7 Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean

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  • Sofia Creative Garden
    Sofia Creative Garden 2 months ago +561

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video, dear! So nice and interesting - great job (at 0:55 I thought it was the sound from my stomach :)) I see this with great interest, was thinking of doing videos about this topic myself. You did it excellent! 😊👍

  • King Of The Unwanted
    King Of The Unwanted 11 hours ago +1

    My cat sounds like a fucking goat when chattering at birds and squirrels

  • Rokett_ WISE
    Rokett_ WISE 1 day ago

    Cats also purr when they are trying to calm themselves

  • alvichannel
    alvichannel 1 day ago

    I usually say ''mrree-oowww''

  • Darklanov
    Darklanov 2 days ago

    My cat was sleeping when I opened the video. She jumped to the phone and started smelling it. She got really confused.

  • DJintheHousE Ellis
    DJintheHousE Ellis 2 days ago

    i was playing this video kind of wondering why my cats(mostly my 3yoblk female meows at me constantly and will continue until i stop, and the part where the kittens started meowing she stood up looking around for the kittens and them my 9mblk kitten ran in to help her search for them..

  • Aidenn Queen
    Aidenn Queen 2 days ago

    my favorite cat sound is the trilling. i just love it <3

  • Stay Alive
    Stay Alive 3 days ago

    my cat sometimes does a mix between chattering and a trill

  • 1jazzyphae
    1jazzyphae 4 days ago

    the babies at the end got my baby girls attention. Her eyes got huge walked over to my phone and was like noooooo not again!!!

  • Blossomtail the Warrior

    My cat, Leo, yowls when he is not feeling well, or is about to throw up..He just did about 10 minutes ago, he was yowling, and then threw up his food. 😣
    And my cat can't mate because he is neutered. (Just saying) 😊 Have a great day!😁

  • StrayCatCafe
    StrayCatCafe 8 days ago

    The chattering is from not only the frustration but the "kill bite sensation" not coming

  • Christa Renz
    Christa Renz 9 days ago

    when my cat's mad he does a very low demonic sounding meow and then a growl

    KARELLEN OVERLORD 9 days ago

    Cats have a large range of sounds--this lists just the main basics. And each cat has their own "accent" within those sounds. Listen carefully to two cats and you can make out more than just "meow". I have four cats, different mixes of breeds, and they each have very different, distinct vocabularies. Cats also use body language to communicate much of their language. We always say, "You haven't truly been ignored until done so by a cat!"

  • Michel C.
    Michel C. 12 days ago

    Purring can also indicate a cat is in pain. The purr is a self-comforting thing.

  • قلب لا يمكن الاتصال به

    My rag doll cat keeps saying " Unnnguh " in very clear sound !!!! and sometimes, it repeats it.

  • Ivy Postell
    Ivy Postell 12 days ago

    The growling cat is the "OH I EYES YA CAT" You better watch out for him

  • Whiphsy The Wolf
    Whiphsy The Wolf 13 days ago

    My cat was petting my arm, and watching this with me

  • Alice Sacco
    Alice Sacco 14 days ago

    My cat has a very deep and manly voice when she yowls.

  • Eins Zwei
    Eins Zwei 14 days ago

    you forgot the gimme food sound

  • Jim Keener
    Jim Keener 14 days ago

    Of course my cat ran in to see what was going on. Climbed behind the computer looking for a play mate.

  • Hafidz Rizki
    Hafidz Rizki 15 days ago

    wow you are soo smart

  • Bird In Cage
    Bird In Cage 16 days ago

    these 4 little kittens are sooo adorable!!!

  • Zelda Legend
    Zelda Legend 16 days ago

    my cat meows all the time

  • Wouter d.B.
    Wouter d.B. 16 days ago

    I miss the 'HUMAN, bring me my food!' calls ;)

  • Anima Freeruning
    Anima Freeruning 16 days ago

    on what level you unlock all those sounds? mine only has the meow ability

  • Mark Curtin
    Mark Curtin 16 days ago

    Number Five, please.

  • MrRhexx Jr.
    MrRhexx Jr. 17 days ago

    my cat was horny the complete time!

  • Kennedythebeauty Y
    Kennedythebeauty Y 17 days ago

    I love cats

  • Siriz
    Siriz 18 days ago


  • Mathilda Lundkvist
    Mathilda Lundkvist 19 days ago

    my cat does the second thing at the window. He started it when a cat moved next door and started fighting my cat, the other cat always wins the fights and my cat doesn't go outside now. Does anyone know what I can do to help my cat get less scared?

  • Shalu Sisodiya
    Shalu Sisodiya 19 days ago

    Adult Cats meow when they want food or want you to stay with them. <3

  • Sketchy cat Animationz

    My cat wants a mate

  • Amr awesome
    Amr awesome 21 day ago

    growling mean move bitch get out the way

  • Katrine Emily
    Katrine Emily 21 day ago

    this title should be '7 things that cat person love about cat'

  • Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
    Giorgio A. Tsoukalos 23 days ago

    I like turtles.

  • Walmart legend
    Walmart legend 24 days ago

    My cat always trills when I ever I walk in my room like he's excited to see me

  • WoodyBee
    WoodyBee 24 days ago

    └┐●┌┘ SCHÖNE ღ • ♥ • ღ TAGE └┐●┌┘

  • mbr715
    mbr715 26 days ago

    cats purr while birthing, too. no joke

  • Chris Ticas
    Chris Ticas 26 days ago

    when the cat meows like the one at 1:27 it means its trying to sound like an bug because that's what my cats would do when it sees a fly on the wall.

  • Kuro Heart
    Kuro Heart 27 days ago

    Question. My kitten chitters for no real reason, like she's trying to make conversation.

  • Lacy Mohler
    Lacy Mohler 27 days ago


  • Daniel Pannell
    Daniel Pannell 1 month ago

    well, one of my cats makes a noise that isnt on here and im still trying to decode it lol

  • XXholly Xxbennett
    XXholly Xxbennett 1 month ago

    My cats never "yowl" could it be because they have bothered been neutered?

  • Alexandra the Great
    Alexandra the Great 1 month ago

    who on Earth would down vote this? :(

  • CheetaspotTv cat
    CheetaspotTv cat 1 month ago

    Cat language: ꀤꎭ ꌗꂦ ꃅꍏᖘᖘꌩ ꀤ ꀸꂦꈤ'꓄ ꅏꍏꈤ꓄ ꌩꂦꀎ ꉓꂦꎭꀤꈤꁅ ꃅꍟꋪꍟ ꁅꂦ ꍏꅏꍏꌩ ꌃꍏꉓꀘ ꂦꎇꎇ ꌃꍟꎇꂦꋪꍟ ꀤ ꀎꌗꍟ ꎭꍟ ꉓ꒒ꍏꅏꌗ ꉓ'ꎭꂦꈤ ꌃꀤꋪꀸꀤꍟ ꌃꀤꋪꀸꀤꍟ ꌃꀤꋪꀸꀤꍟ

  • Rhusselle Rivera
    Rhusselle Rivera 1 month ago

    awe i rescued a dog 2 months ago.. i own 2 cats too 1 female 1 y.o 1 male 4 y.o both fixed.. my older cat dont like the dog..but the 2nd cat is so scared by the dog before she usually hide..but now she will sniff my dog n just a minute ago she is doing the chattering i dont really know what it means..my dog is lying on the floor n the cat is in the couch chattering while looking at my dog.. my dog is always scared too but she is sniffing the youngest cat sometimes

  • Toad Queen
    Toad Queen 1 month ago

    my kitten makes a sound simular to trilling when shes in heat

  • laminarwing
    laminarwing 1 month ago

    1:43 he's looking at "the two talking cats" video !

  • Idle Onlooker
    Idle Onlooker 1 month ago

    My cat watched this while spread out on his (my!) bed. His reaction? He yawned, stretched his paws, rolled over and went back to sleep. Typical!

  • Madara Otsuki
    Madara Otsuki 1 month ago

    so Fuck the cat

  • Camilla Tørnqvist
    Camilla Tørnqvist 1 month ago

    the Trilling noise also comes when a female cat is in heat, ive had my fair share of those experiences when i had a cat and its very annoying tbh xD

  • Tami Hayes
    Tami Hayes 1 month ago

    The trilling is usually when they are in heat! The cat on the bed... wow.. he hates somebody in that house..

  • cammy bear
    cammy bear 1 month ago

    the yowling is cute tho

  • Shawn Barbour
    Shawn Barbour 1 month ago

    #8 olong Johnson

  • Pro Gamer GHOST
    Pro Gamer GHOST 1 month ago

    1:58 the new Ferrari

  • Lopri :3
    Lopri :3 1 month ago

    one of my cats always makes the second one when he wants human attention. often hear it when i go outside the house and wait a bit. or also when he wants to play with the others. generally more of an inviting gesture for him

  • alicia v
    alicia v 1 month ago

    this was so helpful tha k you

  • Dev Rifter
    Dev Rifter 1 month ago

    cats can also meow, in asking way, demanding way, begging way, they can also screem at you with meow if they are very angry but dont want to hurt you, they can also meow to inform you that there is something wrong with their health or something/ someone else

  • Firestar of Thunderclan

    my cat makes the yowling noise before she throws up..

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business 1 month ago

    This is *far* too general. Cats also purr when under duress or even injury.

  • Jessica Gould
    Jessica Gould 1 month ago

    My cat usually trills when he's waking up from a deep sleep, and somebody woke him up. I usually take it as a "good morning" from him.

  • awesome alex00
    awesome alex00 1 month ago

    My cat yowls as in to say "ROMEO ROMEO COME HERE PLEASE ROMEO"

  • Gamesturbator
    Gamesturbator 1 month ago

    Number 2 is when my cat is torturing some tiny animal and wants me to come look. Heart breaking as I love all animals, even mice.

  • amethyst_ cat
    amethyst_ cat 1 month ago

    Me: "Kittens meow more than adult cats? Wow, KITTY-CAT, I NEVER would've guessed that!"
    Cat: "Mreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Meeeoooooow!"
    Me: "Geez, I already fed you and you apparently don't want cuddles judging by the way you just tried to disembowel me..."

  • lmao ok
    lmao ok 1 month ago

    actually, yowling can also mean that a cat is in pain or distressed somehow.

  • KorraLegendZ
    KorraLegendZ 1 month ago

    My cat used the trill when she was in heat. She stopped being affectionate entirely when we got her spayed.

  • Peace Walker
    Peace Walker 1 month ago

    thankyou this helped me understand my cat more

  • Dana Harris
    Dana Harris 1 month ago

    my cat hardly ever makes noise except for purring, and when she meows it sounds strange. I think she has deformities in her vocal chords.

  • Liv Koop
    Liv Koop 1 month ago

    yowling is also a 'pre-vomit' noise. like "umm I'm going to sick up all my cat biscuits, some grass, hair and a whole lot of froth. enjoy."

  • Drakoonlordie Demson
    Drakoonlordie Demson 1 month ago

    Deep, Throaty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • My Ass
    My Ass 1 month ago

    i don't even own cat

  • JimMorrison MysticImages

    My cat Shiney who looks like this one does all these sounds but your video helped me understand what a few meant I was unsure of. Great Video work. Thank you..

  • Marco The Lynx
    Marco The Lynx 1 month ago

    My cat yowls when hes alone and scared

    RANDOM.VIDEOS. 100V2 1 month ago


  • Ark Survival Play
    Ark Survival Play 1 month ago

    This is total bullshit. My China "yowled" when my Casper died, every time I would leave the apartment. It was clearly "don't leave! I am alone!"

  • Civ6gamer 2017
    Civ6gamer 2017 1 month ago

    the trilling sounds almost like a bird

  • HyponoticGrin2129
    HyponoticGrin2129 1 month ago

    if you listen closely when the cats were meowing it kind of sounds like here

  • Pheonixella Artz
    Pheonixella Artz 1 month ago

    My cat ran away when there was the youwling voice. Probably heard his " friend "

  • Skullpic 4
    Skullpic 4 1 month ago

    meows for me: let me the FUCK IN YOUR ROOM

  • Closed
    Closed 1 month ago +1

    Woah I have two cats named brownie and cinnamon as well! haha what a coincidence

    • Closed
      Closed 1 month ago

      Haha yes! the cinnamon in this video looks like my third cat "Spots" who is a calico cat who just had three cute kittens! I also have a senior cat called Jojo and he absolutely hates the three little troublemakers but he'll have to get used to them😅 I have a lot of cats and because I have so many I can't adopt every street cat I see now unfortunately :p

    • meow meow
      meow meow 1 month ago

      Really ? what a coincidence😊

  • Raph CJ
    Raph CJ 1 month ago

    My original cat Jack YOWLS a lot. He is not coming back home because he became an outside cat,

  • Nash The Pyro Maniac
    Nash The Pyro Maniac 1 month ago

    so cute

  • Creamy
    Creamy 1 month ago

    I have three cats, but the one that is the most attached to me (follows me everywhere, sleeps on me) he chatters at me when I am leaving the house. The others just kinda roll over like hey pet my belly before you leave, but my Siamese chatters at me, and kind of gives me a meow. Does he want to go hunt with me? I always hear chattering associated with other stuff, never when owners leave.

  • Naughty Hotdog
    Naughty Hotdog 1 month ago

    If your cat is making a mating noise please bring it to a veterinarian and get it spayed or neutered to prevent overpopulated animals which kills tens of thousands every year

  • Ann-Sophie D.P.
    Ann-Sophie D.P. 1 month ago

    My cat is one year old and she doesn't do the typical meow but trills! It's so cute.

  • India Johnson
    India Johnson 1 month ago

    This video has been helpful, especially the yowling, chittering, & trilling parts.

  • Ramen_ Noodles_
    Ramen_ Noodles_ 1 month ago

    My cat jumped out of her sleeping position when she heard the hissing/growling, it was hilarious.

  • Flying Spark
    Flying Spark 1 month ago

    My cat called me a *"ʙɪᴛᴄʜ ᴀss ᴍᴏᴛʜᴇʀғᴜᴄᴋᴇʀ"* in a rather ᴅᴇᴇᴘ ᴠᴏɪᴄᴇ should I be worried? 😓. 💔 🐾 😺

  • Freeman Norman
    Freeman Norman 1 month ago

    I used to tourture cats that I Grabbed Noodles the kitty by the tail and threw him So The Cat Was Like *BACK OFF BEFORE I USE MY CLAWS* so I ingored the Warning So That Kitten Used his Claws and I was like I'm Sorry Kitty and never did it since so I was very sad I even cried because he scratched me but the kitty was like *Head Bonks For You and I was sorry for using my claws*

  • Geordo1960
    Geordo1960 1 month ago

    Man your cats are adorable

  • Lutfi Haryandi Maulana

    pls tell me you take the kittens home!

  • RainAngel111
    RainAngel111 1 month ago

    My cat makes the yowling sound whenever he gets stuck on the roof. Basically anytime he's in trouble. I hear that, I go running!

  • Sofie Ziegler
    Sofie Ziegler 1 month ago

    Sometimes i open the door for my cat and he walks in trilling

  • Lit Gang
    Lit Gang 1 month ago

    i dont even have a cat why am i here

  • Amanda Badlands
    Amanda Badlands 1 month ago

    I love cats

  • Joshua Webster
    Joshua Webster 1 month ago

    My cat only ever makes the second noise when hes about to puke. Lovely, i know, but at least its a handy warning so i can grab him and get him off the carpet.

  • NekoKyoko_701 Hashimoto

    my cat always trills to me haha

  • XxAmaranthiumxX
    XxAmaranthiumxX 1 month ago

    I love the trilling sound... it's adorable!

  • Moqadas Nazari
    Moqadas Nazari 1 month ago

    Those kittens 😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • Colin Pike
    Colin Pike 1 month ago

    your kitty is a little disabled. but that makes them cuter

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