Second Round: Gonzaga ousts Northwestern

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  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson 5 months ago +1

    They don't even get paid LOL

  • emanuscriptgraphics
    emanuscriptgraphics 5 months ago

    Hate when poor refereeing decides games.

  • Mathilde Durand
    Mathilde Durand 5 months ago

    suspicion sector alien rest nobody inspiration hard.

  • Zachary Richardson
    Zachary Richardson 5 months ago

    Wander maintenance accept mention magic actress involved freeze object.

  • Ike Davis
    Ike Davis 5 months ago

    Best Goaltending and Best Refs of all time. Go Zags.

  • goobiehoobie
    goobiehoobie 5 months ago

    Still unlikely they would have come back even if Gonzaga got the penalty.

  • Jessica Surfxce
    Jessica Surfxce 5 months ago

    who's the cute guy in the thumbnail

  • Katin Vidal
    Katin Vidal 5 months ago

    If either team is really that good there should have been a blowout on either side. There wasn't. It's shameful that a game should even come down to people arguing about calls

  • TazTalksYouListen
    TazTalksYouListen 5 months ago

    Those refs are ready for the NBA.

  • Cado
    Cado 5 months ago

    4 point swing with that missed call sad but neither team would win it all anyways lol

  • TheAlejandro2070
    TheAlejandro2070 5 months ago

    Children with rabies in the second 0:50

  • wjRainbow
    wjRainbow 5 months ago

    I am SSOOOO glad that Northwestern lost, ONLY because if that frickin kid.

  • versatylepoetry
    versatylepoetry 5 months ago

    if you ever played serious ball, you know one call can change a game, especially in the final moments, sad, and in an era when we have"replay"....

  • David Esparza
    David Esparza 5 months ago

    why is this season the most talked about in history??

    • Jordan Sabel
      Jordan Sabel 5 months ago

      David Esparza this is the first time in Northwestern history making the tournament and it is the best record in Northwestern history.

  • 闵柳
    闵柳 5 months ago

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog 5 months ago

    Kanetown 509 Stand Up!!! Bulldogs! Bulldogs! Bulldogs!

  • Ultimate Sporting
    Ultimate Sporting 5 months ago

    Can you help us get to 100 subs

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 5 months ago

    This game was bs

  • scot smith
    scot smith 5 months ago +1

    refs missed a crucial call, which could have changed the game ,

    STORMTROOPER588 5 months ago

    rigged asf

  • Albert Giesbrecht
    Albert Giesbrecht 5 months ago

    Nice Gozangas!

  • Zachary Prillhart
    Zachary Prillhart 5 months ago

    The refs still apologized for the goaltending call and Gonzaga deserves a ring this year after almost going undefeated. Go Zags!!!

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 5 months ago


  • 5want3ch
    5want3ch 5 months ago +1

    Did anybody see the referee's dog? I thought most blind people had seeing eye dogs but I didn't see his. Weird.

  • Smockie
    Smockie 5 months ago



  • xmeng101
    xmeng101 5 months ago


  • Cameron Zipper
    Cameron Zipper 5 months ago

    That call tho

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones 5 months ago

    refs paid.

  • Red Star
    Red Star 5 months ago +1

    #32 Gonzaga player is pretty hot ❤

  • Lisa Sandoval
    Lisa Sandoval 5 months ago +1


  • missold771? yet?
    missold771? yet? 5 months ago

    Still wish Kevin Pangos played for Gonzaga he was the best three throw shooter I've ever seen.

    • missold771? yet?
      missold771? yet? 5 months ago

      +chocodrop13 Oh yeah I remember he was very good.

    • chocodrop13
      chocodrop13 5 months ago

      Then you didn't see Derek Raivio for Gonzaga some years back. Number 2 all time in FT%. Raivio is one of my favorite players to come out of Gonzaga.

  • Timothy McCaskey
    Timothy McCaskey 5 months ago +1

    Gonzaga is famous for being a Cinderella Team. If I'm not mistaken John Stockton hails from Gonzaga.

    • Lisa Sandoval
      Lisa Sandoval 5 months ago

      The Fullmetal Alchemist WASHINGTON STATE IS GREAT!

    • Kermit the frog
      Kermit the frog 5 months ago

      Timothy McCaskey Yep, he's from my hometown Spokane 509 he's got a statue downtown. Go Zags!

  • Sharon Gallup
    Sharon Gallup 5 months ago


  • Josh Wong
    Josh Wong 5 months ago +1

    That kid at the end

  • Lexie Lou
    Lexie Lou 5 months ago +17

    The officials changed the course of the game and handed the game to Gonzaga

    • Lisa Sandoval
      Lisa Sandoval 5 months ago

      Lexie Lou BANANAS!!!

    • Geo408
      Geo408 5 months ago

      Lexie Lou maybe.

    • GucciArzola
      GucciArzola 5 months ago

      Jason Bell that call was worth 3 points (bucket goal tend =2 and tech = 1) and gave the ball back to gonzaga

    • Jason Bell
      Jason Bell 5 months ago

      Lexie Lou bs,they made 1 bad call, Gu would have won either way

  • Jansen Ravioli
    Jansen Ravioli 5 months ago +8

    One of the worst missed calls in basketball history. How does not a single ref see his hand go entirely through the rim? Wow. Such a shame for northwestern. Wouldve made it 63-60 with momentum in their favor. Never know how that wouldve ended.

  • Honest Thumbnail
    Honest Thumbnail 5 months ago

    yes! my bracket is still perfect

    • IttzzMatt
      IttzzMatt 5 months ago

      Honest Thumbnail there are no more perfect brackets, I highly doubt that you picked Wisconsin to beat Villanova and Xavier to make the sweet 16.

    • nervousb206
      nervousb206 5 months ago

      Honest Thumbnail yeah right lol

  • smithtable15
    smithtable15 5 months ago

    Zags played well but this game will forever have an asterisk because of that obvious goaltend. These refs need to step it up. That call and tech killed the Northwestern's momentum.

  • Pizzartmusic_5
    Pizzartmusic_5 5 months ago


    F off F off
    -Boy at the end

  • Long Dick Larry
    Long Dick Larry 5 months ago +8

    why is this trending with 15,000 views

    • FamousLos23
      FamousLos23 5 months ago

      Trending means it's obtaining large amounts of views in a small amount of time

    • Lisa Sandoval
      Lisa Sandoval 5 months ago


  • Lonnie B
    Lonnie B 5 months ago

    SUCH BS!

  • supersonicthz
    supersonicthz 5 months ago

    Northwestern deserved to make at least sweet 16. Literal garbage

  • Jake Draeger
    Jake Draeger 5 months ago

    subscribe to me ill subscribe back

  • Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht
    Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht 5 months ago +15

    Gonzaga is a complete team and plays defense better than anybody in the tournament. One call was not gonna change that game. A whole lot of talent.

    • Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht
      Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht 5 months ago

      Losing one game, in any conference, is huge in the NCAA. They are not flashy, but fundamentally sound. West Virginia has a good team. I have no doubt every game will be a test. I just see Gonzaga's coach consistently bringing in non elite players and going to the tournament. He has an incredible system and may be the best coach going right now, in any sport. West Virginia has a great and underrated coach also. The tournament is about players stepping up, that usually do not. The one man show just does not win Championships, rarely, like the NBA. Every player on Gonzaga can step up and their bench is deep. Zach Collins is ranked their best player and he has played only 21 minutes the last two games. That is scary!

    • Sadie Blue
      Sadie Blue 5 months ago

      Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht Your right, they did play a couple good team at the beginning of the conference. They are a good team and can beat wv if their shooting goes cold. All I am saying is we really don't know if gonzaga is a real number 1 because their conference schedule. Nonconference games are at the beginning of the season when teams are just starting. Teams improve alot as the year goes on. We will have one team Thursday who has played many teams ranked in the top 25 with several being top 10 and another team who's hardest conference game was just above top 50. It may hurt gonzaga as the tournament goes on or they are so good it won't matter. No one really knows

    • Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht
      Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht 5 months ago

      Do not forget they already beat the two seed Arizona this season. The Bulldogs coach deserves a ring. He has taken that program, with little recruiting help like major schools, to contenders consistently.

    • Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht
      Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht 5 months ago

      Referee calls are part of all sports and they make mistakes. Northwestern never had a lead and Gonzaga played too much of their bench. Which led to the comeback. If getting within five points is? They have a great big man, fantastic rebounder, and two guys that can light it up on offense. Anybody can best anybody in the tournament. Call it a weak conference, but only losing one game, and they best everyone outside of their conference.

  • Brian TheVoice Lieberknecht

    Love it. Go Bulldogs!

  • ridor9th
    ridor9th 5 months ago +5

    Northwestern was robbed. Gonzaga won't make it to Final Four.

  • Michael Hegyan
    Michael Hegyan 5 months ago +1


  • southsidesman
    southsidesman 5 months ago +5

    The mistake the refs made cost them a 3 point lead; the mistake Collins made cost them 7 points and the game. Overdue technical with antics before it: very disappointed in Collins, he selfishly took the game away from his players.

    • ben rainville
      ben rainville 5 months ago

      Aaron Keefner , The Jesuits are behind Trump as well as Gonzaga. That game was fixed and so was the election , shameful. I'm guessing that childish coach was in on it.

    • Aaron Keefner
      Aaron Keefner 5 months ago

      southsidesman Also, Trump has nothing to do with this.

    • Aaron Keefner
      Aaron Keefner 5 months ago

      southsidesman How is it a mistake when the video clearly shows he really did commit goaltending??? It wasn't his mistake, it was the refs.

  • Confuseshows
    Confuseshows 5 months ago

    That block should be going to shaq'tin a fool

  • echoalpha
    echoalpha 5 months ago +26

    that kid at the end is such a snowflake

    • Paul Cusimano
      Paul Cusimano 5 months ago

      808 soaker Thats only because​ the majority of the U.S are white. And what i said has nothing to do with renewable recourses, which i support. And mind you there are some good Politicians out of the majority of dirt bags

    • wjRainbow
      wjRainbow 5 months ago

      And 90% of Asians are making fun of y'all

    • Lisa Sandoval
      Lisa Sandoval 5 months ago

      echoalpha HE'S A HOBO CAT!

  • Swimbait1
    Swimbait1 5 months ago +31

    Freakin awesome, the smallest college still winning.

    • GreenDay1981
      GreenDay1981 5 months ago

      Or you just are one. I see no evidence in your reply. Not that I'm the least bit surprised.

    • Alexander
      Alexander 5 months ago

      I was so amazed by your stupidness, that I put you're instead of your. Stuff like that happens when you deal with retards.

  • Nathan Amanuel
    Nathan Amanuel 5 months ago

    Referees swear that they're always right

  • Mr Perfect
    Mr Perfect 5 months ago +8

    Anyone else fell bad 4 the kid at the end

  • Mr Perfect
    Mr Perfect 5 months ago +4

    Who expected North western to win anyway?

  • Gus10271
    Gus10271 5 months ago +8

    The ref fixed this game

  • Chauntel Bland
    Chauntel Bland 5 months ago +60

    That kid they showed at the end of this clip looked like he was cussing!

    • Roberto Carino
      Roberto Carino 5 months ago

      Chauntel Bland I

    • Chauntel Bland
      Chauntel Bland 5 months ago

      Julian Adame It looked like the kid said "it's f'ing not fair."

    • Fyrick24
      Fyrick24 5 months ago

      Julian Adame "What the f***...f****************u." *ends*

    • Me Moo
      Me Moo 5 months ago

      Chauntel Bland that's not fair

  • Samir Huq
    Samir Huq 5 months ago +1

    I don't watch college basketball. The last time I heard Gonzaga is Adam Morrison.

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