Future - F*ck Up Some Commas

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  • OneLove HipHop
    OneLove HipHop 1 hour ago +1

    Lyrics are diss to fanta
    ''Fuck up some commas yeah hanta to manta fanta to hanta noounta to fanta''

  • Jessika Sunshine
    Jessika Sunshine 1 hour ago

    Best comments on any video ever

  • Jahiem Simon
    Jahiem Simon 2 hours ago

    give no farts yah, we don't give no farts yah 1:09

  • larppQ
    larppQ 6 hours ago

    hot like in sauna suomi mainittu perkele torille :D

  • James Reid
    James Reid 6 hours ago


  • rtolas1
    rtolas1 16 hours ago

    This style of rap is absolutely horrendous.

  • Carlos Lomeli
    Carlos Lomeli 20 hours ago

    This shit make me go hard in the gym as soon as that bass line HITZ 💪🏼

  • Benjamín Reyes
    Benjamín Reyes 22 hours ago

    Like si lo buscaste por "CAREO CAREO" XDD

    DJ TAHA 1 day ago +1

    Still fucking up some commas Future?

  • freshe rapidaum
    freshe rapidaum 1 day ago


  • josey whales
    josey whales 1 day ago


  • GeorgeJ
    GeorgeJ 1 day ago

    Pick a language
    English (UK)
    English (US)
    English desiigner
    English future

  • Pamela Chesser
    Pamela Chesser 1 day ago

    Gives no fucks!

  • Vizue
    Vizue 1 day ago

    Its NOT a REAL RAP

  • Joshua D Cato
    Joshua D Cato 1 day ago +1

    When U R @ Taco Bell and U hear this rap; make sure that U say, " fuckup some tacos! "

  • Bassel Asaad
    Bassel Asaad 1 day ago


  • justn osafo
    justn osafo 1 day ago

    im suprised the title of the song wasn't "yaa"

  • Kristen Benson
    Kristen Benson 1 day ago +1

    AnyOne Watching this in 2017!

  • Ozzy Man Diaz
    Ozzy Man Diaz 1 day ago

    reminds me of 2015 winter

  • Michael roper
    Michael roper 2 days ago +1

    the ones that have the stupid opinions on this page you are entitled to your opinion but that's all it is your stupid opininon and thats what it will stay at your opinion that's why you are not producing millions making music like future because in life you don't have one get a life get some music like this man make millions like him the room to talk that you have is small because your life is small that's why future lives in a mansion and you live in a Roach motel

    VAMBLE 2 days ago +1

    "Bring Out The Lamas, fuking ur grandmom ye.."

  • Piggly Wiggly
    Piggly Wiggly 2 days ago

    These comments are too great!!!!

  • Amal Raj
    Amal Raj 2 days ago

    needed some BRRAAAHHHH..

  • The Sea Emperor
    The Sea Emperor 2 days ago

    White people may not be able to dance but black people can't talk

  • BenG
    BenG 2 days ago

    0:58 "forgot the llama" "im hot like a summer"

  • kamron jeff123
    kamron jeff123 3 days ago +1

    You need to stop yeaa you need to quit it yeaa you stop yeaa you need to yeaa next time you roast make sure it lowkey because of I ever found your going to do that rolly

  • Chris DaKiller
    Chris DaKiller 3 days ago

    "Fuck up that lamma"

  • Entity XF
    Entity XF 3 days ago

    Why does Future say spent 24 on a new Audi 1:51 when he is clearly sitting on a Lamborghini Aventador that cost more than 24...

  • staci mercer
    staci mercer 3 days ago

    love this song

  • miriam nababi
    miriam nababi 3 days ago

    evenone is pussy

  • Alex Andersen87
    Alex Andersen87 3 days ago

    Killing commas

  • Dana Laturney
    Dana Laturney 3 days ago

    is this black challengers beat?

  • Pew Pew Murica
    Pew Pew Murica 4 days ago

    that is not an audi lol got money and don't know his cars from his a hole

  • lucifer rucoy
    lucifer rucoy 4 days ago

    it has a good beat and a good drop but it's hard to understand

  • Joey T
    Joey T 4 days ago

    If there ever was an alien invasion, we can rest assured knowing future and desiigner could communicate to them for us.

  • Mood Muzic D-RED
    Mood Muzic D-RED 4 days ago

    Best strip club song eva👆

  • Kejon James
    Kejon James 4 days ago

    Fuck up that lama

  • yeet master324
    yeet master324 4 days ago

    Desiiner and Future are brothers they sounnd the same and
    speak gibberish

  • yeet master324
    yeet master324 4 days ago

    This is why for every future song i look up the lyrics

  • nissan and bass
    nissan and bass 4 days ago

    Man he really hates English class

  • Zack Wydadi
    Zack Wydadi 4 days ago

    Future mumbling like a mf

  • Pray To Buddha
    Pray To Buddha 4 days ago

    what is he saying it sounds like mumble

  • Fitzroy Francis
    Fitzroy Francis 5 days ago +1

    I like this song

  • Talha Boss
    Talha Boss 5 days ago

    2:34 is best

  • Jeff Hawkins
    Jeff Hawkins 5 days ago

    I love future

  • SuperHammurabi #1
    SuperHammurabi #1 5 days ago


  • diana del angel
    diana del angel 5 days ago

    Future is fine!!

  • diana del angel
    diana del angel 5 days ago

    Future! Love his songs!!

    K-TRONIX 5 days ago +2

    Ones does not simply understand what future is saying without looking it up

  • Re spi7n
    Re spi7n 5 days ago

    I feel bad for his English teacher

  • Lyriant
    Lyriant 5 days ago +1

    I guess in the *future* they speak his language.

  • Lyriant
    Lyriant 5 days ago

    Let this get 123,456,789

  • Adam 2
    Adam 2 6 days ago

    Fuck up them commas, fuck up them llamas, fucking with shawty

  • Charlie Block
    Charlie Block 6 days ago

    FUCK you coomas

  • Hosein Reza
    Hosein Reza 6 days ago

    English(language):fuck up some commas

    Future(language):fugu su commaz yeh

  • Kayleigh Williams
    Kayleigh Williams 6 days ago

    fuck all of you

  • amritotheburrito
    amritotheburrito 6 days ago

    who wants to fuck up some commas with me?

  • Dheeraj Kashyap
    Dheeraj Kashyap 6 days ago

    This song sucks

  • ross farnoly
    ross farnoly 6 days ago

    When u get a Roblox gift card

  • Bìłàľ Źęřøųàlì

    still waiting for the english version ..

  • thee only youtube channel with this name

    Let's fuck up some commas, let's fuck up some commas yeah
    bought a thou to a hunned thou
    A hunned thou 'neuter hunned thou
    Three hunned thou, five hunned thou
    A million, all as our mommy show

    Fuck up the llama, I'm hot like a sauna yeah
    They burn on his homie, can't play with that money yeah
    I'm fucking with shot tee, I'm loving the way that she fucking me yeah
    Give no farts yeah, we don't give no farts yeah
    Throw my cuck yeah, I just bought my plu yeah
    Full of the mud yeah, niggas for them drugs yeah
    Finna reel right yeah, on same thing as Mike yeah
    Bought a lil ice yeah, I wanna beat that dog like Ike yeah


    Smoke the first for the 8 hours, round 22 and sleep 2 hours
    Put 24’s on the new oww dee, white on white like bay e powder
    Drop ya bitch off at forts county, might count it up and then re-count it
    Double Cup like Tunechi, bust it down with these goonies
    Give no fucks yeah, we don't give no fucks yeah
    Go fill my cuck yeah, bitch go fill my cuck yeah
    You heard that the slums made me, I'm cool with the convicts
    The cook look like Akon, fuck all that bum shit


    Fit it, criedit, get it, credit, run it, drit it, wed it, I’m in it, red it
    Split it fifty-fifty. Ball, Reggie. Ready, set, go!
    Throw that money in the air, watch it fall to the floor
    Heard ya brother ordered up some racks, need to order up some more
    Audemar, yeah. Eighty on the watch, yeah
    Katy Pear yeah, servin' Katy Pear yeah
    I should ball yeah, I should break you o yeah
    Break you o yeah, made myself a boss yeah


  • The Guy
    The Guy 6 days ago

    Best part 0:28

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 6 days ago

    I'll say future over the(rich homie quan)

  • Marc Proaño
    Marc Proaño 6 days ago

    when future dies we should call him past

  • Eka Wenda
    Eka Wenda 7 days ago

    just people in the future who can understand him, thats why his name is future.

  • مهدي امليقطه

    اطلع طول الاغنية

  • Jack Rhino
    Jack Rhino 7 days ago

    future is a hard language to learm

  • LilZambee
    LilZambee 7 days ago

    Is he just trying to mess up the English language by taking out commas?

  • Musa Mahamood
    Musa Mahamood 7 days ago

    Futures song:


  • James Getget
    James Getget 7 days ago

    1:09 is my favorite part

  • kaptain krunch
    kaptain krunch 7 days ago

    3:59 wasted from my life....that I will never get back....best part of the song was the 3:59 point.....

  • HbGaming96
    HbGaming96 7 days ago

    Future is the definition of Swagg tho 💯🙌🔥 Give him that At least

  • Ishaq Askari
    Ishaq Askari 7 days ago

    anybody else watching in 2017???

  • Midia Cn
    Midia Cn 7 days ago


  • Rome Willagon
    Rome Willagon 7 days ago

    so u don't lie about nothing

  • Diego the aurin
    Diego the aurin 7 days ago +1

    Aleooo! (Echo)

  • The Director
    The Director 7 days ago

    Lmao everyone thinks he's talking about commas when he's speaks. Nah he wants to fuck up them commas in the bank account 😂😂

  • Edianes assis do prado

    musica mais foda

  • Lanyia Hargrove
    Lanyia Hargrove 8 days ago

    I will be a little late today

  • ObnoxiousPhoenixGamer TV

    Here from the turtle vine lol

  • King Larro Hicks
    King Larro Hicks 8 days ago

    I hate niggers with money

  • Håkon Småbrekke
    Håkon Småbrekke 8 days ago


  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 8 days ago

    dayummm thay gut skillz

  • Dealist On Fire
    Dealist On Fire 8 days ago

    awww man,I thought my white privilege helped me understand future...ohhhh well I guess white privilege can't do everything.

  • Harold Williams
    Harold Williams 8 days ago +1

    yo desiigner and future sound nothing alike

  • Daddy Asf
    Daddy Asf 8 days ago

    Designer speaks better English than this fool. Lay off the xanax bars for your bars sake bro

  • Calvin Howari
    Calvin Howari 8 days ago

    how cold is he ...

  • Creepy insect
    Creepy insect 8 days ago +2

    i would pay 50 bugz for lyrics.

  • D4Z3 Clan j
    D4Z3 Clan j 8 days ago


  • xl piru shotz xl
    xl piru shotz xl 8 days ago

    na na na na

  • Bineta Sow
    Bineta Sow 9 days ago

    its very nice i kiff

  • Елена Каткова


  • kemli sandoval
    kemli sandoval 9 days ago +1

    I think he is related to young thug😂😂

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 9 days ago


  • StarScream
    StarScream 9 days ago

    100 dollars to a hundred thousand, hundred thousand not one hundred dollars, 300 thousand, 500 thousand, a million dollars have money, shout

  • Hermelinda Galindo
    Hermelinda Galindo 9 days ago

    This shit is weak as fuck no non sense rap. Check out merkules murder future

  • petra valadez
    petra valadez 9 days ago

    I love this

  • The savage gamer
    The savage gamer 10 days ago

    Who else can't wait what for the English version

  • Eliot Taylor
    Eliot Taylor 10 days ago +1

    Imagine trying to search up a future song by the lyrics because you don't know the name of the song

  • Anitra Simpkins
    Anitra Simpkins 10 days ago

    Translation please

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