'No Guts, No Glory' Official Sneak Peek | The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros | MTV

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  • Hector Garcia
    Hector Garcia 2 months ago


  • Yass & May
    Yass & May 2 months ago +2

    lolos hair doesnt move lmao

  • Haiden Winters
    Haiden Winters 2 months ago +10

    It's been a few years since normal food was even an option. Popcorn?

    • Haiden Winters
      Haiden Winters 2 months ago

      Unique08 that's what I just said

    • Unique08
      Unique08 2 months ago

      Normal food is an option this time. The side dishes were delicious and they finally gave them dessert loo.

  • Jaé Keaton
    Jaé Keaton 2 months ago +4

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  • XxAwashxX
    XxAwashxX 2 months ago


  • RajOfColumbus
    RajOfColumbus 2 months ago +5

    Victor Cruz should be trying to get his career back from Odell not be on MTV

  • vynlazer
    vynlazer 2 months ago


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