Alien: Covenant Angry Trailer Reaction

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  • knesrevi
    knesrevi Month ago

    Ya dont seem very angry :D

  • RF Commander Alec Mason - Audience Reactions

    Four months later...



  • KillingInstinct
    KillingInstinct 2 months ago

    what are you fucking gay?

  • Ian Levinson
    Ian Levinson 2 months ago

    You know what esle is hokey? You dressing up like a colonial marine

  • Drink Bleach
    Drink Bleach 2 months ago

    its funny how joe is so excited about alien covenant but then when it comes out he hates it

  • 8th Sun
    8th Sun 2 months ago

    holy fuck, they fucked up
    another loved film series of mine. it was prometheus again! and didnt
    answer shit to they did a bunch of dumb shit to the whole god bs, no
    shaw! motherfuckers and lil dainty music with the alien creature born
    in one scene, to feminazi/gay propaganda/agenda bs smh worse one in the
    whole filmography. It was so lazy and corny. boring, bullshit. watching magneto for the whole ride, smh.

  • Lautaro Gomez
    Lautaro Gomez 2 months ago

    is funny see this after seeing the movie and his rant xD

  • SCORPIO06061988
    SCORPIO06061988 3 months ago

    lol rewatching this after Covenant, quite a few things Joe got wrong here. Space Jockeys are now referred to as Engineers since Prometheus. Also, that wasn't a Neomorph at the end of Prometheus, that was a Deacon. Its not a Xenomorph in this trailer, Covenant has Neomorphs which are the white aliens, and Protomorphs (which look very similar to Xenomorphs).

  • Adrian Matos
    Adrian Matos 3 months ago

    It seems that Angry Joe haven't watched the movie or he is just recuperating from it's disappointment.

  • Napoleon Wilson
    Napoleon Wilson 3 months ago

    Angry Joe is an annoying prick

  • Danny Cooper
    Danny Cooper 3 months ago

    Joe is the "Biggest fan" of EVERYTHING! Jeez he's like stephen a smith "I personally know that guy and that guy......and ALL THOSE OTHER GUYS." LOLOLOLOL jeez give it a rest guys.

  • Alexander Harsányi
    Alexander Harsányi 3 months ago

    May 19? Lol I saw it yesterday.

  • yasinozkan
    yasinozkan 3 months ago

    Ive seen the movie, its shit. its by far the worst alien movie ..

  • Rolando Topete
    Rolando Topete 3 months ago

    awfull movie...just a bunch of retards

  • Michael Marshall
    Michael Marshall 3 months ago

    where did you get your pulse rifle from?

  • Almighty Keyboard
    Almighty Keyboard 3 months ago

    I would love to HEADBITE Ridley.

    Not Ripley.

  • nightmare springtrap
    nightmare springtrap 3 months ago

    i have a theory neomorf vs zenomorf

  • Tappa Tappa
    Tappa Tappa 3 months ago

    Alien SJW Covenant ....... coming to a safe space near you !

  • FK-Legit
    FK-Legit 3 months ago

    Damn I hope the next Alien film will have some colonial marines. Or atleast something similar, I like the whole horror, but damn I also love huge firepower.

  • Gevoian
    Gevoian 3 months ago

    alien 5 isnt happening

  • Lomax
    Lomax 3 months ago

    Everything looks shit to me. I'm not excited at all. I have no confidence in this film.
    There's virtually nothing that's big budget that I'm anticipating with the following exceptions.

    Planet Of The Apes
    God of War 4
    Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    Maybe Blade Runner, but not actually at all because it'll just be a sub par, glossy remake of a classic.
    Avatar seems like there's a vision to it.

  • Heaven Piercing Man
    Heaven Piercing Man 3 months ago

    [horror movie based on the original Alien directed by Ridley Scott]



  • Digonto Zahid
    Digonto Zahid 3 months ago

    fox is doing just fine ......they are one of the most consistent studios ....other joe stick to gaming dude...

  • Man Beadle
    Man Beadle 4 months ago

    I'd like to say Scott did not put Blomkamp's Alien 5 film on hold, Blomkamp did that to himself by uploading his fan art online and getting the Aliens fans riled up for more big guns and a Cameron rehash and creating a non-event. It's not fair to have a stab at Scott for that. Even before Prometheus was released (and even further back when Alien was released in fact) he had said he wanted to make more Alien films. Scott has had dibs since '79, Blomkamp was an interloper.

    Blomkamp and his upstart brattishness are only to blame and I think he was a bit of a twat really for doing what he did, because now you have a load of arseholes complaining about Scott taking away their Aliens Colonial Marines remake... with a dead Ripley... a dead Hicks... and a dead Newt.

  • sicilianotoronto
    sicilianotoronto 4 months ago

    It doesn't look that great. I really want an Alien 5!

  • Joseph Mills
    Joseph Mills 4 months ago

    i couldnt even tell much difference just thorght it was a young alien.and obviously the first of its kindso looks a bit different.

  • Joseph Mills
    Joseph Mills 4 months ago

    i hope the c.g.i dnt mess the film up

  • Joseph Mills
    Joseph Mills 4 months ago

    a neomorph

  • Joseph Mills
    Joseph Mills 4 months ago

    Basically its gonna be a jazzed up alien.a zeomorph i thorght it was an alien bro.

  • Danyukhin
    Danyukhin 5 months ago

    can't wait for the Neill Blomkamp film!

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    my site 5 months ago


  • Springtrapeze
    Springtrapeze 5 months ago

    Covenant is actually the name of their ship

  • Jerry Guerrero
    Jerry Guerrero 5 months ago

    of course Ridley is the master of the franchise.

  • Bricksilver
    Bricksilver 5 months ago

    the alien in Prometheus is actually known as the Deacon, not the Neomorph. the Neomorph is sorta a white version of the Xenomorph with a more animalistic behavior. it is shown in the newer trailer

  • PHD floppercopter
    PHD floppercopter 5 months ago


  • Perfect Chaos
    Perfect Chaos 5 months ago

    If aliens with the colonial marines is the best of the franchise why not put them in more movies. I want more marines and m41a pulse rifles

  • viviana izquierdo
    viviana izquierdo 5 months ago

    Trailer 2 came out. Watch it

  • Anders 'Assault' Gentlenein

    that's not a neomorph Joe that's a Deacon

  • coming up on infra-red
    coming up on infra-red 5 months ago

    Do a reaction for the official trailer now

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 5 months ago +1

    I hate how Prometheus got so much hate when its literally one of the most thought out, realistic, and scientific space movie out there. anyone who doesn't like it usually just can't understand it :)

  • Erick Hernandez
    Erick Hernandez 5 months ago

    react to the second trailer mother fuker

  • Abstract Duran
    Abstract Duran 5 months ago

    is Fassbenders character the same as prometheous?

  • James Deal
    James Deal 5 months ago

    Most honestly obvious comment:
    "It looks like they put CGI in his ear..."

  • Ravanofdarkness
    Ravanofdarkness 5 months ago

    +AngryJoeShow Joe, mind doing another two Reaction Video's with the first one being on the new Alien: Covenant Trailer 2 that shows the Xenomorph some more but it's CGI kinda bothers me, just doesn't seem to look right and the second Reaction Video on the Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Vids.

  • AmazedMobile 117
    AmazedMobile 117 5 months ago


  • skull2470
    skull2470 5 months ago

    ok joe new alien trailer

  • V-Rex
    V-Rex 5 months ago

    that's a Deacon, not a neomorph. Neomorphs are white.

  • Robert Bowser
    Robert Bowser 5 months ago

    It's funny how he doesn't know a lot of what's going on even that covenant is the ships name and yet acts like the biggest alien fun lol ps miss u bill paxton

  • oh killzone
    oh killzone 5 months ago

    Hey joe I think they are doing Prometheus 2 before alien 5

  • Haakonson
    Haakonson 5 months ago

    This movie looks so fucking bad.

  • Temp Ered
    Temp Ered 5 months ago

    Who else thought this would be something to do with halo

  • Sauron Merciful
    Sauron Merciful 5 months ago

    That thing is Deacon alien and not the neomorph

  • Sauron Merciful
    Sauron Merciful 5 months ago

    Why the fuck didn't they wear helmets on the alien planet, then that fucking thing wouldn't have gone in his ear

  • FatSynthDude
    FatSynthDude 5 months ago

    Between this trailer and the clip that was just released, I think Ridley Scott is trying too hard to make this like the first movie. Anytime a director has tried to make fan service, he has failed miserably. He should have just continued his vision instead of trying to give the fans what they want. This movie will be worse than Alien 3, I just know it.

  • Sugarvore Gaming
    Sugarvore Gaming 5 months ago

    actually just letting you know that alien "5", directed by Neil blokamp, hope I'm spelling his last name right actually cuts out alien 3 and resurrection and takes place right after aliens. and it is put on hold until the other two ridley scott movies come out

  • Travis LeBleu
    Travis LeBleu 5 months ago

    So many people in here saying that it looks like a "cookie cutter slasher film" and that it "should be more like aliens". Keep in mind that Ridley Scott is directing and created the franchise as a horror movie. Makes me sad that people only appreciate Aliens when Alien is as good if not better than it and started the franchise. :(

  • Opethianaut
    Opethianaut 5 months ago

    Cameron should be directing.

  • Cody Storyteller
    Cody Storyteller 5 months ago

    I'm one of the guys that loved both Cameron's and Scott's work on the alien series so needless to say I'm pretty freakin stoked for this movie

  • Anthony Delorme
    Anthony Delorme 5 months ago

    1) Isn't the 'NeoMorph' a less evolved version of the Xenomorph? I thought we were gonna see how the Xenomorph comes to be. 2) Where is Noomi Rapace's character if this relates to 'Prometheus'? Cuz he said the android is another one and he has a body so guessing he's right.

  • ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose
    ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose 5 months ago

    This shit-dildo might actually make Turdmetheus look good by comparison.

  • The f2p Pyro
    The f2p Pyro 6 months ago

    I heard about it but didn't see the trailer so I'm so excited

  • Insane Comedion
    Insane Comedion 6 months ago

    So is 5 still going to happen as of now?

  • Xeno - Slayer
    Xeno - Slayer 6 months ago

    "Alien Covenant"? ...umm HALO anyone?

  • Nicolas Bertin
    Nicolas Bertin 6 months ago

    I'm really NOT excited about this one... Prometheus was a remake of the first Alien. Friendship, mystery, space, discovery, fear, manipulation, death. It looks like the exact same thing here for fuck sake... Give us something new... In the end my favorites are Aliens, for the marines, and the whole action turn on it, with the queen and everything, and Alien 3, with its unique and very dark, desperate mood. The first Alien is like a classic 80's movie (well, 79) that you know is amazing, but you very rarely watch it. A bit like The Thing.

  • Basketball Gaming
    Basketball Gaming 6 months ago +1

    What is the name of the headsets there using?

  • Gage Unruh
    Gage Unruh 6 months ago

    watch the neomorph whoop the xenomorph ass XD

  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley 6 months ago

    I want to learn more about the Xenomorphs and their creators!!!

    FOR DEUTSCHLAND 6 months ago

    Well they are fucking each other in the dirty way

  • Dim TD
    Dim TD 6 months ago

    They cut the power

  • Sage Ironshooter
    Sage Ironshooter 6 months ago

    that's the airsoft alien gun ain't it

  • rub tugger
    rub tugger 6 months ago

    Joe you have the best toys....

  • David Gutowski
    David Gutowski 6 months ago

    Herp derp, I must stick my face in this thing... FOR SCIENCE!!!

  • OmegaPyron
    OmegaPyron 6 months ago

    5:50 Neomorphs are pale. The Deacon probably grows much larger than the standard Xeno.

  • Arsynic
    Arsynic 6 months ago

    Is Aliens and Predator being in the same universe cannon now? Neo morphs are from the other alien race when an egg hatches right? Humans create xenomorphs right?

  • Devilikg
    Devilikg 6 months ago

    looks disappointing... looks like another remake instead of better explanation for engineers and deacon

  • atwarwithsatan27
    atwarwithsatan27 6 months ago

    Joe with the marine costume, shit like that, is why I freaking LOVE this Show

  • Jessie Scott
    Jessie Scott 6 months ago +1

    Dude ridley scott made alien & has permission to use gegers designs for the alien & they delayed alien 5 cuz on twitter the director said it's a slim chance because fox wants to focus on his prequels I gotta admit I'm bummed that there's a possibility that they might not film it

  • WhiteWolfWatcher
    WhiteWolfWatcher 6 months ago

    Alien 5 got cancelled, reasons unknown. Bummer...

  • Matt Anderson
    Matt Anderson 6 months ago


  • Uwe Uwe
    Uwe Uwe 6 months ago +1

    personally im really excited for alien covenant


    The neo morph is not what you saw at the end of Prometheus at all. That was the Deacon. Jeez man you don't know shit but the shit Aliens do you ?? Neo Morphs are translucent skin


    You call yourself a fan and are totally ignorant to Ridley's history and Giger. Ridley is the only one who at least credits Giger


    I prefer Ridley Scotts Alien so Bloemkampf can do one

  • CommanderShimi
    CommanderShimi 6 months ago

    I liked Prometheus (only the parts when the Aliens come out because the rest is burley interesting), and I had no issues with the Aliens vs Predators franchise besides annoying humans being humans.

    And you know shit gets serious when Joe cocks that rifle lol.

  • Luke Duke Bellamy
    Luke Duke Bellamy 6 months ago

    So is Alien 3 and resurrection still canon? if Alien 5 has Sigourney Weaver in it will she be an android?

  • Augie Chiavuzzi
    Augie Chiavuzzi 6 months ago

    Joe where did u get the pulse rifle from

  • Digital Soldier XP
    Digital Soldier XP 6 months ago

    That wasn't a xenomorph it was a protomorph

  • Patrick Doolin
    Patrick Doolin 6 months ago

    branching Alien storyline game.......quick someone get telltale on that

  • Judson Joist
    Judson Joist 6 months ago

    If they're not going to continue the story of Prometheus, then this doesn't interest me as much as Alien 5 starring Michael Biehn.

  • Sally Johannesen
    Sally Johannesen 6 months ago

    I seriously cannot wait any longer to watch this movie! Also, anyone know where Joe got that Pulse rifle and suit? Me gusta.

  • Valeshia Lloyd
    Valeshia Lloyd 6 months ago

    rules of horror movies never have sex in the shower bcause u will never what is behind u and it will kill you and never lose ur virginity in a horror movies bcause the person you had sex with is the killer and never ever ever say i'll be right back bcause ur never coming back u just got killed

  • brandon faubert
    brandon faubert 6 months ago

    you guys should do a bit of research before you spat out false details. the neomorph is not the same as the Decon in Prometheus. it is speculation that it is the pre species to the xenomorph. The other thing is David and Walter are the androids in the film. i do Agree that facehuggers are crazy scary especially going to the geiger species of xenomorph. with the sex and forced male rape. there not colonists there sent to look for. the dreaded Prometheus survivors. that Xenomorph you keep speaking of is the neomorph. just some facts to be aware of

  • HulluciNate Videos
    HulluciNate Videos 6 months ago

    PredAlien is life

  • Wee Woo
    Wee Woo 6 months ago

    AvP needs to have a reboot. But this time done right. And no stupid humans in the way. Also, it should be canon

  • b toki85
    b toki85 6 months ago

    I don't get why that last scene was "HOKEY".From the perfect organism and hunter aliens viewpoint it was a perfect time to strike at their prey.

  • Thijs van Abs
    Thijs van Abs 6 months ago

    It's a shame that only Alien and Aliens are great movies and 3,4 and 5 not so much. Pretty damn bad really. Can't say Prometheus did much for me either. But hopefully this one is good. It does give me vibes from the first Alien movie.

  • Dallas cowboys
    Dallas cowboys 6 months ago

    halo planet

  • jothegreek
    jothegreek 6 months ago

    Ιts really sad that they delay alien 5 they are not growing younger

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