Janet Jackson Reveals 50-Pound Weight Loss as She Reunites with Wissam Al Mana in Court

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  • Makeup By Tiandra
    Makeup By Tiandra 12 hours ago

    1st child!!! #Lie she has a Daughter by El D Barge....

  • Dana Woods
    Dana Woods 28 days ago

    Im tired of Janet she always got some shit going. And she will reap what she sow if she got with this man and had a baby for money because she has alot to say about not being able to leave the house before she got pregnant

  • blurdreamer
    blurdreamer Month ago

    I 'm glad she got divorce. she dress like a ketupat either on stage or daily life.#freeSexyJanetJackson

  • MissDAdolph
    MissDAdolph Month ago

    Love me some JDJ!

  • Elyte Brother
    Elyte Brother Month ago +2

    Chile Janet is Janet and a Jackson that was born into wealth and amassed her own. $50 million for one album in 93 and $80 million for five more after that, thirty five percent of every album sold on top of that, sold out tours and she owns every album and the masters and publishing for her ENTIRE VIRGIN RECORDS catalogue. The fuck y'all broke bitches talking about scamming. She has her own shit and her albums and tours has brought in over a billion dollars by her damn self. She's not even getting $500 million from her ex. She declined. She just wants her son and her new tour, The State of the World tour, kicking off this September, has already sold out multiple dates with no promotion. Jan don't give a damn about you bum ass haters. Get money Miss Jackson. The Empress of Pop

    • John Laub
      John Laub Month ago

      Elyte Brother janet has never earnwd over a billion touring only one artist has and thats madonna. she may own her masters but the 500 million deal is real.

  • MiamiPush2theLimit
    MiamiPush2theLimit Month ago

    The SnapBack queen is on her way back.

  • iEncourge T
    iEncourge T Month ago

    aww @1:22 she looks like baby janet jackson lol

  • Victory
    Victory Month ago

    I am very happy she lost the 50lbs I'm NEXT

  • reformer6666
    reformer6666 Month ago +3

    she still looks chunky standing out there talking with her attorneys. But that's ok.

  • Sherrod Tate
    Sherrod Tate Month ago +4

    Say what y'all want... Janet Jackson is a legend and one of the best performers we still have. This woman has been giving her all and make many artist half her age look LAZY on that stage. I'll be going to see her again once the tour starts :) Go Janet!!

  • happy gay conservative

    Gold digger with the weakest voice in pop music history.

    • Nina Edwards
      Nina Edwards Month ago

      gay conservative are you dumb? She clearly had a career and money long before he came along

  • Kristy Lam
    Kristy Lam Month ago +24

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    • Adrianna Silva
      Adrianna Silva Month ago

      I love garcinia. I take it every morning and I've lost over 19lbs while taking it.

  • Qiana Lawson
    Qiana Lawson Month ago

    shes gorgeous!

  • Kira Sutton
    Kira Sutton Month ago

    she's beautiful and still doing the damn thing!!!!!!!!!! in try a loose My weight..don't have kids but I need to loose about 10lbs

  • 2conscious
    2conscious Month ago

    @jessi CuRLz: You're STILL occupied about a 30+ year-old rhinoplasty/surgery!? Janet broke records....set records....performed for stadium-sized audiences....worth over $200 million----BY HERSELF.....and you're putting YOUR BAGGAGE on her? Chiiiiiil' bye. It's nice outside. Go out & enjoy life.

  • Dom Weatherhead
    Dom Weatherhead Month ago +2

    I'm old enough to remember when the birth of her daughter with the DeBarge fella was announced. After the DeBarge divorce, she never spoke of him or that daughter again for fame. The Jacksons will do anything for their fame, change their story, face, race you name it. They all live in this Jackson bubble and they're not nice people if any tries to burst it, especially Janet. They all have serious psychological issues, particularly with their own self-truth. I'm sure Wissam Al Mana now has his regrets for hooking up with her. Now she's fighting to keep this baby when she never cared to be a mother to her 1st.

  • Hazel Eyes
    Hazel Eyes Month ago +1

    Randy has a Big olé head for being bald. Ugh!

  • Laura Thomas
    Laura Thomas Month ago +1

    Absolutely the worst thumbnail pic of Janet I have ever seen.....Wow. Having a baby at 50 is no joke. But her son is gorgeous.

  • Shamiran Lazarnejad
    Shamiran Lazarnejad 2 months ago

    she looks good

  • Debra Garner
    Debra Garner 2 months ago

    Share the weight loss Janet. I'm trying too.

  • Kreamluv20
    Kreamluv20 2 months ago

    Yes Janet that's why she is the Queen.

  • e p h
    e p h 2 months ago +1

    I'd be happy too if iwas getting millions

  • Rock
    Rock 2 months ago +1

    0:27 She's so cute, she looks like Michael. The way she looks and act is so cute. And she still beautiful today. She honestly looks beautiful any size, though I like her better when she's skinny. Janet is a special Jackson just like her brother Michael. I love Janet.

  • Devine Hope
    Devine Hope 2 months ago +2

    I wouldn't be shocked at all if they find her dead within the next year or two

  • shygirlcomplex
    shygirlcomplex 2 months ago

    Good for Janet , I hoped they got back together but she looking lovely and he's handsome as usual

  • Male Isac
    Male Isac 2 months ago +1

    Now she looks old and detoother

  • utubegirl
    utubegirl 2 months ago


    MELEDITH L. 2 months ago +1

    If i only her the voice without hearing her i would swear that was Michael's voice!!!!!!!

  • MrHsauvageau
    MrHsauvageau 2 months ago +1

    skinny or fat shes still insane

  • A M
    A M 2 months ago

    She's great, and specially without this "man"!..

  • A M
    A M 2 months ago


    Finally she's leaving from this man!..Soo very enjoyed for Janet!!.., يد

  • nf094e
    nf094e 2 months ago

    Janet looks great!

  • Sunny Moon
    Sunny Moon 2 months ago

    I absolutely hate Old Footage

  • blaqbuddafli
    blaqbuddafli 2 months ago +2

    How come nobody acknowledges her first child with thr debarge brother that her sister has raised. That child now adult looks exactly like her and her father.

  • Natesha Jameison
    Natesha Jameison 2 months ago

    I am so happy for JJ

  • Dr. Jé
    Dr. Jé 2 months ago

    Daaaammmmm baby....

  • Kimberly Martinez
    Kimberly Martinez 2 months ago +9

    People stop hatin'

  • Kimberly Martinez
    Kimberly Martinez 2 months ago

    Lookin good

  • Dizzy Baby
    Dizzy Baby 2 months ago

    she better pop her 51 year old pussy on this tour lmao

  • Shaun 2.0
    Shaun 2.0 2 months ago +1

    Look good Ms. Jackson! Can't wait to see her in the Fall! And this Winter in my city! 😎😎😆😆❤

  • longlegladies
    longlegladies 2 months ago +13

    I don't care with anyone says she wrong for pulling that scam on her husband smh

    • Zamzam Khan
      Zamzam Khan Month ago

      i agree with you!! plus she's 50..she doesnt have much of a career left at all..theres thousands of 20 somethings and 30 somethings ruling the industry right now. she's gonna be eaten alive. she should have compromised and lived her life as a billionnaire with her husband and kid.

    • John Laub
      John Laub Month ago

      shatara franklin no. that was real. she had the baby now they divorce. she gets him a child. he gives her 500 million. either way. he knows it will go to his kid.

    • shatara franklin
      shatara franklin Month ago

      longlegladies I agree

    • Marian Leidis
      Marian Leidis Month ago

      Elyte Brother Thank you! . There was never a1/2 bill deal, that was all made up lies.

  • Ann Gor
    Ann Gor 2 months ago

    Be strong woman. You don't need a man to give you what you already have. Fame, fans, friends and love. You already have it all, you only need to look in the right places!!! Woman Power

  • Lu Cifer
    Lu Cifer 2 months ago +1

    Janet is a Tranny

  • Laddy Gibbions
    Laddy Gibbions 2 months ago +1


  • jadakiss228
    jadakiss228 2 months ago


  • Cassandra Alampi
    Cassandra Alampi 2 months ago +2

    its a different now she has a baby now i understand she took 7 years off cause of her brother passing but she has her own family now! the baby needs their mom around more then ever not a nanny.

  • Lethal Weapon
    Lethal Weapon 2 months ago +1

    this bitch got no hair. what happened to all the fake hair she always parading around with!?

    • Michelle jackson
      Michelle jackson 2 months ago

      Her name is Janet, not Bit__. Her hair looks fine. How do you look????????????

    • 1perle
      1perle 2 months ago

      Lethal Weapon lol you're talking as if you don't know about the lifestyle of celebrities with hair & makeup

  • Cassandra Alampi
    Cassandra Alampi 2 months ago +4

    janet need to really really take 5 years off to take care of her son its not like she needs the money

    • chillchi
      chillchi Month ago

      With the Jackson,s it has never been about the money, with the exception of Joe.
      They love to entertain like a crackhead loves crack.

    • yasmin935
      yasmin935 2 months ago

      Cassandra Alampi she already took 7 years off after mj died. I don't think she wants too.

  • John E. Blaze Sr.
    John E. Blaze Sr. 2 months ago +8

    she divorced him 2 months after she was set to get all that extra money?

    then some women are delusional enough to believe SHE Is some sort of victim?

    • Hannah Evans
      Hannah Evans Month ago

      Your rant was corny and BTW the word is HYPOCRITICAL not HIPOCRITICAL. I swear the nerve of some damn people SMH

    • John E. Blaze Sr.
      John E. Blaze Sr. Month ago

      and who's Ellie McPherson? you keep bringing this person up on a Janet Jackson video? now.... I'm 37 and I love Janet and If she drops another project I will support it. but I've stated my position CLEARLY and not one person arguing with me has told me why I was wrong in what I said. just a whole lot of deflection

    • John E. Blaze Sr.
      John E. Blaze Sr. Month ago

      Hannah Evans
      what makes you think I'm upset or even care? lol... because I'm doing what your doing? (commenting on YouTube) their relationship doesn't have shit to do with you either but your on MORE then one comment defending anything Janet.
      but hipocritical don't you think? you've attacked me low key more then once trying to dismiss what I said.

    • Hannah Evans
      Hannah Evans Month ago

      Oh chile please. You are giving yourself way to much credit. You aren't that clever. I'm not bothered by what is going on in Janet Jackson's personal life. But the fact that you made an ENTIRE comment thread about it and can't let it go means that you are hard-pressed about the lives of 2 strangers that have no clue you exist. Elle McPherson is also divorcing her billionaire husband. Somehow I'm willing to bet you aren't on Elle McPherson's articles spewing the same foolishness you are about Janet though. It's Wissam's money not yours. It has ZERO affect on your personal life... like literally ZERO affect.

    • John E. Blaze Sr.
      John E. Blaze Sr. Month ago

      last I seen your name is Evans not fucking Jackson 😂😂😂

  • tillytrotter
    tillytrotter 2 months ago +5

    But...where? I don't see a slimmer Janet!

    • nashigda
      nashigda Month ago

      tillytrotter good for you ;)

    • tillytrotter
      tillytrotter Month ago

      L0000000 I have curves myself ...also I'm brown...sorry I overlooked the few seconds..she has slimmed down considerably..sorry!

    • tillytrotter
      tillytrotter Month ago

      demero.l Sorry I missed the 1 sec where she really looks very slim...sorry!

    • demero.l
      demero.l Month ago

      tillytrotter she was extremely over weight. She lost 50 pounds of that. She's not gonna be exactly skinny

    • TR04
      TR04 2 months ago

      tillytrotter she's black Janet goin to always have curves.. only white folks think having curves fat

  • Skittles Skittles
    Skittles Skittles 2 months ago +13

    I'm thinking about going to one of her concerts

  • ExquisiteKinkyCoils
    ExquisiteKinkyCoils 2 months ago +3


  • Sharon P.
    Sharon P. 2 months ago +98

    Heavy or skinny Janet is always beautiful!

    • Bertha Richardson
      Bertha Richardson Month ago

      Sharon P. .

    • latifa mekki
      latifa mekki 2 months ago

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  • cedric carter
    cedric carter 2 months ago +5

    Don't care what cha say.....da gurl looks like a hog! And I ain't taken nutting back boo!

    • Silver_Arrow
      Silver_Arrow Month ago

      John Laub I'm not doubting you😂 I'm just waiting for the information you said you would try to find

    • John Laub
      John Laub Month ago

      Silver_Arrow she did. when janet gained weight between the janet album and the velvet rope. she didnt say her name.. as mariah just said .. a female artist is using shots to lose weight to be ready for her album release. janet was pictured being heavy.. and 6 weeks later was back to her normal weight. and i will find the video. i also asked for other ppls help. i just need time.

    • John Laub
      John Laub Month ago

      Silver_Arrow i have my friend checking for it. she posted it. i was wondering why noone from janets side gave her "tea" for saying shit. im looking too. there are too many videos with mariah shading ppl.

  • Lisa Bullock
    Lisa Bullock 2 months ago +56

    She's a older 1st time Mom, and lost 50 pounds. Go Miss Jackson

    • keepthefaith DaughterOfZion
      keepthefaith DaughterOfZion Month ago

      by that statement alone, I already know how deep the brainwashing by way of the willie lynch conditioning system, has permeated the spirits of our children, so that when we are born today, you can pretty much run anything by them.

      Steven Spielberg wrote that janet the tyranny and debarge the crackhead story, why else was it so believable. he is a masterpiece screen writer.

    • keepthefaith DaughterOfZion
      keepthefaith DaughterOfZion Month ago

      exactly. MEN can't have babies. and that's the same sob story oprah has too. some long lost baby the father never knew about. written by El Ron Rosenberg. anything to make you think these tyranny's are women.

    • snofagun1814
      snofagun1814 Month ago

      read what book? janet only has 1 book, and it's about nutrition. JANET DOES NOT HAVE A PREVIOUS CHILD, DING DONG.

    • shatara franklin
      shatara franklin Month ago

      Lisa Bullock she has a daughter not a first time parent read her book

  • HALF of IT
    HALF of IT 2 months ago +7


  • Pamela La Roda
    Pamela La Roda 2 months ago


  • jessi CuRLz
    jessi CuRLz 2 months ago +24

    I really wished she would of never touched her face honestly.. 😟

    • jessi CuRLz
      jessi CuRLz 2 months ago

      L0000000 didn't say she isn't beautiful .. but she did not need a nose job. the nose looks horrible .

    • jessi CuRLz
      jessi CuRLz 2 months ago

      mspinkytee that's nice ... her nose is distracting to me .. sorry that it triggers you. 🙄🙄🙄

    • jessi CuRLz
      jessi CuRLz 2 months ago

      rachael lamothe Janet Jackson was so gorgeous before surgery... she did not need it nor did Michael or Latoya..smh

    • TR04
      TR04 2 months ago

      jessi CuRLz ..what are u talking about Janet look damn good for her to be 51. she only had her nose done..all the Jackson's women are beautiful.and the brother's are very handsome..

    • mspinkytee
      mspinkytee 2 months ago

      Her face looks good. She got a nose job years ago and that is all. Sorry you choose to focus on that. But she has looked the same for many years.

  • khalidi Hamoudi
    khalidi Hamoudi 2 months ago +2

    lol money talk

  • janetman1
    janetman1 2 months ago +46

    She looks just fine!!! Go J.

  • FatToFit TV
    FatToFit TV 2 months ago +105

    She is definitely the comeback Queen. I just started my weight-loss Journey on YouTube and it's not easy, but she's definitely inspiration

    • shatara franklin
      shatara franklin Month ago

      FatToFit TV money surgery money lol

    • FatToFit TV
      FatToFit TV 2 months ago

      lauren price write congratulations on your weight loss hun good luck on your journey

    BUZINAÇO CANAL 2 months ago


  • cedric carter
    cedric carter 2 months ago +23


    • AzzedineAliaFan
      AzzedineAliaFan Month ago

      u dead wrong LOL

    • Silver_Arrow
      Silver_Arrow 2 months ago

      cedric carter The title of this video LITERALLY says 'Janet Jackson Reveals 50 Pound Weight Loss'💀💀Those pictures were taken yesterday😂😂😂 I think you're trolling because idiot in their right frame of mind, would be that ignorant when the video title states it...Wait did you even watch the whole video😂💀😂💀😂💀😂💀😂😂

    • cedric carter
      cedric carter 2 months ago


    • Silver_Arrow
      Silver_Arrow 2 months ago

      cedric carter You're actually retarded. She already lost the weight so why are you saying to hit the gym😂 Dumb ass clown💀

  • boi
    boi 2 months ago +25

    janet stayed 5 years with this billionaire
    enough so she can get some of dat money
    we poor arabs always get screwed

    • brinatai bre
      brinatai bre 2 months ago

      keepthefaith DaughterOfZion have a seat . she is not a damn man at all . she was a child actress and we have watch her grow up. if she was a man we wouldn't have thought she was a woman all of this time. her own experience husband confirm she has a secret child. you need to stop . if you're not a fan than be respectful and stay quiet.

    • brinatai bre
      brinatai bre 2 months ago

      boi be quiet they had a marriage and it didn't work out at all. she had money before marrying that control freak. he knew who he marred and he tried to change her too much.

    • Sharon Binns
      Sharon Binns 2 months ago

      keepthefaith DaughterOfZion.

    • keepthefaith DaughterOfZion
      keepthefaith DaughterOfZion 2 months ago

      Eo jj is a poor ass industry butt boy slave who has been sold long ago by her daddy since their induction into the minds of the public.

      these people are not as freely, let alone wealthy rich as you think they are. most, rather all are straight industry puppets and have not the power you think they have

    • Eo
      Eo 2 months ago

      its janet jackson, she has her own money...

  • Minnie HAAHAA HAHA
    Minnie HAAHAA HAHA 2 months ago +21

    I'm excited for you Janet!!!! You Look good!!!

  • Anon W.
    Anon W. 2 months ago +76

    Love her hair!

  • Erin Stotler
    Erin Stotler 2 months ago +8

    poor J. she's gone through so much, and now even with her little boy, Essa.

    • John Laub
      John Laub Month ago

      shatara franklin hes gay. she had his kid for 500 million. thats the deal. she fullfilled it and thats why he isnt fighting it.

    • Selina Hester
      Selina Hester Month ago


    • shatara franklin
      shatara franklin Month ago

      Erin Stotler If I was Janet husband I would be fighting for that boy

  • SoulFood And Renee
    SoulFood And Renee 2 months ago +1

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    SA-RA K SA-RA K 2 months ago +2


  • deez nutz
    deez nutz 2 months ago +36

    she looks fked upp

    • deez nutz
      deez nutz 2 months ago

      Shaun 2.0 u r one crazy dumb bitch u know that 😂 wtf

    • Shaun 2.0
      Shaun 2.0 2 months ago

      +deez nutz Ooohh.. So that's a DICK pic as your profile? That explains the profile name too 🤔...😂 Advertising to get pussy on YouTube? 😂 Ok, I done seen it all now...

    • deez nutz
      deez nutz 2 months ago

      Lydia Graham she already took out of her precious time and respond 😆u dumb bitch

    • deez nutz
      deez nutz 2 months ago

      Shaun 2.0 where ?my dick@@? fk off bitch😆

  • BEBA Pagan
    BEBA Pagan 2 months ago +5

    1ST,,GOOD FOR HER 👍👏💃🌷

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