 3 months ago

    so what's the situation with north Korea? will America invade cos they've apparently got weapons of mass destruction? didn't that happen with Iraq but they found nothing? can someone break it down to me in simple English, cos politics is not my thing!? thanx

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 3 months ago +1


    • garsban2
      garsban2 3 months ago

      how many dicks enter your anal
      hey you insect

  • its gg
    its gg 3 months ago


  • its gg
    its gg 3 months ago

    a what? a currency manipulator? haha i wonder who does that job

  • its gg
    its gg 3 months ago

    WAR DEFINED - attack/provoke something and wait for retaliation, then when they retaliate this is war and it is justified somehow.

    • john L
      john L 3 months ago

      seems like you have drank the Kim kool-aid. you must be in trance with his words and power. NK is just an innocent country bothering nobody and just wants peace and harmony for everyone. he just wants to use the nuclear weapons to stimulate his audience during a night display celebrating the countries accomplishments.

  • Liyyah Tijjani
    Liyyah Tijjani 3 months ago

    this is absolutely fucking super mighty RIDICULOUS! this is what is now called news in the US??? My God! So step one has commenced on the North Korea Offensive: Demonize and Cartoonize North Korea's Leaders. Step two will be to parade a string of false accusations and crimes against him. Probably something to do with children or things like that.
    If we wake up tomorrow and find out that North Korea has a central bank (in other words: North Korea is taking it up the ass), all its "crimes" will suddenly disappear or be forgiven. smhifd

  • Oddball_Razor
    Oddball_Razor 3 months ago +2

    God save us all.

  • jae kim
    jae kim 3 months ago +3

    Nobody is pushing US to do anything. it's US who is disturbing world peace.

    • E Luva
      E Luva 3 months ago

      is anybody looking at the whole picture......its bad for every body..

  • Tait Linn
    Tait Linn 3 months ago +1

    Time and time again,our POTUS Mr Donald Trump negotiates,and following these negotiations progress is where things lead. If you democrats would get off your "hi horses",as barack would say. Things will be better than ever.

  • Abdulaziz Clare
    Abdulaziz Clare 3 months ago +1

    The older gentleman side America took out or dealt with Marcos of the Philippines. He was in power for years the People Power Revolution took him out not the US. North Korea is was helped in the 50's by China to fight South and the US. China is North Korea.

  • Butters
    Butters 3 months ago

    i do not get it, has kim john un ever heard of hittler. also Catholics burn people and convert people away from there belifes and no one bats an eye, kim send nukes and is a horrible person and every one is grumpy, but when little old hittler burns them fucking jews, everyone flips the fuck out and goes ww2. wtf is with you people. what Jews are more impotent then anyone else, fuck you and fuck jews. ps grammer nazis, replay to all comments with- k idc

  • Joe Dodge
    Joe Dodge 3 months ago +1

    No member of the Trump family can ever present themselves in public, ever again. Donald will never do it, and Ivanka gets booed in Germany.

  • fabiano reis
    fabiano reis 3 months ago

    If America does nothing, South Korea will be another Pearl Harbor. Not only that but, If China can unleash Kim Jong-un over South Korea without consequences, what will stop them to go over Taiwan or Japan?

    • garsban2
      garsban2 3 months ago

      +fabiano reis
      if the mad trump mad christian
      harassment with North korea
      so North korea will wiping all Americans christians pigs and Jews pigs who live in Japan and South Korea and taiwan and Philippines+North Mariana islands+Guam+Hawaii
      and in north Australia if they can

  • PplePOWER
    PplePOWER 3 months ago +1


  • greg saunders
    greg saunders 3 months ago +1

    they can def get a missile off the ground im tired of hearing these lies

  • Paul Germana
    Paul Germana 3 months ago +1

    Exterminate? how about arrest?!

  • MrLaimis911
    MrLaimis911 3 months ago

    Someone tell me what north Korea did to US or the rest of the World ? Why this is happening ? because to me it looks like Trump just want war without any reason .

  • Pierre00
    Pierre00 3 months ago

    The Trump kleptocracy is more of a menace than North Korea. If anything Trump's willingness to begin a war is influenced by his stock in armaments.

  • Richy Rich
    Richy Rich 3 months ago


  • Rumi900
    Rumi900 3 months ago

    ISIS is imploding from within and without. Trump recently ordered more US troops on the ground, but they haven't shipped out yet. But you can bet that the new administration will take credit for defeating ISIS anyway. It's like Reagan bringing down the Berlin Wall. When the only connection was it happened during his presidency. Trump is proving himself to be a standard politician. Take credit for everything good that happens, no matter what. And if bad stuff happens, blame somebody else.

  • John Pederast
    John Pederast 3 months ago

    The only threat to world peace is the United States.
    Not North Korea, not Syria, not Iran, China or Russia, it is the jew-run USA.
    Do the world a favour, USA and kill yourselves ASAP.

  • Gitanjali Devi
    Gitanjali Devi 3 months ago

    pray for humanity , don't destroy my sweet earth , we are not waiting for celebrate 3rd war ......keep control all super power ....

  • Brenda Molina
    Brenda Molina 3 months ago

    Go listen to the Young Turks.

  • cupani10
    cupani10 3 months ago

    BOMBED... AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, SERBIA, SYRIA, YEMEN..etc ... and plus...

  • Mile Jukic
    Mile Jukic 3 months ago

    If Le Pen wins, all those fucks will be gone, that's why they all fight her so hard

  • Marshal Ironsides
    Marshal Ironsides 3 months ago

    All this talk about doomsday prepping in the wake of news items about North Korea is just more Lefty Liberal La-La bullshit. They're STILL all pissy that Hillary lost and Obama is gone. Their attitude is one of *"If the game isn't going my way I'm going to kick the game board across the room and scatter all the pieces so that NO ONE can play. So there!"*

  • guyfihi
    guyfihi 3 months ago

    I think of Trump as Hulk Hogan with smaller hands. Trump projects this professional wrestling blustering persona from the podium and says dumb things just like professional wrestlers in the ring.

  • Skankhunt_74
    Skankhunt_74 3 months ago

    FOX NEWS is FAKE NEWS for idiot Conservatives.

  • alex mulisa
    alex mulisa 3 months ago

    USA owns missiles why do u want North Korea to own them get rid of yours then the rest of the nations will get rid of theirs period simple as that

  • Nexfer
    Nexfer 3 months ago

    China would get a MUCH better deal on trade, if it got rid of the MENACE that is the USA's military-minded-elite. China knows this as well...

  • Travel&Joy
    Travel&Joy 3 months ago

    anyone ever thought about the possibility that North Korea is developing Biological Weapons and the are using nuclear weapons to divert peoples attention?

  • Mr Grumpy
    Mr Grumpy 3 months ago +1

    Fox the fake news what a joke!.

  • Billy McAuliffe
    Billy McAuliffe 3 months ago

    trump draft dodger and coward loud mouth yank of migrant offspring

  • Dark wolf Vg
    Dark wolf Vg 3 months ago

    if you're calling this is fake no you're wrong there is a war coming and you better get that in your head North Korea ready has three Americans trap over there and would not let them come back
    god man why did we had bad presidents

  • D N
    D N 3 months ago

    False, he does not even talk about North Korea

  • Tachy Tronics
    Tachy Tronics 3 months ago +1

    I guess many Americans who voted for Trump are now regretting it. Many voted for him because they got tired of the war in the middle east and all the lies behind by the main stream news media. He is even now threatening to arrest Assange. You don't have the freedom of speech as the media is speaking the "truth" for you.

  • ack ack
    ack ack 3 months ago +1

    reporter was trying to piss off kim yong by asking trump to bash kim`s iq

  • Izlude Tingel
    Izlude Tingel 3 months ago +2

    Kickstarter idea. Get a few million dollars raised, pay some mercenaries to go into NK and take over the place. Done! No military involved. Just a few folks fly over, infiltrate, assassinate, and it's free pickins! The other nations will have no one to blame and NK will be history.

    • Jamie Malokas
      Jamie Malokas 3 months ago

      Brilliant !  Too bad you weren't working for CIA on Cuba in the '50s or Iran in the late '70s.  They could have used your wisdom.  You should give them a call. Maybe they are hiring.

  • Lupii InfometaTi
    Lupii InfometaTi 3 months ago

    GOD bless all of you , But really Please weak up and see some body is finishing his/they plan too rule every where over this earth . We are so less ho we do see and so so many many they are sleep so deep .

  • Lupii InfometaTi
    Lupii InfometaTi 3 months ago

    North korea is ok how it is . And the news make it like O My GOD is insane leader etc is Not is Fake news etc .

  • Lupii InfometaTi
    Lupii InfometaTi 3 months ago +2

    Remain independant countrys North korea , Cuba and other one How many countrys are on this earth and only 3 left untached by The Tool America . I m afraid People around the world never weak up from thos TV s . Realy is fuck up hole population .

  • Dead poolz
    Dead poolz 3 months ago +2

    fox news? im out.

    TROLL KING 3 months ago


  • M&H Chavez
    M&H Chavez 3 months ago +1

    Trump is a fucking moron I know North Korea he doesn't know shit about North Korea I bet if you said dprk he'd ask what is that... this man is a moron I can't believe he's our president and people need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and stop watching Fox News people grow some brain cells there's an idiot who wants to fuck his daughter in the White House

  • SeanzLifeAdventures
    SeanzLifeAdventures 3 months ago +2

    South Park will always be funny

  • Eric B
    Eric B 3 months ago +1

    "Right after that they threatened to launch a missile!"... when DONT they threaten to launch a missile?

    They do it so often it's been a running Joke

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 3 months ago +1

    so much male female tension here after the O'Reilly fiasco

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 3 months ago +1

    why does she suddenly sound like a guns pointed at her head

  • Barry Wind
    Barry Wind 3 months ago

    If the US was removed completely what would the world powers look like? Russia and China would step in and seek to rule the world is my opinion. God has a plan and it may be that the US will not be the protector of nations any longer. We know that Gog "Russia" and its alias will be prominent players in the end times and China also.

  • Maximus Challenger
    Maximus Challenger 3 months ago

    She is beautiful

  • Rostam e Iran
    Rostam e Iran 3 months ago +2

    You fucking dare put Iran in the same sentence as ISIS, you mother fucking american cunts!! There's is no limit to your shameful country.

    • Alex Waters
      Alex Waters 3 months ago

      You think that is stupid our leader of Canada, thinks that it is barbaric to call isis sympathizers mutilating people barbaric. Hows that for being a muticulturalistic cunt. This ostrich brigade his followers a women told me to physically leave canada for my beliefs . so my conclusion the satanic agenda before the people its kind of hard to sell true colours. We bleed the same colour man dont let this son of perdition decieve you. Speaking his filth and cursing the name of the lord exalting himself higher then the holyest. Havent these people kill enough and harvested enough souls for the beast to rise already? We all need to settle down and get along stand together not divided. Thats how we win do not fear government government fears people especially who stand together and rejoice in christ that is how they lose. peace they fear jfk was assassinated because he literally spoke up on national televison. When you dont succumb to hatred of youre enemy and want to nuke them you have found god almighty
      i believe maybe only one leader of the us was good Trump surely isnt a man of the faith he is the opposite. just because babylon dies doesnt mean good god fearing people arent caught up in the mix these Good people are saved the righteous are saved simple enough the punisent for sin is death. when they bring you into the mix make you fear wars other races threaten the lives of his children all of youre own sons and daughters they threaten god. He is responsible for all of us just you wait and see.

  • aBoughtLemon
    aBoughtLemon 3 months ago +2

    false title - Iran wasn't talked about!

  • John Mccabe
    John Mccabe 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does that fat guy know he's wasting his time? Kinda feel bad for him honestly lol.

  • Sammy Jackson
    Sammy Jackson 3 months ago +1


  • Connie Self
    Connie Self 3 months ago +2

    N. Korea is dangerous to many , at some point all countries better get serious with him .

  • Barrack Hussein
    Barrack Hussein 3 months ago +2

    'very good shape' ye like having 44millions americans below the povertyline

  • Hadi Faramarzi
    Hadi Faramarzi 3 months ago +2

    US made ISIS don't blame it on Iran , who gave them money , who gave them those modern weapons and vehicles ? most of their leaders have European passports , Iran was there from the first helping Iraqis Syrians and Kurdish people to fight ISIS

  • 37persian
    37persian 3 months ago +2

    Every one kisses iran ass. Specially iran is a biggest power in the more important location in the world. Welcome to Persian empire.

    • Jian Lee
      Jian Lee 3 months ago

      Keep dreaming; you're gonna get every city levelled NEXT: USA has ability to intercept 99.99% of Russian nukes (Hetz-3, Keren Barzel, etc), and every N.Korean city -- AND all Russia cities, if he chooses -- with under 6% odds of EVEN ONE Russian missile hitting ONE usa city (99.95% odds against EACH Russian or N.Korea missile).

      Putin can bully Georgia, but he cannot even hit BACK against a US nuclear strike, now. It is no longer the era of "mutually" assured destruction...

      You low IQ'ed Shiya insulters of the Prophet's Companions can't even make ONE nuke, reverse-engineered ( COPIED ) from the original Jew-nuke: ...a CENTUrY LATER, YOU CAN'T EVEN *_COPY_* what THEY *_ORIGINATED_* you RETARDED cousin-fucking, inbred IDIOTS, the Iranian IQ median is LOWER than 3abeed-Africa's!!!

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