SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING - Unknown Easter Eggs, Cameos & Post Credits

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  • Mr Sunday Movies
    Mr Sunday Movies 16 days ago +796

    Thanks for watching! If you think of anything else feel free to add it. What a fun thing I guess.

    • supermufasa21
      supermufasa21 1 day ago

      Mr Sunday Movies how about his old home made suit being a call back the the scarlet spider custome

    • fox2320
      fox2320 3 days ago

      Erich Mahnke in civil war spider man says that take down giant ant-man is like taking down an AT-AT.

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business 46 minutes ago +1

    Purple people eater

  • SJP Bondservant
    SJP Bondservant 46 minutes ago

    well actually I felt like this version of Spidey was choke full of shots at previous iterations. There's the upside down kiss, obviously, then there's also the shot taken at Andrew Garfields Spiderman with the whole saving liz as she fell down the Lincoln memorial elevator shaft. He aimed the web at her hand, unlike her belly (as Andrew Garfield did in his failed attempt to save Gwen).

  • Daniel Nelson
    Daniel Nelson 1 hour ago

    I thought it was cool that Spidey told Aaron Davis that the webs will dissolve in a couple hours. Every1s always talkin about how if spidey was real then there would be webs all over the city just hanging on whatever spidey used to swing from, but instead they would all dissolve. Thought that was cool, n it's something u didn't talk about lol awesome video tho, ur hilarious, and I'm totally gonna check out ur clothing line online

  • PierZeNation
    PierZeNation 4 hours ago

    Spiderman 1 best game

  • Elias Dujovich Soto
    Elias Dujovich Soto 6 hours ago

    really? now your videos are big ass publicity break???

  • Jonathan Adams
    Jonathan Adams 6 hours ago

    Does stan lee an intergalactic being because he was with the watchers in Guardians of the Galaxy.😶😓

  • Igor Cunha
    Igor Cunha 7 hours ago

    The movie looks really cool and all the preparation that this kid did for it, it's insane.

  • Jason Chatfield
    Jason Chatfield 7 hours ago

    That globe is in Flushing Meadows, Queens, where the Stark Expo took place. It's a real globe here in Queens.

  • The Imagination Show
    The Imagination Show 9 hours ago

    I like potatoes

    CCKING 9 hours ago

    Spiderman on the n64 sounds wonderful

  • Francisco Queiroga
    Francisco Queiroga 10 hours ago

    When Peter is stealing Flash´s car he talks like Batman

  • Liam Boycott
    Liam Boycott 10 hours ago


  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 10 hours ago

    Bro I gotta like dis, it's every easter egg in Spider-man Homecoming!

  • Dani Zed
    Dani Zed 11 hours ago

    So, on the credit scene, Vulture kinda protecting the spidey?
    And the interrogating voice is most laughed part tho~

  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez 11 hours ago

    Good part from movie was when he was in a park with no buidings and had to run because he couldnt swing lmao

  • Jaydon Walker
    Jaydon Walker 11 hours ago

    "Hey guys!... You ever see that movie... the Empire strikes back... I like the part where that kid get a his hand cut off.. I know this has nothing to do with what we're doing... I just thought I'd let you know that, you know what I mean.. It's bonding time babyyyyyy!! Oh crap that's a giant hand!"

  • CoindoorDave
    CoindoorDave 12 hours ago

    Any comment below.....my favorite Easter egg? It was yellow, plastic, and had a pink bunny "Peep" inside...which I ate...then I felt sad, cuz it was gone. We never had chance to bond...except he sorta bonded to my intestines.

  • Evan W
    Evan W 13 hours ago

    there was a spiderman that shot venom blasts (Miles Morales) but not actual venom, more like a shock.

  • ian freeman
    ian freeman 14 hours ago

    oh and there was a massive reference to fantastic 4 when peter stood in front of the avengers logo his shoulder blocks out the one side of the A which makes it look like the fantastic 4 logo

  • ian freeman
    ian freeman 14 hours ago

    i feel like the picture that vulture holds at the beginning of the film was also drawn by peter parker. he then goes on and says this kids got a future!

  • Rhys Peters
    Rhys Peters 14 hours ago

    There's a girl in black with white hair several times in the school scenes. IMO, the camera lingers on her as well. Felicia Hardy, AKA Black Cat?

  • Joe Oldfield
    Joe Oldfield 14 hours ago

    I've got no feet

  • TheBlujy
    TheBlujy 15 hours ago

    I kinda thought the Spider suit in the end resembled Ben Riley's suit more than the Iron-Spider suit.

  • Rahm Odin
    Rahm Odin 15 hours ago

    I am Justice I am vengeance I am arm fall off boy!

  • J Lion
    J Lion 16 hours ago

    You missed the post credits

  • Plague Hunter
    Plague Hunter 16 hours ago


  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson 16 hours ago

    5. Amazing spider Man 2 (shit Spidey movie shit film)

    4. Spider Man 3 (Enjoyable but has story and character development problems)

    3. Spider Man and Amazing Spider Man ( I liked the reboot a little bit more but over all enjoyable)

    2. Spider Man 2 ( great everything except fucking Mary jane!!)

    1. Spider Man homecoming ( loved everything. First marvel movie I can say that since first avengers

  • Spear King
    Spear King 18 hours ago

    Ok so this might just be me overthinking but when I saw the movie there were a good few seens with a girl with pale white hair in the background, do you think she might be black cat??

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 18 hours ago

    You also missed that part where Parker gets trapped under the building and he has to lift it. That's basically the same as when he had to lift The Daily Bugle in "the final chapter"

  • Elijah Halstead
    Elijah Halstead 18 hours ago

    What about the iron spider suit at the end

  • Konrad Galica
    Konrad Galica 18 hours ago +2

    After Peter has lost the suit and leaves the principal's office, Ned asks if he's going to be expelled and have to go to that school where the principal has a crossbow. Peter says that's just an urban legend. Kraven the Hunter anyone?

  • Slithery Snake
    Slithery Snake 18 hours ago

    I just subscribed your awesome

  • Avery Avery
    Avery Avery 20 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that Tony new suit looks like the ultimate iron man armor

  • Madeline Rehm
    Madeline Rehm 20 hours ago

    When Peter catches Liz from the elevator and almost fails to catch her it seemed like an homage to amazing Spider-Man 2 and Gwens death

  • Dalton Williams
    Dalton Williams 21 hour ago

    So before I whatch this is it the suit from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic .

  • BigOldScout
    BigOldScout 21 hour ago

    You missed, the Michael Keaton Batmobile fired a cable to make a sharp turn. Spiderman attempted the same thing by firing his web.

  • bri2uty
    bri2uty 1 day ago

    You also missed when the kid says that spiderman could be totally burned under his suit and liz says she'd still love him = deadpool

  • bri2uty
    bri2uty 1 day ago

    You missed Karen saying the one guys Villain name is Prowler which is a comic character.

  • Adam Catherall
    Adam Catherall 1 day ago

    when Peter Parker gets called up in class while watching spiderman on his computer, you can see Bruce banner In the background when the teacher is in the scene. He is at the end of all the famous scientist posters above the whiteboard

  • dreaming shadows
    dreaming shadows 1 day ago

    The next villain should be carnage

  • blackphoenix77
    blackphoenix77 1 day ago

    More about Ned's comments: Peter has been shown to have some degree of control over spiders, and Spider-Man 2099 has venom in his fangs that he transmits by biting people.

  • P J
    P J 1 day ago


  • PaulMichaels2010
    PaulMichaels2010 1 day ago

    Anyone catch the Orange is the New Black connection? I did and that makes me great.

  • farid maulaui
    farid maulaui 1 day ago

    Stan lee😑😑😑😑

  • Legendary Pvp
    Legendary Pvp 1 day ago

    Shirts are nice...yup

  • Renault Luk
    Renault Luk 1 day ago

    They did mention gargen

  • Jackson Bland
    Jackson Bland 1 day ago +1

    Marisa Tomei is such a ailf (Aunt I'd like to f**k)

  • Cyril Jones
    Cyril Jones 1 day ago

    I noticed a pancake.

  • surfitlive
    surfitlive 1 day ago

    9:02 Upper right corner I see the "Sinister 18" Come on Sony make it happen! LOL
    Like as if.

  • surfitlive
    surfitlive 1 day ago

    HEY! I like my Clothes smelling like a pile of Garbage and Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street is my friend whom I visit often, hence the smell of my clothes!

    Your racist against smelly clothing!

    You and your Plugs!

    You know where you can stick your non-smelly 'plug'?

    Hint, it WILL be smelly afterwards!

    'nuff said.

  • Neil Civick
    Neil Civick 1 day ago

    There's a scene where some kids are seen running away and one is called Miles

  • Deadshot Daiquiri
    Deadshot Daiquiri 1 day ago

    Just noticed that shirt that says electro at 2:37

  • Conor Nolan
    Conor Nolan 1 day ago

    It was Thor's Magic belt, sir

  • Andrea Escalante
    Andrea Escalante 1 day ago

    That opening with Peter's video xD

  • Joe Cogul
    Joe Cogul 1 day ago

    Your ad placement though 😂😂😂

  • Navnit Kumar
    Navnit Kumar 1 day ago

    11:56 BONES!!!

  • Negronin
    Negronin 1 day ago

    So nobody noticed the man who played scorpion is vaas

  • Liv
    Liv 1 day ago

    I wanna see miles so bad on the big screen

  • john jackson
    john jackson 1 day ago

    Am I the only one that got hyped when I saw vaas in the ending scene?

  • Geoffrey Dang
    Geoffrey Dang 1 day ago

    MJ draws a rain cloud when peter was sad in class

  • Ryan Page
    Ryan Page 1 day ago

    The Stat Wars model in Peter's room is an AT-AT, this gave him the inspiration on how to subdue giant AntMan in Civil War.

  • Ryan Page
    Ryan Page 1 day ago

    The posters of scientists in the classroom at Peter's high school includes Mark Ruffalo as Dr Bruce Banner.

  • revampted
    revampted 1 day ago

    78 bucks for a polo sholly mosks

  • TJ Ransom
    TJ Ransom 1 day ago

    Hulk in the picture in the history room

  • mrfowlerTV
    mrfowlerTV 1 day ago

    At least you make the plugs kinda funny. But still annoying.

  • mrfowlerTV
    mrfowlerTV 1 day ago

    At least you make the plugs kinda funny. But still annoying.

  • Gordon Butler
    Gordon Butler 1 day ago

    When the Vulture holds a beaten up, limp Spiderman from his wing, this is a call back to the cover of one of The Amazing Spiderman comics from the 80's.

  • Shane Lee
    Shane Lee 1 day ago

    don't know if it's been mentioned but I loved that his homemade costume heavily references the original Scarlet Spider :D

  • Colton Brecht
    Colton Brecht 1 day ago

    I love the scene where peter shows up to the homecoming dance and Mj flips him off 😂

  • Almighty JTGFade
    Almighty JTGFade 1 day ago

    The part where Vulture calls in his wings to try to "hit" Spider-Man is a nod to when Green Goblin called in his glider to try to kill Spider-Man in the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie

  • Hebrew Gad
    Hebrew Gad 1 day ago

    Tony Stark didn't put a fail safe in War Machine's suit in civil war. In fact Tony took out his frustration out on poor Falcon instead of Vision who actually caused War Machine to fall for the sky. #tonystarksucks

  • jakalope
    jakalope 1 day ago

    Mr Sunday, and New Rockstars are the best reviews and breakdowns.

  • ClassicSpace-Shirt-Guy

    I noticed the Lego death star is the one from 2008, but the Palpatine figure Ned holds up is from 2015!

  • miguel fraire
    miguel fraire 1 day ago

    I think that shot of the new suit was a reference to ben reily spider man

  • Russ Davis
    Russ Davis 1 day ago

    Ned was in the original Avengers movie. He was the kid in the news footage talking about the Hulk and others.

  • Lee Hilton
    Lee Hilton 1 day ago

    At the beginning Ned had a wasp printed on his t shirt. ant man and the wasp movie

  • Slizzx
    Slizzx 1 day ago

    What about in the end vulture tried hit spiderman from behind with his wings like green goblin tried kill spiderman from behind on the first movie

  • The DBZ Collector
    The DBZ Collector 1 day ago

    clothes, we get it

  • Phillip Parker
    Phillip Parker 1 day ago

    There is an Easter Egg to Wade from Kim Possible. Ned says "Can I be like your guy in the chair?"
    Wade asks the same thing to Kim. Disney owns both and it's joked that Ned's actor looks just like Wade.

  • Andrei Avalos
    Andrei Avalos 1 day ago

    peter hates star wars tho

  • IBennyStudio2
    IBennyStudio2 1 day ago

    Why do you buy subs

  • Macncheese
    Macncheese 1 day ago

    The one that stuck out to me was when Peter meets up with Vulture before the final battle. As Pete was talking Vulture's suit flew in from behind, straight at Spider Man and he jumped and back flipped over it. Very reminiscent to how Tobey's Spidey dodged Goblin's glider, also during the final battle of the first film.

  • Ash Ketchup
    Ash Ketchup 1 day ago

    Miles is 12

  • NathanaelWiebe
    NathanaelWiebe 1 day ago

    My fav is yolo

  • Kip Loretta
    Kip Loretta 1 day ago

    Spider-Man 2099 can bite with venom

  • Manuellord
    Manuellord 1 day ago

    Spiderman 2099 had venomous fangs

  • Mr. Rampaging Robot

    Thor's belt of strength??

  • Richard Levin
    Richard Levin 1 day ago

    Michael Keaton was great but I still wish vulture was JK Simmons

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith 1 day ago

    I bought Mackweldon so your family can eat.

  • Ryan Riser
    Ryan Riser 1 day ago

    How was Spiderman able to breathe during the the airplane scene?

  • Egbert Ivan Ortega
    Egbert Ivan Ortega 1 day ago

    Awesome review

  • TheThewonderman
    TheThewonderman 1 day ago

    you missed the sponge bob reference aka Karen or plankton's ai wife, the name is given to spidey's ai

  • JURASSIC avenger world 21

    At the end aunt may sees peter Parker in his spiderman costume. She partially swore in shock and the credits started there. Does this mean aunt may knows he is spiderman or she thinks peter just bought it from somewhere

  • thesaabas
    thesaabas 1 day ago

    the reason i dont comment is cause i dotn want the lootbox.

  • Steven Mazur
    Steven Mazur 1 day ago

    Where's the Mark Weldon Han Solo vest?

  • OrangeJuice
    OrangeJuice 1 day ago

    You didn't refer the dads connection how his crushes dad was a Spider-Man hater

  • Dinesh Bind
    Dinesh Bind 1 day ago


  • thaal sinestro
    thaal sinestro 1 day ago

    Miles Morales only exists because of the color of his skin.

  • Jesio11
    Jesio11 1 day ago

    What about the reference to the Amazing Spider-Man movie where flash was sayong something like, "I know when branzino is fresh. That wasn't fresh."

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